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Taming Of The Beast - 2. Chapter 2

The silence wasn’t something he wanted, not when he had asked a question which would eventually lead him to shed blood within those four walls. He wanted to spare them all, spare them and make them remember who had saved them from death, he wanted to be a good Prince for once before killing anyone who either did not deserve the painful death he would deliver or either deserved it. Bastian turned to look at the many faces that stared back at him; he couldn’t help but look at the young boy he had stopped the fight for. He was knocking early on death’s door that part was certain, Bastian motioned for Luciana “Take care of him. Don’t let him die”

Bastian watched as Luciana took the boy out of the cage, she was followed by Drew who had become aware that if Luciana walked out alone holding a weakened there would be hell to pay, Bastian turned to face the wolf that had remained in the cage. The moment he looked into the wolves eyes, he could see the raw determination in those eyes. A wolf who wanted recognition and a wolf who preyed upon the weak and the new, there was no way the wolf would yield not when he had almost won. Won his keep in the fight and the Prince had stopped his victory; Bastian could feel the anger and frustration of the wolf. He knew that if there was a way, the wolf would attack him and then start something that Bastian would have to finish. Bastian looked at the wolf; he could feel the instant change which sent him into a fighting mode. The wolf wanted to prove something to everyone, wanted to prove he was a fighter. Bastian shook his head just as the wolf growled, Bastian looked at Hale and Taron who had stood by the door “I’ll handle this” He said.

The wolf took a few steps towards the Prince, he was aware he would either win this fight or die trying. There were worse things than death he told himself, tried to make himself believe his words. The moment the wolf charged for him, Bastian did the same but since he was in his human form Bastian flew and reached from below reaching the wolf’s fur and then Bastian’s claws dug into the wolves back and almost instantly he saw the blood which sent the wolf groaning in pain. Bastian landed on his feet, his claws still dripping with the wolf’s blood but he didn’t care. He didn’t have to spare this one, he didn’t need to save him because the wolf had already dug his own grave. The Prince was a man of his word, he had given the wolf a chance but that was then. Bastian walked towards the wolf, he saw the smirk that was on the wolf but it didn’t send Bastian into a rage it made him want to make an example of him. The wolf stood and circled Bastian but Bastian had already figured out a way that could end all of the unnecessary bullshit. He waited for the wolf to come at him again which almost on cue Bastian tore into the wolf stomach, his claws digging deep he was killing the wolf and the screams were not of someone who wanted to win against the Prince they were of surrender but Bastian couldn’t let him live. Not when the Prince was challenged, that was a challenge and if he had valued his life he would have never done such. Bastian dug deeper with his claws into the wolf’s insides, the moment he heard the last breath out of the wolf. He drew out and watched as the wolf fell on the floor.

There was a sudden gasp from around the room but the moment the Prince turned around he watched slowly as everyone’s faces showed a sign of fear. Fear. That was something Bastian had gotten used to. Bastian watched as another walked into the cage with him, there was no fear in the other’s face which Bastian knew. The other man was expecting death, Bastian had killed his brother. The only living relative he ever had, the bloodthirsty relative he ever had. Bastian watched with awe as the wolf looked at him.

“You killed my brother” The man shouted.

“Soon you’ll be joining him” Bastian replied. He didn’t need to notice what the man was doing.

Bastian watched as the man transformed in front of his eyes, he watched as the man’s brown wolf appeared angry and upset giving him no time to mourn for his fallen brother. Bastian chuckled as he too transformed into his glorious beast, he was a beast and the call was enough. His beast wanted blood and the more he granted the more his beast wanted more. Bastian’s beast allowed the wolf to deliver the first blow which resulted in a few scratches which made the beast angry and pissed all in one go. He was going to enjoy tearing into the wolf and giving him a proper killing and destroying which he deserved. He was going to enjoy doing what he loved, what his beast always urged him to do. Bastian yelped when the wolf dug his claws into the Prince’s shoulders. He could feel something was up, something was different about this wolf. Bastian could smell the different kind of scent that had been slashed into his shoulder and then into his chest. Wolfsbane. Bastian didn’t have enough time. He wanted the pain to stop. The plant didn’t kill him but it did weaken him and the wolf who possessed the plant on his claws would die. Bastian took a long breathe before he tore into the other wolf tearing apart his head. The moment the two pieces fell on the floor, Bastian could feel himself off. He transformed back into his human form, he stood before Taron and Hale “Wolf’s bane. I need help” He said.

Bastian turned to face everyone before he was led away by his friend “No one leaves. I’ll be back. Taron and Hale will be here if you try and sneak out. They will destroy you and show you true death and pain” He said which he knew everyone would stay where they were. Bastian thanked his lucky stars that all of his friends were lycans.

Hale and Taron put Bastian into the back of the SUV; Luciana was supporting his neck and trying to keep him calm. He was having a hard time shifting back, the wolfsbane had already stopped the shifting back which everyone knew would be painful the moment he was back into human form. Everything would hurt like a bitch. Drew jumped into the front seat driving into the nearest and closest pack, a pack that had a doctor that could help.


There it was again, that same pain in the same place. He felt like he was dying or rather someone was killing him from his sleep, the screams he had been shaken awake by his mother who had been seating on his bed with a worried look on her face, she had held his hand into hers. Mason struggled with opening his eyes but the moment he did he could notice that his mother was on the brink of tears. It hadn’t been the first time he had screamed like this in his sleep, every single time his mother would be there beside him comforting him as if she had heard bad news. Mason held on to his mother, he couldn’t figure out why or how the pain kept coming to him. It felt so real, the pain felt like someone had been trying to cut into him.

