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    Chapter 21

    I agree with Philippe! This was my favorite story Mark but I think it is time to delete my bookmark and say goodbye to George!

    Chapter 24

    Hmmm. Maybe Nick should have had Zak's first, middle and last name tattooed on Noah's appendage. It changed from Allen (chap. 4) to Aaron (chap. 22). That said, I have enjoyed the story very much. We had western horses when I was a kid. I liked the detail in the earlier chapters about the different breeds and the tack. I learned a few things I did not know and Googled a few things to learn more. Put me on the + side of the Max & Loki issues. Could use more Nick & Noah--hope you were laying the ground work for another story!
  3. This was an enjoyable change of pace from the usual subject matter on this site once I reoriented myself back to 2006. Maybe you could do another story on my home territory, Corruption County, Floriduh! The home of Mark Foley and now the official residence our leader. God save us, PLEASE!


    This would have been a great story if you had mixed the Drambuie with a good scotch!
  5. After reading Enigma I wanted to read Enigma II to follow River and Silver. I almost quit after the first few chapters but kept reading to see if it would get better. I am glad I didn't quit because the last chapters wouldn't have meant much without the background. The depth of the character development made this well worth reading. I'm looking forward to Enigma III.
  6. I did enjoy this story from a tongue in cheek point of view. I especially appreciate that even though they were supposed to be "identical triplets", they each had very different personalities and strengths. There aren't many triplet stories to compare this to but I find most twin stories to be very unrealistic based on my personal experiences as a fraternal triplet by birth raised as a twin.

    Chapter 5

    After reading chapters 4 and five, I PROTEST THE TITLE OF THIS STORY! The least you could do is change it back to Daniel. You make it sound like you are running a CLEARANCE SALE to GIT RID OF US! I am calling on all of my fellow gay triplets to boycott this story! Come on guys. There must be at least a couple more of us on this site!
  8. I don't care for most of the romance stories on this site but this was a both bitter and sweet love story that I couldn't stop reading. Thank you!

    Chapter 19

    History does repeat its self -- unfortunately!
  10. AFBNOW

    Northern Exposure

    The thaw has come !!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
  11. I could really identify with the main characters. I usually feel that there are to many fairy tale endings to most stories on this site (and they all live happily ever after). The sudden ending to this one was a real downer. Still a great read. One of these days I might tackle English Teen. The C-word in the title scared me off for very personal reasons! Thanks for the story. I can't imagine how much time and creativity goes into writing a story like this. Clewless
  12. AFBNOW

    Northern Exposure

    It has been a year since we last heard from George. Has he been lost at sea or just frozen in the Baltic? I'm hoping he is frozen, summer is almost here!
  13. AFBNOW

    Chapter 18

    This was a good read. I might have said it was a great read if I had read the story before I had to stop my cancer treatments because of radiation burns. Still a good story!
  14. AFBNOW

    Chapter 12

    Enjoyed the two stories! My first car was probably similar to Brian's dads first car, an Impala sport coupe (a "59, the second year for the Impala) with a 348 and Turboglide (CV) transmission. I also had a '65 Dodge Coronet 500 convertible (383) and a "68 Olds 442 convertible (400 cu. in.). This was a trip down memory lane for me! I'm looking forward to a part three.
  15. I have come to the conclusion that our beloved George has been lost at sea. He couldn't possibly have carried enough provisions on board to last this long. R.I. P. George
  16. This is the most enjoyable gay fiction I've ever read. I appreciate the frequent updates. Please, just keep writing! THANK YOU!
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