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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Promise To Protect - 30. Back Home For You

Zeke leans against the lift and presses the button for the floor his room was on, he’d been dreaming of his bed and finally he could lie in it once more. The whole trip home, he'd considered just going to his own room to clean up and sleep and then going to Tyler in the morning, but as much as he wanted sleep, he also wanted more than anything to just see Tyler again. He expected of course, that Tyler would be excited and happy to see him back, he’d probably throw himself at Zeke and hug him, talking about how much he’d missed him and ask what happened, possibly be mad that Zeke was gone so long. In fact he'd likely lead with being mad. Zeke closes his eyes and thinks about how much he missed the way Tyler's lips felt against his, the way he called him ‘Z’. Even missed the moody questioning sessions. Being away from Tyler for so long had made Zeke fall even deeper for him and he wanted nothing more than to waste time showing him this.

The lift doors open and Zeke walks out almost like a zombie over to his own room, needing at least a shower and to refresh before going to Tyler. Surely he'd be forgiven for that much. He knew Tyler would want to know as soon as he was back, but it was the middle of the night and an extra half hour wouldn't kill him. With any luck, he'd be asleep, anyway.

It was blissful to stand under the warm jets of water and wash away the last few weeks. As he showers, he grazes his fingers over the scar from the tracking device. The wound was almost completely healed. It'd been a weird fortnight, one that had not ended with a final battle, but with a complete failure to find any evidence to point him toward any enemy. It was a failure that Zeke was in some ways relieved by, yet in other ways it felt like he'd been on a track, that never actually existed. There was no way everything was just going to end quietly, so for him to be out, practically making himself a sitting duck for an attack, and not see a single hint that he was in danger of being attacked or even followed, was so anti-climactic given his life for the last 15 years had been solely about something that amounted to nothing. Still, he was ready to leave this all behind and run away for a normal life. He couldn't wait to make the escape plan with Tyler. With that thought in mind, he turns off the shower and dries himself, gets dressed and eagerly heads out to Tyler's room.

There were no signs at all that they would be in danger out in the real world, so Zeke was ready to take the leap. The whole time he'd been out, not letting anyone track him, he'd been seeing where he and Tyler could go, organizing transport and accommodation. Zeke had scoped out a town only a few hours away that seemed small and peaceful, a nice place to settle in for a normal life. All he had to do was find an excuse now for himself and Tyler to go out on their own, so they could disappear and become just another couple of mysteriously lost agents, able to live free of this world.

Letting himself into Tyler's room, Zeke is immediately filled with a sense of emptiness rather than the relief he'd been expecting. Regardless, Zeke heads straight towards Tyler's bed. Ignorantly optimistic that the room smelt stale because Tyler had kept himself locked in here.

"Tyler." Zeke whispers. He leans down, lowering his hands slowly, expecting at any moment to feel Tyler’s body curled up under the blankets, but instead he only feels the cold, empty mattress. Zeke frowns and moves his hands across the bed, as if unable to believe Tyler really wasn't there. Zeke flicks on the lights and angrily storms into the kitchen, only to find there's mold growing on the few plates left in the sink. Tyler hadn't been in here at least for a week by the state of the place. He dreads the thought that it could have even been longer. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." Zeke runs his fingers through his hair, dreading what he was about to have to face if his worst suspicions were correct.

He hits the button in the lift for the main floor, betrayal and disgust pulsing through him. His face completely emotionless as he tries not to pre-emptively rage at what he is expecting to find. The moment the doors open, Zeke strides to the black room, daring Tyler to be in here, daring G to have put him there. He takes a deep breath as he opens the door slowly, hoping to find no one inside, but the moment he flicks the light on his body goes cold and for a moment he feels as though he's re-living his first mission. Finding a helpless, bruised and scarred body in chains.

"Oh god Tyler, I'm so sorry. I am so, so sorry. You're going to be ok, I promise. I promise I am getting you out of here and you will be ok. I shouldn't have let this happen." Zeke rushes to Tyler's unconscious body, shackled to a bed. Zeke stares at the stitched wounds on Tyler's arms,his pale, starved appearance and the fury builds within him. Anger at Corey who had promised to watch out for Tyler in his absence, anger at G for using the opportunity where Zeke wasn't here to stop him doing this, and of course, infuriated in himself for not being here to stop all this from happening. 

