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[Graeme] Heart of the Tree

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I´m really enjoying this story  :worship:


There´s something not right with the way the chapters are numbered. Not sure I can explain what I mean, but I´ll try...

Table of Contents https://www.gayauthors.org/story/graeme/heartofthetree looks ok, but for example if you click 4. Part I - Who Is The Heart? Chapter 4 you get 6. Part I - Who Is The Heart? Chapter 4. And it says chapter 6 review not 4. It is chapter 4 but that 6 in front of it confused at least me. Did that make any sense? 

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I know. Something happened with the internal numbering of the chapters when I posted the story and it skipped two chapters. That's why I updated all the chapter titles with the real chapter number.

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Just finished reading Heart of the Tree and I can sincerely recommend it. Wonderful story and great characters. This is definitely one of those stories, I´ll read more than once. It´s set in Australia and that had a special meaning to me because in few days my godson will be travelling there and spending five months. Now I wish I could go too  :*)

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Agree Suvitar - I so want to visit Australia, in part because of this and other Aussie stories, and also to see some people that I've become "friends" with via Facebook due to common interests

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I planted a Jacaranda in front of my house a year after I bought it. I loved the purple carpet of fallen petals which covered my yard and the neighbor's. Eighteen years later, when I sold the place, it'd grown so large it required regular pruning.


And for the record, Graeme's story was a most enjoyable read.

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As Carlos said, the blooming Jacaranda tree is beautiful to behold.


If you're interested in the original inspiration for The Tree, it's in Santa Monica, Los Angeles:


(image by Jodi Summers and is taken from the LAWeekly website)

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