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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Promise To Protect - 17. Where Have You Been?

 Tyler didn’t know whether to punch Zeke in the face or throw himself into his arms with relief when he walks in the door. It’d been almost 2 days. He had thought he would be a few hours and dropped off the face of the Earth for almost 2 days! 

“Where the hell have you been?” Tyler shouts, apparently going for an enraged response. Zeke looked exhausted, walking straight through to the bathroom while Tyler followed close behind. “I have been so worried. And Corey couldn’t tell me anything, because he says he doesn’t know shit when it comes to mission stuff. I’ve had G try to visit twice. He wants me gone the second these stitches are due out in a week. And you, just vanished into thin air!” Tyler stands in the doorway of the bathroom, so angry he’s barely taking notice of the fact that Zeke’s down to just his underwear by the time he finally turns and looks at him. 

“Can you give me 5 minutes to clean myself, then I can talk.” Zeke asks, thumbs hooked in his pants just waiting for Tyler to leave before he took them off too. Tyler’s eyes take a moment to assess what he’s facing, before he quickly turns away and leaves Zeke to have some privacy. “Thank you.” Zeke shouts. 

It’s not 5 minutes, because Tyler is timing him. It’s almost 10 minutes. But maybe from spending so much time alone in a room with no windows or clocks has clouded Zeke’s ability to tell the time too. Not badly to excuse completely disappearing for 2 solid days, but right now Tyler could almost forgive taking more than 5 minutes to get to the explanation. 

“Ok.” Zeke sighs as he walks out into the bedroom, drying his hair and shirtless and if he hadn’t been gone with no explanation, for so long the whole look would have Tyler feeling very differently. “Sorry I disappeared.” 

Sorry? You think I want an apology for that?”  

“If it’s about the kiss...” 

“ZEKE!” Tyler puts his fingers to his temples, beyond confused about how he was not getting what the problem was. “Where. The. FUCK. Have. You. Been?” Tyler asks again furiously. 

“I had work stuff.” Zeke shrugs. 

“For 2 days?” 

“I wasn’t gone for 2 days.” 

“Yes, you were. The date on this thing changed twice while you were out. 2 days.” Tyler points at the IPad, the only thing he could rely on in any way around here. 

“I was gone for longer than I expected.” Zeke admits and Tyler just shakes his head and laughs at how blaise’ he was being. “I came back a few times actually.” Zeke finally starts actually explaining. 

“Excuse me?” Tyler frowns at him, he knew his judgement of time was off but he was fairly confident he and Zeke had not crossed paths since he left the other day. 

“I came down to see you and you were asleep. Then I had to go out again. Then I came back but again, you were asleep. I’ve been back here in the building with G for a for a few hours debriefing and then a visit to Corey...” 

“Are you kidding me? I was asleep? That’s your excuse? You should have woken me up! What the hell Zeke? I have been worrying about you, you should have woken me up!” Tyler couldn’t believe the answer could make him feel even worse about the whole thing. He’d have rather heard Zeke spent 2 days being kidnapped and had escaped, come straight back to let Tyler know he was ok. But clearly, Tyler was that unimportant to him that he wouldn’t even see the point in waking him up to let him know he was at the very, very least. Alive. Tyler looks at him, waiting for a response, but Zeke’s keeping an unreadable expression and just standing there silently. Tyler shakes his head at him and gets up from the bed, walking out of the room to calm himself down, but as soon as he leaves the room he finds himself storming back in. He gives Tyler a purposeful glare and opens his mouth to speak then takes a deep breath and walks out again. It’s on his third attempt to find something to say to Zeke that he finally gets words to leave his mouth, though he hadn’t intended on those words to be “I hate you. Like don’t even worry about apologizing again for making the mistake of kissing me because you can’t control your emotions but don’t want to actually own up to them. Because it doesn’t even matter anymore. I. Hate. You.” He throws his hands up in the air, grabs his IPad and walks out into the kitchen, hoping for some space. Maybe another 2 days to cool off, but Zeke decides now is the time to give him attention. 

“Tyler you needed rest.” He starts, standing in the doorway and watching Tyler take his anger out on a game on his IPad. 