Thankfully, he knew the code to unlock the shackles, Corey had insisted that everyone needed to know in case of emergencies. Zeke tries to wake Tyler, but gets no response, not even a grunt, even when he is physically lifting him to carry him back down to the safety of his own room. It was like lifting a completely dead weight and his lack of responsiveness was terrifying to Zeke. He could hear Tyler breathing in a regular pattern, so he was obviously alive, but then Zeke didn't understand why he wasn't waking up. He's relieved as hell to not run into Corey or G on his way back to the room, because he wanted both his hands free to deal with them. He'd need to put Tyler somewhere safe and think about what he wanted to say and do to both of them because impulsively his heart was screaming to put them both to sleep, permanently

Zeke heads straight into the bathroom, placing Tyler in the bathtub and sinking down defeated beside him. This whole situation was tearing him apart inside. His thoughts were racing, and he couldn't bring himself to even look at Tyler. He'd known there were risks, but he'd truly believed that Tyler would have been safe here and he couldn't forgive his own naivety. From the start he'd been making promises he couldn't keep with Tyler. He had wanted so badly to protect him and keep him safe, but he was powerless to uphold them. As long as Tyler knew him, he'd never be safe, and that fantasy was agony to let go after foolishly convincing himself that he could get them both out of here and somehow live a life together free of all of this. The reality was an innocent person, tortured and left helplessly waiting to be rescued. Zeke wouldn't let Tyler be in danger again because of his connection to this horrible lifestyle.

As the bath fills with warm water that Zeke hopes subconsciously comforts Tyler by encompassing him, Zeke grabs an emergency phone and calls Corey.

“Hello?” Corey sounds confused as he answers.

“My room. Right now. Bring your medical kit.”

“Zeke?” Corey's voice comes across as reluctant and relieved all at once.

“Come alone. Don’t say anything to G.” Zeke demands then hangs up and continues to just sit by the bath, avoiding looking at the still motionless victim in it while he waits for Corey. His concern now on how well he could restrain himself, because he needed Tyler to have the proper medical attention that only Corey was qualified to give, but he also wanted to strangle him. There was this part of him that believed in Corey's rationality, that this would have been carefully considered, and that Corey would not have allowed this if there wasn't a good enough reason. But a whole lot more of him simply doubted who he could trust, because he couldn't imagine a good enough reason for what had been done to Tyler and that was only what he could physically see. He was sure there were plenty of things he'd suffered that just hadn't left any physical scars. His biggest fear was losing Tyler too, since the last time he'd pulled someone out of danger like this, he'd been too late and their injuries had reportedly been fatal.

“Zeke?” Corey calls out from Zeke’s bedroom.

“In the bathroom.” Zeke answers completely monotone, in his head he was going through all the possibilities of what had happened in his absence, who he should blame and what to do. Right now, Zeke was twice as much of a threat than G could ever be, and Corey seemed to be thinking that himself as he nervously approaches the bathroom.

Zeke, I…” Corey opens his mouth to give an explanation the moment he sees Tyler in the bathtub.

"I'm not ready to hear it. Shut up and fix this." Zeke refuses to look at Corey too. "Get a towel for me, I'll need a hand moving him to the bed." Corey does as he's told, holding a towel to wrap around Tyler the moment Zeke lifts him from the bath. Zeke carries his body to the bed and lies him down carefully, then starts delicately drying around all the visible wounds. Horrified as he's now able to see the amount of needle marks that had been inflicted too. "Truth serum I'm guessing." Zeke states and the hesitation from Corey sickens him. “Go and get G.” Zeke orders. Medical care would have to happen alongside whatever he would do when he heard from G's own mouth what the hell had happened. Nothing could take away the feeling of dread that was lingering inside him. He'd not felt this kind of hopelessness since the day his whole world turned to this nightmare and it was giving him an instant headache. It's only a few minutes before Corey returns with G, though it feels easily like hours have passed of sitting in agonizing silence by Tyler's side with a slew of questions mixed in with so much anger at the answers he expected would follow. 

“Zeke. Where the hell have you been?” G demands as though he had any right to be the one asking literally anything. Much like Corey, the moment G sees Tyler, he feels the need to start explaining his actions. "We..."

“I will explain everything when I’m ready. First things first. Who the fuck did this?” Zeke snaps and points at Tyler.

“Zeke, we didn’t know what happened to you and…” G starts again.

“No, you don’t understand. I’m being very patient here, this is me. At my wit's end, zero fucks left to give, and you’re lucky I’m willing to let you explain yourself. Truth is, I know why you did it. I know why you thought Tyler could give you some answers, and I know why you took him up there. I understand using some truth serums on him and I understand you questioning him. What I don’t understand, is how there are so many needle marks. I don’t understand why he is bruised. I don’t understand why he’s just skin and bones and I don’t understand why I’m able to unchain him, bring him down here, bathe him for five minutes then dry and dress him without him waking up. I don’t understand why he is this exhausted and this injured and I don’t understand why he was restrained to a medical bed when I found him because if you wanted to question him over me you would have gotten the answer that he had no fucking clue where I was the first time you asked. If you pumped him with truth serum like I know you do during interrogations, then he would have told you that he didn’t know a thing about my disappearance and that, THAT! Should have been the end of it.” Zeke says, somehow maintaining a civil tone. His calmness was terrifying to G and Corey, who both stand back trying to work out how to justify themselves.

