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A Promise To Protect - 32. Words Left Unheard

I am posting this earlier than I planned, because I am so hyped for the response after all the comments from the last few chapters. Also, because I've had writers' block about the next few chapters, for weeks, and finally overcame that. So now that it's all written I'm going to sit back and enjoy your reactions. Have fun~




"Do you know what safe house I'll be at?" Tyler asks as he stares at himself in the mirror, wondering what will be left of him when this is all done. If he'll feel differently about things he enjoyed that had nothing to do with Zeke. Whether he'd have a full-blown crisis and dye his hair, change his sense of fashion and become some unrecognizable version of himself. He'd been full of questions, taking this quite well considering his initial objection. Zeke was torn on how to feel about it himself. Tyler was being rational, getting information about it and what to expect for his 'refreshed' life, so Zeke couldn't exactly be anything but rational in his responses too. Still, he was resenting that every passing moment was wasted on talking about the inevitable and not enjoying what they had left. "Do I at least get to pick my own tragic backstory?"

"How could you possibly come up with something worse than reality?" Zeke mutters pessimistically.

"Well, it's got to explain all the injuries. Maybe I was this homeless drug addict that got into a fight and is ready to turn his life around." Tyler offers.

"Your mind genuinely concerns me sometimes."

"What? That's got a positive twist to it. When I make it, I'll feel like I've really achieved something."

"You've gone through every possible emotional response to this, in the last hour alone." Zeke sighs. He didn't blame him or have anything else to add, more he'd just been thinking out loud. Tyler sighs and gives a shrug.

"Honestly, at this point. You do just have to roll with it. I get that there's no way around this, and I respect your reason for wanting to do things this way. I'm just nervous that I'll change completely and behave like someone else. Oh my god, what if this turns me straight!?" Tyler asks with a laugh.

"That's. That's absolutely not how any of this works." Zeke couldn't help but laugh too at the ridiculous suggestion.

"Thank god for that. That would be the most 'if I can't have you, then no guy can' move though." Tyler's eyes set on Zeke as he takes in his smile, it was somehow more gorgeous than he'd ever noticed before.

"I'm trying to give you the life you deserve, not rob you of it." Zeke's eyes meet Tyler's, which had filled with tears. "Tyler..." Zeke's face falls solemn again.

"I know it'll end up being one of those things I forget, but at risk of me waking up and feeling like a different person, and not caring about this..." Tyler chews his lip, considering whether this was completely stupid. "Can you be my first, you know." Tyler asks nervously.

"You're covered in injuries..."

"So be gentle."

"You don't want to have that be something you forget."

"Actually I heard the first is usually something you want to forget." Tyler tries to play it down then gives a sigh. "I might not remember, but that doesn't mean it will be any less meaningful. I just want for the first person it happens with, to be a good person who cares about me and respects me. How likely am I to find that? To not end up with someone I resent giving myself to? I don't know who I'll be tomorrow, but I know who I am now and I know who cares about me and respects me." Tyler explains, he strongly assumed Zeke would reject him and he might even end up relieved, because he'd have preferred it just happen naturally in the heat of the moment, than be something discussed before a final goodbye. Zeke doesn't reply for a long time and the room settles into uncomfortable and tense silence as Tyler watches Zeke's expressions while he seems to play through pro's and cons.

"It can't just be that. You have to be ready. Emotionally, physically. Not just because you feel like it's your one chance." Zeke finally replies and Tyler takes a deep breath, considering it himself, his turn to think it all the way through in every direction he could.

"I want this." He finally concludes, with a deep exhale.

"Are you sure?" Zeke asks, walking over to Tyler and looking into his eyes, his hands holding Tyler's hips.

"It just feels right." Tyler nods.



Denying how he felt for Tyler, was a lot more difficult when Tyler's hands were nervously resting on Zeke's shoulders. His face flushed a shy pink and his breathing shaky. If his lips had the power to cure an injury, there wouldn't be a single mark left on Tyler's body because Zeke had given an apologetic kiss to each one. He wanted Tyler to feel nothing but worshipped in this moment. There was every chance that he'd meet someone new and fall in love and have a perfectly good relationship after all of this, but at the thought of Tyler just flirting his way home with someone, Zeke wanted to ensure that he was treated properly and with every ounce of affection and love as he deserved this time at least. Love. The word was trapped behind Zeke's lips and if there was one thing he wouldn't dare do, it was letting that word out. This was already too telling.

"You can still change your mind." Zeke whispers, not wanting Tyler to feel any less in control just because he was in a vulnerable position.

"So can you, you can just keep me locked up down here and tell everyone you sent me away." Tyler smiles, Zeke smiles back and kisses Tyler's cheek, then the nape of neck.

