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Taming Of The Beast - 1. Chapter 1

My very first story here, I hope it's as great as it is in my head. I'm trying the damnedest to try and bring it to life so it can breathe a breath of fresh air. A love story that will probably leave me heartbroken while I write it.

He hadn’t ever thought this would ever happen, he hadn’t expected it at least not for another few years he had turned twenty-one and yet there he was unbelievable staring right into his mate, he knew hell would freeze over from right under him and the world truly hated him for what he had been looking at. He couldn’t become affiliated with what would come next, his wolf wouldn’t allow it. He wouldn’t himself to be sucked into the world that would become the one thing he would be accustomed to, he had heard from his parents the life of a mated wolf but he had declined to state he would never meet his true mate…his true bonded. He had made a point to never become that way, he had watched so many people and yet there he was staring at the most beautiful man he had ever seen. He knew just by looking at the man that was destined to become his mate that he would bring him all sorts of pain and shit to come. His gut had always never led him astray and had always been true to him, he needed to listen instead he watched as the man looked into him with fascination. He already knew that the man knew, he knew who he was. The young wolf could hear himself fighting with his wolf; he could hear himself lose control his wolf wanted out, he wanted to play. He couldn’t stay, he looked for exists something he knew would help at this situation, he could smell the wolf inside the other man, the Alpha inside the other man but he shrugged it off as he transformed back into the man. He looked at the other man but before he could say anything he could hear a voice, he recognized it as soon as it reached his ears. He turned as he faced his cousin Luciana. The beautiful blonde who always had a smile on her face she rolled her eyes as she handed him his clothes back.

“Bastian, we’re waiting for you.” She said as she looked at her cousin, she hadn’t even bothered to notice the other man “Your father’s going to call in a few minutes so wrap this up” She sighed as she placed her hands on her hips waiting for her cousin to reply.

Bastian laughed as he put on his clothes, he smiled at her before he pulled her in for a hug “I’ll be a minute.” He smiled at her “Okay, if he calls before I get there. Howl for me” He gave her a kiss on her forehead before she ran towards the clearing.

Mason looked at the man before him, he could feel the intense attraction towards him, he could feel something he had never felt before and it scared him. He couldn’t begin to imagine a life without him for a moment. The moment he laid his eyes on the other man, he could feel his wolf screaming inside him. Mine. Mine. His wolf wanted to claim him as his, to protect him and to be there for him and to love him but Mason couldn’t. He couldn’t begin to bring himself to love, his entire life he had rejected the thought of love but the moment he looked into the wolf, he wanted to be what he had always rejected. He observed the man in front of him all on his glory, the beautiful masculine tanned body packed with all muscles, his beautiful shining spiky platinum blonde hair. He bit his lip as he watched carefully while the man put on his clothes. The moment he turned to face him, Mason snapped out of his daydream.

He could feel his wolf just as the other man leaned down kissing the female’s forehead, his wolf wanted to tear her apart just by principle. He could smell her scent all over his mate “You’re a fast runner” He said trying to break the ice between them. He tucked his hands into his jean pockets trying his best not to jump on the other man.

Bastian nodded “I’m Bastian” He said as he ignored the running comment, he hadn’t even thought of it as much but the ice break was appreciated. The world would come crashing down before Bastian would admit to himself that he was falling for a man that would bring his pain to the forefront. He had successfully tucked it away in the back of his mind where no one dared go, where he knew even the darkness would never open. Bastian wasn’t going to become the one person he had been avoiding ever since he had come back “Who are you?” He asked the other man.

He wanted to know…to hear his name from his lips before he could try to forget it, Bastian couldn’t reject the pull towards the other but he wanted to try, to try and live his life without knowing that there is someone out there for him. That he was beautiful and would never accept him for what he was, that thought alone broke Bastian into pieces that no one could ever put back together. The world would never forgive him for what he was and even he would never forgive himself for what he was.

He gave the other man a smile “It’s Mason Delgaard” He said.

