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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Promise To Protect - 29. Unravelling A Web of Lies

More italics for 'dreams'. 

Tyler sits on the huge bed in the luxurious hotel room, watching Zeke nervously flick though channels on the TV. He'd barely looked at or spoken to Tyler since he'd gotten here, despite being the one that had organized and invited him out here.

"Z?" Tyler sighs.

"Sorry, I'm not good at this." Zeke immediately apologizes, turning to Tyler with the most kind and innocent sorry expression that Tyler had ever seen.

"Relax, dates are meant to be fun." Tyler smiles and moves closer to try and help Zeke get comfortable.

"I've just never been on one. Or been with anyone." Zeke tells him.

"Clearly." Tyler laughs sweetly. "Because this is the least normal date I've ever been on. Why are we here? Not out at a movie or something? I mean what kind of teen books a 5 star hotel for a first date?" Tyler asks, moving behind Zeke and massaging his shoulders. "What are you so worried about?" He asks, feeling the tension in his shoulders.

"I just, haven't met someone that..." Zeke pauses.

"That...?" Tyler asks.

"I like." Zeke admits, it sends a warmth all through Tyler's body. Mission seduce Zeke and make him vulnerable had worked easier than he expected. The problem was he didn't want to hurt him now. "Have I said something wrong?" Zeke asks, noticing the silence behind him. He hadn't, he'd said the right thing, it was the feeling it gave Tyler that was wrong. It felt very wrong and all of a sudden Tyler feels this panic rising in him that he couldn't see this through, that he was failing.

"No." Tyler gets off the bed and starts putting his shoes on. "Sorry. I like you too Zeke, but I get this feeling that you're not really ready for this." Tyler bullshits up an excuse to leave.

"No wait, please." Zeke gets up from the bed too, following Tyler to the door and catching his arm, Tyler turns back to Zeke, making the mistake of looking into his eyes where he feels himself internally struggling between his orders and desires. "I'm just, not really, out. That's why I wanted to meet here. I'm sorry it's not a proper date, I really wanted to get to know you because I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since the coffee shop. I was really hoping to kiss you, but I'm not ready for people to know about me. I didn't mean to make things so weird." Zeke explains himself as he steps in closer to Tyler, his eyes shifting nervously from his lips to Tyler's eyes then with all the fake confidence in the world, Zeke goes for it. Planting the briefest kiss on Tyler's lips that was so full of nerves that it made them both laugh. Tyler squeezes his hand and shakes his head while the two laugh about the awkwardness of the moment.

"Ok. Lets pretend that didn't happen." Tyler suggests as he stops laughing and looks at Zeke's lips. "Relax, breathe and just go with what feels natural." Tyler leans in and lets his lips softly brush Zeke's, before tenderly kissing him. "See, not so scary." Tyler whispers. Zeke smiles and this time he is the one taking the lead again with small sweet kisses that Tyler gets lost in. Forgetting what he'd come here for and just falling into the pattern with Zeke's lips.

"Can we start this date again?" Zeke asks in a whisper. Tyler laughs, feeling himself being challenged through what he wanted and what he was meant to be doing. Zeke wasn't who he thought he'd be and Tyler couldn't, in good conscious, follow his orders, until he knew for sure whether Zeke deserved his fate. "Tyler? Tyler? Wakey-wakey?"

"Wakey-wakey." Tyler opens his eyes to G clicking his fingers in his face. Tyler groans, missing his dream already. " Come on, get with it." G orders.

"Fuck you." Tyler mumbles, squeezing his eyes shut and trying to go back to a hotel bed with a gentle teen Zeke being nervous about kissing him. What he wouldn't give for that to be reality and all of this to be the nightmare.

"I'm getting really sick of this." G groans.

"Yeah? You try being the one chained to a wall for a week and questioned over and over again about the same shit." Tyler retorts frustrated and tired, so ready to push his luck and have G put him out of his misery in an impulsive explosion of rage.

"What's the reading say?" G turns his attention to Corey who was standing beside Tyler with the EEG machine, reading the screen.

"Just, activity in the hippocampus, again." Corey states sounding bored.

"And that means he's just dreaming?" G snaps, frustrated by his lack of understanding.

"Regular, normal, dreams. I told you. He doesn't know anything. He's just dreaming, the first reading must have been a machine fault." Corey sighs and starts taking off all the wires he'd covered Tyler's head in. All these weird dreams were killing Tyler, he'd really enjoyed the thought of seducing Zeke in a coffee shop, of shy kisses in a hotel room, and wished it was real. Every part of him wanted to go back to sleep and continue the fantasy of just meeting Zeke in a normal world. He wanted to know what his mind could create for them as just regular people. He was thankful the nightmares had stopped, but wished these sweet dreams weren't his mind trying to fill a space that was empty with Zeke still being MIA.

