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Taming Of The Beast - 19. Chapter 19

Hey, ya'll. I hope that you like this chapter, it took awhile to finish but I finally finished and I hope that it makes up for my vanishing act. I must admit I enjoyed introducing the vampires into the story finally. This chapter was not beta read or had an editor. I hope that you enjoy.

He was not ready. He knew, though, that his time was running out. It was either kill or be killed; either way, he had no choice in the matter. He was going to lose something he had been trying to keep safe, something that he had been trying to hold on to - his humanity. It was only a matter of time before those who kept hunting him found him...before all hell broke loose.

"You are worried again." The voice behind him was not a surprise. No, he'd been expecting him. He'd been expecting his vampire best friend long before things had gone to shit. He may have had trouble adjusting to what he was, but forging an everlasting bond of friendship with the vampire General had been one of the things that he never regretted.

"You're a little late to the party, aren't you?" Bastian grinned. It had been a while indeed.

There was silence before he heard a reply. "No, my friend. I'm afraid I'm not late however I'm on time. I do not believe in being late. However, as you know, I do believe in being just on time. When I'm most needed."

"Oh, yeah. Where were you when I needed your invaluable advice?!"

"My King..." Tatsumi paused before he looked at his friend. "Your other father is waking up. I was looking for him."

Bastian sighed. Just on time, those words echoed in his head as he listened to his friend speak about his other father, his other vampire father—the one whose blood ran through his veins. "Shit, how is Bjorn handling it?"

Tatsumi avoided Bastian's gaze. He had watched his King's Consort closely throughout the days that had followed. Bjorn had done everything in his power not to break; he'd held himself well considering the pain he was going through. No one understood the utter misery that the Consort was going through, especially during these last few years of the prophecy. Vashon and Bjorn were bonded by fate; their love was what kept the entire Kingdom strong and rising despite the evil that was King Vashon's evil brother. "He is handling it well considering what he is going through."

Bastian gave his friend a once-over. "What do you mean by that?"

The vampiric General glanced at his friend. There had been so much going on that he had been kept busy by his King's Consort. "Bjorn is going through what you may call as withdrawal from the years he spent without his mate by his side. He is in pain, pain that would cripple even the mere vampire. It is by the will of the God's that he has been gifted the will to endure." Tatsumi said. "Not to mention your ordeal. He feels for you, my friend. What you are going through is what he is going through. Bjorn stands beside you because you may not see it, but you are our Crown Prince. You are one of us, the rightful Prince. You may be a Half-Blood, but you are also a miracle, a blessing from the gods themselves. We feel for how you became our Prince, but what has already been done can not be undone."

Bastian could only imagine the pain that Tatsumi spoke of, and he could only imagine the loss of Mason. What he would go through, he doubted that he could survive long enough to see his life through. "I need to talk to him. Why didn't he tell me? Why didn't I feel what he was going through if I'm your Prince?"

Tatsumi slid him a guarded look. "You can not feel what he is going through because you are still fighting what and who you truly are. Bastian, you are not a monster. You have never been a monster, and for as long as I have known you, you have never been a monster." Tatsumi replied. "To feel what Bjorn and soon what your father will feel and your people. You must shed the thought of the monster and allow yourself to become. You must accept yourself as who you are. Your Lycan and Vampire are both you. They do not fight each other. They want to merge to become who they are destined to become — a Tribrid Half-Blood Prince. You must accept yourself to unlock the magic that lies within. You are King Vashon's Bloodline; that is not just anything."

"Tatsumi, the Creature..." Bastian whispered, afraid that if he said it loud enough, it would take over.

The General observed. "The Creature is not to be feared, Bastian. It is not the enemy. It seeks to be accepted."

"I tortured Trevor...it tortured Trevor." He said.

"It took over because it was what was needed. Do not fear it, my friend." Tatsumi advised. He could see the predicament that his friend was in. He only wished to make things a little easier on the young Prince, but he knew that this was something that the Prince had to go through on his own. This was between himself and the species that dwelled within him.

Bastian's eyes twinkled. "I was about to feed. Would you like to join me? The Circle has sent over the Anaratha."

Tatsumi only fed on the holy Anaratha; it had been something only those of Royal Blood and status within the Court had the pleasure of experiencing. Tatsumi had taken a while to get used to the divine beauty of the Anaratha. "Of course, my friend," he replied. "Perhaps now might be a good time to tell me all about the hunt and whether you need my assistance."




"We have made a decision, Derek." Vampire councilor, Akame informed Derek. "We have spoken with Bjorn about our decision at length."

