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PSA's (Public Service Announcements)


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No one has done a topic on this yet and I think it's kind of funny and intriguing, since all of us grew up with PSAs, including kids today.


From the 1940's to present, every nation has had a version of the public service announcement under the guise of an ad campaign or a commercial.


Personally, I know PSAs are tantamount to propaganda and exploitative mock ups on a complex subject, but sometimes you just have to let go of your thoughts and laugh at these things. I know everyone has at least a few of these they either laugh at or are scared of.


My first PSA from memory was this one with Smokey the bear (I don't know why I remembered it maybe I just like bears :P )



Nowadays, Smokey will give a big old bear hug if you put out your fires properly :P


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in the UK, we don't have cool PSA's, only really graphic ones about not wearing your seatbelt and drink-driving.


oh, except for this one. Thank Vinnie Jones, we love you


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c. 1972 or so- I remember it because elementary school kids were singing it and it drove our teachers absolutely bonkers.



When I saw this one from France I literally rolled on the floor laughing.

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When they were showing this on TV, I used to leave the room. I was really scared of it. It shows someone falling through the ice and someone trying to help him.....and there´s a voice telling what they did wrong and how it´s done properly. 


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