Bastian nodded, the name fitted the man perfectly. He could smell the scent that would drive him insane one way or another. He knew he should have held his hand out for a proper handshake but he knew if they touched, the was no way he would ever get out of the trap he would find himself. The trap that would bring him to his knees begging for an exit, he knew what a mate did to another mate and that was not something he was ready for. He had to let his mind linger just to allow himself not to stay in the same scent the other filled his nose with. That perfect sweet scent would be the death of him that he knew for sure without looking for other ways.

Just by locking eyes with the other Mason couldn’t help but want to taste the other man’s lips, he could feel his wolf wanted to get close enough to mark him as his. The thought alone was enough to drive him crazy but Mason shrugged screaming at his wolf from the outside, he needed to try to tame the wolf. Mason’s nose flickered as he turned to see his two best friends Collin and Jesse standing in a safe distance. He reminded his wolf that the female was no challenge but it was no budge. The scents that surrounded the man were intoxicating in ways that drove him insane.

He heard Bastian ask something but Mason had been focussed on the other man’s lips and body to have heard him “Hmmm?” He heard himself say.

Bastian let out a small laugh before he asked again “Are those yours?” He asked as his wolf watched the two men waiting for their leader, Bastian didn’t need to be told that Mason was an Alpha’s son and future Alpha himself. His posture, his voice, and his body said it all without trying too hard.

Mason found himself nodding “They’ve probably been looking for me. I sort of just walked out without them” That didn’t sound right in Mason’ head but it had been the truth nonetheless, something had driven him to the woods and something had told him or rather pushed him into that same exact spot his mate had been running on. He had watched in adoration “You’re new around here, aren’t you?” He asked Bastian without realizing what he was asking exactly.

Considering the question, Bastian opened his mouth but just when the words were ready to spiral out like a melody, he heard Luciana’s voice howling for him. That voice he knew his father was on the phone, his father. Damnit. The thought of getting into yet another argument with his father was starting to take its toll on the young Lost Prince. Bastian knew if he didn’t take the call, his father would never let him enjoy the rest of the day nor night because he didn’t answer his phone. Luciana repeated the howl but this time it was more louder and more directed at him, he could feel his cousin’s eyes burnt at the back of his head which made him look one more time at the man who could have been his “Not exactly new” He said as he gave Mason a smirk “I’m sorry. I gotta go, duty calls. See you around, Mason.” Bastian said before he turned from Mason and ran towards his friends. He took the phone placing it on his ear, he turned to look at Mason one more time before he could fly with his friends.

“Father…” Bastian said as he got into the car. He turned to look at his cousin who had decided to be the one who would drive “Today, Lu” He said as she started the engine, he leaned forward and gave his cousin and best friend a small smile “Father….I’m fine. I’m safe. Hale, Taron, and Drew are here too. I’m fine. I promise” By the end of that one word he could hear his father’s relief and his mother’s worry all over the place.


Mason stood there gazing at the man who had made his wolf look at life differently and made him see things differently. He knew that Bastian could feel the pull, the attraction towards each other turned intense. He wanted what he knew he had never wanted just by laying his eyes on Bastian, he wanted to know what love was truly about. He wanted Bastian in his arms where he would forever belong, where he would never leave him. Mason turned towards his friends. He knew they would ask and as his best friends he wanted to be truthful towards them and then tell his parents. He wanted to know whether it was possible for him to feel so empty without what he knew was his, he could stare into those beautiful deep blue eyes that reminded him of the ocean and home. He needed to find him.

Mason nodded at his two best friends who he knew would ask questions whether he liked them or not “So who was that?” Collin asked his best friend, Collin who had always worried about his best friend and his future. He had always worried about his best friend closing himself to love when he believed that out there somewhere he had a mate who would show him just what he was missing. He worried what Mason would do when he had met him.

Jesse looked at Collin nodding “That looked…uh…intense” Jesse added without waiting for a reply from his best friend.

“Apparently Collin was right to worry about me. He is my mate” Mason said outright without beating around the bush unlike his friends who had tried to ask “Bastian” He added before he walked towards his pack home.