Mason couldn’t allow that to happen, he couldn’t allow weakness but when the pain kept coming he had always never had sleep. He didn’t say anything; his mother didn’t say anything as well almost as if they both knew that unspoken words were best at this. Giselle wrapped her arms around her son; she kissed the top of his head. She wondered whether the pain her son endured was because of his mate; the pain that he kept hiding from everyone was because of the one that he was destined to be with. Mason had let him go, Giselle couldn’t believe it herself he should have been there for him and never let him but her son was stubborn. As Mason again drifted back into sleep, his mother never let him go but the pain kept coming in waves this time more real and more painful. The screams were becoming painful, the more he tried to stay awake the more he couldn’t bear the thought of shutting his eyes. He would be consumed with trying to escape the pain.

A loud knocking steered everyone awake in the Delgaard house, the knock became more which sent everyone awake instantly. Mason’s father was followed by Giselle as Mason followed behind them, a blonde female stood at the door breathing heavily “Hello…we’re sorry to disturb you but we need help. We need a doctor” The blonde said. Mason couldn’t help but wonder whether he had seen her before and where he had seen her.

Mason’s father Isaac turned to his wife “Young lady, we’re not a hospital”

Luciana shook her head “You don’t understand.” She said as she stood up stopping herself from the breathing which distracted her “The Prince is hurt” Luciana’s words sent the Alpha and his mate into shock, the Prince was hurt.

Isaac cleared his throat “The Prince is here?” That question wasn’t answered as Luciana dragged both Isaac and Giselle out into the car which was occupied by someone who was shifting back into his human form slower than usual, Isaac and Giselle gasped as the Prince lay there not responding to anything that Drew was saying. Mason stood there, he couldn’t. No, he couldn’t. Luciana jumped into the car “This is the Prince. Is your doctor here? We can not bring him into a hospital. This was the nearest pack territory we first saw.” Luciana said and that was enough.

The Doctor worked on the Prince while both Luciana and Drew stood there pacing and hovering over the doctor and watching closely what he was doing, both refused to leave the room. They were both worried about their Prince and friend, they knew that if something happened they would have to call the King and that was a call they relinquished, they wanted to wait until Bastian woke up but both knew if his father had found out he would go into a killing rage. Luciana and Drew both looked at each other and decided Drew will stay in the room and hover over the doctor and watch every single move he did to their Prince, he would be there to protect the Prince until he steered awake. Luciana walked out of the room and shut the door behind her, she walked into the living room which she figured because everyone had been waiting there. Waiting for answers which she would have to give them, she hoped she prayed Bastian would be alright.

Luciana stood there looking straight into the eyes of the Alpha, his mate, and their son. Luciana recognized him but she shrugged it off “We’re sorry for waking everyone up like we did but we did not have a choice. The Prince needed a doctor which would ask no questions and seeing as the moment we took him to a human hospital, he’d be turned into a lab rat we didn’t risk it” She said “I know we did not introduce ourselves properly so, my name is Princess Luciana his cousin and that in there is Drew his friend. The Lost Prince Bastian”

That name, Isaac turned to his mate and then his son “The Lost Prince” Those three words “Is he going to make it?” He bowed his head to acknowledge the blonde “You’re welcome, Princess”

Luciana smiled “Uh…yeah, he’ll be fine. Wolfsbane doesn’t kill him, it just weakens him which I’m sure was the intention” Luciana said.

Giselle wrapped her arms around her son “Intention?”

Luciana nodded “As a Prince, he had to attend to some business. He heard that some wolves were organizing illegal fighting using wolves that were stolen from other packs or lone wolves. They were forced to fight or die. A Fight till the death sort of thing so when we went. We found it true” She looked at Mason before she continued “So when Bastian noticed a young boy no more than sixteen was being beaten and was almost dead. He stopped the fight but the wolf that was fighting the boy was not about to give up so he attacked the Prince and the Prince defended himself and killed him which the brother didn’t like so tried to avenge his brother which ended badly because Bastian tore his head apart but the wolf’s brother had spiked his claws with wolfsbane so we needed help”

Isaac stood up “My name is Alpha Isaac Delgaard and that is my mate Giselle and my son Mason” The moment Isaac introduced his son; Luciana stared at him for what seemed like forever. She turned to look at Isaac but then Mason caught her eyes, she remembered him from somewhere, they had met before.

Luciana nodded shaking their hand “You’re the Prince’s mate” She hadn’t realized what she had said but the words seemed like they had flown out of her mouth and into the open like they normally did, she could smell the scent faint as it was but she knew who her cousin had spoken about before they had stepped foot into that club.

Mason returned to look at her “You can go see him if you’d like” Luciana said as Mason nodded. Luciana could see the Alpha in Mason; she could see exactly what her cousin had told her about him. The man would be an amazing Alpha and would follow his father’s steps; he would bring about a new age into the packs. Luciana stayed behind to talk to Mason’s parents.

