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Your 2012 Playlist

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   What were your songs for 2012? Here were mine, in terms of pop.


I think the band Karmin is pretty fresh and interesting, and I loved how simple and effective the storyline in the video is. What a solid example of a fun pop song.


I mean, really- there was just no escaping that song.

Feel So Close- Calvin Harris 

Great summer dance tune. I guess The Wanted as serving the function as the "edgy" boyband as part of the current revival.


Great throwback to the 90's boyband era, I thought. I felt like I was 12 years old again, blushing while watching the Backstreet Boys.


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    Here are my choices in terms of indie/adult contemporary songs.

Seriously, I felt so boss walking out of the theater while this played over the closing credits for the Hunger Games. Great tune, and I've heard it's in the running to get nominated for an Academy Award.

I'm at a pretty open-ended period in my life right now, where other than student loans, nothing's really decided or committed to right now. This song captures my feelings about that. And I strongly associate this song with my weekend at Firefly Music Festival. I'm so glad I went to that show when this song was like 80 or something on the Billboard chart, because there's something really cool about having seen a band play right at the moment when they started taking off.

Set Fire to the Rain by Adele 

I mean, don't get me wrong- I enjoy the hell out of dancing to Sexy and I Know It or Shots by LMFAO at a club, but I'm glad that Adele has brought back adult contemporary songs to the radio airwaves. It's been a long time, it feels, since mature music written by adults for adults has been this popular. Not since the era of Billy Joel and Phil Collins in the 1980's, I believe. It kind of feels like for the past 20 years, the bulk of the billboard-topping music(even the grunge of the 90's) was aimed towards a sense of adolescent rebellion or longing, so there's something great about a singer who is so thoroughly adult in how she writes and sings making the top of the charts alongside the Taylor Swifts of the world.


I feel a similiar sentiment for the Black Keys as well. After a decade of corporate rock like Nickelback, it's great to hear something so raw and bluesy on the radio again. I feel like the Black Keys are signaling that good rock is back- like the kind of rock that made the 1970's such a great decade for music.

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Interesting.  I have to admit I have just about quit following most of the current stuff ever since Casey Kasem quit AT40 the first time.  

You are so right on about "Call Me Maybe".  Between it and the parodies, it seems that was all I heard of contemporary music. 

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For 2012, the songs that stood out to me were:

Pop evil -  Monster you made me

Black Label Society - the entire order of the black album, plus the acompanying acoustic album, but specific songs would be :Darkest Days, January and Godspeed Hellbound

Marilyn Manson - Born Villian album: specific songs Flowers of Evil, no reflection, Children of Cain

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Wait, no

? This is a mashup since everyone already heard the song at least twice... The ghostbusters theme makes it a lot cooler as well.


Bruce Springsteen -

It's been a while since Mr. Springsteen had a new good track. The boss is back.


The xx -

Probably -the- song that I've listened to the most during the whole fall/winter period.


Grizzly Bear - Sun in your eyes


Klabbes Bank -

(I really wanted to link to a song named Protect the Forest, but it didn't exist on youtube! (yet!) The songs are 100% instrumental, but their music is really infecteously happy and joyous)


Jessie Ware -

There's something about England and their soul export. Last year it was James Blake that made his debut, but this year Jessie Ware really made a breakthrough with her whole album Devotion.


Rumer -

The soft, smooth and timeless voice of Rumer takes you back to another era. Her music reminds me of Eva Cassidy and Carole King. Her album Boys Don't Cry was one of the best made in 2012. 


Of Monsters and Men -

A really good debut album from a new icelandic group. Of Monster and Men's Little Talks is joyeous and happy. I'm a sucker with any group that has a permanent trumpeter in the group. The accordianist is pretty cute as well. 

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This will be in no particular order for me :


-Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen 

-Skyfall by Adele (It did take a few plays before I learned to appreciate it tho)

-We Are Young by Fun. (My colleague at work will vouch for that)

-Gangnam Style by Psy

-Girl Gone Wild & Give Me All Your Luvin by Madonna

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my 2012 playlist:


Young by Tulisa

Bandz a make her dance by juicy j

all fired up by the saturdays

sweet nothing by florence welch (i know its calvin harris' song but i claim it as florences)

specturm by zedd

the glitch mobs album drink the sea

missA, 2ne1, super junior, psy, girls generation- kpop artists

language by porter robinson

adorn by miguel

diamonds by rihanna

wicked games by the weeknd

domino by jessie j

these are just a few 

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