He could hear his friends gasp and look at each other thunderstruck “OH SHIT. OH, CRAP.” Jesse repeated those exact same words until he shook his head “Dude you are so screwed” He said flanking his friend just like Collin was on his side.

Collin couldn’t find the words “Well Hell” Collin said, he had always known that between Mason and Jesse he was the one that was more responsible “Josh will not like that” He said.

“We broke up six months ago, Co. He should get over it already” Mason said, the one that he had tried to perhaps see a future with but Mason’s wolf couldn’t get past the fact that he would never be who they deserved and so they had broken up. Like a proper breakup, Josh had never gotten over him and Mason could always feel the stares and the longing in Josh’s eyes. His wolf had gotten enough which had made him try his best to avoid him the best he could. Mason was the son of an Alpha, he himself was a future Alpha “And besides you know me and love. I just want Bastian as a mate. I don’t love him. We would be better as friends” He knew that was a lie. He could feel himself trying to deny it, he was fighting with his wolf and it seemed like no one was winning.

Jesse and Co shook their heads as they looked at each other “You’re never going to be able to stop thinking about him, Mase. You have his scent now and that alone will drive you insane. Your wolf will want out and hunt for him” He reminded his friend “He's your mate which means now that you know he exists. There will be nothing keeping you away from what is yours” He said as he lightly placed his hand on his friend's shoulder for comfort, he knew what was coming and he did not like his friends’ chances. Co knew better and he knew that once a mate sniffs his mate's scent, all hell would break loose and as possessive as his friend was. His wolf would never let him win; he would force him to find Bastian. No question.

Mason rolled his eyes “You’re crazy. I don’t believe in love, Co. Love is for suckers and me, I ain’t a sucker” He said as he flashed his friend an award winning smile which made Jesse burst out laughing.

Co. gave his friend an apologetic smile “Good luck, Mase. If you survive this and you’ve not gone crazy. I’ll know you truly don’t want happiness” The moment those words hit into Mason, he knew his friend truly cared about him enough that he would worry about such things.

Mason wanted to deny what Co. had said to him, he had always been able to contain his wolf and contain his sanity. How could one person turn him into a puppy in love in just one meeting, a chance meeting at that? He wanted to scream at the world but he knew it would not make any difference. The damage had already been done and he was royally screwed. He knew the moment he got home, he would have to tell his parents, he knew that conversation would end with his mother bursting into tears of joy because their son wouldn’t die alone and mad at the world and his father would hug him just because he always knew that despite his son not believing in love there would come someone who would change all that and he was right. He wondered whether his father and Co had gotten together and plotted against him to find what his life had been lacking.

Mason greeted his pack as he and his friends walked towards the big house which belonged to him and his parents and anyone else who needed accommodation or those who were sick and needed to be looked after. Mason spotted Josh with one of the men in the pack, shrugging that off he continued to the house. His mother was cooking like she had always done, humming to herself songs of love and songs of the old which were her favorites. His mother loved her son more than anything in the world but she like Co worried about her son, she knew that Mason could read it all over her face whenever she spoke of a future or love. Mason smiled at her as he kissed her cheek and peeking into the pots in the stove. His father walked in just as his mother had been shooing him off her pots until the food was ready but Mason couldn’t and wouldn’t hear of it. He felt himself hungry all of a sudden which seemed to bother him on some level.

Taking a sit on one of the kitchen chairs, Mason looked at his parents before he cleared his throat which they knew meant he had an announcement to make “Guys…” He said in a low voice that suddenly didn’t belong to him but to the younger Mason “I have to tell you something”

He looked at his parents as he breathed in. His mother was smiling at him “What is it, darling?” She said to him, she still held the wooden spoon in her hand.

Shaking his head at the disbelief still his eyes met his father’s and then his mother’s “I found him” Those three words seemed to take forever to come out and he knew he could never take them all back, he had let them out and now his parents had to decide for themselves what he meant.

“Found who, Mason?” His father asked.

