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    Panic at the Police Station

    By Jan Vander Laenen, in Fall - No Going Back. 12/08/2010 (Updated: 12/08/2010)

    No way back ... A police officer helps a gay through the eve of his marriage.

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    Peter Abelard (A Man's Turmoil)

    By Dolores Esteban, in Fiction. 12/18/2010 (Updated: 12/18/2010)

    The story of Peter Abelard’s affair with and love for Heloise has become legendary. But why did Heloise deny the marriage? Why did she go to the convent of Argenteuil at Peter Abelard's urging? Gilles de Cyenville is fascinated by Abelard and Abelard’s writings. He seeks to speak to Peter Abelard who lives in the Abbey of Saint-Denis. Gilles de Cyenville uncovers the truth. France, 1118.

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    By Dolores Esteban, in Fiction. 12/18/2010 (Updated: 12/18/2010)

    Edmond. Loved, despised, and betrayed. An autobiography. (Setting: Besançon, France. Early 19th century.)

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    The Watch

    By Sendraguy, in Fiction. 12/25/2010 (Updated: 12/25/2010)

    London, 1939. War with Germany is approaching and a snow storm rages as an elderly Scottish politician boards the night sleeper train. But this is unlike any other journey he's ever done, or will do again!

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    By John Galaor, in Fiction. 02/17/2011 (Updated: 02/17/2011)

    Jimmy had arrived recently from the Pacific islands of Kiriwati. Then he starts working in a building site in the island of Cambria where he met another boy, two years older Dave, who shows a proverbial bulge in his trousers. Then, after some days of Dave wooing Jimmy, they passed their first night together in the single bed of a rent room. The day after, they had a conversation that is the stuff of this story.

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    On Plato’s Symposium

    By Dolores Esteban, in Fiction. 03/14/2011 (Updated: 03/14/2011)

    Reginald and his friend Orson explain why they do not agree with Plato’s essay and why they think that Plato’s concept of love is the reason for deep-rooted prejudices in contemporary Europe.

  7. Vampires in Venice

    By Thorn Wilde, in FanFiction. 06/29/2013 (Updated: 06/29/2013)

    Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel 'Angel and me have never been intimate. Except that once...' Venice, 1894. The Scourge of Europe have fled Rome and The Immortal. Spike and Angelus make it back from a night of slaughter to find the house empty. To pass the time, they drink wine, play cards and get into an argument with a rather interesting conclusion.

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    By Simon Iskander, in Fiction. 07/08/2018 (Updated: 07/08/2018)

    "Every interaction was an opportunity to impress him, to teach him, to care for him. To make him love me. I wondered, in that moment, whether we could ever maintain a healthy relationship, or if I’d continue down a one way street of unrequited love."

    When unrequited love occupies the largest part of your mind, it spills into your dreams. Charlie is the perfect boy, but he's an ocean apart even when in arm's reach. Oni is the story of a young man's unfulfilled romance and its manifestation in a world of Japanese mythology.

  9. Initiation at St. Anselm

    By David McLeod, in Fiction. 12/15/2010 (Updated: 12/15/2010)

    An initiation at a British boys’ school leads to an encounter in a cemetery.

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    What I did next does me no credit at all

    By Sendraguy, in Fiction. 12/25/2010 (Updated: 12/25/2010)

    I'd heard of others coming unstuck with internet dating but I was too smart for that. Or so I thought.

  11. Naptown 28 - ’Til Death Do Us Part 28. Naptown Tales

    By Altimexis, in Fiction. 01/20/2011 (Updated: 01/20/2011)

    Following graduation and a double wedding, joined by their younger brothers, the newlyweds honeymoon in Europe. Upon their return, the younger teens start high school, but then tragedy strikes, bringing all Naptown Tales characters home for a final farewell. (June - August, 2010)

    This is the 28th and final story in the Naptown Tales series, which can also be found at Awesome Dude and Nifty. Please see the Introduction for important background info.

  12. Escape

    By SkittlePrincess, in Fiction. 11/05/2011 (Updated: 11/05/2011)

    When Andy learnt that he had inherited a house, he didn't think much of it. That was until he realised just what the house had been hiding for all these years. With the help of Neil, the local historian - come - handyman, will Andy find the courage to change this self-destructive pattern he's in or will the pressure become to much for him?

  13. Into The Grey...

    By Arkaven, in Fiction. 08/01/2012 (Updated: 08/01/2012)

    A young man wakes to find himself in a life that defies everything he ever deemed possible...
    Is he able to leave his old life behind and accept his new life in a world that makes little sense and offers to break him at every turn?

  14. The alternative boy

    By Frenzy, in Non-Fiction. 04/25/2018 (Updated: 04/25/2018)

    This is an autobiographic story. It goes back to 2014 and is still in development. The main character, Clyde, meets an alternative boy and there builds more and more tension between them.

    Some details are changed and the names of the characters have been made up.

    Clyde is a transgender male (female to male). He had chest surgery and he got his ovaries and womb removed. He can't get pregnant. He hasn't had bottom surgery (yet). This means he has female genetalia. His clitoris has grown due to the use of testosteron. He looks masculine and by no means people would suspect that Clyde was physical female at birth.

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