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Story Worlds

Worlds Must Contain 2 Stories to be viewed in the Browse by Worlds list
  1. The Boot

    The Boot is a fictional shelter for homeless people, it has it's own story, but so some of the characters. This to bring them all together.

    • World Building Link: --   
  2. The Snowflake and The Ember

    This is the world of my Snowflake: A Love Story universe. Lots of things in these stories are connected and share the same universe and mythology.

    • World Building Link: --   
  3. The Wonderful World of Billy Chase and Brandon Temple

    This is MrM's Billy Chase Spin-Off Universe!

    All material here relates directly or indirectly to The Secret Life Of Billy Chase universe lovingly crafted by @Comicality over many years! It is my honor to be allowed to add some of my scribblings to a universe he created!

    Start your explorations here if you want to enter into the world from the 'front door':

    For a little map here's how things link up.

    The Secret Life Of Bill Chase
    Souvenir ++> Brandon Smiling: From the Billy Chase Chronicles <++ In Chandler's Hands

    • World Building Link: --   
  4. TJ

    TJ and other stories that influence it.

    • World Building Link: --   
  5. Winden Metaverse

    Winden is the middle region of two large expanses I have created in a significant universe where all my stories take place. Widen is very much like a mash of Southern England and the Western coast of the United states. The land is vast, has large mountain ranges, lush state parks, bustling cities, some marshlands and tumbleweed deserts.

    • World Building Link: --   
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