"Or, he was having memories replaying in his head then, but he's not now. We'll keep monitoring to be sure. If there's any chance he knows more than what he's saying, I'll continue. I'm not about to let Zeke down just because, for a few days, this complete traitor is having 'normal dreams'. We saw the same with Wyatt." G states as if Corey needed reminding. For Tyler though, this was the first time he was hearing what all the suspicion was coming down to. His imagination, his subconscious. He was on trail for something his brain was doing when he wasn't even awake. “Where’s Zeke?” G asks, walking closer to Tyler.  

“I don’t know!” Tyler grimaces. “Can you get the light out of my face, please?”  

“Why should we?” G asks. “Is it annoying you?”  


“Good. Then maybe you’ll comply.” G sounds victorious. “Now I’ll ask you once again and I want you to think hard about your answer because I am being very fair here, but if you won’t tell me, I’ll dose you with a harsher serum. Where. Is. Zeke?” He demands.

I. Don’t. Know! I wish I fucking knew. Do you think I'm enjoying this? I'm not. If I knew where he was, I would tell you. Above all else, because I care about him and hope to god he's alive and safe out there. I want him back here just as much as you do.” Tyler wasn’t sure how much longer he could handle this. He needed Zeke to be found, or to return and get him out of this situation. 

"Because you have feelings for him? That's why you keep muttering his name in your sleep." G sips at his coffee and exhales with a frustrated huff right in Tyler's face.

"I've already answered that."

"But each time, your answer is different. You say you have feelings for him, you say you like him, you say you don't understand how you feel, you say you think you're falling in love with him. Why do the feelings keep changing? Is it because you're dreaming about him? Are you falling in love with a fantasy you're making up in your head?" G asks. Tyler feels himself deflate at the suggestion. He didn't know anymore. Every dream of Zeke seemed to strengthen how he felt, and yet at the same time he knew they were nothing more than his mind playing tricks. He just wanted the real Zeke home, he wanted his comfort right now, he wanted to be rescued from this hell and if he couldn't be, then he wanted to let it consume him and finally have peace from the awful last few months he'd been forced to endure since being pulled into this dark and dreary world of misery and murders.

“I told you he didn’t know anything.” Corey sighs.  

He is the closest chance we have to finding out what’s happened to Zeke, so we’re going to question him like any other traitor. He’ll talk. Eventually.” G replies.  

“The truth serum has never failed before. If he says he doesn’t know then he can't be lying about it.” Corey insists.  

“Do you know what’s happened to Zeke?” G asks, not giving up.  

“I swear, I don’t know.” Tyler answers.  

“Fine. Keep lying to me then, we’ll see how long you can do this for.” G shrugs. “Leave the light on him. He’ll crack eventually.” He walks back over to Corey

“You’re afraid of me! You’re scared of me! You’re such an idiot G, you’ve never liked me being here and I don’t know why but you’re a complete moron if you think chaining me up and hurting me is going to get you answers. If you were any kind of decent agent, you’d be smart enough to know I’m not a threat, but you’re too stupid to work that out, aren’t you!?” G smacks his fist against Tyler’s cheek in response.  

“G!” Corey shouts and races over to him. He looks at Tyler, who's spitting blood from his mouth. “What are you doing?” Corey asks

“Give him a dose of burning serum.” G demands and walks out of the way of the light so it again forced Tyler to squeeze his eyes shut to avoid the blinding brightness.  

“The truth serum works, whatever he’s telling you is the truth.” Corey argues.  

“Including him calling me an idiot, a complete moron and stupid?” G snaps. Corey looks at Tyler and tries to hold back a smile as he sees one creep across Tyler’s face.  

“I literally cannot lie, idiot!” Tyler calls out then spits more blood and sucks on his bleeding lip. G turns around and storms over to Tyler but Corey intervenes.

G stop!” He orders.  

“I will not be insulted by this kid!” G shouts in Corey’s face.  

“He’s an idiot for provoking you, but if Tyler is telling the truth, then you are attacking an innocent man. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?” Corey asks.  

“I’m not buying his act. You might, Zeke might, but I’m not! We've seen enough to know that there is something else going on. If he isn't working with them, then why is it when he ran at the group at Zeke's house, no one shot him? Why is it when he was out there alone being 'hunted down' no one found him? How do we even know he didn't kill his own parents, to set Zeke up? Replicate his trauma and use that to gain Zeke's pity and empathy? I'm telling you now, Tyler is a trap. A well planned one, but certainly a trap and Zeke fell for it.” G replies and pulls himself out of Corey’s grip, then walks back over to the table near the door. “Which one is the burning serum?” He asks. 

“Keep your mouth shut and don’t provoke him.” Corey whispers to Tyler.

