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Taming Of The Beast - 16. Chapter 16

It took forever but here it is, I'm really proud of this chapter and how it turned out despite my anxiety about the outcome. I would also like to thank NoSkis for his help and patience with me. Thank you for being an awesome beta/editor. I hope you guys can forgive me for taking so long with posting this. Thank you to everyone for your patience. 😀

“Do you know why they are here, Trevor?” The Creature asked, referring to Drew and Taron, who hid in the shadows; both Lycans smirked devilishly at the prisoner allowing their eyes to turn while they had their fangs exposed.

Trevor shook his head as sobs threatened to fall out of his mouth; ; he had been warned of the repercussions should his plan fail, and he had not listened. He had been stubborn and never once thought it through. Trevor watched the monster that wore Bastian’s face with fear and intimidation; he knew that his life was going to end. The beast would never give him a second chance.

The Creature lifted his hands before he locked his eyes with the prisoner. “They are here to make sure I do not skin you alive. To make sure that you are in one piece by the time I am done with you.” He said, “Because iIf I do not like what you say, I may just do exactly that.”

“I―” Trevor swallowed the lump in his throat, “Please.”

The Creature laughed, “Did you ever give those you killed mercy? Those that you sacrificed for your cause? Did you ever give them mercy?”

Trevor's silence was louder than any shouted answer.

“Did you feel any sort of empathy for your victims?” He snarled as he circled around Trevor, running his claws through his hair, “Do you think you deserve mercy?”

“Please,” Trevor begged.

The Creature shook its head as its claws dug into Trevor’s skull “You will tell me everything or I’ll tear you apart piece by piece while you scream for me to kill you.”

“Bastian…” Trevor said, “Please.”

The sobs only managed to anger the Creature. The Lycan thought he had locked the Creature away long ago, throwing away the keys, but now only watch through the eyes of the Creature as Trevor beg for his life. He could only watch, knowing but unable to understand why he should care. The Creature always got its answers, the only question was if Trevor would still be breathing after.

As much as Trevor once meant something to Bastian, the Creature was not Bastian. Everyone knew if Trevor did not answer fast he would be slaughtered. The wolf meant nothing to the Creature. He would gladly watch as Trevor bled on the cold floor beneath him instead of helping him.

The Creature had accepted the bond with Mason, while the Lycan had struggled. It had not been easy for them to reach an understanding, both Lycan and the Creature had battled for dominance for as long as they could remember. The Creature had fought to take control of Bastian, but the Lycan had held on, bled to make sure that it had been kept at bay.
“Tell me what I want to know, Trevor. Now….” He breathed against the sobbing wolf’s ear; he grinned as he heard his heartbeat a mile a minute. He was scared, and his scent reeked of it. He breathed in slowly “Before I start doing things to you that would make you wish you were dead.”

The Creature was enjoying the torture. Bastian, so close and so far away, watched as Trevor shook at the demands the Creature made. Bastian could only watch as the Creature was amused as the blood ran out of Trevor’s face.

“Bastian. Please. I didn’t.” Trevor cried tears running down his cheeks; the others watched in silence as the Creature continued his slow torture “I did it for us.”

“You sold your soul to the devil for a fantasy.” The Creature said, his eyes flashing in annoyance - the Lycan was battling him for control of Bastian. The more the Creature spoke, the more the Lycan fought to take control of Bastian “What a pathetic way to die.” The Creature grinned as he won the battle for Bastian.

The Creature lifted his hand up midway before locking eyes with Trevor. He knew that Trevor was at his mercy; so many lives had been hurt and destroyed he didn’t care if Trevor lived through his questioning. The Creature cared about its people, it cared about those that had been harmed, and it wanted revenge. If Trevor wasn't breathing when he was done he wouldn’t spill any tears. He smirked flicking Trevor’s chair into the concrete wall with a quick finger motion. The blood prickling down Trevor’s face was a beautiful sight.

“Talk. Now” He growled lowly, dangerously shaking the entire house.

“They said you would be mine. They promised me. They said if I brought you in, you would be mine and only mine.” Trevor sobbed. The Creature raised a brow, he was disappointed that he would have to stop “They only wanted to create a better species. An Evolved species better than anything anyone has ever seen. It was supposed to be the start of something new. Something better and stronger.”

It took a fraction of a second for the Creature to rip Trevor out of the chair, his hand wrapped around Trevor’s throat, watching the blood drain out of his victim’s face. He wanted to hurt him, to kill him. It had been too long, too long he’d tried to move past the horrors and the nightmares he’d suffered. Now all those memories he knew would come back.

