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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Promise To Protect - 28. Two Truths and a Liar

Once again, dream sequences are in italics. Enjoy the confusion.

"G, that's enough." Corey raises a hand to silence G who was in Tyler's face, intimidating him with threats and demands. Tyler was petrified, all his attitude towards G in every other situation had drained from him so rapidly in the vulnerability of chains. This had been going on for an hour and so far Corey hadn't used anything on him, but he'd also stood back and avoided looking at Tyler while G was roughly grabbing his face and even snuck in a few elbows to the ribs. If this was setting up to be some kind of 'good cop, bad cop' routine, then he could only hope Corey would come good on his usually kind and caring nature to show some kind of remorse. Maybe drop some helpful information to go on. Tyler wanted to help find Zeke, obviously. If he was given the information and allowed to throw out ideas he was sure he could help them work this out. Help wasn't what G wanted though, he seemed more than anything, to just want someone to blame, someone to take his frustration out on. From what Zeke had told him, G seemed to have taken on the role of his guardian, so losing control of a situation where Zeke may be in danger was understandably upsetting for G.

"Make him talk." G steps back from Tyler, his eyes still focused on Tyler's, waiting for any glimpse of dishonesty when Tyler spoke. So far, this was of course not as bad as Tyler expected. It was a long way from death however, which was the only way Tyler could see himself getting out of this hell because somehow Zeke's disappearance was being blamed entirely on him. It made no sense that he could have been sleeping for three solid days and yet be considered the threat, but he could give G the credit that the last time someone screwed Zeke over it was someone he was in a relationship with, which was about the only connection Tyler could draw to himself in this situation. His other more concerning thought, was that G had waited for Zeke to be out of the building, to have the excuse to act on the hatred and frustration he'd been feeling towards Tyler for just, existing? Whatever his excuse was, Tyler wasn't sure but he could see logic in either as a reason to be turning on him like this.

"If he's dead, you'll be next, you know that right?" G threatens with the kind of anger showing on his face that let Tyler know his only chance of getting out of this alive hung on Zeke's miraculously timed return.

"G. I do not know what happened to him. You're the one with a tracker on him. You're the one that sent him on that mission. He didn't tell me anything about it. I know nothing about him and his disappearance." Tyler's voice was more confident than anyone in the room expected considering his whole body hadn't stopped shaking from the moment he realized he was in an interrogation to now. He didn't feel strongly about much, other than that he didn't have anything to do with whatever had happened to Zeke.

"Oh you think this is my fault?" G asks seemingly offended by the accusation, the irony lost on him that he was doing the exact same thing to his victim.

"Well it's certainly not mine." Tyler hangs his head, feeling like he was arguing with a brick wall, because no matter how many times he reiterated his complete lack of involvement, G was not letting up. Maybe his goal was to convince Tyler that he was guilty somehow, to continually say it until Tyler himself couldn't tell if he was or wasn't. As if he needed more things to be questioning right now, about his own concept of what was really going on in his life.

"Corey." G turns away from Tyler at last, walking over to the trolley of torture devices and eyeing them each with consideration. "Where's the heat serum?" He demands.

"I think we should take a break. He's not ready to talk." Corey mutters in a lowered voice. Tyler was trying to understand Corey's involvement in this. He had trusted Corey, and he wasn't entirely sure that he didn't still trust him. Zeke had told Tyler once, that Corey's job here was to take care of people, and since he was yet to get his hands dirty on this torment, it certainly seemed like he was here out of obligation, rather than distrust. To have Corey not stopping G, knowing he was causing pain, after the way he'd always approached Tyler in an understanding manor, just seemed wrong. Corey should have been able to stop G and talk this through, make him see reason and back down, but he was just standing back and letting this play out. Tyler felt sick and again, he'd overthought Corey's reasons, either he was standing back because G was his boss and he didn't feel as though he could stand up to him, or he genuinely doubted Tyler's innocence too. It felt like Tyler was the only one taking the time to try and understand how the other people in this situation were feeling to lead to their actions, and yet he was the one being bruised and questioned. Where was his 'innocent until proven guilty'?

"You don't honestly believe he knows nothing." G scoffs spitefully in disbelief that his relentless blame was not being supported.