"Why not? I know I'm not getting out of this alive unless Zeke comes back. Whatever this paranoid fucking moron, thinks I'm guilty of, he's made up his mind." Tyler scoffs. His only hope was death now, as far as he was concerned, and he'd be dammed if he wasn't going to his grave leaving behind a slew of insults. He was powerless and the only way he could fight back was with his words now.

"Ok, you both need to take a break from this." Corey stands in front of Tyler as G steps forward with a raised fist again. "Let's take a break. Cool off, re-evaluate. Nothing good is ever achieved when you're acting out of anger." Corey suggests he was beyond sick of having to patch up the cuts and tend to the bruises G was leaving on Tyler and was already stressed enough about what Zeke's reaction would be to all of this. It wouldn't be pretty as it was, but if Tyler pushed G into doing much more damage, everyone would be safer with Zeke not returning.

“Two hours?” G asks. 

“Two hours until what?” Corey sighs.

“Until we come back and try again.”

“G, I'm worried about his deterioration. I really don't think we should be continuing anything at this point. Besides, we know he's been telling the truth. He doesn't know anything..."

"I'm starting to think I've got the wrong traitor up in chains." G turns on Corey with an aggressive glare as if warning him not to keep siding with Tyler, for fear of ending up being the next one questioned.

"I'm doing my job. And no offence, G, but I'm much more afraid of what Zeke is going to do when he gets back, than what you might think of me. You can't really believe he's somehow keeping shit from you, look at him." As Corey brings G's attention back to Tyler, he notices the weak and fragile appearance of the starved, dehydrated, bruised and bloodied young 'traitor' who was hanging in the chains so defeated that he'd clearly been broken a number of times over. If there was anything he knew, he would have said it by now.

"I'll decide what I'm doing with him before we come back. You will come with me. I'm not having you around him without my supervision." G crosses his arms and waits for Corey to reluctantly walk out the door, before he leaves Tyler again to the darkness he was so use to by now.


"A limousine pulls up beside Tyler and the window winds down to reveal Zeke.

"Are you avoiding me?"

"Are you stalking me?" Tyler asks back, looking around suspiciously.

"A little. So, are you avoiding me?" 

"Look, it's not about you. I just don't really think we're going to work. I'm not the 'hook-up in a hotel room' type and you're not out so lets just not." Tyler keeps walking and the limo creeps along beside him.

"I'm sorry that you feel that way. I was hoping to take you out on a proper date though." Zeke sighs. Tyler rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "I've got two tickets to The Obsolete tonight, but it's 100% a date. I'm not just going to take me because you're cute and I'm falling for you." Tyler pauses and turns to Zeke, seeing the sweet smile on his face, and almost as importantly, the tickets in his hand. "See, I might be a bit unsure, but I do listen to you. Your favourite band, right?"

"That show sold out as soon as it was announced, you couldn't have bought those tickets for me." Tyler argues, stepping forward to see if they were real.

"I pulled some strings." Zeke shrugs and lets Tyler inspect the tickets. He knew this was a bad idea, but for once he wanted to be an impulsive teenager and just go out and enjoy himself.


"See now this is a real date." Tyler grins as he and Zeke stand front and centre to a stage.

"I've never been to a concert before." Zeke nods, smiling at the stage too, excited for the show ahead.

"Just so you know, I'm not going to care about your existence until after the show." Tyler warns, fairly sure he'd make it up to him after the show though. As the lights go out, he screams, letting his inner fanboy shine. Zeke getting him tickets and taking him to his favourite band was such a boyfriend move, the line had become blurred between what was a tactical 'date' to understand him more, and a date just for the sake of having an excuse to spend time with Zeke. He knew they were both playing with fire here, and that he needed to find a way to disappear from Zeke's life before things got complicated and anyone got hurt. Tonight had to be the absolute last time they were together. 

As the show comes to a dramatic and confusing end, with lights, music and every mic being cut on and off during the last song, a bold coming out song no less, two of the members lock lips and the audience erupts into supportive screams.

"Tyler." Zeke gently turns Tyler's face to look at him, then he kisses him hard. Not a single fuck given for who was seeing them share this kiss too, inspired by the couple on stage. For a moment Tyler feels an overwhelming amount of respect for Zeke, making this move in public. But soon a feeling of guilt floods him. Tyler wanted out, he wanted out of everything. His feelings had absolutely compromised the job and he knew he couldn't see this through. With Zeke's lips pressed against his, he starts feeling a burning sensation coming up inside him, only this time it's getting stronger, to the point of actual pain that forces Tyler to step back.


Tyler's eyes open as the pain increases through his body, feeling as though every vein was on fire. 

“Fuck! M-make it st-stop!” Tyler screams in pain, his body writhing in a hopeless attempt to escape his suffering.