“Zeke…” G starts, but Zeke shuts him up with a glare. G glances at Corey nervously, wondering if Corey was going to step in and try to explain the situation.

“Did you use the truth serum on him?”

“We…” G begins. 

“It's a yes or no question, I'm not asking for an excuse!” Zeke snaps. 

“Yes.” Corey answers for G.

“And what exactly did he say when you asked him about me?” Zeke asks, looking at Corey for the answer. 

“He said he knew nothing, that you told him nothing.”

“When was that?” Zeke asks. G looks down at his feet and Corey looks at G. He didn’t want to be the one to answer Zeke, because he felt like the person who admitted to it, was the one Zeke would explode on. “HOW LONG HAS HE BEEN CHAINED UP AND TORTURED, AFTER HE MADE IT CLEAR HE WAS NOT A SUSPECT!?” Zeke yells at G. “TELL ME!” He shouts. G gulps and takes a big breath, then looks up at Zeke.

“Two weeks.”

“Two weeks?” Zeke asks, being terrifyingly calm again as he takes a slight step back from them.


“You chained Tyler up, and questioned him, tortured him, beat him, starved him, stabbed needles into him and treated him like this for two. Whole. Weeks?” Zeke asks, still not even raising his voice. 


“How long has he been non-responsive?" Zeke asks.

"Only a day, I put him to sleep. It's an induced coma, I can wake him up whenever, I just thought it'd be best to give everyone a break from the situation before things got any worse." Corey answers, being sure to leave the blame entirely on G.

"Did you use the truth serum on the first day?" Zeke crosses his arms, turning to G.

“Yes. Well, technically Corey did…” 

“You’re the one who gives the orders and asks the questions.” Zeke interrupts and steps forward. G takes a half step back in fear. “Did you ask him if he knew anything about me, when you used the truth serum on the first day of the interrogation?” Zeke asks. 


“And, what did he say?” Zeke asks. 

"You have to understand..." G starts.

"You know what I understand, I understand that the moment you saw an opportunity to torture him, you took it. You've had a problem with Tyler since the moment I brought him here so don't pretend this has anything to do with anything other than your own personal issue. Now answer my fucking question. What did he say when you used the truth serum, the first time?" Zeke clenches his fists, trying his hardest to keep himself from exploding before he got his answers.

“That he didn’t know.”

“That’s what I thought.” Zeke replies with a grin, then draws his fist back and slams it into G’s cheek, sending him to the floor with a crack. Zeke then turns to Corey and smiles at him. It was his turn. “Corey, what was the one thing I asked you to do before I left?” Zeke asks cheerfully. 

“Look after Tyler for you.” Corey replies, surrendering to his fate.

“That’s exactly right.” Zeke rewards Corey’s correct answer by punching him in the gut so he joins G on the floor. Zeke crouches on the floor in front of G, who was holding his nose, a trail of blood dribbling down his face. For a moment Zeke just stares like he's trying to think of what to say, then he stands up and walks over to the door, opening it. “G, please kindly remain on your hands and knees and crawl out of my room. It's the dignity you deserve after what you've done to Tyler.” He orders. 

"You're not even going to tell him? Gutless asshole." G glares at Corey who is still trying to get his breath back after having it knocked from him.

"Tell me what?" Zeke finally asks, though he had no intention of listening and doubted anything that was said now, would change how he felt about what they had done.

"Tyler is a danger to you." G states, getting up to his feet.

"Your evidence?" Zeke crosses his arms and walks over to stand in front of G again. G turns to Corey for back-up.

"We don't have any." Corey states, throwing G right under the bus. Without even a moment of hesitation, Zeke sweeps G's legs out from under him, forcing him down again. Zeke towers over him, not getting to his level this time, he wanted G to understand that he'd lost all of Zeke's respect.

"G, I asked for your help when I was a child. I have been telling you that I do not need or want your help anymore, but words seem to not be getting through your arrogant head. I. Don't. Need. Your. Protection. It's time I let you go." Zeke states. Though he was trying to maintain a strong and threatening demeanour, it filled him with guilt that he had to fire someone that had been his only family for so long. G doesn't speak, simply shakes his head and stays sitting on the floor. "Now, crawl the fuck out of here." Zeke moves out of G's way, going back to the door and opening it for him again. G crawls past him on his hands and knees like he'd been ordered, no argument this time, he looked completely defeated. As soon as he's out the door, Zeke slams it shut behind him. He turns around and leans his back against the door, covering his face with his hands and groaning into them. This night just kept going. After taking a moment to cool off, Zeke moves over and crouches in front of Corey. “I’m not sorry for hitting you.” He sighs. 

