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  1. Akronmo

    The Acquittal

    This is an exceptional story. Put it in the mystery/romance genre. The plotting kept me on edge waiting for the next chapter--and I hate reading serials. I usually search for 'complete.' The author had me identifying with the protagonist more emotionally than I thought possible. Not kidding. Sitting in my recliner cussing at the computer, and at the author when things weren't going my way. That is a rare event for me, and I'm curious to see further reviews. When I thought about writing my first review I figured the strong character identification would be my main point, but the insight that the author has into the human condition (that's what we called it in English Comp 101 in 1970) just worked me over; pulled my strings; pissed me off; and finally converted me. Don't read it too fast. You'll feel empty when you have to leave their world.
  2. Akronmo

    Chapter 26

    Thank you. As eagerly as I waited for this last chapter, I'm now feeling the loss that comes when I reach the end of any great film or novel. Your powers are great. No bull. These characters had me totally involved in their world.
  3. Akronmo

    Chapter 22

    Well I've done a complete 180 since I last commented. I've gone from mean, vindictive, resentful, self-righteous to sappy, grateful, love-filled heart. At least in terms of this great story. I'm glad I don't know you on a personal level. You could be a very bad influence.
  4. I’m wondering if you’ve seen the movie, Akron? (Wikipedia lists an Akron in Colorado, Iowa, and Michigan, and I once worked for an import store in San Diego named The Akron, but the city in Ohio is clearly the best known of all of those.) I’m guessing you have some sort of connection to Akron, Ohio.  ;–)


    I saw Akron at Frameline San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival a few years ago and recommend it.  ;–)

  5. Akronmo

    Chapter 10

    I'm looking at things from an 'If I were Kyle' viewpoint. First, I would tell Troy to bugger the ... off, and quit trying to give me guilt for reacting as I am to betrayal-squared perpetrated by the two most loved and trusted people in his/my life. I'd keep the three original members of the 'team' on my xmas card list, and shake hands on the very rare occasions that I felt it necessary. I/Kyle would give David every appearance of forgiving--3 or 4 visits a year and doing everything to assuage his guilt. I would never forgive, but I'd never let him know. It's a concept that I find ridiculously religious anyway. I would keep things superficial and distant with Jacob. If things come to emotional, bare-all, situation I would tell him that I 'forgive' him as well, and tell him that I have someone else that I love very much--not mentioning that it's my son. I left out the most important thing because of my rant mode--I've seldom become more personally involved with characters in a book. Ever! Excellent work. (And, btw, I've read more chapters and mellowed. I guess I am a Kyle alter-ego.)
  6. Akronmo

    Two steps forward and one step back

    Good. Never forget. And forgive rarely.
  7. Akronmo

    We’re goin’ to Disneyworld

    I've decided to be vindictive, and to punish you for the cliff-hanger followed by 2 weeks of silence. So, 'tree-hugger' is the worst term of approbation that you could apply to the water-park jerk? Seems to me that he's a self-absorbed type more likely to come from the other side of the psychological/political spectrum. I guess I'll keep reading. Only because this is a lovely, fascinating story.
  8. Akronmo

    Sleepless in Singapore

    Damn, I hate conflict. The previous commenter has made me expect it. It ain't so bad when one is reading older, completed stories. I just scrolled down here to the comment line to ask you to take a week's holiday to write--because I'm pissed off about things that haven't happened yet, and you need to fix it!
  9. Akronmo

    Chapter 6

    I started reading this ages ago, and then quit. Child abuse sickens me. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter to many. So, after reading these few chapters again, and deciding to forge ahead, I posted this on FB -- "I'm reading a serial novel about child abuse. It's hard to keep reading. I almost quit every time a new chapter is released. And then I realize that my fucking country is guilty of child abuse. I guess this is what Catholics feel like." Thanks for the anger, I guess.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to read Eric's story. I'm very pleased you are enjoying it.  :)

  11. Akronmo

    Dec Chapter 15

    Fascinating. I want to live there. More on personal relationships, please? I'd like to know how the kid is doing.
  12. I see you've been reading and liking 'Unbeaten' today. Glad to know you enjoyed the read.

  13. Akronmo

    Chapter 9

    I'm 66, and life has been too damned long for too damned long, but I stick around after a failed attempt to get out. In1979 my 9 year old daughter died--that was the worst, but I've a litany of personal tragedies. I'm tempted to list them just to vent, but as you know we all, most of us, have broken hearts. Anyway, I played the song; shared it on Facebook even though I have an unfortunate reaction to country music. Thanks for the music, the shared emotions, and an addictive story.
  14. Thanks for the likes on Summer! It's always a pleasure to know new readers are discovering my stories!

    1. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      ooops, I meant Autumn! Senility is setting in, I think. :P


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