The moment Mason had walked into the room that was occupied by his mate, he watched as Drew hovered over the doctor as he worked on his mate but the moment Bastian’s body jerked into shock and a loud cry was heard. The doctor turned to Mason with a worried look all over his face “Mason pin him down.” Mason jumped towards the bed, he held on to Bastian as if his life depended on it. His arms felt like Bastian belonged into his arms, he fit perfectly as Mason watched the doctor slowly subdue the man who his wolf wanted badly. Mason watched the doctor carefully just like Drew was doing, he heard himself growl the moment his wolf noticed the doctor use a needle to close the wounds of the lycan in his hands. The moment the doctor was done, he packed up his medical stuff and walked out with Drew who had ordered the doctor to leave the two alone for a bit. Mason knew he would end up liking Drew. As the doctor shut behind the two Mason held on to Bastian for dear life, he watched as Bastian positioned himself better as he placed his head on Mason’s chest. He could smell his mate's scent and his wolf approving of the Kodak moment, he couldn’t help himself as he slowly leaned forward his lips kissing his mate’s forehead lovingly something he had never done to anyone but his mother. For the first time, he smiled and let sleep consume him as his mate slept in his arms safely protected from anyone who wanted to harm him, something inside him wanted to always protect this man that lay in his arms to be there for him and to try and love him as much as he could. Mason didn’t want to hurt him, he couldn’t dare try to but even he knew it would be something he would that would be hard for him to do.

Mason steered awake as he heard voices coming from inside the room, he could feel Bastian still sleeping inside his arms but the more the voices kept coming the more he forced himself to open his eyes, he turned his head careful not to wake or agitate the man in his arms. He looked at his mother and Luciana who had been seating on the couch clearly talking and waiting for a miracle.

“Good morning,” He said as he looked at the two females who gave him a smile.

“You haven’t slept like that in months. A very good night sleep” His mother reminded him.

“Maybe it’s because his mate was in his arms” Luciana smiled clearly happy.

“That arm so protective and possessive. You could swear he never wanted Bastian to leave his arms” His mother laughed as she looked at Luciana.

Mason shook his head as he sat up pulling Bastian along with him making sure that Bastian was sleeping better “My, my, my, you two have gotten close”

Giselle chuckled “Luciana and I have been up all night. We called the Prince’s parents, they want the Prince to call them as soon as he wakes up” Giselle watched as her son wrapped his arms a little tighter around Bastian.

Mason groaned at the thought of his mate being a Prince “You think they are coming?”

Luciana shook her head “No, not if they can at least spare Bastian’s anger.”

Mason sighed in relief not meeting his mate’s parents was a sudden relief in his heart “Now, the Princess and I are going to make you breakfast. Get a shower and come get breakfast” The moment his mother mentioned being away from his mate at this time. Mason growled shaking his head “Just for five minutes, Mason. Drew will watch over him until you get back.” His mother and the Princess both stood up but before they could leave completely. Luciana ran towards the sleeping Prince. She kissed his cheek and whispered into his ear “Get up, Bastian. Please” She leaped towards the door with Mason’s mother.


Mason and his family along with Luciana and Drew waited inside the room, waited for the Prince to wake up to see if he was okay and not mortally wounded. Mason couldn’t help but take Bastian’s hand into his, he wanted to see those beautiful oceanic deep blue eyes, He wanted him to wake up, he wanted the Prince to open his eyes and maybe just maybe he could try and give this a chance and chance. Mason watched as Drew and Luciana paced up and down impatient. Drew hadn’t slept ever since he had arrived at the house neither of them could shut their eyes while their Prince was fighting for his life. Mason knew he didn’t want to ever let Bastian out of his sight; he wanted the Prince with him always where he could protect him. Mason watched as Bastian steered awake he could see his mate struggle to open his eyes but he was trying to, Luciana jumped on the bed as she held the other hand of Bastian’s. Those beautiful deep blue oceanic eyes finally opened, he looked at the roof trying to take in his surroundings. Bastian’s head turned to the scent he knew he recognized; both his hands were being held the moment his eyes locked with the owner of the scent he gave the other man a small smile as he turned to the other scent he recognized as Luciana’s. Bastian cleared his throat trying to gather words or sentences into the open.

“Where am I, Lu?” His voice was husky “Please. Don’t tell me…y..you brought me to a Hospital”

Luciana sighed happily “No, you’re with the Black Valley Pack.”

With a nod “How long was I out?”

“Just a few hours but the doctor helped take the wolfsbane out but you have a few areas where you need to heal,” Luciana said.

“Taron and Hale, we need to get back,” Bastian said struggling to keep awake.

Luciana shook her head as Drew came into the view “Drew’s here. They are still there. No one gets out, no one gets in. That’s what you said”

Drew smiled “Dude, shit! You gave us a fright there for a second”

Bastian could feel Mason’s hand on his, he turned to look at him he could feel the worry that seemed to wash over the other man “Man, you look like crap” Bastian smiled “Nice to see you again, Mason Delgaard” He remembered his mates name, the name he could never forget.

A small laughter was heard, he tried to sit up and try to stand up but he couldn’t. He looked to Mason who knew what he wanted, letting go of Luciana’s hand Bastian allowed Mason to help him up so he could walk around and thank the people who had let him recuperate in their house. Bastian groaned as he noticed the bandages on his shoulder “Dammit, I should have healed by now. Why am I not healed?” Luciana looked to Drew and Luciana who both looked at each other.

“It was wolfs bane, Bastian and he took out a piece of you” Drew said “You can’t shift for a few days until you heal properly and before you shit bricks” Drew looked at his friend “Your father had to be informed. They are expecting your call and now you can start shitting bricks” Drew gave his friend a grin.