Derek sighed as he took a seat on the expensive leather couch that perfectly belonged in Akame's home office. Derek had been pissed off that she had suddenly taken him from the kitchen to her office with her magic without so much as a warning on her part. They may have been allies, even friends, but a little warning would have done wonders for his current mood. "Oh, yeah? What decision would that be, Lady Akame?"

Akame rolled her eyes at the sarcasm that rolled in waves from Derek. "We will be joining the battle."

At that, Derek sat upright. He looked straight at the Ancient Vampire Elder, searching for any deceit. He was aware that Akame was mindful of what he was doing, he needed to know that she spoke only the truth, and Lycans were good at surfing for the truth or the lie in what people said. "Why put yourselves at risk like that?"

Akame cocked her head aside. "It is simple, Lycan. We fight for our Prince. We can not stand back and watch as our King and King Consort's heir fight alone. We are as involved as you are."

"Bjorn is okay with this?" Derek inquired, unable to believe that the Ancient vampiric Council would risk their lives for a mere Half-Blood. Everyone who sat on the Council was Ancient, hand-picked by Vashon himself. He had gifted them abilities that even Vashon's brother only dreamt about. Derek had spoken with Bjorn about the Council, and Bjorn had hidden nothing from seeing him as an ally. Vashon had gained their loyalty even before then. Granted, they had accepted his brother and welcomed him with open arms, but there was still some resistance, especially from those that saw Vashon's brother as their King. Derek suddenly remembered that Vashon's brother had no one on his side that was strong enough as the Council. Vashon and Bjorn had taken them all.

Akame gazed at the Lycan Crown Prince before her. "Bjorn had to be convinced simply because before Bastian, we refused to get involved in something that didn't involve us, but ever since your brother happened, we can not overlook what is happening. We can not overlook the horror and the murders and experiments on innocent young lives. We are stepping up because we can not stand in the shadows any longer. Bastian is as your Prince as he is ours."

Derek rubbed his temples. "How did you sell this to Bjorn exactly? I'm only asking because he is overprotective over my brother and if he sensed deceit from any of you. You'd be dust by now."

Akame chuckled. Trust the Prince to be curious. "He sensed our true desires. He listened to us talking, but he surfed through our desires to make sure we were telling the truth while we were talking. He did warn us should we betray his son or him; we would find ourselves as you put it 'as dust'".

"Now that's the Bjorn that I know and love." Derek chuckled.

Akame raised a brow. Ever since the rebirth of the Half-Blood Prince, things had quieted down between the vampires and Lycans. They had started working together instead of always being in each other's throats. Akame had been in awe when she had visited the Kingdom of the Lycans. Everything had been as she had imagined, beauty in its most accurate form. Everyone had not been afraid of them. Instead, they saw them as potential friends since they now shared something. Akame still remembered the first time she had laid her eyes on their new Prince; he had looked so vulnerable like the light had been stolen from him. It had taken Bjorn to ease the young Prince, Bjorn, who had held him in his arms while he cried.

"There was something else that we must discuss." Akame's voice dripped with worry, and Derek caught it. The Ancient Vampire Elder rarely worried or so much as showed it.

"What is it?"

Akame took a moment before she started. "The King is awakening. Bjorn is in pain, Derek."

Derek buried his face in his hands. He hadn't expected that. He could imagine the kind of pain that Akame spoke of, he could put himself in Bjorn's shoes, but even he knew that those shoes wouldn't fit him. Bjorn had to endure this on his own. Only he could feel the pain of torment of losing his mate for over a thousand years—a thousand years of loneliness. "What are you doing about it, Akame? If you need anything from us, the Lycans you need only ask. Bjorn is family."

Affection glowed in the vampire's eyes. Everyone knew Akame as the vampire that had fought beside Vashon had bowed in front of millions to acknowledge what everyone knew that Vashon was their one and only true King. Akame, who had served the Vampire Kingdom in Vashon's reign until the very moment that he was cursed with the prophecy. "We sent a team to search his tomb. The King still slumbers, but he is awakening slowly. General Tatsumi returned yesterday, and he tells us that he spotted a couple of mundane's around his tomb."

"Are they taken care of then?" Derek asked.

"Tatsumi has placed a shield around the tomb, a shield that will allow the mundane's obliviousness of what lies within. It should stop them from wandering."

Derek nodded. He made a mental note to send his team to the tomb just to make sure that his brother's father still laid in peace until such a time that he awakens. "I'm sure you won't mind me sending my own team over there. This is, after all, Bastian's second father that we are talking about."