“My mate, ” Mason said.

It wasn’t long before his parents looked at each other with the same look his friends had given him but nonetheless, they approached him giving him a hug with his mother’s tears bursting out of her eyelids and down her cheeks “Who is he, baby? Where is he? Did you bring him here?” His mother flooded him with questions but his father just hugged him and congratulated him.

“I don’t know who he is but his name is Bastian. Something pulled me into the woods today and I saw a wolf, the most beautiful wolf I have ever seen in my entire life running while his friends watched and cheered for him” Mason relieved the experience for his parents because he knew his mother would never let him off the hook that easily “I watched him but the moment our eyes met, it was like lightning struck us both. My wolf wanted out” He said “He shifted back and we spoke for a while before he was called by the girl he was with. He was with three other men. Mom…dad. My wolf wanted to be free, he wanted to play” He told his parents, he couldn’t control the beast inside him and somehow he knew the beast was in control of his flesh. He would get what he wanted one way or another.

His mother hugged him closely and tightly enough for him to almost lose breathe “It’s going be okay, darling. You’ll find him again” She whispered to him as she let him go.

“Now that you have met him your world will change. Your wolf will get agitated, he will want him and in the end, you will succumb to your wolf. Your wolf will remind you of the one that belongs to you and who you belong to. His scent will drive you insane and the fact that you don’t believe in love will make your wolf anxious” His father said. Alpha Isaac Delgaard wrapped his arms around his mate Giselle Delgaard. The same comfort he knew he his wolf wanted from Bastian but Mason couldn’t give the other man. He couldn’t hurt the other man. He couldn’t hurt him because he knew somehow he would end up hurting him and destroying those beautiful deep ocean blue eyes that glowed for him, he couldn’t do that to him not if he could at least help it in some way. Not if he could try to hold on for as long as he could.

Dinner at the Delgaard home seemed like a never ending ream of questions for Mason which he couldn’t answer; his father had looked at his son with pride which conflicted him in some way.

“You know that name Bastian sounds familiar somehow, damn” Isaac said to his son as he cut into his meat, he knew the name but couldn’t place it anywhere.

His father had become the most respected Alpha in the entire world, he had fought for his place and Mason knew that he too possessed the same power as his father; he was an Alpha that would bring something new into the world. Mason was proud of his father and mother, throughout all of their tribulations they had stayed firm and they had come on top. Mason lay on his back in his bed; he couldn’t help but let his mind drift back to that face he had met. Bastian. He couldn’t stop himself as he analyzed his mate’s body and his lips, damn those lips he wanted to taste them to feel them on his. He didn’t believe in love. No, he had rejected love plain outright. Mason Delgaard was not one to fall in love overnight or ever he tried to convince himself, he couldn’t be that man. Not when he had fought so hard to be who he was. Love was not for him, it was for suckers.


“WHAT?” Luciana’s jaw dropped as she looked at her cousin, she couldn’t stop and the more her best friend explained to her the more it became more of unbelievable in her ears. Luciana looked at her cousin as he sat uncomfortably trying to adjust to the words that flew out of his mouth and into the open “Hold Up, Hold Up, WHAT?” Luciana asked again. The more she thought about it, the more she tried to take it all in but to no avail.

Bastian who had been seating in the black SUV waiting for confirmation turned to look at his cousin “Mate, Lu. Mate” He pushed those words so fast that he could feel his throat unable to produce any more words that involved those same words “As in the one who is truly made for you. My wolf recognized him and I recognized him too.” He told her, the words for him seemed to be far far away from what he had been saying. He had been trying to live a life without the box his family provided for him but instead on one of the first vacations he had taken, he had screwed it up by meeting the one.

Luciana had always known her cousin’s stance on mates and love; she knew it would be hard for him in every way possible; there had been things her best friend could never talk about nor try to understand. She knew the possibilities of him choosing the flight option instead of ever accepting what was given to him unlike any other; she wrapped her arms around him pulling him in for a tight hug that she knew was the one thing that he would understand. She had always felt like she was the one person that could be herself around him while others walked on egg shells. She hugged him so close she could feel his breath on her neck but the moment he wrapped his arms around her, she knew he understood where she stood with what she had been told.