Bastian sighed but before he could try and fight with his friend he knew his father and the family had a right to know. Walking towards the two people who stood up, he gave them a friendly smile “Hello. I’m sorry for my manners. I’m Bastian” He said as he held his hand out towards the man who stood beside the woman “Thank you for your hospitality and allowing these two to hover over me. I know the doctor who worked on me must have had one hell of a pressure” He motioned to his friends.

The man smiled as he shook Bastian’s hand “It’s Alpha Isaac Delgaard and this is my mate, Giselle”

Turning to the woman, Bastian smiled at her and she leaped into his arms hugging him tightly unable to let go but after a short time she let the Prince go “Welcome to our home, my Prince” She said as her eyes glowed as she bowed.

Bastian shook his head “Please, don’t do that. Call me Bastian and call her Luciana, Please and I would appreciate it if you please not inform every one of us being here. You understand. I do not want people treating us differently” Bastian said he had always hated it when everyone he met bowed to him but his cousin adored it.

Giselle hesitated “You’re a Prince and she’s a Princess.”

Bastian shook his head “I’m a Prince but I’m also a guy who wants to be treated like any other. Please, Bastian would be okay” Bastian noticed that Mason wasn’t far along, he had walked with him and the more Bastian moved the more Mason was there. He looked at Drew “We’re going back to that club. Get the SUV ready”

He turned to Luciana “I need a phone. My parents are waiting for my call. My mother will be crying and my brother will want to come here and my father well he will want to send a million guards.” Bastian smiled at Luciana as she handed him a phone, he smiled as Mason helped him on the bed as he dialed his parents’ phone number.

Bastian waited until the phone was answered “Yes, hello father, mom, and Derek” He said “No, mom please don’t cry. Please don’t cry. You’re making me feel like crap and I’m the one who was hurt. Mom, please. Stop crying.” Bastian said as he tried to comfort his mother from afar “Derek, brother. Please hug mom for me, she’s worrying me. Derek, stop. You’re my brother you’re supposed to be on my side” Bastian rolled his eyes “Well when you’re being an ass, as your brother I have to tell you. Derek, I’m fine. I just need to heal like a normal lycan should. Oh damn, she’s crying again. No one is going to kidnap me again, father. Why can we never move on from this? That’s how I got this whole nickname. The Lost Prince, I’m not lost, father. I was found.” Bastian said “You know this was supposed to be my vacation, I was supposed to go out have fun and come back happily instead I stumble upon wolves who force others to fight till the death. No, Derek. I killed two brothers. This isn’t supposed to happen. I’m going back to the club; I need to help the wolves who were taken from their packs” He sighed “The organizers will be dealt with accordingly. Okay, I’ll stay here for a few days. Uh, you’ve already spoken with the Alpha. Okay fine until I heal” Bastian ended the call. He looked at the door, his shoulder hurt like a bitch.

Bastian held on to Mason as he stood up “My father tells me I’m to stay here for a few days until I heal. Tells me you’ve Okayed it. I’m guessing so are my friends. Wherever I go, they go as well.” He said as he looked at Giselle “We’re going back to the club to deal with this fighting thing. I need two more men. We have another car at the club” Bastian said turning to the Alpha.

Isaac nodded “Mason and two of his friends will go with you.” Isaac knew that his son wanted nothing more than to be there for his mate, he wanted to be able to try and protect Bastian.

“That’s fine. Drew you’re driving.” Bastian said “

Giselle fussed over Bastian as she helped him, the woman couldn’t leave his presence while Bastian had stayed in the room, Bastian felt his eyes burning in the back of his head, and he turned and gave the man a grin. As Giselle helped him she gave him another hug which made Bastian realize that the woman would give him hugs throughout his entire stay with them, every single time she hugged. As she walked with him towards the door, he was met with worried eyes. When he let Giselle go, she gave him yet another hug. Mason filled the gap that his mother left standing beside Bastian. Two men stood in front of Bastian with a skeptical look. Mason gave the two a smile which Bastian didn’t notice.

“This is Collin and Jesse” Mason said as he motioned for each man that way Bastian would be able to recognize them both and not be mistaken them, Bastian held out his hand to shake the two men’s hands but the moment his hand touched the others Bastian could have sworn he heard a growl from Mason “Boys, this is Bastian” A small smile was on the men’s faces and the Prince instantly knew something was up with both men but he shrugged it off as he was too busy trying to think of a way to deal with the club.

Drew opened the SUV’s door as Co. and Jesse got at the back and the followed by Bastian and Mason who wanted to seat next to his mate. Drew shut the SUV’s door and ran towards the front seat as Luciana jumped into the passenger, Drew started the car. Bastian laid his head back as Mason closed the space between them “Get some music playing, Lu and none of that jazz bullshit” He said as he waited for Luciana as she started playing Carry on my Wayward Son. The drive to the club was long but with Drew’s driving, it seemed like a short drive with many bumps along the way. The moment Drew stopped Luciana looked at Bastian and then at Mason “We’re here. Hale and Taron are inside”

The minute he had stepped into the club, Bastian could feel the eyes on him. He could see the fear and the realization that whoever lived would be able to step out of here without a scratch. Taron and Hale walked towards the Prince with a smirk “Glad you’re okay, Bastian. “ Taron smiled.

Hale stood beside him “Derek chewed your head off, didn’t he?” Hale didn’t need an answer to that. He already knew the answer which made him laugh.