The Creature snarled, pinning Trevor against the concrete wall, “I’ am no one’s slave.”

He heard footsteps; Taron and Drew’s heartbeats spiked they were getting ready to step in to try save whatever was left of Trevor. The Creature leaned towards Trevor; he tilted his head, “You fear me. I can smell it on you. You reek.”

There were no words from Trevor, only sobs and silent pleas for mercy. The Creature wanted to kill him, wanted to show him no mercy, but he knew the Lycan wanted Trevor talking. They were united, the Creature and the Lycan even when they disagreed. The Creature sighed as he threw Trevor on the floor, watching as he caught his breath. Had he squeezed only a bit longer, he’d have crushed him. “What else?”

“They’ve been experimenting,” Trevor said.

“How do you get these people, Trevor? How do you get these innocent souls you torture? Who helps you?” Taron asked, stepping out of the shadows.

Trevor shook his head, “Believe it or not; there are packs that are untrustworthy. They sell their own members, hoping to Evolve along with the rest. It’s the Alphas that sell their own. If it’s not the Alpha's, it's the Beta’s.”

Drew watched the Creature intently, he knew that he could snap at any moment, any second The more they learned of how far this went The quicker it could turn very deadly for Trevor “Which Alpha’s are those?” Drew questioned.

Silence. The Creature circled Trevor its eyes on him, waiting for him to say or do something, anything. He wanted Trevor’s blood, and one way or another, he would get it. It was when he was getting closer, did Trevor finally answer Drew, “I only dealt with one, but there are more. Power-hungry pack masters who want to conquer the world. They crave the power, the desire to be stronger.”

It was then that Princess Luciana walked in. She smirked as she made eye contact with Trevor. He knew what was coming next. The Creature walked towards Trevor, lifting him from the floor and into the chair. He strapped him in before he stepped back, letting Luciana take over. “Okay, Trevor. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?” She had changed into her warrior armor “Let’s start with all of the locations. I want everything.” She smiled as Drew placed the tray with all her new toys on the table Taron had helped carry in, “Don’t you just love human technology.” She picked up a blowtorch before turning to Trevor.

“No. I can’t. I don’t. I told you all I know.” Trevor pleaded.

Luciana tilted her head almost like she was considering his answer, “No, you didn’t. You didn’t tell me anything. I want to know where your masters hide, you traitor. Locations. We want to drop in and say howdy.” She lit the blowtorch.

Trevor jumped from the pop of the blowtorch lighting. “I don’t know. I told you all that I know.”

Luciana snarled, showing her fangs, “How about this. I'll barbeque you then send a piece gift wrapped to their front doors. I can’t wait to start cooking you...” Luciana leaned closer to Trevor, whispering “piece by piece. And you know the best part? You’re a werewolf, you'll heal, and I’ll just keep on torching and cutting into you then do it again and again. Think before you speak.”

Trevor knew that Luciana wouldn’t bluff; she hadn’t been the type, especially when she was working. She could and would cook him piece by piece. “They don’t have one place. They have a lot of places. When Prince Derek slaughtered the others, he almost wiped them all, but a few managed to escape. They have been biding their time to regain what is rightfully theirs. They are coming for Bastian.”

Luciana hummed, she didn’t make eye contact with her cousin. She didn’t need to see the flames of anger burning in his eyes. She knew. She could feel it. She focussed on Trevor instead, “I asked for locations. Cities or hell, even caves. I want to put names to their faces.”

Trevor watched as Luciana walked closer to him, the blowtorch whistling in her hand. He tried to shy away from her, but bound to the chair, he couldn’t go far. “I can’t. Please. Don’t do this.”

“Don’t do what?” Luciana smirked “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re afraid of me. You know what, Trev. I’m hurt.”

“Don’t hurt me.” She heard him say.

She rolled her eyes as she stood in front of him, beaming like a child in a candy store with the blowtorch in her hand warming the air as she brought it closer to the chair. “This is going to hurt but lucky for us. You’re a wolf.”

The screams that followed were an orchestra concert for the Creature. He had retreated to the shadows, watching his cousin at work. The Creature admired her; he was envious of the control she had as Luciana torched the side of Trevor's face. He watched as she cut the gas to the torch and grabbed a scalpel. This was Luciana in her environment she was at home, concentrating on her work. He was intrigued and interested to see the person she would mate with, how their dynamic would develop as she was dominant in every way.

