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Not Enough Road Debuts For The GA Anthology series!


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I want to start off the 24th anniversary celebration with this story today, as I didn't even know it had already been posted until just yesterday! LOL! Sorry, I've been burned out! I'll take some Comsie-Vitamins' or something so I can keep up! ::Giggles::

(TOLD you that I write a lot! It's hard to remember it all!)

Anyway, check it out! This is a complete story, and it's taking on the whole 'Road Trip' theme of the anthology list! Let me know what you think! Rate it with a thumbs up if you get a chance! Even better if you leave a comment! And take a moment to check out all of the other anthology stories that were included by a bunch of talented authors, so you can give them some positive vibes as well! Cool?


Everything else on the Shack starts again today! Monday Movie Matinee, Gay Like Me Wednesday, Jukebox Jimmy, email, chatroom visits, ebooks, Twitter posts, Youtube additions, Imagine Magazine additions, and more! This should be fun!

Enjoy! See? We're already starting off with two armfuls of stories and fun stuff for the future, already! Have fun! :P

Seezya soon! VERY soon!

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