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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Taming Of The Beast - 18. Chapter 18

I hope that this chapter is as good as I hope it is and once again it is not beta read/edited. I hope that some of ya'll questions are at least answered as to what happened to him and why he is so scared and just so protective. Bastian is my precious bean but he will be okay because he does have his fiends, family and Mason.


He knew that this would be difficult, he hadn’t really been ready, but his brother was right. Bastian stood in front of the house; he couldn’t move, hell he felt like his feet were frozen in place. Fear, he breathed, trying to school himself from panicking.

“There is no reason to fear, Bastian. He can handle the truth; all you have to do is trust him.” Derek said behind him, his brother stood beside him with a grin on his face.

Bastian raised a brow looking at his brother. “I don’t like it.”

“Come on, let’s go in. It’s time you did something you should have done a long time ago.” Derek said as he walked towards the house ignoring his brother’s comment.

Following his brother, Bastian cracked a smile once he realized that Mason had gone to bed. After muttering a half-assed ‘goodnight’ to his brother, he opened his bedroom door. He hadn’t expected Mason to be asleep, Bastian had been smarter than that. He knew that his mate would wait for him. Cracking a smile, he closed the door quietly enough before taking off his jacket, throwing it on the bed.

“Hi.” Bastian smiled, seating on the chair across from his mate.

Mason turned towards him, “Hi.”

Bastian sighed “I’m sorry I uh walked out like that. I needed to breathe. I felt like I was suffocating.”

“I was worried.” Mason replied, looking at Bastian, “Are you okay now?”

Bastian smiled “I’m fine. I’m sorry for worrying you. It’s just I needed time to think.”

Mason ran his hand across his face “Are you ready to tell me what’s got you so rattled?” He asked his mate, “I’m here, Bastian. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not going to suddenly run because of whatever it is you are afraid will scare me.”

“I don’t want you to be scared of me, Mason. I can’t take it if youI just I’m terrified.” Bastian stuttered, unable to look him in the eye “This could break us or whatever it is we are trying so hard to build.”

Mason sighed before he leaned forward taking Bastian’s hands into his, he waited until Bastian locked eyes with him before speaking with as much conviction as he could muster “I’m not scared of you, I could never be scared of you. How can I fear the one thing that brings me joy? The one thing makes me wonder whether I’m worthy. I can’t fear you because you’re mine. I can’t fear the love of my life when all I feel is happiness and being complete.” Mason smiled “Nothing will break us, my Angel.”

Bastian stared at their hands before smiling shyly, “I’m scared.” He whispered.

“Don’t be. I’m not going anywhere.” Mason nodded.

Bastian didn’t know where to start, it wasn’t easy for him it was never easy for him to talk about his scars, he had never spoken about them ever but only to his family and those close to him. He looked at Mason, who gave him an encouraging smile, he was waiting, but the Creature was anxious.