"G, I'm saying he isn't ready to talk. If he knows something, he's certainly not near sharing it. Come on, you saw in training that his determination is fuelled by yours. The more you ask the more he'll resist." It seemed like a choice, that Corey was making this comment in front of Tyler. It served almost as a reminder of why G wasn't believing him, that the more G insisted upon his guilt, the more Tyler would deny it. Unfortunately that could be enough reason for G to question himself if he did suddenly decide that Tyler might just be telling the truth.

"No, I swear, if I knew something I would tell you. I am not just being stubborn about this. I care about Zeke, I want him to be safe. If I knew he was in danger I would tell you. I swear." Tyler stresses pleadingly, why would they believe him? No matter how he played this, it'd all seem suspicious at this point and they may have only been an hour in, but Tyler was ready to give up on the whole thing and take a different approach, taunt G and hope for death. "If you had less of an ego, maybe you'd have a chance of finding him. The more you strut around pretending you've got authority while you do absolutely nothing of use to anyone, the more time passes that he's not being found." Tyler suggests in a sarcastic tone. G grabs the scalpel and has it to Tyler's throat within a blink, his ego didn't like that statement apparently.

"Put that back." Corey demands, stepping forward and reaching a hand out for G, gesturing to hand it back to him.

"My job is to get answers. His job here, is to make sure I don't kill you doing it." G informs Tyler who at the actual threat of a scalpel was second guessing whether he actually wanted to die right now and whether he'd made that choice a little too soon in the interrogation.

"If you kill him, you get no information out of him at all." Corey tries to reason but G doesn't pull away from Tyler at all, in fact he just presses the blade against his neck a little harder, not enough to cut him, but enough to appear that he wasn't afraid of doing so.

"I thought you were comfortable with cutting, or is that only when you do it yourself?" G smirks at him and moves the scalpel to Tyler's upper arms, tracing it gently from the base of a scar up to the top before piercing the already scarred skin and dragging the scalpel just as slowly back down, ripping open the old wound while Tyler lets out a pained gasp. It did hurt more than when he did it to himself, because G was cutting deeper.

"G!" Corey returns to the trolley immediately, packing away all the equipment that had been displayed. 

"No, you're not patching him up just yet." G turns to Corey who is busily setting up a sterile surgical pack, carefully getting everything together to suture the wounds that G was inflicting.

"Put the fucking scalpel down and get out of the room. This is not what I agreed to." Corey demands, ignoring what G had said and continuing to prepare sutures before moving the trolley to the injured side of Tyler's body.

"I can turn your body into patchwork, don't test me. Now, tell me where the hell Zeke is." G orders, piercing yet another scar, on the other arm this time.

"I DON'T KNOW!" Tyler shrieks, his hands and feet flex at the pain of the second cut and G finally steps back, throwing the blood covered blade right into the sterile dressing field, earning him a pissed off glare for Corey whose best efforts to prepare an aseptic field was now ruined so he would have to start over, taking time away from closing the wounds.

"Fix him up." G shrugs, taking the anaesthetic that Corey had prepared to numb Tyler's arm before stepping back to let Corey do his work. Corey gives a heavy sigh and doesn't take his eyes off G as he aggressively disposes of all the equipment on the trolley, and sets up a fresh surgical kit. He uses gauze and saline to clean away the pouring blood enough that he could maybe have some chance of stitching Tyler back up. Thankfully due to his arms being suspended above his heart level, his blood flow was slower so once Corey cleaned up what had already run out of the wound, he had a fairly clean view of where he needed to suture to close it all as best he could. 

It was nothing on having a blade tear through already scarred skin, but it was certainly not pleasant to feel each suture puncture and sew his skin back together. Corey was trying to be gentle, but he wasn't being comforting, too closely watched by G to do anything that could show Tyler who's side he was on even if he wanted to. When he's done, Corey turns around to G, making a show out of taking off his gloves and throwing them down on the trolley.

"He gets a break. You have to remember he's recovering from pneumonia, his immune system is weak and he's at risk of blood infection now, thanks to your carelessness. It'd not take much for him to get sepsis. He gets antibiotics, and a break from this. You go and see if there's any news with Zeke and I'll run a set of obs then come and find you to discuss a better way to move forward from this." Corey instructs and Tyler's surprised that G is even willing to listen to someone else's orders, but he's grateful as he watches G leave the room without any argument. Possibly thinking Corey was right, more likely pissed off that he'd been told off with logical reasons why his impulsive violence was idiotic.