“I deserve worse.” Corey replies, hanging his head in shame.

“I’m guessing you tried to talk G out of it and tried to reason with him and the rest was just you following orders for the sake of not letting G be the one shoving needles into Tyler, because he doesn’t know how to safely do it, tell me I’m right.” Zeke pleads, he couldn't handle more disappointment tonight. This had already well and truly gone to shit. His head was throbbing and each time he closed his eyes he could see himself heading into the shed, trying to find the victim to save. Memories he'd wished he'd never have to see again, surfacing at the trauma of finding Tyler tonight.

“I tried my best. Trust me, Zeke, torturing Tyler was torture for me too. Especially when I was alone with Tyler listening to him plead for me to overdose him on something fatal. You know I came into this wanting to help and heal. I didn't want any part in what G was ordering me to do. Tyler kept antagonizing G and G wouldn't listen to me so the coma was the safest option, to buy him some time for you to get home. Things got out of hand and I'm so sorry I let you down. I really understand if you don’t trust me anymore.” Corey tells him apologetically. Zeke stands up and puts a hand out to help Corey back up to his feet. Corey nervously takes Zeke’s hand and stands up. 

“Like I said, I understand why you guys questioned him. I don’t understand why it went for so long and why Tyler is so badly hurt, but I do understand your part. I don't believe for a second that Tyler would still be breathing if you weren't somewhat in control of the situation. Now you can patch him up.” Zeke orders and walks over to the bed, lying down beside Tyler and stroking his face.

"Zeke, what are you wanting to do about Tyler. I don't think he should stay here, and I know that's the last thing you want to hear." Corey states hesitant but needing to be honest.

"I know. There's only one thing I can do now, and he'll hate me for it." Zeke sighs.

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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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At least Zeke got back in time to rescue Tyler from G. I think he let G get off too easily. Corey is lucky that Zeke knows he followed orders or he would have received more than a punch to the stomach.

I hope Corey putting Tyler in a coma saved him. I wonder what Zeke is gonna do, that Tyler will hate him for.

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At the very least it was  good to see G sort of being scared and being humiliated by having to crawl out of the room.You have to think he's going to counter with something and I hope Zeke is ready for that..

We haven't got any more information from how the last chapter ended where Corey monitoring Tyler's Brian while he was in a coma the part where he said it was from the part of Tyler's brain that was responsible for memories. A lot of stories I can take a guess where  things might be going sometimes I'm right sometimes partially right.But in this story I have no clue what's may be next.Very well done.

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Oh crap g should have chained Up and subjected to the same treatment Tyler suffered , g deserves nothing but disdain , I hope Tyler recovers 

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You've still succeeded in answering some questions, but the story is still a mystery wrapped in an enigma.  Well done.

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10 hours ago, chris191070 said:

At least Zeke got back in time to rescue Tyler from G. I think he let G get off too easily. Corey is lucky that Zeke knows he followed orders or he would have received more than a punch to the stomach.

I hope Corey putting Tyler in a coma saved him. I wonder what Zeke is gonna do, that Tyler will hate him for.

I think G is gonna try and get revenge on Zeke for what just happened. I also think Zeke is gonna wipe Tyler's memories.

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Ugh, I don’t like where this is going. I get where Corey is coming from about Tyler not staying there but the biggest threat to him there if not the only threat is G so if Zeke was really telling G to hit the road I don’t see why Tyler should he sent away as Zeke seems to be hinting at. It’s even likely that they plan to wipe Tyler’s memories under the feeble excuse it’s for his own good and that’s making me preemptively angry. Tyler’s dreams are still troubling so Corey should mention the minuscule evidence they have that something strange could be going on but I don’t see that as nearly a good enough reason to wipe Tyler’s memories and/or send him away. Overall I feel Zeke is letting G off way too lightly especially since I doubt he really is kicking him to the curb and I honestly don’t like how Corey is essentially getting off with the “he was only following orders” crap. It’s been revealed that Zeke should really be considered the one in charge, which is a fact Corey should be aware of, and while Corey wasn’t completely heartless now that we know it’s been two weeks of them torturing Tyler I’m very upset he didn’t ever truly stand up to G in an effort to protect Tyler especially knowing Tyler was begging Corey to kill him. Very disappointing ending to a somewhat short feeling chapter and upon reflection it feels odd that Zeke shows up kinda meh as if nothing strange has happen with him, no obvious comments about being seriously injured or possibly having been captured, or anything really related to why his tracker stopped functioning which sadly led to this whole debacle. He mentions to Corey that he’ll explain later implying there’s indeed a story to tell but overall he just seems kinda blasé about his secret mission.

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