Taking a deep sigh, he knew he should start somewhere “I was kidnapped or more like abducted, being a Royal Warrior or Guard if you will, and a Prince put a lot of pressure on Derek and me. So I was obsessed with training, I’d wake up and get breakfast and get started. I was supposed to have waited for Luciana and the others, but I didn’t. I had taken a wrong turn somewhere, and that’s where they got me. They drugged me so I wouldn’t be able to fight back, they took me, and I couldn’t do anything. They knew I was the Prince; they knew everyone would come for me, everyone, especially Derek. They taunted me a lot. They would inject me with Vampire Blood, blood that at the time I hadn’t known about. Blood that they had stolen, they’d watch me in pain, they’d revel in it actually. The shit cage I was forced to live in was no picnic, they’d torture me every single day. And then finally, one day, I learned what they had done to me. They injected me with vampire blood, pure vampire blood from the ancient Vampire King, Vashon.” Bastian closed his eyes, shaking off the memory “I was the very first Tribrid to ever be created successfully. They wanted me to be the General of their little shit army, but it was impossible because I was never going to agree to that, so they continued to torture me, taunt me, I was holding out as hard as I could, in fact, I was amazed at how long I had actually held out.” He sighed avoiding eye contact with his mate, there had been things that he still regretted, demons that haunted him because of the things he had done “To break me they decided it would be best if they would make me fight and kill wolves, shapeshifters and vampire alike, they had built this large cage, and I was forced to kill innocent people, I killed people who never deserved it and every single day I had to live with that, with what I had done as The Creature as the monster they wanted me to become. I could smell their fear; when I refused to kill any more innocents, I got tortured, and all kinds of torture you can think of. I still refused to kill, I had already lost all hope of Derek ever finding me at one point, but I continued. I was their puppet, an animal who could do their bidding, but I can’t lie and tell you that I didn’t think if it would be easier if I gave in, if I did what they wanted because I did so much, but I couldn’t do it. One day on the day Derek found me, I had let a young wolf win against me just so they would see that I wouldn’t shed any more blood for them; he was a child, no more than fifteen. He was a kid; he didn’t deserve to be there, none of the prisoners deserved what those people were doing to them.” Bastian stood up from the chair, walking to the window watching as the stars shone. “When Derek and the others got there, Derek found me and the sight of his baby brother like that didn’t sit well with him, so he killed everyone that was there at the time, an angry and pissed off Derek is quite scary. He basically torched the place after they searched it from top to bottom. Lycans are unruly when one takes their own, especially a Royal. I was destroyed because I wasn’t a Lycan anymore; I was a tribrid, both Lycan and vampire, with a little magic all in one. When I was returned back home, the trauma was unbearable for me, so I shut down and allowed The Creature to take over because I couldn’t. It was all too much, the guilt and the darkness, I was drowning. I was an abomination. My brother wasn’t happy; he had found out that rogue wolves and vampires had been the ones who took me. Derek hunted down everyone who knew, the stories they tell you about the Lycan Royal Guard, those stories are true, we just prefer not to talk about them, he killed every last one who knew or associated with them and said nothing. It took me a while to get back to myself again, Mason. Took a lot to become who I’m today again—a lot of love from my loved ones and patience. I’m a Half-Blood Prince to vampires and a Prince to our kind and because of the blood, I ‘am King Vashon’s progeny, the rightful Prince” Bastian couldn’t look away from the stars “What they did to me, made me into a monster but with my family’s support, I realized that I’m no monster. I have a seat at the Vampire’s Council because as King Vashon’s progeny, that makes me royalty and Bjorn’s child through his mate, Vashon. I have not used my vampire side since those days, but I feed once in a while, I have no choice. Keeps my urges at bay, and it keeps my other monster at bay, and I’m sure that you heard what he did to Trevor.”

Mason had sat there unable to move as he listened to Bastian, he couldn’t understand how anyone could do what they had done to his mate “Explains why Derek is like how he is. So he killed everyone?”

Bastian didn’t even turn to look at Mason “Apparently not. Trevor said a few managed to escape. They sent hunters for me; they want me to create an army. They tried to recreate what they did to me, but they couldn’t instead they killed innocent wolves, I rescued the wolves who would have died because they couldn’t handle it. Derek was right. This is about me. They want me back. Trevor did this out of love for me, though. Apparently, they promised him, me. If you can believe that shit. They practically sold me like I’m property.”

Mason growled at the thought of anyone else having him, he walked to Bastian’s side standing in front of his mate “If anyone takes you away from me, I’ll kill them all. I’m not going to lose you, Bastian. You are mine. You’re my Alpha-mate, the love I never saw coming” He smiled as he pulled Bastian closer to him, closing his eyes to take in his mate’s scent. It centered him, brought him back to ground before pulling back. “Plus, your brother and I had a talk, a very long talk. I’m sure he’d kill me if anyone hurt you on my watch” Mason grinned staring at his mate’s lips, he cupped his chin before he leaned in smashing their lips together in a passionate kiss. A kiss that held so much promise and an unbreakable vow.

Bastian moaned into the kiss “He’d skin you alive, no question. I don’t want you involved, Mason. You’re too important to your pack and your parents.”

Mason wrapped his arms around his mate’s waist. He closed his eyes, taking in Bastian’s scent before locking eyes with him “I’m not going to watch someone steal you away from me, Bastian, I just found you. My pack is important to me, but you’re more important than anything else in the world, and that includes my pack. I’m not going to watch some fucker try to drag you back to hell. I won’t lose my mate to sociopaths who think they are God because last I checked there was only one God.”

Bastian nodded, wrapping his own arms around Mason’s neck, “We should get some sleep. This is not going anywhere if we’re both going to disagree, we’ll probably end up arguing.” He said, not making any kind of movement to untangle himself from Mason.

