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[DomLuka] The Ordinary Us

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I've read pretty much everything DomLuka has posted on GA, and like so many others, I've loved them all. He has a real gift for storytelling. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be "The Ordinary Us" which I consider his best work to date. It has HEART -- TRUTH -- and TERRIFIC CHARACTERS. I'm looking forward to someday reading it again! 

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It's been a while since I read it, but I remember it being one of the best stories I'd ever seen. I'll have to get back to that too, once I'm done with all the other stories I've been planning to get to :lol: thanks for reminding me!

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What Krista said.


And I may just jump it ahead of my backlog of stories to read.

This is one of the first stories I read on this site -- as soon as a full year goes by I'm definitely re-reading it -- and I almost never do that. The Jude character reminded so much of my straight best friend, I actually had to avoid him long enough to talk myself down, hahaha! 

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Desert Dropping was my favorite story, followed closely by the Lo(n)g Way and In the Fishbowl. I liked The Ordinary Us, but found myself wanting to bitch slap Quinn most of the time. I think the threads where I explained why still exist.


I am still hopeful that one day we'll get an end to With Trust and an expanded Hello Stupid.


Hope springs eternal.

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Dom is one of the very best of the net authors out there.


He and a very few others are really excellent at their craft.


If you read and pay attention to what they are doing you will find that the best of the breed are geniuses at characterization. They create characters that are so real in your mind that you can see them, care about them, cheer for them and cry when they hurt. I'm not sure exactly how they do it anywhere short of witch craft.


The very best of the authors on the net are like this. They know how to create characters that in the readers mind are thinking, breathing and very, very real.


Any time I coach a young writer (or a new one- they aren't always young) I say go read these guys and pay close attention to what they are doing. How they create a setting, set a mood, present characters and reveal them to you the reader. This is where the magic is guys. If you want to write something that makes peoples hair stand up, it is your characters that will do it.


The best are a pretty short list. They are Dom Luka, Comicality, Freethinker, Dewey and Driver 9. Dom and Comsie are hosted here and both are treasures- Comsie even more so because he's still churning out stories and he's a great guy. I'll give you links to the others.


FreeThinker (Also at the same site look for Cole Parker and the EggMan)


Driver 9





They aren't the only ones of course. The list could go on for days. Our own Graeme is pretty good at it.


When you see the magic, you'll know.

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