“I needed to know you were alive.” Tyler corrects him, not able to look at him right now. Zeke nods and looks down at the floor, trying to think of what else to say. 

“Are you ok?” He asks. 

“What do you think? I went from prisoner in your house, which I could almost live with, to prisoner in here, where I haven’t seen the outside world at all and they are scheming to get rid of me upstairs, and my only source of companion up and leaves and doesn’t even have the respect to let me know he’s not dead on one of the times he comes home for 2 solid days. Come on agent. Surely you’re smarter than that.” Tyler rolls his eyes and goes on not looking at Zeke. 

“Ok, I should have woken you up.” Zeke agrees with a sigh. 

“Thing is, if you cared even the slightest bit, like you act like you do by saying ‘you needed rest’, you would have given a shit about the fact I also needed to know you were safe. You could have left me a note if you didn’t want to wake me. You could have told Corey to tell me you had been home and had to go again. There is no excuse, if you actually cared, for not telling me in any way, that you were alive. Conclusion, you didn’t tell me because you’re avoiding me.” Tyler stops his game, sits back in his chair and fixes a strong determined look in Zeke’s direction. Demanding an answer. This was also a bad moment for Zeke to falter a smile at the sight of the impressive strength Tyler was showing in calling his bluff and sticking up for himself. The smile makes Tyler glare, not at all impressed with Zeke right now. 

“Sorry.” Zeke chews his lip, normally he could keep a straight face in confrontations but not with Tyler. He had a shameful amount of weakness when it came to him. 

“Apologize again, and I will throw this at your face.” Tyler threatens, holding up the IPad. Zeke again finds himself smiling and he knows its not helping the situation. “Either tell me something useful or go away.” Tyler orders. 

“The location we were staking out was the police safe housing area you would have been sent to if G got his way. There was movement there, they know you’re alive and are looking. Presumably Wyatt told them. We went a little off focus, I broke in and stayed where you would have been for hours and the place was compromised, miniature cameras around the room, the lock had evidence of being tampered with recently. They know our actions, they know we don’t take in victims and they were preparing for you to end up in the safe house where they would have you under surveillance until such time as they decided to take you. That’s why I was away longer than I expected. I came back in the early hours of the morning to report all this to G, but he was in a...” Zeke pauses and Tyler fills in the blank, assuming the torture room. “Anyway, I dropped in to see you, you were out to it so I left again. You’re right, I should have let you know I was alive. From there it was a lengthy debrief and action plan with G, including me having an hour-long rant to Corey about how to protect you, back to G’s office to repeat that rant to him, more concisely. We compromised and he sent us out to check on the safety of an alternative location where I came face to face with someone also staking it out. An altercation later we were back interviewing him for information, another meeting with G, another rant with Corey and now I’m here.” Zeke takes a big breath, as though repeating the story itself was exhausting. 

“So.” Tyler stands up, crossing his arms. “You meant to tell me, you’ve spent the last 2 days trying to work out where to send me, like I’m a pet you’re re-homing? That makes it worse. That I definitely should have been told about. Why do I have absolutely no say or control over my life. I didn’t choose to be a victim of this asshole, I didn’t choose any of this shit. Why don’t I at least get to have a say in where I am?” Tyler had a right to feel stressed and annoyed by this, but from Zeke’s perspective he was doing everything in his power to ensure his safety. “So, what’s the conclusion? Where am I being shipped off to?” Tyler asks angrily. 

“Do you want to leave? If you had a choice, where would you want to be right now?” Zeke asks, Tyler stares at him confused, despite just having made a fuss about having no say, he hadn’t actually thought about it himself. He was completely relying on Zeke to make sure he was safe.  

“I.” Tyler pauses and shakes his head. “I just want to feel like a person, like I have a choice, like I matter to people. I feel like I’ve had all my rights stripped away and people are treating me like I’m some kind of job that needs to be taken care of. It’s really dehumanizing.” Tyler states, feeling a bubble of emotions coming up as he finally finds a way to describe how he felt.  

“If you don’t want to be here, I’ll tell G and I’ll keep staking out places until we find somewhere safe. But if you don’t want to go anywhere, G has pretty much accepted, at least for now, that I was right and you’re not safe anywhere else.” Zeke tells him as he walks over slowly, wanting to comfort Tyler but also a little worried Tyler would hit him. 