"Corey what the hell is going on?" Tyler asks, letting himself be vulnerable now in the safety of someone he truly wanted to believe was on his side. Tears sting his eyes, tears he'd desperately tried to hold back the whole time Corey had been sewing through his skin.

"I can't disclose that." Corey states sternly, loosening the chains from behind the frame they are fixed to. Slowly, Tyler is lowered until his feet are on the floor. As his arms are lowered there's a rush of stinging as the blood flow increases so rapidly it causes pins and needles that feel more like a thousand bee stings all at once. Tyler curses and raises his arms again, sobbing in agony and stress as his muscles are too weak to hold up his own arms now.

"What happened to Zeke? What do you know happened to him?" Tyler asks through tears, needing to know what he'd missed in his three days of sleep because clearly there had to be a reason he had become a suspect in the disappearance.

"We know that he left for the mission. He was on the track he had been instructed to take and his device stopped working about an hour into his mission. Teams went out to the destination the tracker was showing Zeke to be, and found only the tiny tracking device. It appears he's been taken and we need to know where to." Corey answers, getting more gauze and saline to clean the fresh blood leaking from the stitches now that the blood flow had returned to Tyler's arms. "Tyler, if you know anything, please tell me. This isn't going to get any better for you if you keep lying." Corey sighs as he tends to his wounds.

"I'm not lying. I don't know anything." Tyler states, shocked and infuriated to know that even Corey is doubting him. He needed at least Corey on his side if he had any hope of further interference when G took things too far. Hearing that Zeke was missing and possibly taken captive, made Tyler feel as though he had to live long enough to know what had happened. No matter how bad things got, he wouldn't give in until he knew whether Zeke was alive or dead.

"Well." Corey shakes his head, stepping away from Tyler and looking over him. "You better get use to this then. Because I can tell you right now, G is not going to give up that quickly. Zeke's best chance of survival, and yours, is in your hands. I do not have control over G, all I can do is tend to the wounds, not stop him inflicting them. He only stopped because he wants to get answer out of you, more than he wants you dead. All I can do is remind him of that and hope his priority hasn't changed. Whatever is going on, I promise it's not worth you suffering to hide from us." Corey's betrayal stung and left Tyler feeling completely alone and unprotected. He'd have to think of some way to get through to G and Corey, or he'd have to just wish and pray that Zeke could get back here and explain himself. Corey unlocks a lower drawer on the trolley and pours a dose of antibiotics into a medication cup, before feeding it to Tyler who hadn't had anything to eat or drink in days and was only now aware of how thirsty he was.

"Can I have some water and food?" Tyler pleads.

"You can have water. But G is hoping to starve you into submission." Corey tells him with a sigh. Tyler simply rolls his eyes at hearing this, surely this wouldn't go on for long enough for him to die of starvation. He had no answers, nothing to tell them about Zeke and even with his stubborn denial, G would have to realize that eventually and let him go.

"Why was I asleep for three days?" Tyler asks, moving on to what he was most concerned about.

"Because I needed you to be." Corey answers vaguely then looks over Tyler curiously.

"So you lied to G about me?"

"It's better to have me investigating what is going on with you, than to have him jumping to conclusions about you. I'm trying to help you, even though I know it doesn't seem that way. We talked, three days ago. You consented to me doing a sleep study due to your 'nightmares' and you consented to me using a small dose of memory serum on you as well. I know how this looks, but hopefully you'll remember what we talked about because I really need you to trust me. Until then, do your best to give G what he wants and he will have no reason to keep hurting you." Corey instructs as if it made a difference. He was doing his best to give G what he wanted, he just didn't have anything to give that G wanted because G was asking the wrong person.

"That's not very reassuring when I don't remember anything!" Tyler argues. Corey gives him a pitying look like he's powerless, and just walks out, leaving Tyler chained and slumped on a chair in darkness, with no idea how long he'd be left here for, before the torture would continue. The deprivation of food, the weakness of his whole body and the stress he'd been under is enough to help him escape his horrible reality by slipping fairly easily into some type of stress and trauma induced shutdown.