She cracked a small smile “Please don’t be afraid, Bee.” She whispered into his ear as she pulled out of the hug, there had been things that scared Bastian but the fact that his mate had found him was the biggest of them all. She knew he couldn’t cope with that, being where he had been and getting back into civilization seemed like he would never be the same happy person he had been before…before.

“It’s safe, My Prince” A voice rose from the front of the SUV, he recognized it as belonging to Hale who had been tasked by his father to protect his son with all they had, Taron and Drew included which Luciana sneaked herself dammit…sorry, Bastian.” Hale said remembering Bastian rarely liked being called by Royalty, he had told or rather ordered all of his friends to quit calling him Prince when he was their friend and not their Prince.

A man walked out of the club with a smile wide enough to fool a dozen people, Bastian rolled his eyes as he and Luciana got out of the car, Bastian couldn’t let go of his cousin’s hand. She gave him a sense of sanity when he felt like he would be drifting back to where he had come from, where his mind trapped itself. The Darkness that he would never be able to let go off, he had tried to let it go but all of the doctors his father had hired for him had been able to. All of them had placed him in some sort of trance where he could ‘spill his guts’ about the experience but none had taken, his father had given up on trying to unlock those memories Bastian refused to let loose. He knew he would never be able to lock them up again in that box that was made for them; he had kept them all under lock and key and subconsciously threw away the key that would unlock them. He couldn’t, he wouldn’t let himself be consumed again not after what had happened the last time. He was not going to lose control. Not when he had so much to try to live for.

Bastian ignored the need to find his mate; he ignored his wolf as hard as he could. He couldn’t let the wolf win not when he had tried so much already and had at least won a bit.

Bastian looked at the man who stood in front of him “Welcome to Dark Paradise, My Prince” He said as he bowed avoiding eye contact with Bastian who shrugged it off “My name is Stone” He smiled again before looking at the Prince finally. Bastian flashed the man a smile.

“Thank you, Stone, ” Bastian said as he walked with Stone into the club. Bastian noticed the music had paused the moment he had walked inside the club, it seemed like everyone’s eyes were on him burning on him. Luciana smiled as she let my hand go to inspect the other areas of the club, Bastian never attended clubs unless he knew no one would know him specifically human clubs. The supernatural clubs his scent sent everyone into the bowing mode which he hated. As he walked towards the room that Stone pointed at and leading them, he could see everyone bowing to him muttering ‘My Prince’.

Before he could step into the room, Bastian turned to face everyone flashing a smile he knew everyone would relax displaying that there was no trouble “Enjoy your night, everyone” He said before he walked in. Seating down on the other side of the chair he looked around the room, comfy and the couches seemed to have been new probably for him “Drinks for the entire club on me, Stone. Bring us a few drinks and sodas please” He said knowing that Stone understood. He would pay the bill so that it would relax everyone, Bastian being a Prince turned his life upside down in many ways than one which often led him to wonder whether if it had been the reason he had been taken.

The Lost Prince, Bastian Argent the world knew him just by the title which he hated from the moment he had heard it from his captures. They had come taunting him with his own name, the tortures were nothing compared to what they had done to him. What they knew would eventually get them all killed for harming a Royal of All Werewolves. He had given up when he knew he would never go home when he realized he would never be free from the torment and the nightmares that visited him every single night and every single waking moment. He was lost and would never be found again. The Lost Prince they’d come every day reminding him of who he was, who he was before they had touched him and put scars that he would be forced to remember into his body. Bastian knew his family would never stop looking for him, they would turn every stone apart but at some point, he had given up hoping and let darkness consume him.

