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Closed:Let's Predict the near future


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No flying cars, no colonies on the moon, and no Vulcans :P


Can people predict the near term future of a few months or years better than distant future of decades from now?


I want to start a thread where we all try to make predictions about the near term future under 10 years from now and explain why. I think it can be fun and if things come true or we're way off the mark, we could all look back at this thread like time capsule of our thoughts at any given time.


I'll start:


I predict within 10 years we will have regular commercial drone delivery and courier services througout the US and maybe even parts of Europe and Asia. The technology for commercial use of drones is there, but the organization behind it is still being constructed by companies like Amazon and UPS. It is definitely the next step to this technology beyond blowing people up or spying.


Any now you....

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In the year 2024;

almost a third of the cars on the road in America will be either all electric or hybrids and the newer cars will be able to drive themselves.


the divide between the 1 percent and the bottom 90 percent will be greater than ever.


the weather will be more radically violent with droughts, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes more common.


outbreaks of uncontrolled diseases like Ebola, dengue fever etc will be more commonplace as drug resistant germs and viruses become more virulent.


the St. Louis Cardinals will win their fourteenth World Series Championship.  

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Please remember, we do not allow political posts or comment outside the blogs. This includes predictions of what may happen politically.


Sorry -- no political predictions allowed.



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There will probably be major earthquakes in the SF Bay area and possibly the Cascadia subduction zone in the Pacific NW within the next decade or so. [/seismology nerd]


Also, climate change refugee crises.


Solar-powered everything.


Further advancements/discoveries in space exploration.

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So much doom and gloom :P



t some fun predictions:


A new music genre combining latin dance, american rock, and pop will breakour


Wearing a tank top in most public areas for guys is normal and being shirtless is considered fashionable, forcing a new push for exercise and diets


On seasame street, Bert and Ernie will finally come out, marry, and adopt elmo,  (not likely but fun to think about)  :P

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Taylor Swift will marry Justin Bieber and their name in the tabloids?  Beswift  :P:funny:


Parks will no longer be nice soft grass you can sit in but AstroTurf instead.


Slum areas will become even more prevalent. :(

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Brooklyn will have a lot more skyscapers, and the people priced out of Manhattan and Brooklyn will start gentrifying Staten Island or Queens.


A lot of Queens is already gentrified, especially the parts closest to Manhattan. Philadelphia is the last Northeast city to still be mostly affordable, but I predict within 10-20 years that will change too just like it already has for Boston, NY, and DC. 

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by 2024 cheap and plentiful food we take for granted in "the West" will no longer be so cheap and plentiful, and access to adequate drinking water supplies will become a major issue in more countries :(

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Graphene will be new major everything - its use is so universal that it will thoroughly revolutionise technology as we know it. Personally, I can't wait! :D


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A lot of Queens is already gentrified, especially the parts closest to Manhattan. Philadelphia is the last Northeast city to still be mostly affordable, but I predict within 10-20 years that will change too just like it already has for Boston, NY, and DC. 


I just think it's funny that 20 years ago, Brooklyn and the outerboroughs were places you escaped FROM to move to Manhattan, and nowadays people are moving there from Manhattan, especially Brooklyn. They're even building skyscrapers in Brooklyn now. It's funny to think that in maybe 10 or so years, Queens or Staten Island will be some kind of happening, hip hotspot. LOL.


In 10 years, I hope they will have FINALLY done something with The Gallery at Market East Mall in Philadelphia. That place was a dump in 2004 long before any kind of Great Recession, and from what I've heard, it's still a shithole. They've had plans for years but nothing ever seems to pan out. I'm not sure I can agree with the idea that Philly is going to become like D.C. or Boston, though- not unless they somehow get a large influx of white-collar jobs, and I'm not sure how likely that really is.


Also in 15 years, I predict colleges will be scrambling from declining enrollments, because the Great Recession put a damper on birthrates. The percentage of foreign students at colleges will be pretty high by then, I bet.

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