“Couples argue and fight, Bastian. We’re going to be doing a lot of that,” Mason said, enjoying having his mate in his arms, “Especially concerning people trying to take you away from me.”

Bastian sighed, trying to pull away from his mate with no avail, “I can take care of myself, Mason.”

Mason pulled Bastian closer to him, wrapping a possessive arm around Bastian. “I know you can, love, but I’ll just do it better, and besides, since your brother practically gave me the shovel talk, I can’t let you run into danger alone. Where you go, I go always and forever.”

“You’re taking this a lot easier than I thought. Why is that?” He asked.

“I’m not going to throw a shit fit because you’re a Tribrid, Bastian. You didn’t ask to be what you are. You’re an amazing person, a little possessive, and a perfect mate for me. You’re not a monster, you’re not an abomination. You’re mine” He pulled back just enough that he could capture his mate’s lips “I’m accepting you because you’re beautiful, stubborn, selfless, amazing and most of all you make me want to be a better person. I would never reject you and will never want to break our bond, which is impossible unless you want to kill us both. We’re in this together, pretty boy. From now on, wherever you go, I go.”

Bastian didn’t need to look at his mate to know that he was telling the truth; he could hear it. He pulled out of Mason’s arms, “Forever and always?” He raised a brow.

Mason grinned. “Wherever you go, I go. If I can not follow, I will raise hell trying to follow.” He said, “Forever and always.”

“We should get ready for bed, tomorrow is going to be a long day.” Bastian smiled, making his way towards the bathroom to get ready. He walked out after a few minutes he looked at Mason “Promise me that you are going to be careful. That you won’t try to be a hero because the thought of something happening to you kills me.” Bastian said to Mason.

Mason nodded, “I will promise if you promise me the same.”

Bastian bit his lip, he knew that he couldn’t make such promise. If worst came to shove, he knew without a doubt that he would do what was needed to make sure that everyone was safe. That included sacrificing himself to the devil himself.

“There’s something I don’t understand. If you have Vashon’s blood running through your veins, then how come he isn’t trying to help you? I mean seeing as you are his progeny and even though he didn’t bite you or sire you the normal way. Shouldn’t he be here?” Mason asked as he took off his clothes, getting ready for bed.

Bastian shook his head “The True King of the Vampires has been asleep for centuries; his Awakening has been foretold by many as the day of Reckoning for those who betrayed him and his beloved. It isn’t his time yet, and even if it was, he has to dethrone his brother from the Throne that he stole from him, and that is another thing all on its own. He can’t help me.”

“His mate, Bjorn, can’t he help? Seeing as you are his mate’s progeny and I mean, I don’t exactly know the Consort as well as you do, but you’d think that he would be able to do something.” Mason yawned, “As the mate and Consort of the True King.”

Bastian cocked his head “He did do something. He slaughtered every vampire that had something to do with my capture and then works with my brother in the Council. He will come when he is needed not a second after, but Bjorn isn’t exactly fond of being seen in public outside of his Kingdom because he is still in waiting for Vashon.”

“A thousand years of suffering and torment without your mate….” Mason muttered, thinking of Bjorn’s situation.

Bastian sat down on the bed, watching Mason put on pajama pants. “It is said that on the first day after the thousand years, he shall rise and take what truly belongs to him, and all shall bow to him.”

Mason was quiet for a moment as if considering Bastian’s words, “He is going to annihilate his thieving power-hungry brother, isn’t he?”

Bastian nodded, “That’s the prophecy, yes. His brother stole the Throne from Vashon because of his jealousy towards his brother. Vashon was loved by many, respected by billions, and he was the one true King to the Throne. He practically built the monarch of Vampires with his mate, Bjorn by his side.”

“ Didn’t he want Bjorn for himself?” Mason asked, sitting on the bed.

Bastian nodded sadly. “Yeah, he was envious of the love and partnership that Vashon and Bjorn had. He wanted his brother’s mate because he felt that he had been cheated out of what could have been his. Bjorn is the son and heir to the Ice Kingdom, after their mating and wedding. They lived happily for six thousand years before being told by the seers of what awaited Vashon. It was painful because they could do nothing. It was already written and changing it wouldn’t have worked in their favor, so they spent a thousand years together before the day that Vashon’s brother betrayed him.” Bastian said, “Bjorn refused to betray his mate by mating with his brother, he fought as hard as he could before pain and sorrow drove him to seek refuge in the Ice Kingdom thereby waiting in mourning for the thousand years to come to an end.”