Bastian’s head turned the moment he heard someone call his name, Bastian walked towards the voice “Welcome back, My Prince and Princess. I’m glad to see you’re okay” Stone’s voice seemed off but at the moment he didn’t care but the man looked at the Princess “I’m sorry, My Prince. I didn’t know. I swear I didn’t know” Stone said but before he could reply, he heard Collin and Jesse ask about why Bastian was being called Prince but Hale replied telling them that Bastian was a Prince. Specifically, the Lost Prince which sent both Collin and Jesse into shock looking at their friend who hadn’t left his mate’s side.

“Who owns this club, Stone?” Bastian asked.


“Use your words, Stone. Use your words” Bastian ordered “Hale, did anyone try to run?”

Hale shook his head “No, but the boy you saved. He’s fine. He told us he is a lone wolf. He doesn’t belong to any pack so we can’t return him to his pack” Hale said.

“We’ll find him a pack” Bastian looked at Mason but then turned his head to Stone “And if I so much as hear if anyone has been stealing people from packs. I’ll come back here with others and destroy you, Stone. If I so much as hear that someone has gone missing from anywhere around the world “I’ll come back here to you, Stone and destroy you. My brother would love a bite out of you and everyone who is involved so if you don’t want me to turn into a monster you just saw kill two of your fighters, you better start singing or I let Hale and Taron play” Bastian grinned as he looked at his two friends who were smug locking their eyes with Stone.

It didn’t take long for Stone to yield; he told them what they wanted to know and more. Stone was just the middle man, while he owned the club he knew nothing about the club being used as a fighting pit. He couldn’t lie because if he did they would all smell the lie a mile away. Stone led Bastian and his people towards the room; he cleared his throat as other scurried.

“The Prince will spare you if you tell him or show him who the organizers are. Those who belonged to packs will be returned while those who have been forcing others will be dealt with accordingly. The Prince will protect you and so will we.” Taron said as he stepped up, he watched as those who wanted to return to their packs came forward and those who would be punished stayed behind. Each coming to the Prince telling their stories, Bastian and Mason stood together listening to the heart-breaking stories.


Giselle poured the coffee into the cup; she sat across from Bastian “So how is the healing going?”

Bastian looked at his shoulder “Uphill struggle but it’s getting there.”

“So how is it going with Mason?” Giselle asked curiously.

“It’s interesting. Although I don’t think he and I are exactly on the same page” Bastian said “I honestly don’t think we want each other like that. We’re both too closed off” He said as he took a drink from his coffee.

Giselle sat there across from the Prince; she still couldn’t believe her eyes. Her son had found his mate in the Lost Prince, the nickname was silly but it suited him in some way which she would never mention to the Prince. She nodded as she listened to him “He wants to accept the mating but he has trouble doing so. Mason never expected to find you, he always told himself love was none existing but when he saw you all that seemed stupid for him. You know while you were out, you slept better with him holding you. He wouldn’t let go, I think he was worried if he did you’d vanish” Giselle had taken a liking to Bastian; she treated him like her son which was what Bastian had wanted instead of a Prince “He’s worried about you. He’s worried he’ll hurt you”

“Ever since I saw him, honestly I have never thought of anyone else but this scares me as much as it scares him. I want him to be there but I also don’t want him to hurt when something bad happens to me. Being a Prince is a twenty-four-hour job, I’m a warrior and I’m a person. All I want in a mate is love and comfort because I’ve been through so much in my life that my father and brother won’t even let me out of the house without guards with me, I want to be his mate but I don’t want to get hurt amongst other things.” Bastian looked to Giselle as they both drank their coffee.

Giselle held out her hand gently squeezing Bastian’s free hand “You both have a lot to talk about” She gave Bastian the mom smile which he remembered from his own mother “Have you told your parents about him?”

He shook his head “No, this is not something I want to do over the phone. I’m planning on telling my father and brother, they are coming to town. My mother is truly happy that you’ve been looking after me since I got here, she wants to properly thank you. The entire family is coming…you know guards and everything”

“It’s been my pleasure, my dear” Mason’s mother said.

Taron and Luciana appeared behind them “Bee, you ready?”

“Yeah, let’s get this over and done with, ” Bastian said as he looked at Giselle “I’m sorry I must go. I have to get some training done”

Giselle darted her eyes at the two “You’re sure you can handle it?”

With a no, Bastian turned to his friends “My brother always said one has to always push through the pain and besides I’m almost healed. I need to get back into action before I get too comfortable” Bastian had always chosen training instead of talking about his feelings, he avoided them like the plague but when it came to Giselle, his mate’s mother he found he couldn’t deny her anything.

“Mason is still at the pack meeting.”

“We’re not going far. Just a little running and since I can’t shift until I’m properly healed, we’re going to a gym to replace what I would usually do when I’m shifted. We’ll be back in a few.” Bastian gave her a warm smile “Mason and I both have family business to deal with. He’s going to be an Alpha so that’s a big responsibility. We’ll be back. If you need anything, Lu gave you my number.”

Bastian had walked into the guest room he had been sleeping in ever since he had been taken into the Alpha’s home, putting on his black sweats and shirt; he put on his gray hoodie. He grabbed his cell phone as he met Hale and Taron on his way out the door. He gave his friends a smile, both of them had both known Bastian since he had been born and it had been then that they all had come together. Forming one hell of a group, he waved to Giselle as he walked out the house’s front door with the two following him. All of them were in gym clothing, no one would be excluded Luciana had already taken the driver’s seat claiming she drove better than all of the combined which neither of them complained. Luciana might have been a girl but she packed a lot of punches, she grew up around men all of her life and had learned to take care of her own which had come naturally after that. She had fitted properly into their group; she had been the voice of reason for most of them.