"Are you feeling ok, nothing is hurting?" Zeke asks, looking into Tyler's eyes to make sure Tyler isn't lying when he gives a gentle 'no'. "Promise you'll tell me if you want me to stop at any point or if anything is hurting." Zeke moves a little, and Tyler's breath hitches as he anticipates what is about to happen. "Relax." Zeke takes one of Tyler's hands and holds it tight.

"I'm ready." Tyler assures him, holding his breath and waiting. As soon as he feels pressure against him, he closes his eyes and slowly breathes out as the pressure fills him. Zeke kisses him softly on the lips, then kisses his frown.

"You ok?" He asks. Tyler tilts his head, and a hand reaches behind Zeke's neck, bringing him down for a deeply passionate kiss. As they kiss, Tyler rolls his hips slowly, showing Zeke he's comfortable and ready for him to move. Zeke's fingers glide delicately down Tyler's body to his thigh and he's overcome with just how sweet Tyler's little gasps and soft exhales are as Zeke gently eases Tyler into the rhythm. Tyler's hand loosens it's grip of Zeke's as he calms into the new feeling and soon his breaths are turning to quiet moans which damn near drive Zeke insane as he is trying to resist the urge that was surging through him to speed up.

"Faster." Tyler breathes. Zeke picks up his pace, relieved. There's an occasional gasp or frown that shows discomfort, and each time Zeke slows to check that Tyler is still ok, which Tyler is quick to assure that he is. Zeke couldn't help feeling so glad that he wouldn't have to forget this, because he was going through a whole lot of emotions right now. Part of him thinking this beautiful guy deserved to leave all of this behind him, another caught up in trying to work out a way to keep Tyler safe while he investigated his own organization. An organization he brought Tyler to for protection. Tyler gives a gasp as Zeke's frustrations in his head, come through distractedly in his actions.


It must have felt right for Tyler, because he was so comfortable beneath him, not holding back on expressing himself and moving along with Zeke. It was bliss to be able to enjoy this together, and it was reassuring to see Tyler letting himself get lost in the moment and loving every second. Zeke had been a little worried Tyler would insist on this then seem forced or pressured, but he didn't seem to want to stop. The world could have been ending around them and Tyler was fairly sure he wouldn't notice because all he could feel was the absolute ecstasy he was writhing in.

All too soon Tyler finds himself clinging to Zeke once more, one hand on his shoulder and the other on his thigh, keeping him close, nails digging in and making Zeke hiss before Tyler's hands let go of him for just a moment, one grabbing at his arm now while the other disappeared between their bodies, shamelessly losing himself in the need for release.

"Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop." Tyler begs as his body shudders, he didn't care if he was done, this wasn't done. He didn't want this to ever be done. He wanted Zeke to use him, to feel as good as he'd just made Tyler feel and that's exactly what happens only a few moments later, with Zeke's head falling to place messy, hot kisses all over Tyler's neck, his thrusts slowing to a stop before he gives a reluctant sigh and falls breathlessly beside Tyler. They seemed to breathe in sync now, coming down from their respective highs. Zeke lays an arm across Tyler's chest, feeling how fast his heart was racing.

"You ok?" Zeke asks, watching the pensive way Tyler was staring up at the ceiling.

"Yeah. You?" Tyler looks back at Zeke and for a moment everything feels so serious, too serious for this soon after such an intensely intimate moment. Tyler is the first to start laughing, causing Zeke to laugh too at how out of place that felt after what they had just done. As if embarrassed by himself now, Tyler pulls the sheets up over himself and Zeke then starts laughing again.

"Now what?" Zeke smiles, watching Tyler trying to regain composure.

"I just... imagined me waking up tomorrow, trying to work out what's happened and who I am, and I've got all these injuries, but none of them seem to be linked to why I'm limping. It's not funny. But it also really is." Tyler keeps laughing, tears filling his eyes too though as the realization that he truly didn't want to forget that now that it'd happened, gets the better of him.

"Did I hurt you?" Zeke asks, propping himself up on his elbow and looking over Tyler, worried.

"No." Tyler shakes his head, crying now. Zeke moves closer and cuddles up to Tyler. "Who do I have to kill, so that I don't have to lose you?" Tyler asks, every bit of him prepared to go on a homicidal riot to spend the rest of his life in Zeke's arms.

"God, if I knew..." Zeke's words trail off, he felt the same, he felt almost sorry for the person who would have to pay for all he was saying goodbye to. For the first time, he was genuinely afraid of what he'd do when he finally got to face the person who had taken everyone he loved from him, be it his parents, or his lover. As soon as Tyler was safe, as soon as Zeke had a name with no doubt beside it, there would be hell to pay.


