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A Promise To Protect - 34. Mission - Personal Attack

Warning: Uh, revenge Violence takes place in this chapter.

"Zeke. Thank god. You have to help me." The poor weak man falls into Zeke's arms, using his ex’s arms to find his footing again. Zeke looks at Wyatt. He seemed lifeless, stripped of his confidence and his strength, just utterly, brokenly, terrified. Wyatt was shaking uncontrollably as he tried to stand strong again.

"Wyatt, are you hurt?" Zeke asks, quickly looking him up and down, but not seeing any obvious injuries.

"No, but he's going to come back, and if he knows you're here, that you know... Zeke, you have to believe me. I didn't know what I was doing." Wyatt breaks down in tears. "He was drugging us constantly so we would believe what he said and wouldn't question our orders. We weren't in control. I never wanted to hurt you, and I never would have. Only when I was influenced and I couldn't fight it. I'm sorry, I wasn't strong enough to fight it." Wyatt tells him, clinging hard to Zeke's arms, clearly afraid. There was no way Zeke wanted to believe this was an act, but he didn't know what was real and what was a lie anymore.

"Who is we? Tyler too?" Zeke asks. Wyatt looks up into Zeke's eyes and nods. "Is Tyler here?"

"No. He quit. He figured out what was going on and he quit." Wyatt answers, and it takes every bit of his consideration towards Wyatt's clear suffering, for Zeke not to smile at hearing that Tyler was so headstrong that he'd managed to get out of this once before. Again, Zeke can't believe how much everyone underestimated him.

"Why didn't you quit?"

"Because he was threatening my family. When I tried, he killed my uncle just to keep me in line." Zeke couldn't believe he had been set on a mission against Wyatt, just to keep him scared and trapped.

"Who was threatening you, Wyatt? Tell me, I can help you." Zeke looks into his eyes with compassion.

"We never saw his face. He spoke to us through speakers. I don't know who he was." Wyatt answers. "Please, I don’t blame you for hating me but please, now that you know the truth, please forgive me! I need you to tell me you forgive me.” Wyatt begs. Zeke opens his mouth to reply, holding Wyatt just a little tighter in his arms. Wyatt looks into Zeke's eyes, searching for forgiveness. Zeke takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, it was a lot to take in all at once and he knew if what Wyatt was saying was true, than of course he deserved forgiveness, but he'd put so much trust in so many people and all had broken it. The moment he closes his eyes deciding to give one more piece of trust away and forgive Wyatt, he hears a loud bang and feels his heart stop. His eyes fly open in shock and he hears a sickening chuckle as blood stains his shirt.

Zeke looks at Wyatt in shock as the ex-agent goes completely limp in his arms, a small trickle of blood running from his mouth. Zeke holds Wyatt tighter in his arms, shattered to be holding someone he did care a lot for not that long ago, as they died.

“Pity, he really wanted you to forgive him. In fact, he wanted to die knowing that you forgave him. You looked like you were about to too.” G replies.

"You're not dead. You knew he was here? G what is going on here?" Zeke's questions come out in a confused rush.

"Haven't you worked it out yet? Are you that stupid?" G asks and for the umpteenth time today Zeke's hit with the rush of betrayal. G makes a show of unbuttoning his shirt, under which was a bullet-proof vest. "You know, I really hoped that Tyler would have been the one to do this because I had such high hopes for you getting swept up in a romance and having him be the one to rid you from my life. But this actually feels better. After a decade of watching you make stupid, selfish choices..." Zeke shifts Wyatt's still warm body onto just one arm, swiftly raising the other arm and shooting with precision, the bullet striking G's shoulder and forcing his enemy to drop the gun. G is clearly taken off guard as he stops mid victory speech. He’d assumed Zeke would be distraught and wouldn’t put up any fight after Wyatt was killed in his arms but Zeke appeared to be nothing but enraged.

Carefully, Zeke lies Wyatt down on the bed beside where they stood. Even if he was gone, he deserved at least the comfort and respect.

“I’ve killed everyone you ever cared about. You can kill me but that won’t bring them back, you’ll never get them back.” G smiles, trying to act like he wasn’t afraid by the cold hatred piercing into him from Zeke's eyes.