“Mason not coming?” Drew asked the moment we got into the car.

“No, pack business and besides I’ll be fine on my own” Bastian said.

Hale snorted “The guy will go ballistic if he comes out and sees you’re gone.”

“It’s just a few hours of training and running, guys. The guy will live so let’s start the car, Lu” He said as he rolled his eyes.


Mason sat next to his father as he listened to his father speak, he looked at everyone who had attended the pack meeting everyone who was someone had sat there and shut their mouths and listened but Mason couldn’t help himself but let his mind wonder which made it harder for him to pay attention to the announcements and the business, he was learning the way an Alpha dealt with business and others. His father had made sure he attended all businesses that involved pack, Mason’s sparkling brown eyes searched the room for his mother, he sighed as he remembered she had stayed behind with his mate something he too wanted but he figured the distance between him and his mate would be appreciated before he jumped Bastian’s bones. Mason knew it in his heart that he was fighting a losing battle between himself and his wolf, the more he spent time around the other male the more he tried to fight the urges but nothing seemed to help him. Mason had fought with himself more and every ever since Bastian had arrived in his pack and then when he had the chance to sleep in the same bed, he had slept like a baby with his mate in his arms where his wolf screamed into his ear reminding him that Bastian belonged into his arms…their arms. Mason had told his friends and now that they both knew that his mate was a Prince, he worried about Josh. No matter how hard he wanted to forget the blonde he hoped he would stay the hell out of his sight and try not to throw himself to the newcomers. Mason heard a small growl coming from his chest; he wanted Josh away from Bastian.

No one knew who Bastian was except the Alpha, his beta and those who were important to the counsel and his friends of course. Mason snapped out of his thoughts when his father did the last announcements “They are my guests and I would appreciate it if you treated them with respect. “ Mason noticed the nods of the other wolves, his father had avoided any questions of Lycan’s since if he revealed they were, in fact, Lycan’s it wouldn’t be hard for everyone to put two and two together and come up with a Royal visit sending everyone to act crazier than normal. Bastian and Luciana both wanted to be treated normally, not like some pompous bastards.

Mason and his friends convened after the meeting, all three of them standing in the hall where they were now alone “So that mean you’re the future Prince?” Jesse asked curiously.

“I don’t know, J.”

“If he has the balls to actually talk to Bastian before the guy gets fed up and leaves.” Co. replied “Mase, you know I love you like a brother but the more you stall and keep feeding yourself this whole love is none existent crap. Bastian will be gone by the time you figure out you actually loved him”

Mason knew that Co spoke the truth, he always had Mason and Jesse’s backs but whenever both were acting stupid like five-year-olds he was the one who always got them to realize what was in front of them before they actually lost it all “His scent, Co. It’s driving me insane. The more I want nothing but to pin him to a wall and claim him. My stupid brain gets in the way.” He said “I’m screwed royally, ” Mason said in defeat.

Jesse looked at the door “Let’s go get some air. We’ve been in here too damn long”

“Josh is curious about them. He won’t shut up about the newcomers and specifically about the boy with Platinum blond hair” Co said darting his eyes at Mason.

“He wouldn’t dare…” Mason growled.

Walking into his house, Mason and his friend walked into the kitchen where his mom was busy cooking for the evening. She ha a smile on her lips that no one could ever wipe away not if that someone wanted a kick up their asses and then some; Mason’s friends greeted her and took a seat at the counter watching her cook.

“Where’s Bastian. I need to talk to him” There were no voices in the house; he could only hear an echo which worried him. He had been in the meeting for too long.

His mom cleared her throat before answering her son “He went out. Training was what he said, after that, they’ll do a little running to get him into shape”

Mason’s friends watched their friend carefully “In his condition?”

“He’s almost healed, Mason. He can’t stay here waiting for you to ask for your permission. He’s going to be fine. His friends went with him obviously; he promised he would be back.” His mother said calmly.

“Do you feel like something happened to him?” His mother’s question was clear.

Mason shook his head “We’re not bonded yet, mother but I feel odd without him close by.”

Pouring her son and his friends a glass of lemonade “He told me his family is coming to town. They probably wanted to see Bastian and examine if he is as fine as he keeps telling them. The whole family is coming. He probably will have to go and stay with his family because what I understand about the family is. They are protective over him ever since he was kidnapped a few years ago; he was gone for almost a year. When he was found he had bruises all over his body and scars and wounds that will forever be a reminder for him.” Giselle eyed her son “Prince Derek is extra careful when it comes to Prince Bastian. He always has to keep tabs on him hence the guards that always go with him wherever he goes.”

Giselle knew her son didn’t know so when he spoke up, she looked on to his friends to be there to comfort him “That’s why he is called The Lost Prince” Collin said.

“What guards?” He asked his mother.

“His friends aren’t just his friends. They all grew up together and they all were trained together along with Luciana. They were trained as warriors alongside Luciana’s father and Prince Derek. They all have seen battle and because Bastian wanted to come to this side for a vacation, he made a counter deal with his father and Prince Derek. His friends would be his guards and they will keep tabs on him that way he can at least have fun with people his age” Giselle hoped her son understood “Mason, there is no one more scared and frightened of this more than Bastian is right this moment. He’s been through much worse and still, he manages to smile and push through the day. Remember that next time” She said as she kissed the top of his head before she walked towards the pantry.