Tyler sits on the bed in Corey's room looking at his hands and sitting in silence, trying not to make a noise as he cries. He'd been trying to be brave about this, and he wasn't quite ready to accept they were truly going through with this. Every time things had seemed hopeless, they had found a way around it. They had taken a risk and made it work, why couldn't this time be the same? Why was this so final? Zeke sits beside him with a needle in his hand.

“I really don’t want to do this.” Tyler tells Zeke as he tries to hold himself together. “Z...”

“I don’t want to do this to you either.” Zeke gulps back his own tears, he was quickly crumbling, holding the needle that was about to take Tyler’s memories away from him and listening to Tyler beg him not to. He felt like he was holding a needle that would be the death of Tyler, and in some ways it was. It was the death of this version of himself. The death of who he'd become while Zeke had known him, from the broken, scared guy, to the badass that evaded death and beat the odds stacked against him.

“Is there any chance it won’t work?” Tyler asks, and lets out a loud sob as Zeke shakes his head. “So it’s really happening? I’m really about to lose you.” Tyler’s tears were falling rapidly now. Zeke hugs Tyler tight and tries desperately not to break the syringe in his hands, mentally reminding himself this was what was best for Tyler, that this was necessary. “Make sure you come and find me when this is all over. I’m sure I’ll fall in love with you again if you give me the chance.” Tyler tries to smile at Zeke but fails miserably. Zeke just looks away, a tear running down his cheek. tyler last shred of hope slipping away at the sight of Zeke's tears. “Why not?”

“It’d hurt too much to have you look right through me.”

“I love you. Remember that. One of us has to.” Tyler states with a pained sigh. Zeke couldn’t take it anymore. He kisses Tyler hard, as passionately as he possibly could. Ignoring their tears, they savour what would be their last kiss, a kiss Tyler would never remember and one Zeke would never forget.

Zeke could feel that Tyler was distracted enough that Zeke could insert the needle into Tyler's thigh. Shocked, Tyler breaks the kiss, but Zeke collects his lips again as he empties the serum into Tyler's muscle. Once the syringe was empty, Zeke pulls it out and throws it across the room, holding Tyler tight as they kiss.

Tyler’s lips suddenly stop kissing back, and Zeke feels Tyler’s body become limp in his arms. Zeke carefully lowers him against the bed and looks at his peaceful face. He lifts a hand and strokes Tyler’s cheek, wiping away the tears before letting his own flow.

“I'm so sorry I couldn’t keep you safe with me.” Zeke whispers and kisses Tyler’s lips again, then stands up weakly and takes a few deep breaths, willing himself to walk away, there was nothing else he could do now, it was too late to change his mind. Either way, Tyler wouldn't know him when he woke up. He retrieves the syringe from the floor and puts it back on the desk, then walks over to the door and opens it to see Corey waiting outside for him. “You can take him now.” Zeke tells him, then looks up at the ceiling to keep his eyes from welling with tears.

“Have you talked to him since you gave him the needle?”

“I said goodbye.”

“Go back in and talk to him. There's a few minutes where he'll be able to hear you and fold away some things into his dreams, just because he has to forget, doesn't mean nothing can stay in his subconscious.” Corey gives him a sympathetic smile.

“There is something I should tell him.” Zeke replies, walking into the room again. He closes the door and looks at Tyler, passed out on the bed. “Corey tells me I should talk to you, give you something good to dream about. You’re forgetting me as I speak but I’ll never forget you.” Zeke takes a deep breath and goes back over to the bed and looking down at Tyler. His heart filling with regret and rage at what he'd been forced to do.

“I don’t know what to tell you, but Corey thinks I should talk to you. He reckons you'll be able to dream some of these things. I hope you dream of yourself standing up to people and proving them wrong about you. I hope you continue to do that with whatever you end up doing in the future. Don't ever let anyone tell you what you're capable of.” Zeke pauses. "I'm torn about whether I'll see you again, you did ask and I said no because you’ll look straight into my eyes and ask me who I am. I think that’d break my heart, what’s left of it, anyway. But I miss your voice already, I'm going to miss you calling me 'Z'. God." Zeke shakes his head and looks away from him as he finds the strength to say what he's been putting off.

"When I got back, one thing I really wanted to do was tell you I'm falling in love with you. I figured it wasn't worth saying, considering it wouldn't change this, but...” Zeke sighs. “I tried not to, but I did fall for you Tyler.” He finally admits then with his heart well and truly breaking apart, he pulls himself away from Tyler and goes to the door.

“Did you give him some good things to dream about?” Corey asks.

