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Prompt #228 - Creative

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You have won a trip to Las Vegas. Everything is going well, until your partner loses everything you both own on the poker table. You have one chance to win it all back, but if you lose you could very well lose your soul. Are you up for the gamble?


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Okay, it’s really not a good idea to take a bunch of pain meds and try to write ‘cause first, I mis-read the prompt and didn’t realize it was poker until after I was done! LOL…and second, wait what was I saying?


Here I go:




“Place your bets,” The roulette dealer shouted one last time. 


Mark pushed all of his plastic chips forward across the felt table onto red number 27.  It was a huge stack covering all of the red on the square.  “All in!”


A quick grin pulled the dealer’s mouth into a smirk.  His hair was gelled into perfect spikes, but when the man glanced down at the mound of chips on the table, short black points poked from his.



“Are you sure about this?” Joann nervously asked the man she had married less than six months ago.


“Don’t worry, babe,” Mark said slapping his wife’s round butt with his mitt of a hand. “This is a sure thing.”


The wheel spun as the tiny white ball bounced around hopping from number to number.  The players were fixated on that tiny white ball.  It might have been a priceless diamond the way the crowd ooh’d and aah’d over the sphere that would determine each gambling man’s fate.


“I can’t lose.  I’ve already won back the money I borrowed against the farm with interest.” Mark’s rose lips smiled.


“No more bets!”


Joann’s eyes were locked on the tiny weighted piece of nylon that held their fate in its grasp.  As the ball sank into the number 27 slot, Joann blew a sigh of relief.


“Oh thank God,” she muttered under breath, but the exhilaration turned to a curse when the ball popped out of the slot and landed in slot 15.


“Winner Black 15!”


That was it.  In a matter of seconds, Mark had lost it all.  Their farm Mark had inherited from his grandparents, Joann’s savings, even her collection of Ralph Lauren designer high heels, everything was gone.


“What are we going to do?” Joann’s words were muffled as she clasped her hand to her mouth hiding her cries. “Even our plane tickets are gone, Mark, we have no way to get home.”  The petit woman trembled.  Her low cut dress emphasized her full breasts, but also showed her chest heaving trying to hold back her sobs that clawed at her soul to be released.


Mark’s handsome face was ashen.  He was bewildered. “How could this happen?”


“Excuse me,” The soft voice spoke from behind Mark and Joann. “My boss would like a word with you, please come with me.”

Joann’s eyes grew double their size.  What more could happen? They had already lost everything.  They were penniless.  Wouldn’t the casino at least let them collect their belongings from their room before tossing them out onto the street?  She wondered how this could possible get any worse.  She didn’t have to wait long.




“This can’t be happening!” Mark cried at the crack of the whip. 


The crowd cheered when the Ringmaster flicked his thick wrist and snapped the long leather whip across Mark’s naked ass.  It connected with his flesh bringing a huge welt to the surface of his creamy white skin.  The tinny smell of blood got the lion stirred up.  It swayed his body back and forth rocking the metal cage.


Mark trembled watching the pretty assistant hoover near the beast’s door. “How could we have gotten into to this?”


“We?” Joann bellowed. “We did not get into this, Mister! You got us into this mess and this was the only way the casino would let us out…for now.”


“Well at least you have clothes on.” Mark growled.  The meat necklace he sported was hardly a fashion statement.  The thick cuts of beef and pork scented his body making the lion hungry.


Joann glanced down at her costume.  It was more modest then her gambling husband’s.  A corset made of yellow feathers pushed her round breasts up, exposed in full view of the applauding crowd.  Her knee high patent leather boots and brown leather beak completed the outfit.  She was the most scantily clad chicken on the entire Vegas strip.


“If that beast kills us, I hope it’s quick.” Mark trembled waiting for the attack.


Joann wasn’t starting to question her choice in men in general, but one man in particular.  At times like this she wondered why she ever stopped chasing women in the first place.  A chick would never have gotten her into this kind of mess.  A woman wouldn’t have put her home on the line.  A woman would have never risked her prized shoes.


The deal was binding and Mark and Joann had both agreed.  The offer was eternity.  She was crazy to take the deal.  Not only was she stuck with Mark for the rest of her life but they were bound to each other for the afterlife life too.  The casino owners took pity on them.  They got to live in Vegas, rent free…free room and board…all the amenities of the hotel….the sound of people cheering and clapping for them… their names in lights.


Every night from here to eternity in the Lion Show where Mark and Joann are the bait.



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