Mason had been taking in everything his mother had told them about his mate, things he never knew and things which made his wolf anxious to see him return to him. The more his mate was out the more he wanted to prayed he was okay. Mason had replayed the last time he had seen him and then a few hours later, he was being carried in a half shifted form which looked like he was fighting with his own wolf. Mason had paced up and down and up and down for several hours along with his friends, they’d refused to leave his side until Mason’ wolf was reassured that Bastian was still in one piece as much as possible. The boy who didn’t believe in love was suddenly slowly starting to see things in other’s points of views. He had looked at the clock every six seconds just to make sure, to be sure that it was coming to that time he would see him again. His wolf was agitated and being in the house was starting to get to him in a way. He sat down beside Collin who had been amazed at the sudden one-eighty his friend had done all of a sudden.

The sounds of a car stopping and music going dead reached the ears of the three boys; Mason looked at his friends as he played it cool. He waited until Bastian was being followed by his friends who were never far from him. Bastian gave the three boys a warm smile which melted Mason’s heart; he wanted to wrap his arms around the boy so hard he could feel his wolf screaming at him again. Luciana skipped with laughter as she fist-bumped the others who were behind her; they all looked like they had given the gym a run for their money. Bastian had a smile that he couldn’t get rid of which made Mason wonder but then Taron came bursting out laughing at a joke he’d made which made sense.

“Hey, guys. Sorry about that. Taron was being an idiot again” Bastian shot him a grin.

Taron laughed “Humans. I should’ve shown him my fangs maybe then he’d have laid off”

Hale shook his head “Hey, tomorrow we’re supposed to do some running. Do you want to come with us? The Prince over there didn’t do any today, we ended up in some gym where he ended up making jokes instead of working. We have to get that in tomorrow”

Bastian chuckled “Hey, it’s not my fault, a ‘right. I’m an injured man. I deserve some sympathy; it’s all I ask for”

Drew sat down across from the guys “Dude, you need to stop playing the sympathy card. Tomorrow it’s all business besides you’ll be fine in no time”

Bastian nodded as he sat down next to Drew looking at his mate who seemed edgy for some reason “Hey, you okay Mason?” He asked.

Mason nodded “Yeah, I’m fine. We’ll go with you tomorrow. ”

Both Collin and Jesse had taken a liking to the guys and even Luciana, they all joined in on the laughs and Taron started from the beginning with a fresh batch of jokes which would bring both Co. and Jesse into tears of laughter. Taron was a funny guy; he was goofier than he looked. Everyone seemed to think he was all kicking ass and taking names but once in a while, Taron was the funny one beside Drew. His friends were funny and they all knew how to push each other’s buttons, Luciana, of course, had dirt on all of them but she loved them regardless, they were her boys and she protected them from themselves most times.

“Okay, guys. Tomorrow business, I promise. Me, myself and my Lycan body have to get me cleaned up. I smell like the gym. Tomorrow running, I may not be able to shift but Screw it” Bastian grinned devilishly as he looked at his cell phone reading some of his messages and the missed calls “Hale, Derek called you too?”

Mason turned to look at the Lycan who was talking to Luciana about something that seemed pretty serious for both not to join in the fun “Yeah, he just wanted to check in. Your brother worries, Bastian. You can’t blame him for that. Your mother called as well and she is pissed you didn’t pick up, she’s still worried you’re hiding how bad your injury is but I told her it was healing. Your father…well you know how he is. Not happy you didn’t take more guards and so on” Hale said.

Burying his face in his hands, Bastian groaned “All he wants to do is be in cahoots with Derek and turn me into fucking Rapunzel. I swear if it was up to them, they’d stick me in some a tower and never let me out. People will want to kill me at some point, its part of life” He sighed but he swore he could hear Mason’s growl the moment he mentioned people trying to kill him “I love them both but sometimes the entire lycan thing drives me insane.” He stood up “Being a Prince alone drives me insane. I’m going to take a shower and maybe get some shuteye. Luciana don’t stay up too late. You’re my alarm, Cuz” He gave her a small grimace.

Rolling her eyes she gave him a hug “Your dad and Derek both love you, you and everyone know that. They just want what’s best for you. Don’t hold it against them, okay.” She always had a way with words and those eyes always seemed to make me agree to anything “Now Mason, help him? I don’t want him getting lost in this big ass house” She laughed as she watched Mason stand up and walk side by side with her cousin.

Co. and Jesse both stayed behind with their new friends, Hale and Luciana both joined in on the fun. The two boys couldn’t stop laughing and the more they felt comfortable with the Lycan's, they knew they would be friends with them forever if they could. Jesse had found a partner-in-crime in Taron and Collin had become friends rather easily with Hale, Drew and Luciana and Taron. They all seemed easy going and not as crazy but fun to be around.

Mason could hear the laughs from Bastian’s room; Mason sat down on the couch as Bastian took off his gray hoodie and then his training shoes. He moved towards Mason seating next to him on the couch, he placed his leg over the other letting the other one dangled over the other. Mason shifted to face his mate who was fidgeting with his ring which was on his middle finger; a platinum ring that he hoped had a meaning behind it.

“So I’m guessing you wanted to talk, ” He said not meeting Mason’s eyes.