“Please take him away now. I’m just torturing myself having him still here.” Zeke shakes his head and walks off, not looking back. He didn't have it in him to drag this out any longer now. It was done, time to let go and accept it.


"What are you doing here?" Zeke asks as he approaches his room, only to find G standing out the front.

"I've been needing to talk to you about Tyler, it's important..." G answers.

"With respect G, I'm not in the mood." Zeke replies, opening his door and walking into his room, shutting the door immediately behind himself and locking it. Whatever it was, it'd have to wait. He had an important meeting with an emotional breakdown that he'd been refusing to face for over a decade, that had finally received the final nail in the coffin.

Sinking into the bed, Zeke lets himself mourn all the things in his life that he'd just tried to push through. Years of trauma, of disappointments and frustration, and losing every good thing that he ever came in contact with. It was miserable to be defeated, to constantly feel like he was never doing enough, and he dreaded the thought of being trapped any longer. Now was the hard part, keeping his enemies close, and trying to work out who it was for that matter. More importantly, getting conclusive evidence before it came back on him. But all of that, was tomorrow's problem. Because today had been more than enough.

Zeke finds the iPad Tyler had been given. Knowing he'd have to clear everything in it, but wanting to enjoy an adventure into what Tyler was getting up to when he wasn't around, Zeke allows himself to go through it. There's the stupid list of questions from the conversation Zeke avoided like it would be the end of the world. Nudes that Zeke couldn't even open now because it felt wrong to look at naked photos of someone who didn't know he existed, anymore. A whole fanboy-ish folder of songs, music videos, and photos of the boy band he'd mentioned a few times. One single video on there that was titled 'The concert with the kiss' that Zeke is interested enough to open and is surprised to find he recognizes that band after all, in fact he couldn't remember where he'd seen this but he was fairly sure he had seen it at some point. It was weird that Tyler hadn't downloaded any other videos except that one, especially because all of the photos he had were of one of the members that wasn't the main focus of the video.

Continuing to snoop, he finds an internet history that went from 'porn', to 'shirtless photos of Blake' to 'local murders' to 'how do you know if someone likes you' and back to 'porn'. Apparently he'd been very bored in all the time he was left alone down here. Remembering only hours ago when Tyler had been unraveling in his bed, Zeke couldn't help wishing he'd not held back on his feelings for so long, there could have been so much more between them. Then again, this would hurt so much more too. He clears everything to factory settings, feeling in a way like this was the second time he'd erased Tyler and wishing he could clear himself to factory settings too, live on without having the remember what he'd lost.


Today, it was back to life as usual, to showing his face and playing the perfect boss. He'd demanded a complete shutdown of all operations within the company, preparing to reset things when he was ready. Everyone was contained, waiting for orders and unknowingly under investigation. He had his suspicions, of course, but he'd given himself a week between Tyler leaving and him starting to seriously look into people who worked for him. He didn't want his emotions to cloud his judgement and for him to overlook anything.

"G. How's your face?" Zeke asks from the other side of the desk, as usual. Finally, the roles reversed as G takes a seat opposite him.

"I'm not complaining, I deserved it, and worse. I heard you sent Tyler away. I'm really sorry." Zeke stares at him, surprised he had that audacity to bring this us.

"I'm sure you are."

"It's got to be hard, saying goodbye, again." G states casually.

"What do you mean, again?"

"Tyler. This isn't the first time you two have been through this." G tilts his head as he regards Zeke. "Did Corey not tell you? I thought he would have. Tyler's dreams were a result of triggered memories. Memories with you from when you two first met a few years ago."

"We met when his parents died." Zeke corrects.

"Why do you think you begged Corey to wipe your memories the night of your first proper mission?"

"No, because that person, they died..."

"Who told you that?" G asks with a pitying expression. "Zeke. Come on, use your head. Of course, after the trauma of that night, he had to have his memory of you wiped too, he was messed up. The story about his ex killing himself, did you ever ask what his name was? You know that the most successful memory wipes are accompanied with a devastating reason why someone may choose to shut out memories. He was told about his ex, and never questioned it. You were told the victim from the shed died and you didn't question it. I guess you could say, it worked perfectly for you two. I don't know what triggered Tyler, but I'm sure if Corey had told you, there would have been a way..."

"No." Zeke shakes his head, not wanting to believe that he could have been that close and yet not realized the truth staring him in the face.

