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RIP Neil Armstrong

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Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, passed away today at the age of 82.


In July 1969, Armstrong commanded the Apollo team, which included Aldrin and pilot Michael Collins, that went to the moon. Armstrong and Aldrin descended to the lunar surface, landing in the dry Sea of Tranquility. Their lunar module touched down with about 30 seconds of fuel remaining, according to a biography.


Armstrong radioed their safe arrival back to NASA. "Houston, Tranquility Base here — the Eagle has landed," he said. Seven hours later, he stepped out of the spacecraft and down onto the moon itself, speaking his historic words.


The pair spent about three hours walking on the moon.




Godspeed Neil!

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May the passage to what lies before you in death be as bright and monumental as those steps that you took in life :(


RIP Neil Armstrong,

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;_; I head about this earlier today. It's one of the only times I've ever been actually shocked by the death of someone I don't personally know. He was a real American hero and he'll definitely be missed.

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