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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Promise To Protect - 33. Mission - Do You Want to Know the Truth?

More italics for memories.

As the lift goes down, Zeke closes his eyes and tries desperately to recall the night he'd had wiped. If Tyler had been able to remember things after a wipe, then Zeke was determined he could too. He needed to know whether G was telling the truth about their past. Part of him hoped it wasn't true, because the torture and devastation of losing him a second time right when hope was that close, would be too much. Then again, if they did have a past, that would explain why Zeke had felt so invested from the start. Why the moment he saw Tyler, he had needed to keep him safe. It'd also explain why he felt such a strong pull towards him, even when he knew how inappropriate it was to have a relationship with someone he was protecting. Memories were gone, but the feelings were still there.

It also made sense why Zeke had such a moment of Deja Vu when he'd gone back to the shed to find Tyler after Tyler's failed first mission. Why he'd not been able to stop thinking about that night since. If what G said was true, then perhaps that was a trigger for his memories too. So he forces himself into that moment. To remember the fear he'd felt, to remember searching the shed and finding the secret tunnel through to the torture room. And opening the door.

Zeke enters the room, his eyes immediately landing on someone that destroys his heart. The last time he'd seen Tyler was at the concert. They had kissed in public. It was a huge moment and then Tyler had said he needed to go to the toilet and Zeke hadn't seen him again. He figured maybe he was ghosted, that maybe the last chance attempt to win Tyler back had failed and Tyler just wasn't interested. He never imagined this. 

Tyler in chains, hopelessly waiting for death, the relieved smile on his face as Zeke approaches the devastating reality of what he had been warned against. He'd been reckless, thinking he could just have a normal life outside of this depressing job. That he could have just a little piece of happiness in his life. How stupid, and Tyler was paying the price for that stupidity.

Sitting in Corey's office, tears flooding his eyes as he hears Corey explaining to him that the person he'd rescued was in hospital, that he is going to make a full recovery but that his memories will have to be erased.

"It's for the best Zeke, I know this sucks but the trauma he's been put through is just too much." Corey sits before a teenage Zeke, who was pale and covered in the blood of the guy he loved.

"Corey, please! Please make me forget him too. I can't. I can't live with this." Zeke screams through heartbroken tears.

"I think that is what is best. But you have to be sure..."

"I'm sure. I am sure that I do not want to wake up every day, knowing that he got hurt just to get to me. I'm never going to forgive myself."

"Ok. But Zeke, there is something important you need to remember..."


The lift shudders as it hits the bottom floor, and Zeke's eyes open. Vigilance kicking in.

Tyler is safe.” He whispers to himself, then opens his eyes and focuses on the door as it opens. Zeke holds his gun up. Though the danger seemed to have just arrived upstairs, he wasn't completely sure he was safe here, either. If it was true that Corey was behind this, then there could be ambushes anywhere. At the very least, having been seen entering the lift, they would surely be following him down in no time. In fact, the moment the lift doors close, he hears it ascending to collect his executioners.

Zeke assesses the surrounding danger, hallways empty, no noise from any rooms, so he assumes he's got a few minutes to stop the lift but he's not sure how. He wedges his fingers between the doors and with all his strength; he manages to separate them, though barely enough to achieve anything. With the lift shaft open however, Zeke could hear some of the chaos unfolding upstairs, to his surprise there's no more gunshots, and he gets an eerie feeling that in just minutes of storming the base, anyone who could have been on his side, had been killed. This was just like Tyler had warned, that with all the weapons up on top, they would stand no chance if someone were to break in.

Then Zeke notices something else. The lift shaft didn't end at this floor. This may have been the bottom level, but there was something further down, how far down, he couldn't tell because it was pitch black, but with G's final words in his head, Zeke knew he had to get down there somehow. 

Tucking his gun away, Zeke continues trying to open the doors until it's at least enough to squeeze himself through. Just in time too, because the lift is coming back down. With all but one foot through the doors, Zeke sets his eyes on the cable in the middle of the shaft. This could end badly if he didn't reach it, but the possibility of death had never stopped him following a trail before, and if he didn't take this chance he would end up dead in a few moments, anyway. He had nothing to do but take a leap of faith and hope to be rewarded with some much needed answers. So he pushes off his back foot and throws his arms out, hoping for dear life to catch something. The burning of his palms being ripped open as he's struggling to get a good grip of the cable is a side effect of his victory. As he gets his legs wrapped around the cable at last, his feet reach the ground. Zeke looks up and can see the lift stopped a few feet above him, letting the enemy out at his floor. He didn't feel too safe. Surely they would work out he wasn't down there and come looking to see if he had found out about this place. Zeke's only hope was that Corey would at least face him. He wanted to ask why; he wanted to get an explanation, and he wanted to at least get the chance to aim a bullet at his head for all his lies.

Ignoring the agony in his hands, Zeke gets started on forcing his way through the lift doors of this new floor. He couldn't believe he'd been living above here for most of his life, and yet, not known of its existence. To think he was on day one of taking over running the agency, and it had started with mutiny and discovering a whole other floor of the building.