“Not so brave this time, are you? Wanna insult me now?” G asks tauntingly.  

Th-this is barbaric!” Tyler screams, tears were streaming down his face and his fingers were twitching and stiffening, as were his toes. The pain was intense and there was nothing for him to do other than wait for the effect to wear off, though every second was passing too slowly.. “MAKE IT STOP!” Tyler screams in absolute agony.

"G, what the hell have you done?" Corey asks as he races into the room and over to Tyler immediately.

"I stood by Zeke's side through everything, I'm not about to let him get destroyed by his own foolishness." G snaps as he throws down an empty syringe. "Just a little dose of the burning serum to remind him who not to mess with."

“I’M SORRY! I’M S-SO SORRY! PLEASE J-JUST MAKE IT STOP!” Tyler pleads. Corey turns his back to Tyler so he didn’t have to see the hopeless and desperate struggle to try to relieve the torment he was in.  

“G, it sickens me that you’re standing there watching him mercilessly. Zeke trusts him, and I’m not comfortable doing this to him anymore. We do not have enough evidence to be doing this. Tyler has lied to my face before, I know when he’s lying and I can tell you, he hasn’t lied to you about what he knows. He knows less than we do about what’s happening to Zeke.” Corey shakes his head and looks at his watch. “It’s almost done, Tyler.” He sighs and hangs his head as he hears Tyler’s painful cries come to a stop. The only sound left was sobbing and whimpering of someone taken past the point of what he could handle.

He’s gotta know something.” G mutters, disappointed that he was still getting nowhere.

“Why can’t you just accept that he doesn’t?!” Corey asks, beyond infuriated at the thought that he was going to have to try and defend to Zeke, how G had been able to use a serum on Tyler and why Corey hadn't made sure that G couldn't access them. This would come back on him, even if he didn't want any part in what they had been doing to Tyler. He'd promised he would keep him safe in Zeke's absence, and he'd failed. He'd let him down and he would suffer the consequences of that.

"Zeke has put his trust in the wrong people before, forgive me for not trusting someone just because he does. I have been responsible for taking care of Zeke for over a decade. My priority is him, not whoever the hell he is with." G argues.

"I know. And I want to help Zeke too, but this is just going to piss him off. He's not going to thank us, even if it turns out Tyler is lying about something." Corey shouts momentarily stunned by what had just been unfolding in front of him. Tyler slumped in the chains now, begging for death quietly.

"What are you doing?" G asks as Corey prepares a syringe.

"Showing mercy. Until Zeke returns or such time as we have adequate reason to continue this questioning, I'm letting him rest." Corey walks over to Tyler. "I'm going to put you to sleep, ok? This will let your body recover and keep you safe. Are you happy for me to do this?" Corey asks and as soon as he gets the weak 'yes' he injects the syringe and watches Tyler's body become limp as he falls unconscious.


"Was that one of your nightmares?" Corey asks quietly as Tyler sits bolt upright, sweating and gasping for breath.

"Yes." Tyler grabs at his throat.

"Can you tell me what it was about?" Corey sits on the bed beside him.

"I was a trap. I was a trap and Zeke fell for it." Tyler answers shakily.

"Tyler, can I give you a sleeping serum, so I can monitor you for a few days and see what's going on? I'm really worried about this." Corey informs him gently.

"Why, what's so weird about my nightmares?"

"The part of your brain that was active, was not the part responsible for imagination, it was the part responsible for memories..." 

Copyright © 2020 Littlelovestories; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Wow G seems to becoming more unhinged. Its difficult to decide whether Tyler is lying or he's just dreaming at the moment.

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What do we know about G background?Is he even qualified to do this stuff seems like he's not.

I wonder what memories Tyler was referring to?Based on what the story revealed nothing like that happened .Could Tyler possibly believe something happened but it really didn't 

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Wow G is one f*#ked up idiot, I wonder what would happen to him if they did to him what he is doing to Tyler, I hope that they turn the table on G very soon , I have a feeling that he would not last very long , I hope that Tyler gets out of this torture soon

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1 hour ago, Anton_Cloche said:

I'm afraid Tyler's death will be his only escape. This story is taking a bad turn.

Or Zeke turning up and rescuing Tyler from G and Corey.

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I still am waiting for the revelation of what this "organization" that G , Zeke and Corey belong to.  G seems very focused on "protecting" Zeke, but from what?  Good mystery writing -keeps us wondering.

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5 hours ago, chris191070 said:

Or Zeke turning up and rescuing Tyler from G and Corey.

Or Better Yet... Corey, as he remembers his promise to Zeke to protect Tyler, finds his balls, puts them back in place, grabs a syringe with a HUGE dose of the BURNING solution and stabs :devil: G right in the carotid artery. Not so that he bleeds out, but 🔥 burns, a lot.

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