"We expected you to say that," Akame said. "You are welcome to."

Derek smiled. "Tell me something, Akame. How is Vashon's brother dealing with this development?"

"Our spies tell us that he is panicking. He is scared of what is to come." Akame sneered at the mere mention of the traitor that was her King's brother. "He has started to plan for a war."

Derek had expected that from the false King. Vashon's brother was nothing if not predictable, which was why Vashon would win against him. Vashon had something that he never did — power. Vashon had loyal people behind him, those who would sacrifice their own lives for their King. His brother had neither only those who spoke only lies just to soothe his ego. "When the time comes, Akame. The Lycans will stand with Vashon."

"The Lycans can not involve themselves in our war." Akame tried.

Derek shook his head. "No, the Lycans have already involved themselves. From the moment that my brother was turned into your Prince, we were forever bonded. There is nothing you can say or do to change our minds about that."

Akame was silent for a moment, trying to take in what Derek had said. She pulled her chair back to stand; walking towards her big window, she stopped dead, staring at the people beneath her. They were bonded; their species was forever bonded together for eternity. Ever since King Vashon had given her a territory to rule over, she had tried to do everything in her power to protect those under her rule. Vashon had trusted her and the other three councilors to defend their people. She could still remember the first time that Vashon had called her to dine with him. It had been right after she had returned from a four-month mission for the Kingdom. Those months she had spilled more blood than she had ever spilled before, but it had been for the greater good.

"Tell me, Derek." Akame snapped out of memory lane. "How is the Prince?"

"He is dealing," Derek answered the only way he knew how. He refused to tell Akame about Mason before Bastian could tell Bjorn. This was not his information to tell.

Akame nodded. "He is a strong young man. It hurts that he is fighting what he is."

Derek didn't know what to say to that. He knew that Akame spoke the truth. That his brother was fighting what he was hard, harder than he would have liked. Derek wished that Bastian could accept himself.

"I must return to the house before they start looking for me," Derek told Akame.

"Of course, I must apologize again for pulling you here without warning," Akame said sincerely.

Derek shrugged. "Just don't do it again unless it's an emergency."

Akame turned from the window to observe Derek. She nodded. "When the time comes, we have teams on standby should you need them."

Derek stood up. He and Akame both locked eyes before they broke the contact. "Roger that, Lady Akame."




Luciana looked over at the food she had cooked with pride. She had outdone herself this time. With the job of a Royal Guard and Princess, she rarely got to cook, but when she did, she enjoyed it. It was something akin to therapy in her eyes. She was excited to see the look in her friend's eyes when they sat down to eat. She grinned when she didn't have long to wait when Taron and Drew walked inside. She had been right. Their expressions were worth a million bucks in her eyes.

"Wow, Lucy." Drew gawked at the table, which was cover in different kinds of food. "This smells delicious."

Luciana rolled her eyes. "And you, idiots thought I didn't know how to cook."

Taron was still in awe as he pulled up a chair; he watched as everyone else follow. Luciana had outdone herself this time; in the Palace, she never cooked, but instead, those who worked within the Palace did the cooking. He looked around the table, and everyone was present. Taron began to dish up for himself. Taking a forkful of the lasagna, he felt like he was in heaven. He watched around the table as everyone moaned at the deliciousness of the food. "This is delicious, Lu."

Luciana grinned. "Thanks."

Derek smiled at his cousin before he turned serious. "The twins have found reason to believe that this Doctor that Trevor was speaking of is not the only mundane under their employ."

"It's raining mundane's then." Luciana giggled, finding the shitshow they were hilarious. Not only is a mundane involved in their world, but she was leading their extinction. She was active, without remorse exterminating their Kin. Luciana wanted a piece of her, a piece in a cold, dark room where it would only be them. She wanted to bring pain and possibly tears.

"There is a possibility that with the twins, she might arrive half dead. The twins are, after all, psychotic if not insanely crazy." Hale's eyes sparkled at the thought. Everyone except Mason knew the twins' true nature, and the mundane Doctor was screwed, if not already regretting every life decision she had ever made. The twins always got their target; they never gave up until they caught their prey. Everything, especially the hunt, was treated like a game by the twins.

Bastian's eyes flashed. "That's why they are perfect for this. The twins are lethal and dangerous. No one will stand on their way to getting to the mundane. They'll burn the entire building if they have to."

Derek glanced at his little brother. "The twins have never disappointed before. They might take a pound of flesh or spill blood on their way, but they know what is at stake. The mundane will be relatively alive when she arrives."