Again, he only gets the door open enough to squeeze himself through and the moment he steps foot in the room, lights automatically come on. Blindingly white tiled floors and padded white walls, in a seemingly mirroring set up to the top floor. There was the weapons room, the office and the training room. The only difference was a row of other rooms beside the lifts.

Curious as he was about what was in these other rooms, his priority was having a fighting chance at survival, starting with the weapons room. He marches over to it with so much adrenaline, but when he swipes his ID card, it doesn't unlock the door. Barely surprised but frustrated none the less, he continues next to what was the office. Assuming that he may find a card that would get him access. Afterall, if there was one thing Corey always had, it was a way to unlock anything safely in an emergency. In a way, this room though secret, was in an even more vulnerable space than any other, if he'd been discovered and all the agents had stormed down here at once, Zeke wasn't willing to believe Corey would rely on only one method of getting him into all his weapons. 

The door to the office was locked, but being glass, that wasn't an issue. Zeke uses the handle of his gun to break his way in. For a moment he worries that the shattering of glass may alert the enemy upstairs. He looks up at the ceiling, noticing it too was covered in sound proof padding. How Corey did all of this unnoticed was a question for another time. 

Zeke enters the office, going straight to the desk to search for a card that he could use. In a drawer, there's a folder marked 'Financial Records'. He'd almost not care only when he throws it on the desk. Some of the paperwork slides out, revealing his parents' names at the top of the account record. Zeke opens the folder curiously, and his eyes scan over the document.

'Dear Trustee, we regret to inform you that the account is being closed due to insufficient funds.' Zeke reads down the withdrawal record which reaches a balance of 0.00. This was his entire inheritance, drained. Zeke folds up the record and stuffs it in his pocket, if he by some miracle, survived this, he'd have to work out what to do about the money he had never had a chance to touch.

Zeke returns the folder to the drawer and continues his search, looking for more than an ID now, he wanted all the information he could about what was going on, and he wanted it now. Sure, he'd regret it when a lift full of armed men finally come down, but for now he was more interested in a document that seems to outline and confirm what G had told him about his and Tyler's previous encounters.


'Successful first encounter.' with a date from 3 years ago, beside it.

A few days later, 'correspondence achieved.'

A week later, 'Room 703 booked, clean-up crew on standby.' The number was familiar to Zeke, and when he closes his eyes and thinks really hard about it, he can see the number in a text. Zeke sends a text with the room number to Tyler, sitting back on the bed and wondering what the hell he was thinking. Would Tyler even turn up? He hoped so, because he'd not been able to get the thought out of his mind, that he might have just met the man of his dreams. And his first attempt to show Tyler that he could be smooth too, was to invite this guy to a hotel room. There's a knock on the door and Zeke's heart races as he reaches the door, opening it and seeing Tyler smile at him. Nervous messy kisses, shaky wandering hands unsurely exploring. Zeke opens his eyes before he gets distracted, as nice as it was, this was not the time for such memories to be unlocked.

'Mission unsuccessful. Commencing back-up plan.' Was listed hours later on the same date. 

Then there's months, 6 months before the next entry. - 'Betrayal traced, Tyler to be eliminated, mission compromised'. Zeke steps back, trying to process what this meant. Tyler had been involved for years. Not only that, he had betrayed someone?

Another month. 'Baited mission, unsuccessful. Tyler showing higher levels of skill than expected. Commence re-training.' For a moment this statement makes Zeke smile, the thought of him being an endlessly unexpected challenge to whoever was behind this operation was a satisfying thought, though he is soon caught up in the words 'commence re-training. Up until now it seemed like the document was following Zeke and that Tyler had betrayed him, but now he was being re-trained for being persistent?

'Tyler missing.' The next statement felt too real and Zeke couldn't help but think about what might have happened with him, Zeke had last seen Tyler unconscious in Corey's office, and knowing what he knew now, he couldn't be sure that Tyler was safe at all. Corey could have done anything, and Zeke had basically given him the right, given him the opportunity. If Tyler died, how would Zeke know? He'd not intended on ever seeing him again and he'd certainly not have asked. For all he knew, Tyler never made it out of Corey's office alive. For all he knew, it wasn't a memory serum he injected, he could have unknowingly murdered Tyler himself. Zeke shakes away the unhelpful thoughts and tries to concentrate. Regardless of what happened to Tyler, he couldn't do anything about it right now.

'Back-up plan successfully underway.' 

'Back-up plan failing.'

'Tyler's family found.'

And finally, the last entry on the list, the date Zeke found Tyler in a house of massacred loved ones. 'Threat eliminated.'

He wished there was another explanation, but the timeline in front of him was connecting the dots that his memory couldn't. Assuming the first encounter was when he and Tyler met, the contact between them, the hotel room, the disappearance, Zeke didn't know what happened but it seemed to fill in the blanks for him, that Tyler was being investigated as a threat. Just when Zeke is busy questioning whether it was Tyler that had been playing him all along, secretly so manipulative that Zeke had just turned a blind eye to every piece of evidence that would support that conclusion, he finds an ID card and flips it over to see the face from his memories, a young Tyler, smiling back at him through the card. He was working here? Against Zeke?