"Hey." Tyler taps the shoulder of the man in front of him in line at the coffee shop. "You dropped something." Tyler holds up the wallet he'd swiped off the man on the way to the checkout.

"Oh, thank you." The man turns around to him and smiles as he reaches for his wallet.

"You're welcome, Zeke." Tyler smirks. The man looks into his eyes confused.

"How do you know my name?" Zeke asks, not looking as worried as Tyler expected he would be about this.

"I looked at your ID." Tyler shrugs, finally passing the wallet back. Zeke looks him over, considering how to respond to that before finally a smile crosses his lips.

"I'll pay for your drink, a reward for not stealing my money." Zeke offers as he steps forward, placing his coffee order. When he finishes he turns to Tyler, gesturing him to step forward and order his own drink, Zeke listens for the name given with the coffee order then turns to him with a smile.

"So, Tyler. I know I'm meant to be at school, so I'm guessing you are too. What are you doing here instead?" Zeke asks as he steps aside to wait for his and Tyler's drinks.

"Just here to steal your heart." Tyler flirts, watching Zeke try to think of a way to respond to the boldness of his statement, luckily for Zeke, the barista calls out their names and they step forward to get their drinks. Tyler plucks a pen out of the pocket in Zeke's jacket pocket and pops the lid off with mouth, quickly writing his phone number on the coffee lid. He puts the lid back on the pen, holding eye contact with Zeke as he returns it slowly into Zeke's pocket. "Here." Tyler holds out his cup. "I don't drink coffee, I just like the smell." He says with a cheeky smile. "See you around?" Tyler shrugs and walks away. He was proud of his effort and expected it wouldn't be long before Zeke sent him a message or called him. He sets off back down the street with a pep in his step, he was more excited than he should have been about this. He is barely back to the car when he feels his pocket vibrate and pulls out his phone, new text from an unknown number.

'I'm usually cooler than that. -Z'

Tyler couldn't help but laugh at the message before he sends a quick reply.

'I'll let you prove that, on a date maybe?'

It's not until he closes his eyes at the end of the night that he hears his phone buzz and opens his eyes to read the message, squinting in the brightness of the screen.


The light in his eyes was almost as painful as the ache in every single conceivable muscle from his fingers to his toes.

"Can you get that out of my eyes." Tyler snaps grumpy to have been woken up from a nice dream for once.

"Are you ready to talk yet?" G steps forward and raises a steaming mug of coffee to his lips, taking a sip. Tyler whines and tilts his head back, wishing the coffee dream had come from anything but G holding the strong smelling drink in his face, letting it make it's way to his subconscious.

"I've already told you everything I can. I seriously don't know what is going on!" Tyler answers as he's hoisted back up, his body aching as it passes a whole 24 hours of being in chains. He had tried to pull any useful information forward in his mind but nothing was coming out. It was bazaar having Corey check his pulse and blood pressure before allowing G to start again on his attempt for information, as if he was actually making a difference. Tyler wondered whether or not Corey would really stop G if he saw any signs that Tyler was medically deteriorating because he still couldn't tell who's side Corey was playing. Especially knowing Corey had been the reason he slept for three days, with the wiping of his memory making it very confusing whether Tyler believed he had consented to it, or whether that was a convenient lie to cover up his own suspicious behaviour.

"Have you heard anything about Zeke?" Tyler asks desperately. If they had managed to at least contact him, then maybe he had some chance of getting out of this without one day in chains being questioned and brutalized, turning into more. 

"Corey, give him the truth serum." G crosses his arms and watches as Corey silently prepares one of the syringes with a serum before injecting it into Tyler's neck without any sign of hesitation. G looks at his watch, counting down 30 seconds before turning his attention back to Tyler who was yet to receive his answer. "You and Zeke have some kind of relationship, yes or no?" G asks and before Tyler even gets a chance to consider a clever way to avoid the truth, he finds himself answering.


"It's an intimate relationship, yes or no?"

"Yes." Tyler squirms in the chains, hating the loss of control he had over his own words now.

"Is he in love with you?"

"I don't know."

"Are you in love with him?"