"I knew you were seeing someone. I just didn't know who, until I went through your file in Corey's office. Corey knew, Zeke. I thought at the very least, he would have told you before you chose to have Tyler's memory wiped. Especially because from the EEG, it seemed that Tyler was having frequent memory relapses. With a single memory wipe, it's possible to recover what's lost, but with two, well he barely remembers what he's forgotten this time." G sighs, and before Zeke can fully take in what he's hearing, a gunshot rings out in the building. G flinches and gets up from his seat, pulling a gun from his pocket. Another shot rings out and a moment later, a group of people in full body armour come out of the weapons room.

"Holy shit."

"Zeke, do you have any weapons on you?" G asks, ducking out of view of the windows. Zeke checks his gun. The barrel contained only 3 bullets, nowhere near enough for this fight and he allows himself only a moment to resent that he'd somehow gotten this so wrong, that he'd doubted an outside threat enough to not start with ensuring everyone was secure inside. "Zeke, we need to get downstairs." G orders.

"Why? There's nothing downstairs."

"Well, I don't like our chances up here. At least downstairs we will have locked rooms and can buy ourselves time to come up with something. We have to move fast are you ready to run." G asks. Zeke looks out the door towards the lifts and gulps, he'd never make it there alive, but with 3 bullets, he wouldn't make it out alive up here either.

"Are you coming?" Zeke asks.

"I've been taking care of you for so long, as if I'd abandoned you now. You really don't trust me? I've got your back, Zeke. Now RUN!" G orders and opens the door. Zeke takes a deep breath and gives G a nervous, trusting nod before he legs it out the door. G, right behind him. Gunshots ring out, some in Zeke's direction, others from G. Bodies hit the floor as Zeke gets to the lifts, pressing the button. He turns to see Corey exiting his office, holding a gun. Corey's eyes fall on Zeke and G, and to Zeke's horror, he aims their way.

"Get in." Zeke shouts as the lift doors open and just as G is about to reach it too a bullet hits him in the back, then another and another.

"Th-there's another room. Find him. Before it's too..." G coughs and with the life leaving his eyes and the doors closing between them, Zeke stumbles back in the lift, bracing himself against the shock that was taking over his body. Corey had betrayed him. The last person Zeke was willing to truly believe could turn on him, and G had met his fate protecting Zeke. Just like he always promised he would. Zeke had been wrong.

Completely alone, shots ringing out on the floor above him, no power over what is coming for him and an empty, shattered sense of dread and anguish plaguing him, he descends down to nothing.

Copyright © 2020 Littlelovestories; All Rights Reserved.
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Wow what a chapter. So Corey betrayed everyone. G died defending Zeke. Let's hope Zeke can find Tyler, before Corey kills him. Tyler may not remember Zeke, but hopefully they can start again.

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Oh shit is all I can say , now the crap has really hit the fan

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3 hours ago, chris191070 said:

Wow what a chapter. So Corey betrayed everyone. G died defending Zeke. Let's hope Zeke can find Tyler, before Corey kills him. Tyler may not remember Zeke, but hopefully they can start again.

I’m withholding judgment. I don’t trust that G all of a sudden is a “good guy.“ I almost believe that G AND Corey are both bad instead.

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3 minutes ago, purrbaby said:

I’m withholding judgment. I don’t trust that G all of a sudden is a “good guy.“ I almost believe that G AND Corey are both bad instead.

There's almost certainly a twist to all of this.

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I was imaging a lot of scenarios but this wasn't one of them.So if Tyler and Zeke had met before well maybe something unscientific will win out here like they were meant for each and the third times a charm

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I feel like my memories been wiped too as I can’t make sense of this. Some part of me isn’t that shocked at the idea Corey is not the good guy he claims to be but I also don’t trust G just because of this conversation. This place has been full of secrets and deception from the very beginning making it very hard to discern the possible truths. 🤦🏻‍♂️ 

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Ah-Mazzzzzzzzzzz-Inggggggggg chapter...and amazing grace will be needed for Corey!! Poor Zeke surrounded by deceit and dishonesty most of his life...hope he can restore Tyler and go Beast on Corey's arse!!

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You said: " So now that it's all written I'm going to sit back and enjoy your reactions. Have fun~



LEFT!", so where are they? Or like Zeke are you leaving us hanging in wind? Worse than 'cliff hanger' is an author who drags it out. ( makes it harder for readers to decide whether to follow you... Just saying).



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1 hour ago, Anton_Cloche said:

You said: " So now that it's all written I'm going to sit back and enjoy your reactions. Have fun~



LEFT!", so where are they? Or like Zeke are you leaving us hanging in wind? Worse than 'cliff hanger' is an author who drags it out. ( makes it harder for readers to decide whether to follow you... Just saying).



They are written, not edited and ready to post, I am posting every few days now though. Just need to have the time to make sure I am happy with them, so the ending doesn't feel rushed.

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