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A Promise To Protect - 13. Playing Hostage

Tyler runs fearlessly to the enemy's car, taking them by surprise, and sending a surge of panic through Zeke who now had to decide whether to give himself up to save Tyler from this stupid act or to use this as a decoy for his own escape. It was as though Tyler had completely turned on him, Zeke couldn’t hear what was being said but Tyler was frantically pointing towards the house to give away where Zeke was hiding. And after what Zeke had said to him, it made sense, Tyler probably didn’t know who to trust now. Too easily misled, the men around the front start to scatter around to the other side of the house opposite to where Zeke was hiding, while shouting instructions to those about to round the corner and find him, to come back. The only people left in view were the driver and Tyler, who was still putting on a petrified act. Zeke hesitates, he knew this was his chance to get out with Tyler but he had no way of being sure Tyler wouldn’t be hurt the moment the man in the car saw Zeke. The driver turned away from Tyler for a moment and Tyler takes the opportunity to shoot him with a tranquilizer that he’d stuffed down the top of the bullet proof vest. Sensing this was his moment, Zeke runs up to the car to join him. He immediately takes over, grabbing the guy from the front seat and pushing him into the back.

“I’ve got a car nearby, for such occasions. We’ll need to change cars or they will be able to track us. I’ll let you out and I’ll drive further up the road to a park where I’ll ditch this car. You’ll have to drive up to the park and pick me up in the decoy car.” Zeke orders as he throws the suit cases in the back and climbs in the driver’s seat. Tyler quickly gets in the passenger seat and barely gets the door shut before Zeke starts driving, straight towards the end of the cul-de-sac, up the driveway to the house that was in the process of being built and then around the back, headed straight into the bush. Tyler nervously clips his seat belt on and holds the handle above the door, feeling absolutely terrified of the off road driving, he figured Zeke knew what he was doing but he was swerving briskly between trees and rocks and the car was bouncing around on the uneven ground. Finally it comes to a stop and Zeke gets out, taking the suitcases out and transferring them to the decoy car, which was old and covered in police tape, moss and dead branches. “Do me a favour and tie him up while I get this sorted.” Zeke orders and finds the light for the back seats. Tyler undoes his seat belt and gets in the back, finding rope easily and attempting to tie up the unconscious driver. Zeke dumps the suitcases beside the car then rolls the rock lodged under the front wheel of the car, out of the way and picks up the keys that where underneath it. He unlocks the car and gets in, starting the motor before returning to the other car. He opens the back door and gets the driver out, Tyler tries to help moving him but Zeke was clearly capable of doing it himself, dragging the limp body to the car and throwing him in the backseat, he turns back to Tyler with a smile. “Always good to have a hostage.” He says casually.

“Ironic, considering I told him I was your hostage.” Tyler scoffs.

“Can you see the light in that direction?” Zeke asks, pointing in the direction the decoy car was facing.


“Drive in that direction and about four kilometres up the road, there’ll be a park. Meet me there.” Zeke explains, opening the driver door for Tyler.

“I don’t even know how to drive.” Tyler replies nervously stepping towards the vehicle.

“Put it into drive, hand break down, the small pedal is the accelerator and the big one is the break. You’ll be fine, take it easy. I’ll see you soon.” Zeke tells him in a rush as he gets back into the other car, starting it up and driving away without another word. Tyler gulps and gets in the driver seat. With the keys already in the ignition he moves the clutch into drive then puts the hand break down. He gently puts his foot down and steers the car nervously through the trees and onto the road, it was taking all his concentration not to crash and as he hits the road it jolts harshly down from the curb.

His driving is far from good but he makes it to the park alive, surprising mostly to himself. Zeke was up ahead, rummaging through the car for anything he deemed as important. Tyler slams on the breaks too early and stops in the middle of the road, he’s about to drive further when a cold hard object is pressed against his neck.

“Guess you wanna play hostage then?” The driver’s voice sends a chill up Tyler’s spine. The man from the back climbs into the front passenger seat and smiles at Tyler who was silent in fear, of all times to freeze up it had to be now but he was hoping with all his strength that Zeke would just turn around any moment and would somehow save him. “What’s your name? So I know who to report to the local classifieds in the morning.” The man grins. Tyler stays silent and the man gives an amused laugh then leans in close, right in Tyler’s personal space. “Don’t bore me, or I’ll have to make this more fun. See how long it takes before Zeke looks over.” The man whispers, his gun free hand grabbing Tyler’s knee as he sticks his tongue out and licks the side of Tyler’s face to intimidate him. Tyler grimaces and tries to push him away, forgetting about the knife pressed to his neck but luckily this sleaze had also forgotten what he was meant to be doing. He grabs Tyler’s arm and pins it back against the headrest of the car, his eyes scanning Tyler’s arm. “Rough life huh?” The man asks, moving his knife from Tyler’s neck to trace gently along the scars on his upper arm. Tyler remains silent, looking towards Zeke desperately hoping he’d just turn around and notice him. “Didn’t your Mumma ever teach you? It’s across the road for attention. Down the street to do the job right.” The man sneers and Tyler gasps out in shock as the man pierces the knife into his wrist and slices down towards his elbow then lets go of him as he sees lights flashing out of the corner of his eyes. Zeke turns around immediately as the flashing of the cars‘ hazard lights grabs his attention. He starts walking slowly towards the car then takes out his gun and raises it as he notices the second silhouette in the front. “Show time.” The guy announces, nudging Tyler. “Get out of the car, quickly.” Feeling the wet knife pressed against his neck again, Tyler does as he’s told. His heart was racing at the same time it felt like he’d been in this moment for hours already, the rapid rush of blood to his wrist was making him feel instantly lethargic.