"How long is she going to remain alive for once she spills her guts?" Taron asked, drinking the glass filled with water that had sat in front of him.

"Long enough that we locate her friends. It's only fair that we get to know just what and who we are fighting." Drew answered Taron's question. He had been in deep thought ever since everything had happened, ever since Trevor had told them about the Alpha's, Beta's and what was being done inside packs. How cruel other wolves were being treated by the very same people that were supposed to protect them.

Hale nodded. He was ready to set fire to the cruelty created by these Alpha and Beta's. He was ready to slaughter them into dust. He wanted to watch as their last breath left them. He wanted to watch as they bled for their crimes. Hale fumed, he may not have been a wolf, but he felt for them.

"Hale and Taron, I need you to blend and head over to the pack in the next town. They are bound to know something because if this is happening to packs all over, they aren't lucky, especially if they don't think we are watching." Bastian ordered his team. He trusted the two to do this without trouble. "Find out how many are missing and how much have been returned. Find out everything you can."

Both Hale and Taron nodded. "How are they going to mask their scent? They don't exactly smell like a wolf." Mason asked, curious. Lycans had a different scent than wolves.

"I'll take care of that." Bastian grinned as he lifted his arm; he held his thumb and two fingers up before his face before he muttered something that sounded ancient in everyone's ears. There was light before it disappeared, and the scents of Taron and Hale were replaced with that of wolves. "Your scent will remain like that until you return to us."

"I'm jealous." Drew pouted.

"You shouldn't be," Derek advised as he looked at the two Lycans. "Don't make waves, however, should you be challenged defend yourselves."

Hale smirked. "How long are we to be gone?"

"As long as it takes. I'll call you should you be needed." Bastian said. "In the meantime, Luciana and I have a meeting with Stone. He's got something for us."

Luciana perked up. "Stone fears being executed."

Bastian nodded. "His fear is our gain."

"Drew is going to train with Mason. I want to see what you've got, wolf. If you can't keep up, you risk ending up dead. We can't have that." Derek ordered, giving the future Alpha no choice in the matter. Something big was coming, and they needed to prepare Mason in every way possible. He needed Drew to put him through their most grueling training regimen to test the wolf. "Don't worry, Mason. Drew will take it easy on you the first round."

Bastian shook his head. "Let's eat and get to our missions."

Everyone went back to their food; Mason stole a glance towards Bastian's direction. Their conversation still played on his mind, like a broken record. Bastian had been through so much in his young life; while he had been an average werewolf teenager, his mate had suffered something traumatic. Something that even he couldn't imagine. He wanted to protect Bastian from the monsters that sought after him.

He knew that Derek was going to put him through intense training. He had seen a glimpse of Drew in battle mode, but he knew that he hadn't seen the entirety of the Lycan. Drew was dangerous, just like everyone around the table. He had to be, to be considered a Royal Guard. He couldn't help but fume at the thought that other werewolf packs were selling their own to be experimented on. As the future Alpha, he was pissed that this hadn't come to light until the Lycans had touched ground in their territory. Had they been oblivious? Mason couldn't help wondering. He couldn't help wondering whether his pack was safe or were they too late. Had the mundane already gotten into his pack and stolen their own? Was there a spy in their midst? Mason needed to know. Had he stayed in obliviousness before? He hadn't known things were so dire up until the Lycans opened his eyes.

Mason watched as everyone got ready to head to their missions. He was in awe at how in sync everyone was, how effortlessly they finished. Taron and Hale were out the door first, only with the clothes on their back.

Mason gaped at his mate; he looked sexy as hell in his unbuttoned tailored suit. He looked good enough to eat. Bastian walked towards him. "You look worried. I don't like that look."

"It's only natural since you are going off to meet the devil's middle man," Mason answered as calmly as possible.

Bastian burst out laughing. "I'll be fine. Don't worry too much."

"I don't know; it's all I know. Worrying about the love of my life out in the big scary world all on his lonesome." Mason smiled.

"I'm not going to be alone." Bastian placed a hand on Mason's cheek. He flashed a bright smile before he leaned in, planting a soft kiss on his lips. "I'll be right back."

Mason smiled before he leaned back into Bastian's lips. This time he deepened the kiss. "Don't forget our date."

"I wouldn't dare," Bastian replied before footsteps were heard entering the living room. Luciana looked stunning.

"You both look beautiful," Mason said truthfully.

Luciana's eyes lit up. "Thanks, Mase. Let's go, loverboy."

Bastian sighed before he followed. "I promise, I'll look after him. Don't worry so much." Luciana said to Mason before they were out the door leaving Mason with Drew and Derek. The werewolf sighed before he went in search of the two.