Bastian who was part of the Original Lycanthrope lineage, he was an Original Lycanthrope he had been born a lycanthrope unlike the others. He and his brother both born lycanthropes, unlike most werewolves his family was all lycanthrope. They had been born into the skin of the beast; they had to tame their beasts from inside. Lycanthropes ended with his family and the line of the werewolves started. Bastian could remember before he was taken, the glimmer of hope in his eyes, the smiles he could put into people’s faces and the love he had shown them. Everyone had called him the Lost Prince simply because he had been taken from his home, lost to his own people who had hoped and prayed that one day he would be returned to who he was and the young boy he once was. The Lost Prince everyone knew the pain his family endured the time he had gone, the pain his older brother, Derek endured but from the moment he had come back, he could see just how things had changed for him and everyone else around him. The world for young Bastian was not the one he used to know, he had been lost for almost a year and with that time. His brother had never given up the chase, always sent people to search everywhere even the vampires knew the war that would rise if the body of the Lost Prince was discovered. dead. The Lycan’s where beasts within the men, they were going to rip apart the entire world including the Vampires if the Prince’s scent was discovered in their home. To the Lycan Royals it didn't matter about the allies they had with some of the Vampire covens but what mattered was their son returned and unharmed. Vampires against Lycans the ultimate battle would be drawn and sides would have to be chosen if those who had taken the Prince was indeed a vampire.

Bastian couldn’t help but think sometimes, think whether they would be back to finish whatever it was they had done to him. Until that day Bastian had only been a Lycan and nothing else, a Lycan Prince who would take the throne next to his brother but the day he had been taken, that had been ripped from him in the worst possible kind of way. Bastian’s father had learned what they had truly done to him…to his son…his youngest son who he had been meant to protect. Derek held the most blame, he had blamed himself for being taken and never protecting him like he should have but every single time Bastian had to remind him that he had found him, he never stopped looking for him. Bastian loved and admired his brother, the weight of the world lay on his shoulders but his disappearance had created an anger inside him that could never be tamed. He had never stopped looking for those who had given his family such grief and pain.

Bastian opened his arms for his best friend as she walked into the room accompanied by Stone, she happily ran into his arms “something’s not right here, Bee” she whispered into his ear. There had been many things Luciana was best at and one of them had been sensing trouble. Luciana who had been born the exact same year he had been born, they were raised together and bred together and forever best friends. He had known that she had grieved the hardest when he was taken; she had cried the most tears and had slept in his room every single day refusing to leave it. She was his best friend and family.

Nudging Hale and the others, Bastian knew that they knew what he was going to say. They all stood up leaving all the drinks untouched and separating, Lycan’s where not like wolves. They were more beastly in ways but they also knew that they were more likely to take down anyone who dared question them; his family was the last of the lineage but the others who fought with them. Bastian might have been the Prince but the King and his father had made sure both his sons trained and learned from the Lycan warriors that fought and protected their territory and home, Derek and Bastian had fought and learned and spilled blood in the battlefield without their father’s namesake. They were Princes and warriors who would destroy. Bastian was a warrior and his brother was there this time, to make sure that those who dared again to temper with the Lost Prince. Death would come but swiftly.

Bastian walked with Luciana to search for what she smelled, he ordered for Hale to go alone because he knew that Hale was the strongest and would never be easily taken down, he sent Taron and Drew together. If they had found something, they should text him or howl and he would hear them without question. Bastian hated the blood that he knew he would have to spill; he hated knowing he would have to kill someone because it was code. Bastian couldn’t help but wonder what Mason was doing, who he was associating himself with. His wolf wanted to be his, to be there for the Alpha. Bastian was aware that if he ever was truly mated and bonded Mason would be a Prince to everyone. No matter how much he pushed the thought of Mason out of his mind, it found its way into his head. Bastian knew he couldn’t deny Mason much longer but he would try for as long as he could, he couldn’t involve another into his damaged life. Bastian was the poison in the wine.

Bastian felt a tug which led him to his cousin who was pulling him b the hand towards the howl, he forced his feet to follow which led them to a room that had been closely guarded by two men who were out like a light by the time he and Lu got there. They walked into the room to find a cage with two men that were fighting, Bastian could see the other man in the cage was still a new wolf, his face displayed fear. He was already bloody, Bastian knew that the young boy had broken a few ribs but he had to give him the fact that he was still standing against the other wolf.