Disgusted and infuriated by how deep this betrayal ran, Zeke is right back into thinking about revenge for all of this. He takes the card and goes straight to the weapons room, ready to bring hell upon anyone and everyone that played a part in this. Corey had always been frighteningly detached, but Zeke could never have imagined he was doing all this behind his back. He had plenty of opportunities himself, but his desperation to cover his own back by never being seen as the bad guy, it all made sense. He'd set up a trap and play the good guy while seeing everyone else take the fall for him. Even G, who had tried to warn him, tried to get Tyler away and tried to find out what his truth was. For all the hate Zeke had wasted on G, the one person doing right by him, he seemed to have been made a fool of by those he was defending. Corey and Tyler. It was horrifyingly well played, for Corey to get away with everything, but it was his turn to face what he'd done.

Zeke swipes the card at the door for the weapons room and hears the click of the lock, welcoming him in to choose his revenge weapon. Fueled by his emotions, Zeke pushes open the door and steps inside to find there was less in here than he expected. A small cabinet on one wall filled with handguns and silencers, on another wall there's a glass cabinet with unmarked medications, likely to be poisons. These weren't weapons to fight a war, these were weapons to take someone down in close contact. This was personal. Zeke would like to think he could have the satisfaction of shoving all these medications down Corey's throat, but he instead just collects two guns. If Corey came down here alone, he wouldn't need more than a few rounds to empty into his deceitful head anyway.

Continuing to try and understand this place and what it was for, he goes into what upstairs was a gym and combat training room. It was set up much the same, just with less equipment. They weren't training an army, they were training individuals. This leads to Zeke exploring the rooms which he assumed were either for storage or offices. He's more surprised than he should be, given everything else he's seen, that these rooms are in fact, abandoned bedrooms. The first three have nothing in them, then fourth one however, looked like it'd been completely ransacked. There were clothes all over the floor, the bedsheet thrown off the bed. Every drawer open and searched through, though Zeke takes his chances to snoop regardless, hoping to find something of use to him. What he finds is such a huge clue to him, but so inconsequential that it was no wonder it hadn't been taken from the scene. The Obsolete concert ticket. This was Tyler's room. This, only a floor under Zeke, was where Tyler was residing 3 years ago? It hurts to think about and for a moment Zeke almost forgets what had led him here until a thud from the next room grabs his attention and makes his blood run cold. G had told him that someone was here.

“It’s time.” Zeke whispers to himself as he walks out of the room and approaches the next door, gun raised and ready. It didn’t matter to him anymore. Whether he lived or died made no difference now that he knew his life over the last few years had been a manipulated lie. Half of him was dreading finding Tyler in the room and the other half of him hoping he'd be in here and could explain what the hell was going on. He'd left Corey in charge of relocating him, and it made the most sense for him to be down here, that if he were alive, Corey wouldn't have wanted him far away. 

Zeke slowly turns the handle on the door and opens it, walking in gun first and his heart racing. There's no one in the room, though it didn't look absent. The bed appeared to be recently slept in, at least. Perhaps this was Corey's room. Zeke had never actually questioned where Corey slept. He was always just grateful that Corey was awake to fix him up every time he had wounds or a mental break-down that needed to be dealt with. He questions for a second whether he imagined the noise from in here, then he walks further into the room. His intention, like with the other rooms, was to look through the drawers and see if there was any evidence of who lived here, or whether it was abandoned. But he doesn't need to. It's just as he reaches the drawers that a door behind him opens and he whirls around, ready to shoot.

Looking back at him terrified and weak, is Wyatt.

Copyright © 2020 Littlelovestories; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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I had Wyatt in the back of my mind that he would show again.I suspect the stuff Zeke found is planted to make Tyler look guilty. I tend to be optimistic 

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I'm still finding it hard to believe Tyler is involved in all this. I'm not surprised to see Wyatt again.

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Yet again more questions than answers. Hmm, Would Agatha Christie have thrown you off the Orient Express 🚂?  Would Sherlock have sent you holmes? 

Why did Zeke 'agree' to have his mind 'wiped' (again) after he'd wiped Tyler's with the syringe Corey gave him to administer to Tyler?  If the point was to erase Tyler's memories of 'The Company', Zeke et al, so that Tyler could have a new life, Zeke as 'owner' didn't need to. Accept we now know Corey (and G?) were hiding from Zeke the fact that his inheritance 💰 is gone 💸

And why is a thoroughly scared to death Wyatt behind 'door #2'  🚪in the hidden sub-basement? 

So this leaves us 3 chapters from 'The End'? Or is it? Is there going to be an Epilogue (5 years on?) to wrap it all up neat and tidy, or a CLIFF HANGER leading to 'A Promise to Protect, Rebuilding'

Stay tooned? 


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