He always found himself amazed at the preciseness of the Lycans. How they always moved around each other, how easy it was between them to communicate. He walked down towards the stairs in the kitchen; he followed the voices that guided him. He didn't need to identify the voices, and he already knew who they were.

"Wolf, over here." He wasn't surprised to hear Derek's voice even before he was able to show himself. Lycans were different from wolves, Lycans were faster, stronger, and held the power that only wolves dreamt of. They were up there in the hierarchy along with the Ancient Ones.

Mason shook his head as he finally appeared in the Lycans training room. He was constantly in awe at everything around him. The training room looked exactly as he imagined. It was filled with what one would find at a mundane gym. "Are you ready, wolf?" Derek asked as soon as he was close enough.

"I guess, yeah," Mason answered.

Drew looked at him, probably sizing him up. "You guess?"

"I'm ready," Mason repeated.

Derek and Drew looked at each other. They had spoken at length at what Derek needed to see. Drew had been told to give it all he had. Mason was a werewolf, but now that he was running with Lycans, he needed to be trained precisely like them.

"Alright, let's get started," Derek said as he walked away. He stopped and turned towards the two on the other side. "Drew."

Drew smirked. "Don't hold back."

Mason nodded before he charged for Drew, who had a devilish grin on his face. He watched in amazement as Drew stood still, waiting until he reached him. He groaned as he felt the full force of Drew's punch in his stomach that sent him flying. This was going to be harder than he thought.

"Lesson one, wolf. Never leave yourself open." Mason heard Derek through the pain.

He was on his feet once again; he breathed before he charged for Drew, this time with a plan. He waited until Drew moved before he attacked, forcing the Lycan to the ground. He had a pleased expression on his face before he, too, was on the ground.

"Lesson two, never lose focus. You lose focus. You die."

Mason groaned as Drew helped him up. "Is he always this—"

Drew chuckled. "Yes and No. Right now, though, everyone is tense. We have to be at our best. War's coming soon, and we all have to be ready."

"How much time do we have, do you think?"

"Not long," Drew replied. "Which is why we have to get you battle-ready."

Derek stood in front of the two with a severe expression. "We get you ready, and you stand the chance of not ending up dead."

"Ah, come on, Derek. He can handle himself." Drew grinned as he clapped Mason on his shoulder. "We can't be that harsh on him on his first day."

"Unfortunately, we can't afford to be soft either," Derek said.

2017 Ash Phoenix; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Intense chapter, I forsee a crap load of drama ahead , mason is going to go through a bit of hell before all this over , bastion is going to need everything that he has in himself for the battle ahead

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On 8/11/2021 at 4:04 PM, mikedup said:

Intense chapter, I forsee a crap load of drama ahead , mason is going to go through a bit of hell before all this over , bastion is going to need everything that he has in himself for the battle ahead

There is a storm brewing and it's coming in hot. He'll need everything he has in him to survive the hell that awaits him. 

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What a great chapter as we get to see the chess pieces tabled; the blood alliance between the Vampire

and Lucan/Wolf worlds is quite unique but maybe commonplace for generations to come. The awakening of the wolf clans to this high crime, whether it be the Alphas or the Pack Members, will be increasingly shocking as this comes to light.

Bastian has become most significant in the eyes of all, as he has brought unity and commonality. Ironically the rogue creator never envisioned this reality while holdings such illusions of control and manipulation blinding them.

@ASH PHOENIX, it’s so good to see this story actively posted again. Welcome back!

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On 10/15/2021 at 6:47 AM, Philippe said:

What a great chapter as we get to see the chess pieces tabled; the blood alliance between the Vampire

and Lucan/Wolf worlds is quite unique but maybe commonplace for generations to come. The awakening of the wolf clans to this high crime, whether it be the Alphas or the Pack Members, will be increasingly shocking as this comes to light.

Bastian has become most significant in the eyes of all, as he has brought unity and commonality. Ironically the rogue creator never envisioned this reality while holdings such illusions of control and manipulation blinding them.

@ASH PHOENIX, it’s so good to see this story actively posted again. Welcome back!


Thank you for this amazing comment. I know that I only loved it but as Im strolling and re-reading my work as I'm now working on chapter 21, this comment means so much to me that you recognise the kind of influence that Bastian has and the unity. The crimes that have been committed will be answered and those punished however it will be shocking as you said. 

The rogue creator never envisioned any of this however he had selfish reasons for his creation. 

Thank you once more for your comment, I truly appreciate it. ❤️

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