“Illegal fighting”Taron said as he gritted his teeth together unable to hold on to control his wolf.

Bastian watched in awe as the crowd hadn’t moved from their places, they were cheering for the other wolf that looked like was ready to deliver the last blow to the young boy. Bastian looked to Taron and Hale “Stop this. Now” He heard the order but he was too busy trying to reach the gate of the cage, Luciana had already ripped it apart with the help of Drew who watched Bastian walk in first in the surprise and fear of the crowd and the fighters.

“The show’s over. Get out” Bastian said as he stood in the middle where he was flanked by Drew and Luciana, he could hear people asking who the hell he was too close the show and another who said his money was not a waste and another who cheered for the fight to continue. Bastian grinned as he looked around the room, soundproof which explained why and how he could never hear the crowd. Bastian’s face went red with anger the moment he looked at the younger boy cough blood.

“The Lost Prince, that’s who the fuck I'am” He roared the answer enough for everyone who was in the room to be able to hear him, to feel his anger and to know that shit was going to go down in fifty shades of blood “Who the hell organized this little shindig?” He asked unable to refrain the roar of his voice "I'd love to play" Bastian's smirk splattered all over his face he could feel his claws crawling out from underneath his own fingers, his beast was slowly coming out and the taste of blood was in the air.

The crowd went silent, he could feel his beast wanting to come out play see who would last in a cage with him and maybe then the world would be rid of at least one fucker who thought the Royal family was unaware of their bullshit dealings, Bastian played with his claws as he walked around the cage scritching it aware that everyone in the room can hear the claws.

I really really hope that this is a good start if you have suggestions for me or something. Let me know and I will do my best to incorporate everything into the stories. This is after all the beginning of something new Bastian and Mason sort of like an introduction to these two's world that will either end in tears or end in a happily ever story. Also I'm in need of a beta editor and reader so if interested please let me know.

2017 Ash Phoenix; All Rights Reserved.
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Hi there, from Johannesburg, South Africa,


Very interesting story, I can see lots of interesting sides to this story developing,


I can't wait to see what transpires,


Cheers Mike

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Dude I can't wait to see how Bastian & Mason deal with their emotions since it seems both have blocked love out of their lives and are not willing to accept each other as their mates. Also what pain/damage happens when mates come together its sounds as if it's painful and hard path. Can't wait to see where you take this story.

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On 03/14/2017 02:01 PM, Gavin25 said:

Dude I can't wait to see how Bastian & Mason deal with their emotions since it seems both have blocked love out of their lives and are not willing to accept each other as their mates. Also what pain/damage happens when mates come together its sounds as if it's painful and hard path. Can't wait to see where you take this story.

I have an idea of where the story goes but truthfully these two will have to face obstacles of their own hearts. I only hope you like the next chapter as much as I do. That will be revealed as well as what happened to Bastian and get to understand why he is called The Lost Prince instead of just Prince. I have so many ideas for this all twists and turns I hope.

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On 03/14/2017 09:56 AM, mikedup said:

Hi there, from Johannesburg, South Africa,


Very interesting story, I can see lots of interesting sides to this story developing,


I can't wait to see what transpires,


Cheers Mike

I hope you like the next chapter as much as I do. Thank you so much. To you and Gavin for the review :D.

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The concept, so far, is good. However, you desperately need an editor. There were quite a few grammatical errors. If you like, I could maybe help you out. Let me know.  

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Posted (edited)

Really enjoyed the story ... Love the concept and think that I may have fallen in love with Bastian. Love Werewolf and Vampire stories and this is one of the best beginnings to a story that I have read... Love it, at chapter 4 already and can't wait for more.



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A great start; however, the lack of punctuations is very distracting. I hope you took up JayT's offer to assist in editing. 


Still looking forward to the rest of the story, so please keep writing. ?

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