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  1. donaldbirwin

    Part 5

    Selfless love is a thing of beauty, as is your endearing story! Thanks for the great read. I'm not like any of your characters, yet I identified with each of them. Thank you!
  2. donaldbirwin

    Part 1

    Well. I'm thoroughly hooked after just one chapter! But, I was primed from reading other stories of yours. I enjoy your writing and your ability to bring your characters to life. I hit "follow" before I started reading the chapter.
  3. donaldbirwin

    Zander's Question

    Just as they had receded into memory you brought these wonderful characters back to life. Thank you! Thank you! What a delightful early Christmas present.
  4. donaldbirwin

    Chapter 31

    Thank you for a wonderful story! I am so not ready to be done with this cast of characters. So, I am glad to hear that you are not either. I look forward to the future with anticipation!
  5. donaldbirwin

    Chapter Twelve

    I have been enjoying your development of this story and these characters. It's been a good read. This chapter, however, was a great read! I don't care to imagine what ended up on the editing floor as you rewrote because the end result is wonderful. You nailed it with Jordan. The chapter, for me, is all about Jordan and he leaps off the page as real, vulnerable, and believable. Thank you for your extra effort; it was worth it. I'm looking forward to following their developing relationship.
  6. donaldbirwin

    A Bug's Life

    I agree with Obican--beautifully executed. I read the intro blurb and thought, "Well maybe yes, maybe no, we'll see." I'm hooked--intriguing, memorable characters, including the staff.
  7. donaldbirwin


    I was lying in bed this morning musing about my very real case of "Vacation Companion" withdrawal. Like so many others, I wondered if you were satisfied with having created a novelette that kept us wishing/wanting/craving more. Who knew that my withdrawal could be so quickly cured just by seeing that GA notification on my computer. Thank you! Thank you! As per usual you satisfy and leave me wanting more.
  8. donaldbirwin

    Chapter 11 Missing Pieces

    I have so thoroughly enjoyed your story and the character that you developed in Drake. I have been so exasperated with Drake throughout much of the story, but I think that was your intention and it worked. That exasperation made the ending so much more delicious. It is always sad when a story that I like reading comes to an end but that sadness is balanced with an ending that leaves me happy and content with where the characters are with their lives. Thank you for sharing your talent for story-telling with us your readers!
  9. donaldbirwin

    Dream On

    Thank you! I was seriously going through withdrawal--checking frequently to see if a new chapter was posted. Thanks to you, I'm fully invested in these characters and their lives.
  10. donaldbirwin

    Chapter 11

    I love it when an author draws me in and I become invested in the characters. Thanks for a great read! I look forward to reading more of your writing.
  11. donaldbirwin

    Health Crisis

    Caregiving is a demanding and tiring experience, both physically and mentally. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of your mother. You may find that taking time to write, even for a short time each day, will help you deal with the stress of your situation. Know in your heart that you have the support of your readers as you work through this difficult time.
  12. donaldbirwin

    Chapter 25

    Thank you so much for this story. I have greatly enjoyed these characters. I believe that it is a mark of a successful writer that even when the reader doesn't identify with a character, the reader still develops real empathy for the person portrayed. You certainly achieved that outcome for me with the characters in Paper Walls. I will miss them but I will eagerly await your next story!
  13. donaldbirwin

    The Finale

    What a delightful story--well-conceived, well paced, well written. Thank you for giving the joy of reading your story!
  14. donaldbirwin


    I am very content with "happily ever after," especially for these two delightful characters! I eagerly looked forward to each new chapter/adventure in part simply because there was so little angst. Thanks for a wonderful story. I will look forward to your next endeavor.
  15. donaldbirwin


    I'm adding my kudos for a wonderful ending. I previously had fell in love with each of these characters and their engaging stories. This story was a great way to have them meet and interact. However, the part I liked best is this closing where you captured that moment that so many have experienced where one becomes aware that you are at a transition point where you can't and won't be able to go "home" again and where the pathway to the future that you have been so eagerly pursuing seems less alluring than the safety of what you have in that moment. Your words portrayed that bittersweet moment so well. Thank you!

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