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Soft Drinks Vs. Coffee: Which Is Worse?

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I was having a debate with a friend about Mountain Dew versus a cup of coffee, he thinks Mt. Dew is not that bad since it has less caffeine in equivalent can versus a cup of coffee. However, I'd argue that the chemical composition of Mountain Dew being much more sugar based and having BVO makes it a worse drink to get the energy boost.


It was a fun discussion without any type of controversial context, so I thought maybe some GA readers and writers can also chime in and even approach other popular soft drinks like oke, Pepsi, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, or some local stuff we never hear off here.

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I cut off soda about 3 months ago, though I've had a few (usually root beer) since then. I'm okay with cold "coffee drinks", though I cut them with a lot of milk because they're so sweet. If I really want caffeine I usually go for tea. I brew my own loose leaf tea, though, so it's generally a lot healthier than any other caffeine drink.

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I agree with you.  Mountain Dew is a chemical stew that's much worse for you than a cup of coffee.  


Edited to add:  a regular cup of coffee, I mean.  Not sugar-laden coffee concoctions that are so popular right now.  

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I don't drink any pop or soda - it's just full of sugar which rots teeth, makes you fat and increases your risk of joining the epidemic of diabetes sufferers. Seriously, no-one needs all that sugar :no:


I like tea made the English way :yes: throughout the day, and one or two coffees mid-morning. Caffeine is addictive like any drug, and the more you take the more you need to get the same kick. And there's clear medical evidence to show it can adversely affect heart function, so I've switched to Taylors decaffeinated - the taste and smell are just as good and your caffeine cravings soon go away :) 


But I still drink regular Yorkshire tea :P

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I largely drink decaffeinated coffee and plain water. Sometimes, diluted fruit squashes or tea. I find most colas, pop and similar undrinkable - on taste grounds or simply because the sugar is so dominant. :puke:


I went through a period at work when I couldn't get through the day without caffeine. At the end of that particularly stressful period, I weaned myself off the caffeine as soon as possible - I really disliked the idea of caffeine being a crutch.

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I was a huge soda drinker, but I switched to coffee about 20 years ago and haven't had hardly any soda since.  I use only artificial sweeteners in my coffee.  

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According to LIVESTRONG.COM, "In general, drinking coffee on its own in moderation is good for your health."


Although the caffeine in a cup of coffee can temporarily increase your blood pressure, it provides a large dose of antioxidants that may protect against heart disease, Alzheimer's and some forms of cancer.


I'd go with the idea that plain coffee is better for you than the excessive sugar and variety of chemicals you'd get from Mountain Dew or any other soda.


Of course, if you get your coffee from one of those sugary milkshake things like they sell at Starbucks then it's probably a toss-up.


I've been drinking my coffee without cream or sweetener for the past 40 years or so and now I have an aversion to sweetened beverages. I usually go with two largish mugs in the morning.  After that it's unsweetened tea, water or the occasional glass of stout :P


On rare occasions I'll have a Coke or a glass of fruit juice, but that's usually when no other acceptable beverage is available.  Juice (and those juice blends and drinks) tend to be mostly empty calories from the sugar that naturally occurs (or that gets added to things like Sunny D).  Whole fruit is much more nutritious.

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Oh, seems I'm the only caffeine addict here. Or I have too many kids right now :D


I drink energy drinks, coffee with lots of milk and artificial sweetener and zero cola. And water of course, fortunately our small town has it's own water supply, we don't get the city water full of chlorine. I don't really like tea,because I had to drink it when I was sick as a child and I was sick a lot. I always feel I'll be sick when I drink tea :P

My hubby has diabetes, so we use very little sugar anyway.

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Nope, glittery, you're not the only caffeinated person here.


I drink four to five cups of coffee a day on average. Usually, I make it myself using an aeropress and 16 grams of finely ground (though not Turkish fine) beans for hot and 17 grams for cold -- there is usually more water involved when icing coffee. No milk is added because milk adds another dimension to coffee beyond its inherent sweetness that isn't always desired, beyond the occasional foray into some of Starbucks offerings. I do add artificial sweetener to cut coffee's bitterness. I drink Diet Pepsi during the day, too. All of this changes after 6pm, no caffeine after that, I sleep to lightly otherwise.


For every article that I have read (I read all that I spot on the subject), one will be negative for every ten that reads more positively about coffee and caffeine.



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I am a coffee and tea drinker as you can tell from my view point.


Oolong Tea, Black tea, and Jasmine Tea are among my favorites.


For coffee, I prefer French Roast, Vietnamese, and Ethiopian for the tastes that resembles bitter dark chocolate with earthy notes.


I actually like a specialty drink called Yuanyang , which combines both coffee and tea in one drink, from a few bakery/bubble tea shops nearby in Boston.

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I don't like either. I love the smell of coffee though, freshly brewed. It is a nice smell, but can you even call it coffee anymore if you put a ton of creamer, sugar, and such in it? That 'is' the only way I can drink it.. and decaffeinated. I am not tolerant of caffeine in my system at all.. one mountain dew or a cup of coffee overloads me and I can feel my heart rate quicken and such. So, I stay well away from both of those.


As for health benefits of coffee, I do understand those. Soda on the other hand, don't have any, so I'm leaning more towards coffee than any soda drink. There is a lot of sugar and preservatives in those and diet is far worse for you than regular.


I am a water drinker. I like water and since I don't do well with caffeine it is my go to drink of choice. :) 


Also, Coffee isn't carbonated so no belching and less bloat. 

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I've had maybe three cups of coffee my entire life, and hated every one of those three cups. I drink ice tea in the morning as a substitute and  unsweetened ice tea with meals. 


I do have a weakness for McDonald's french vanilla ice coffee though. Those things are so good and so cheap, and its only a two blocks away. But even still thats mostly just once or twice a week. Can't remember the last time I had a soda that wasn't while drinking alcohol. 

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Maybe I'm an abnormality here but I drink about three cans of soda daily, usually mountain dew or mellow yellow, not including my coffee. I'm not overweight and my teeth really aren't in terrible shape. XD


I should cut it out because even though I'm not fat, I'm not healthy either. I need to get in shape. Lol

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I was surprised, some of you wrote Mountain Dew had caffein in it. Yesterday I brought some and checked: what we can buy in Hungary has only caffeine aroma (sic!) in it no actual caffein  :o

Maybe not in Hungary, but the American stuff can Jumpstart vegas!

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