“I’m not safe anywhere.” Tyler shakes his head. “Not even here, if you’re just going to run off and leave me in the dark for long periods of time. You know how hard it has been to not cut? It’s the first thing I thought of when you left. I don’t even know why I didn’t. I could have. Drawer full of knives. Fuck I could have killed myself and the first anyone would have known would have been the smell of a day-old body.” Tyler states with a scoff. Zeke pauses and glances towards the kitchen drawers, hating himself for the personal danger he’d left Tyler in. 

“There’s going to be times when I have to leave you alone here, and I don’t know what I can do about it, to keep you from feeling abandoned?” Zeke stops in front of Tyler. 

“I just want to know that you are at least aware you’re leaving me behind. It’s scary and I need your reassurance. That you will come back, that you care what happens to me when you’re gone. When you don’t really talk to me then just disappear, it makes me feel like I don’t matter and if I don’t matter, if I’m only here so you can pat yourself on the back for ‘saving’ my life then you should have just let me be killed honestly because I don’t see a point in being alive if this is how I have to live.” Tyler sighs as if just his blunt honesty was giving him relief. Zeke looks at Tyler, considering what he had said and trying to think of how to handle this new issue. 

“Will a hug help?” Zeke offers. 

“No.” Tyler scoffs. 

“Can I hug you anyway?” He asks. Tyler looks at Zeke as he steps forward and doesn’t protest as he wraps him in a comforting embrace. Tyler was trying to stay mad, really trying. “I’m sorry I disappeared. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was alive, and I’m sorry it caused you so much stress.” Zeke sounded sincere but Tyler still couldn’t help feeling a little forgotten. “What can I do to make it up to you?” Zeke asks, stepping back and putting his hands on Tyler’s shoulders, only looking into his eyes for a moment before letting go and pretending to be distracted by the pager. 

“I need to know what is going on. Properly. No more picking and choosing facts.” Tyler demands. 

“You know I can’t tell you everything.” Zeke sighs, stepping back and raking his fingers through his hair. “We’ve been over this.” 

Yeah but they will wipe my memory if I leave here right?” Tyler points out, Zeke looks at him, considering his point. “And if I don’t leave and stay here with my memory, who’s it going to hurt if I know what is really going on?” He was making perfect, terrifying sense. 

“Huh.” Zeke nods thoughtfully, hands on his hips as he thinks about whether he had any good arguments to not tell Tyler all the truth. “I have to go for now, but how about we talk about it all over dinner?” Zeke suggests. 

Of course you have to go now.” Tyler rolls his eyes. “But sure. We’ll talk over dinner.” He sighs. 

“Awesome, it’s a date.” Zeke gives Tyler a wink that throws him completely off, then walks away leaving Tyler more confused than he had found him. Tyler opens the Ipad and goes into notes, finding the list of questions he’d been thinking of in Zeke’s absence. The level of importance of how Zeke felt about him, had been fairly low compared to ‘how can you be fine with your friend torturing your ex?’ and ‘Are you still working the case behind G’s back?’ But if Zeke was going to keep dropping hints, like kissing him and saying ‘it’s a date’, Tyler wanted to get this one question sorted out first. ‘What the fuck are your exact, no bullshit, feelings towards me?’  

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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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What Tyler was saying to Zeke made total sense as long as Tyler is in that place he can't be of any danger of any info of the mission leaking out so just tell him everything.

They scouted two safe houses for Tyler to stay in and the bad guys knew about both.That would suggest there's an insider feeding the bad guys info so maybe Tyler may not be safe where he is either.Zeke said"It's a date" I wonder if it will end up being a real date😉

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I would agree that there's a leak of information, and I have a feeling we'll be most surprised who the "leak" is. 

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Interesting that Zeke seems to be sorry but somehow I think that he isn't, Tyler has every right to be angry I wonder what is going to be said at dinner

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2 hours ago, pvtguy said:

I would agree that there's a leak of information, and I have a feeling we'll be most surprised who the "leak" is. 

 I think I know what you're implying that would be interesting

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