“What happened to Vashon’s supporters? Those who stayed loyal to Vashon.”

“They stayed where they were because Bjorn was still considered their Consort, it didn’t matter that their King was gone but what mattered was that their Consort still lived and they knew that their King would rise again. Bjorn doesn’t stray far from his Kingdom because in his Kingdom is where he is safer. Where he knows and can feel his mate’s presence.” Bastian replied.

Mason wrinkled his nose “What about the brother? Doesn’t he still want Bjorn to be his?”

“He still sits on the Throne, he knows that his time is numbered. He is scared of Vashon, he fears his brother’s wrath more than he fears death.” Bastian admitted, “He still does, but he has come to accept that Bjorn will never be his. When he buried his brother, he also buried Bjorn’s heart, and Bjorn’s heart shall remain with Vashon until he returns it to him.”

Mason shook his head, never had he ever thought that his paths would cross with a vampire before much less an Ancient One. He stole a glance at his mate, he worried for Bastian more than he let on.

“Why are you interested in Vampires?” Bastian asked curiously.

Mason scooted closer to Bastian, “I need to know about my mate’s family no matter how unconventional they may seem.”

Bastian grinned, more like dysfunctional, he thought as he felt Mason grab the back of his neck, pulling him forward, smashing their lips together. Mason was relieved hearing Bastian’s moans, he pushed his tongue between mate’s lips demanding entrance, he was less surprised that they ended up battling for dominance.

Bastian moaned as Mason pushed him down on the bed, so he was on his back “I was thinking…” Mason said as he kissed Bastian’s neck. “We should go out on a date.” Mason finished as he bit his mate’s neck playfully.


“Tomorrow night. We’ll pretend to be human this one time.” Mason found it hilarious that he was even thinking of blending in with humans.

Bastian nodded, wrapping his arms around Mason’s neck. “Alright. Sounds fun. I can’t wait.”

2017 Ash Phoenix; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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This chapter was good, yes,. However I need an explanation of the races. Ancients Ones are the stronger initial vampires, and then we have normal vampires, right? So what's the difference between werewolves, shapeshifters and Lycans? Are Lycans just werewolves that are stronger, like the initial family?

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Great chapter, they are finally together as they should be, I think that there will be so e epic drama when the true king vashon awakens

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On 8/23/2020 at 1:06 AM, Sweetlion said:

This chapter was good, yes,. However I need an explanation of the races. Ancients Ones are the stronger initial vampires, and then we have normal vampires, right? So what's the difference between werewolves, shapeshifters and Lycans? Are Lycans just werewolves that are stronger, like the initial family?

I must apologize for the lateness of this reply. Yes, you have it right. The Ancient Ones are the stronger initial vampires while we also have normal vampires. The Ancient Vampires have special abilities that are only granted to them, and as Bastian is the King's bloodline he has these abilities as his 'father' is the True King. Next chapter, these abilities are disscussed and Bastian gets to show off a bit. Magic lol 😇. Now onto the difference between the three other species. The Lycans are the equivalent of Ancient Ones, meaning that they are the initial stronger breed from werewolves and shapeshifters. Lycans were the first to see the world making them stronger. Werewolves and shapeshifters aren't stronger than Lycans. In a one-on-one, Lycans would easily decimate both the wolves and shapeshifters. shapeshifters are cousins of werewolves in a way however they do not transform into huge dogs but normal size. It is important to note that all these species are dangerous and can hold their own in battle. There are vampires that fear these three species fiercely even now. I hope that I answered your question, however should you need to ask more. I will answer. 

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On 8/23/2020 at 7:15 AM, mikedup said:

Great chapter, they are finally together as they should be, I think that there will be so e epic drama when the true king vashon awakens

Thank you so much. With regards to Vashon, I can not lie because you are right. There will be epic drama once he awakens however I'm planning his story to be told as a sequel because his and Bjorn's story needs to be told as its own. Of course, Bastian and the Lycans will make appearances as well. I hope that you like the next chapter😀

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