“Yeah, I came out of the pack meeting and you were gone” which drove me insanely crazy and almost cause my wolf to tear into my human but Mason left that part out.

“I had to go get some training done. I’m better at training than anything else. I didn’t think you’d notice I was gone.”

Mason shot him a look “Of course I’d notice. I’m supposed to notice but it seems both of us just don’t know how to handle this whole thing. How to deal with it properly”

“Yeah, well. I’m just better at avoiding feelings like the plague. I don’t think you want a mate who can give you the things that I can give you, Mason. I don’t think I can deal with us playing with each other’s hearts right now.” Bastian sai, “We have too much to figure out.”

Mason was hurt but he had noticed it too which made sense for Bastian to try and keep a distance between them “You spoke with my mother, didn’t you?”

Nod “We were talking before I went. She’s a really great mother and wants the best for you but it seems we both keep trying to keep each other at arm’s length.”

Mason lifted Bastian’s face up with his finger “That’s because I don’t want to hurt you. If I screw this up, I’ll hurt you and you’ll resent me. You’ll hate me. I can’t…I don’t want to hurt you.” Mason told Bastian.

“You’re worried, aren’t you? You’re worried I’ll run or you’re worried that if you hurt me. With me being a Prince and all is putting pressure on you”

Mason nodded.

Bastian gave him a grin “You worry too much, Mason. The fact that I’m a Prince shouldn’t even be in your mind. I’m a person too who happens to be your mate as well. If this will work you need to stop trying to worry about what my family will say and worrying about my crown. You’re a future Alpha, you don’t see me worrying about what your family and pack will say.” He sighed “I’m just like everyone else. If you’re going to accept me and I you, we need to start putting an effort at least.”

The ‘talk’ was the hardest thing Mason had ever done, he had tried to make Bastian see his point and after a few arguments, they had reached an agreement. Friendship worked better at things like this first, they needed to know each other before they could go off gallivanting into the love train. Bastian hadn’t looked disappointed in their agreement and that made Mason happy. If they were to at least make this work, their insecurities needed to be addressed and maybe just maybe they could go on to the next stage. Mason lay on his bed as he thought of Bastian naked under his covers, his beautiful deep blue oceanic eyes and that perfect body under him. Mason wanted no one else to touch Bastian; he was his but if they were going to be friends Mason knew he would get a kick in the ass by Co. who would lecture him about the possibilities of Bastian slipping from his fingers and Bastian finding another. Mason looked at his roof still entranced by the thought of his naked mate; he pushed himself off his bed. He was lucky he had been wearing his boxers. He walked towards his door as he looked at the dark hallway and then to his mate's room. He knew he was sleeping; Mason shut his door and then slipped into Bastian’s room. He slipped under the covers pulling Bastian into his arms; he may have agreed they needed to know each other but he knew he couldn’t sleep without at least having the other man in his arms. He watched as Bastian smiled in his sleep as if he knew he was in his bed positioning himself properly his head nuzzled against his neck. Mason knew Bastian was fast asleep. He could smell his mate had showered after their ‘talk’ and went straight to bed like he’d say he would. He hadn’t seen his scars which he thanked the lucky stars he hadn’t. He wanted to at least pretend that before he had met him, no one had hurt his precious boy. Mason smiled as he closed his eyes consumed by the sleep that lay heavily under his eyes. This was something new for Mason Delgaard.

This was not love, it couldn’t be.

2017 Ash Phoenix; All Rights Reserved.
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I like this story. Mason and Bastian have a lot to work through. Can't wait for the royal family to get there. Derek is going to be an over the top protective big brother isn't he? :funny:
Hopefully, you'll get someone to beta this for you. It could use some proof-reading but it hasn't interfered with my enjoyment. I'm able to follow it but you start writing one way, and then repeat a word or change tense mid-way. I know how hard it is to proof-read your own work. But keep going, I have faith you'll get better the further along you go. :2thumbs:

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On 03/17/2017 01:57 PM, LadyDe said:

I like this story. Mason and Bastian have a lot to work through. Can't wait for the royal family to get there. Derek is going to be an over the top protective big brother isn't he? :funny:

Hopefully, you'll get someone to beta this for you. It could use some proof-reading but it hasn't interfered with my enjoyment. I'm able to follow it but you start writing one way, and then repeat a word or change tense mid-way. I know how hard it is to proof-read your own work. But keep going, I have faith you'll get better the further along you go. :2thumbs:

Thank you so much for the feedback :). I'm looking for a beta desperately but I'm hopeful. Yeah, Derek will be the over protective brother :) and the main reason will be revealed soon enough. Thank you again.

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I agree with Ash, about the 'proof-reading' aspect, but make no mistake, it in no way lessens the interest in what is proving to be an excellent storyline!!! Your description of the characters could be a tiny bit more detailed, giving us a bit more incite into their actions and reactions...nevertheless, I'm loving the story so far!! I'm sure you will make us love these characters, you have the potential, the ability, and the imagination!!!! :2thumbs: 

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The storyline has a lot of potential and I love where it’s going so far, but you really need an editor to smooth out the edges. Some of the grammatical errors distract from the amazing plot. 

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On 7/29/2020 at 5:55 AM, newpoolboy said:

The storyline has a lot of potential and I love where it’s going so far, but you really need an editor to smooth out the edges. Some of the grammatical errors distract from the amazing plot. 

Thank you so much. I had no beta back then but it was my first story. 

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