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Find Who Is Your Ancestor Is?

Emi GS

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Guys a small chart to find out who is Your ancestor is!!! It is more fun when You check out... Enjoy Yourselves... :lol:


By the way my ancestors are 'Romans'... :lol:

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Here's the article, should work every time: http://dailynewsdig.com/discover-familys-origins-shape-feet/


Also it says I have Egyptian feet. I'm about as white as mayo, about as Egyptian as a pyramid full of grain. I've done all the DNA tests. I'm literally ZERO percent Egyptian, about 99% "Northern European" and the rest is "British-Irish". I mean, I couldn't get any whiter if I was a bedsheet in a hospital. I bleed milk, I'm so white, is what I'm saying.

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Hmmmm... it's interesting, although I'm not sure how accurate.  According to a DNA analysis, I'm 90% UK, Irish, and Western European, with a 10% Scandinavian kicker, but the foot analysis shows me as Greek ancestry.  I'd say something isn't jiving.   

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Well, aside from the fact that physical traits don't really hold up genetically like the article purports, like having a tiny baby toe denotes your fun loving personality etc, define "Roman". Rome was a very big empire. If you were born in Brittania in the year AD 240, you were a Roman. So was someone born in Germany, and France, and Egypt, too. My sister has feet that are completely different than mine. She's not Greek.

So, article, I mock you.

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