“Zeke, watch out!” Tyler shouts as soon as he sees Zeke running towards him.

“And the man of the hour Finally arrives! Can’t believe I get to be the one to hand you over...” The man barely finishes his sentence before a shot rings out. The grip on Tyler’s shoulder becomes weak and then the weight of the body behind him falls forward against him, crippling him to the ground too.

“Get back in the car.” Zeke instructs, heaving the dead body off Tyler and rushing to the boot, he pulls out a bottle of gasoline and hurriedly starts dragging the dead body back to the car. Tyler gets up weakly and stumbles back to the car, getting in the passenger seat and holding his bleeding arm, trying to keep it above his heart to slow the flow but he felt too weak. Zeke shoves the body in the driver seat of the other car, covers it in gasoline and throws a match at it. As the car bursts into flames, Zeke runs back and gets in the driver seat of the car Tyler was waiting in.

"Did you just light him on fire?" Tyler asks completely mortified.

“I did shoot him first, so it's not like he's alive to feel it anyway." Zeke starts the car and quickly drives away from the scene. "I told you to leave, what the hell were you thinking?” Zeke asks angrily as they drive away from the chaos of the night.

“I wanted to help. A thank you would be nice.” Tyler groans.

“You put your life at risk against my orders and you want me to thank you for that? You could have died Tyler. Do you understand how stupid that risk was?” Zeke snaps at him.

“It helped though didn’t it? And besides, I might die yet the way I’m going.” Tyler confesses as he moves his hand from his bloodied wrist that he was becoming too weak to keep holding tight, Zeke glances over to see what he is talking about.

“Jesus Christ Tyler. Are you OK?” Zeke asks, pulling over immediately. He lifts Tyler’s arm to inspect the injury. Tyler gulps back the fear and gives a single nod then takes a deep shaky breath and let it out slowly, he felt like he was going into shock seeing how much blood he was losing. “Fuck. Ok. You will bleed out before we make it there so this is gonna have to be dealt with now.” Zeke pops open the glove box and retrieves a small first aid kit that seemed ridiculously inadequate for the injury Tyler had. Zeke turns on the light inside the car and opens up the kit, grabbing out a bandage out and wrapping it tightly above the open wound to slow the bleeding.

“Zeke.” Tyler says weakly.

“You’re going to be fine.” Zeke tells him calmly as he pulls on some sterile gloves and opens a small bottle of alcohol to sterilize the wound. "This is going to hurt. Hold my hand and squeeze it if you need to." Tyler clings to Zeke's hand and throws his head back in pain as Zeke pours the alcohol over the open wound. Zeke looks at Tyler's face, watching the tears from the pain silently roll down his cheeks. He was amazed at Tyler's strength, because so much of this time had been spent seeing him as weak and struggling but tonight he'd really shown an impressive amount of reserve. Zeke uses a clean wad of padding to dab the blood clear from the cut to see how deep and long it is. The bleeding was barely slowing and would need stitches. "Ok." Zeke takes Tyler’s hand and places it against his neck. “I need to report to headquarters, don’t speak but press your fingers here.” He orders, Tyler pushes his fingers against Zeke’s neck as hard as he could considering how weak he felt. “There‘s been a safety breach at my house about 5 dead, a few just tranqued, requiring evidence clean up. I’m on my way into the facility with an injured companion, knife wound to his left lower arm about four inches long and bleeding profusely, will require stitches and a possible blood transfusion.” While Zeke is talking he is working at covering the wound and wrapping Tyler's arm with compression bandages. “Do you know your blood type?” Zeke asks Tyler who just shakes his head. “Unknown blood type, check his parents records they were case 8928. Our ETA is 23 minutes. Get Corey to meet me at the third entrance.” Zeke finishes bandaging Tyler’s arm and moves his hand away from his neck.

“We’re going to your work?” Tyler asks, surprised “Aren’t you going to get in trouble when they find out about me?”

“I’ll handle it.” Zeke shrugs and pulls out a pair of the handcuffs, putting one on Tyler's wrist and the other on the handle above the car window to keep the blood flow above his heart. “Now I’m sorry about this, but it’s for the best ok. I’ll wake you when we get there.” Zeke tells him and takes the tranquilizer Tyler had dropped, shooting it into his thigh before Tyler can react.

Copyright © 2020 Littlelovestories; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Some pretty scary moments. I remember the first time I tried to drive had it been me in Tyler's place every living thing in my vacinity would have died

On one hand Tyler seems suicidal but here he's fighting to live. Wonder if Zeke is in deep doo doo when they find out about Tyler 

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Wow that was a really intense chapter, drama galore but they now both know that they can rely on each other

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When my daughter first started her driving practices with her permit, she demanded to know why I had taken her to practice about the cemetery driveways; my reply was that you won’t be able to kill the dead. 😝 it was actually a very good place, with little traffic and lots of space to practice backing up.

Excellent chapter with loads of excitement @Littlelovestories. For his age, Tyler is very smart and I still say he is a bad ass young man!

Edited by Philippe
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So Tyler is one devious guy when he wants to be and Zeke...honestly the one who’s gonna be screwed is Tyler. Zeke seemed pretty confident he could weather the storm if the truth were revealed but regardless of how things turn out for him at least he’ll live. According to Zeke & Corey their boss will want Tyler protected by the “proper authorities” which in the past has apparently had a 100% chance of resulting in the witnesses being killed. Zeke is going to have some serious wrangling to do if he hopes to avoid Tyler being placed in the custody of some government run agency.

Edited by NimirRaj
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