Everyone in the room watched as she cut into their prisoner; he could tell that she was enjoying that Trevor had taken to tears. Tedious business they were in, but they were Royal Guards, Warriors, and it was their job to protect everyone, including those that never knew that they were watching.

Luciana giggled as she sliced into Trevor’s chest “You know the more you cry and sob and beg for me to stop, the more I just want to continue. You should tell me what I want to know, and I’ll stop.”

Trevor seemed to be considering this “Okay. Please. No more.”

Luciana tilted her head, staring straight at him, trying to see whether he was truthful or full of bullshit “Talk. You have a minute to make me believe you. Go.”

Trevor watched as the Princess grabbed a chair and dragged it towards his direction. He watched as she sat down right in front of him with a skeptical look in her face “I know that they want to make Bastian create his own army. Their army. The Prince is their perfect creation. The superior breed and a god amongst men. They want to make more like him, they want him to lead his pack, and they won’t stop until they have him in their possession.” Trevor confessed, locking eyes with the Princess. “They did something to Bastian. They made something of a miracle when they created him.”

“What did they do to him? What did they tell you?” Luciana pressed.

Trevor sighed, “They created a breed much better than anything anyone has ever seen before. A Tribrid with the blood of an ancient vampire running through his veins, one of the very first vampires, the last of the ancient bloodline, the bloodline that created the Royal House of vampires. The magic that he has that lays within him is the result of what was done to him. Bastian is the true Half-Blood Prince in every sense of the word.” It had taken a while for them to finally tell him it had taken them a while to finally trust him with the world’s biggest secret “They took three different species that wouldn't mix together naturally and created something beautiful.”

She didn’t need to look at her cousin to know that he was raging. She hummed to let him know that she was listening. “How did they get the blood from the Family?” She asked.

“They didn’t need to do much. They took the blood from the vault that belonged to the Vampire King and the Royal Family, and while they tried to get it back, it was already too late. Bastian had already been created and something much more.” Trevor looked away from the Princess. “By the time the vampire’s Royal Guard killed them, they only killed a potion.”

Luciana held back her growl. “Tell me about the people. Are they still holding others?”

“Yes. There are Alpha’s and Beta’s that still offer up their people.” Trevor answered without a beat.

“Location, names. Tell me.” Luciana commanded.

Trevor stole a glance towards the Prince’s direction; he was startled to see only his glowing eyes stare back at him. He turned back to the Princess. “We only go by nicknames, but I heard them talk about a Doctor Annabelle Grey, she works with them. She knows more than I do. Their main headquarters is in the mountains in Washington.” Trevor said, “Bastian can’t run, he can’t hide because they will come for him, Princess. They want him, and they will fight to get to him.”

Luciana had been about to say something before Trevor interjected, “We were supposed to be together. They promised me Bastian’s heart. I wanted his love.”

The darkness, all he saw was darkness and the Creature had Trevor in the air choking on his own blood. The Creatures blood was boiling; he grinned as he lifted two fingers, Trevor flying through the air, hitting the wall hard, leaving blood as he slid to the floor. The Creature smirked as he heard screams, Trevor’s skin splitting open, blood boiling out. He wanted to hurt him, to kill him and he would. He was almost there when he heard a name being spoken. Mason. Taron and Drew were on him even before he pulled himself out of the darkness. He watched as Trevor hit the floor with a thud, the intoxicating scent of his blood filling the room.

“Is he still breathing?” the Creature asked.

He watched as Luciana walked towards Trevor’s body on the floor. “There is a pulse.”

The Creature shook his head. “Good, I want him alive so I can rip him apart after Derek has his answers; that's if he leaves anything for me to rip apart.” He was out the door before he could hear whatever reply came out of his cousin. The Creature had to get out of the house. He heard Mason’s voice coming from the kitchen with Hale's, but he was already out the front door. He needed to get his shit together, needed to get a hold of himself before he came back.

2017 Ash Phoenix; All Rights Reserved.
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Blowtorches and scalpels. Kinky. I love it. Excellent chapter as well

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Crazy good chapter, their use of torture is I suppose for the good of the folk 

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I’ve truly missed your updates! Glad to see you back. I had to go back a couple of chapters to remember your story and I’m thrilled to see it back on track. 

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A new chapter...Yay!! I want to say poor Trevor but....nah. He deserves everything's that coming. And Luciana? My kind of girl. Just take a blow torch to him and then use a scalpel. 😅 Bastien really really needs to tell Mason what's going on with him. Something tells me, his mate is the key to his control. 

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