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Singer - 6. Camper Van

Chipper thoughts were fuzzy. He struggled to discern fantasy from reality. Had he really jammed with Kendrick Lamar and Adam Levine at Coachella? Adrenaline produced a high like he had never experienced. The stunned look and huge grin reflected his emotions.

While Kendrick remained on stage to complete his show, Levine steered Chipper through the throng of fans seeking selfies and autographs. The fact concertgoers sought not only Adam’s attention but his added to the exhilaration. He posed with who knows how many people and signed his name countless times. One woman even asked him to sign her breast.

“Dude! That rocked.” Adam bro-hugged him and kept an arm around his shoulders. “I was so right about you. You’re gonna go far in the competition. And you definitely have a shot at winning.”

“Thanks, Adam,” The usually glib youngster found it hard to articulate his gratitude.

“Listen, I gotta go find my wife. Catch you later, Okay?”

“Yeah, man. Thank you again.” Alone, Chipper scanned the crowd, trying to figure out where to go. Before he could decide, two twenty-something, shirtless guys blocked his way.

“Chipper, right?” The man was blond, hairless, and ripped. “I’m Bryce.” He pointed at his equally handsome companion. “This is my boyfriend Zion.”

Zion was as built as his boyfriend but had darker skin. His olive tone hinted at a Hispanic background.

“Hey, guys.” Chipper bumped fists with both.

“Are you a competitor on The Voice? You on Adam’s team?” Zion’s words reached Chipper’s ears, but the singer’s concentration was on the man’s half-dollar sized nipples. He licked his lips while shaking his head.

Chipper was conflicted; there were numerous guidelines concerning secrecy. Trusting the two strangers was a gamble. “I am. But you can’t say anything. We’re supposed to keep it quiet.”

“Awesome!” Bryce gave him a friendly hip bump. “We know how the show works. You’re a fab singer.”

“Yeah,” Zion added. “You’re gonna do great.”

“Hey! Take a selfie?” Bryce was already pulling his phone out of his back pocket. “Zion and I are models. We each have a few hundred thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram. When you get to the live shows, you’re gonna need supporters. We’ll share the picture then, and get our stalkers to vote for you.”

“Stalkers?” A surprised Chipper grinned.

“Yeah… You should read some of the comments and private propositions we get.”

Ascertaining Chipper was not averse to partying; his new acquaintances invited him to hang out in the campground with them. They had an old, beat-up van with a mattress in the back and not much else.

“Do you have a preference?” Bryce thumbed the combination lock on a small, Craftsman toolbox. “We’ve got weed and coke.”

“I’m trying not to smoke.” A corner of Chipper’s mouth rose a notch; these guys came ready to have a good time. “What with trying not to mess up my voice…”

“Lines, it is.” Zion reached under one of the seats and retrieved a mirror.

After they had each done a couple, Bryce reached over and ran a finger underneath Chipper’s nose. “Left over fairy dust.”

Chipper’s reaction was unplanned. He opened his mouth, captured the errant digit, and suckled it. “Mmm, thanks guys.”

“I like the way you sucked my boyfriend’s finger.” Zion slowly collapsed on the mattress, undid his cutoffs, and wiggled out of them. “Can I interest you in something else? Bryce, put a little coke on my dick’s head. Chipper can snort some and lick the rest.”

“Guys?” Recalling how some men adversely reacted to his bisexuality, Chipper decided to bring it up. “For the record, I’m not gay. I’m bi.”

“Whatever, man.” Bryce captured the singer’s face in his hands and stared into his eyes. “We’re not going to judge you. Whatever turns you on is cool with us.” He brought his face closer to Chipper’s, pried his lips apart with his tongue, and plunged it inside. When they disengaged, both smiled while Zion stroked a respectable erection rising from his manscaped groin. “Why don’t you suck my boyfriend’s cock now?”

Chipper dropped to his knees between Zion’s legs. Covering one nostril with a finger, he used the other one to inhale the white powder resting on the cockhead. He wiped his own nose this time and dove down.

He waved three fingers in response when Bryce leaned over his back and whispered in his ear. “We’re both versatile, bug free, and on PrEP.” He nibbled on Chipper’s earlobe when he saw the digital reply. “Good. I also love to watch Zion get fucked by other dudes. Wanna spit-roast him with me?”

Chipper pulled his mouth off Zion. “Fuck, yeah!” He mirrored what Bryce had done to him before: held his head with both hands and attacked the man’s mouth with his tongue. While kissing, he felt Zion stir and unfasten Chipper’s shorts.

With them wearing so little, it did not take long for the three to be rolling around on the mattress naked ready for action. When Bryce produced a bottle of lube and Zion went to his knees so his boyfriend could prepare him, Chipper knew it was show time.


All three satisfied, wiped down, and dressed, the new friends rejoined the public festivities. Flanked by Bryce and Zion, a satisfied Chipper strolled through the grounds. “That was fun, guys. Thanks.”

“Fun enough to do it again?” Bryce’s wiggling eyebrows elicited chuckles from his companions. “Maybe we can double up inside Zion next time.”

“Hey!” Zion shook his head. “Don’t be so free giving my ass away. But I agree. That was fun.”

“I’m down for a repeat.” Chipper sounded tentative. “But I’m not sure about timing. We start the second phase of the competition next week, and I’ve heard the hours will be horrible. Not sure when I’ll have free time.”

“Why wait so long? Are you going back to LA today? You could spend the night with me and Zion.”

“Yeah? Do I get to tap you if I do?”

Copyright © 2019 Carlos Hazday; All Rights Reserved.
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3 hours ago, Canuk said:

Oh!....dear! This is not going to go well.... sigh... photos of taking coke off someone's cock...naive in the extreme. Bugger!

No pictures as far as I can tell.

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3 hours ago, chris191070 said:

Awesome chapter. We get to see Chipper have some fun with Bryce and Zion. Those photos of him doing coke off there cock’s will probably come back to haunt him. Let the competition begin.

Once again, no pictures inside the van as far as we know.

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2 hours ago, dughlas said:

Oh shyte, that was a less than stellar move ...

What do you expect from a good-looking 22-year-old in the entertainment business? :P


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3 hours ago, Daddydavek said:

There may be a big difference between users and abusers but it can become a fine line that is easy to cross.  I wish Chipper well, but he may be a bit too trusting with people he doesn't really know.

Most people are unable to discern where that line is, but I have faith in Chipper.

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