"Is this relevant?" Corey cuts in and G casts him a look as if to remind him he's not the one conducting this questioning session.

"Yes or no, Tyler?"

"I don't know."

"YES OR NO!?" G strides back in front of Tyler, grabbing his face again and forcing Tyler to return his eye contact.

"YES." Tyler shouts back in his face, trying to shake him off but G just digs his nails into Tyler's face to keep him from pulling away.

"Seems to be the way with you isn't it? Didn't you have the same problem with your ex?" G asks, pushing Tyler's head to the side and stepping back away from him. "In love with someone who wasn't able to love you back? Wasn't that the story?"

"My ex was a lie." Tyler answers and he feels his mind go into overdrive on that statement. Under this serum, he apparently couldn't lie, but he didn't remember making up the story about his ex. He knew that as true, he knew that as a fact so to hear himself answer the question contrary to every part of his understanding of that stage of his life, was mind boggling.

"Interesting. Tell me more about that lie?" G orders and Tyler's actually glad he asks, because he wanted to know more too.

"I don't remember more. That's all I was told." Tyler again answers as though possessed by some version of him that knew things he didn't about his own life.

"And what's your relationship with Zeke? Are you dating?"

"No. He just blew me once and we kiss sometimes." Tyler wished he could take those words back and never utter them again to Zeke's boss, but until this serum wore off he was at the mercy of honesty. G steps back as if surprised by just how much honesty he was getting from this questioning session.

"What is your intention with Zeke?" G asks and Tyler stares at him, he had words in his mind, a definite answer he was sure of was just waiting to leave his lips but somehow even if he wanted to scream the words, he was not able to. It was like something was blocking him, stopping him from explaining this one answer that would get him off the hook with G entirely. He looks to Corey confused, only to see Corey is staring at him as though he's a completely different species of human, he appeared to be perplexed by the fact Tyler wasn't speaking at all. "Strange moment to go quiet on me Tyler. It's not coming across very innocent." G states as he paces in front of Tyler. "Here's the thing." G sighs and pauses in his step. "I have seen your medical file, I know everything in there. So either you're lying to me, or you've been set up. Now, I trust Corey with my life, but you, I think there's more to you and I'm not going to stop until I uncover it."

Copyright © 2020 Littlelovestories; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Wow another interesting chapter. G isn't giving up on his interrogation of Tyler, I'm still not sure what Corey's part in the interrogation is.

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I still am fairly confused as common sense points to these dreams of Tyler’s in actuality being memories yet why then was his memories wiped not to mention Zeke not remembering him? If he’s their enemy his keeping his memories sounds more useful but admittedly him not consciously remembering likely would make it easier for him to go undercover. Zeke not remembering is the real anomaly as if the enemy got close enough to wipe his memories you’d think he’d be dead instead. Then there’s the question of what is Corey not saying. I mean analyzing Tyler’s unusual dreams makes sense yet I don’t where using the memory serum on him comes into play. Seems like Corey knows a lot more about why G is so certain Tyler is the enemy and I would suspect it’s linked to the “dreams” as Corey himself doesn’t seem to really trust Tyler anymore. Considering all that G has done recently and the plans for the future Zeke talked about I wouldn’t be surprised if he removed his own tracker yet that while somewhat plausible seems unlikely based on the current known facts which are minuscule. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Still, my distrust for G is massive so I wouldn’t be surprised if G is worried about what Zeke might be up to if the remote chance he removed his own tracker were true and he were now desperate to track this…rebel down. In the end we still know very little about their enemies so it’s hard to even theorize as to what’s going on.

Edited by NimirRaj
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I think that Zeke is out there trying to find a way to kill G, he knows that G is losing his mind and is out of control, my heart bleeds for Tyler, I don't know how much more he can handle, because G is really sadistic

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I'm grasping at straws here.My first thought is G is manipulating the situation to cover his own ass.Maybe the dream Tyler had was a hypnotic suggestion.IF Tyler really is guilty of something then did the murder of his family really happen?My money is still on G being the bad guy here

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Confusion still reigns in my mind:  I can only hope as the story progresses, I will fully understand it all.  It is, however, well written and engaging for sure!

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Raw emotions- I hope Tyler can play with the serums on G. I’d like FULL details!

Edited by Gary L
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