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Who Wants Another Winter Holiday Story Contest Again


Holiday Stories  

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  1. 1. Would You like me to host another Holiday Story Contest Again

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I liked doing it last time and thought it was fun to have "special" GA Holiday Stories around Christmas and the Winter Solstice.


Not sure how many people still remembers the event from two years ago, but it was fun as a community activity.


Like last time, the prize will be an Amazon Gift Card of $50.00, if we do it, and winners will be judged based on public polling.


Anyone interested in a GA Holiday tradition?

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Wow thanks guys,


I think this time around, I will leave the stories as a general Prompt to tell Winter Holiday stories, which will be easier and open up a lot more ideas to writers.


Less structure is better.

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I just want to be warm this winter *shivers* although not too warm...


Dogs provide great body heat and a living fur coat :D


Only 11 people is kind of small in terms of story potential and polling. I guess this will have to be a private affair again and hope that enough people will enter it when I post the thread up later in October.

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I only read this and had an idea immediately! Not sure it'll work with the theme, but I could try.

Winter holidays could be almost anything from Christmas to Hanukkah to Winter Solstice to the anniversary of your first kiss. I am sure what ever your idea is will fit right in.

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