“You're right, nothing I do to you, will ever make up for the things you’ve done to my family and friends. But that's not going to stop me." Zeke replies, shooting for the other shoulder as G is squatting to pick up his gun. "All I want to know is why didn't you just kill me in the first place. Why go to all of the trouble? Why bring other people into it?" Zeke asks.

"You know why I home schooled you? Why I was there for you all those years while your parents were too busy running their companies?" G starts.

"Don't you fucking dare tell me you're my dad. This is not a goddamn soap opera." Zeke snaps, while looking at G to find any similarities between them.

"If you were, that would have made everything so much easier. I would have gotten the inheritance when your whole family died in a 'tragedy'. As your biological father, it would have been handed to me. But your lucky whore of a mother, was more than happy to dismiss me when she got the paternity results. And wow, aren't you lucky that your parents locked those accounts so you couldn't touch them, because then I needed you alive. I needed your permission for me to access the money."

"And you spent it all." Zeke nods, realizing how stupid he'd been. "I set up this place, to find the killer, and their killer signed the checks."

"Don't give yourself credit, you didn't have any part in setting this up. This place was here long before you had your emotional plea to me. I just renovated it to suit my own purpose. And figured I could mess with you along the way. The thing about murder, Zeke, is it's a short-lived pleasure. Watching you have every good thing ripped from underneath you, suffer heartbreaks..." G collapses to the floor as Zeke takes out one of his kneecaps with another bullet. "You'll kill me, but it'll never make up for the people that died because of you." G states, trying to hold on to his power. “I win.”

"You don't win shit. I want to put a hole in every single bone in your body and watch you live for as long as you can before you bleed to death." Zeke states as he walks over to G, standing above him and trying to decide just how much he could dehumanize himself because he wanted to destroy G.

"Oh I do win, I win because I get to die knowing that you've got nothing left to live for. My reward is your misery. Watching you fall for Tyler and lose him once was my reward, watching you do it the second time? That was an honour. In a way, you killed him twice. He's out there living his own life, free of you forever. Lucky bastard." G sighs, seeming to enjoy the pain, welcoming death. It was infuriating to not even have the joy of G's suffering after everything he'd done. "Y-you know." He was starting to get weak already. "T-Tyler was meant to. He was meant to kill you."

"Because you were drugging him." Zeke turns back on him, stepping forward and deciding enough minutes had passed for him to be due his next dose of led, to the opposite knee. Completely unable to move, G lies on the floor, finally letting out a pained scream. "But he didn't. Why was that? Why did he disappear on you? Why did he scare you so much that you had to go after him and kill his family just to bring him back into line?" Zeke demands as he crouches beside G and jams the barrel of the gun into the open flesh of his shoulder, causing another agonizing scream. "You underestimated him. And yet, you didn't fucking learn. Is that the real reason you let him train here? Were you hoping to get him back down here to control him again? Or is that why you tortured him for so long? You were hoping he'd just relapse, that you'd crack him and he'd go on a murderous rampage and you could reap the benefits without any responsibility? He's stronger, and he's smarter than you ever gave him credit for." Zeke pulls the gun up and pushes it into the bullet wound in his knee. "You trained him and drugged him and set him up to do your dirty work for you, and instead he fell in love with me, twice." Zeke smiles and with one bullet, he shoots G in the crotch. "It kinda sounds like you're the one that lost." The next bullet in his stomach. "Because all you've proven, is that you're a dickless, gutless, complete and utter failure." The next blast of lead between his ribs so his last breath could be a starved gasp. "Congratulations." He places the gun on G's forehead, ready to end him with a final bullet. "Which eye?" He asks with a smirk, not waiting for an answer, he holds then gun above the left, slowly moving the gun from one to the right and watching G's fear stricken gaze follow the barrel and just as he draws in a breath that sounds final, Zeke stands up and pulls the trigger to end G's worthless life.

Zeke exhales heavily, and his hands shake as he steps back from G's body. He drops the gun and backs away until he hits the edge of the bed. He turns around to see the lifeless body of just another victim. Poor Wyatt. Caught up in something he had no control over, and murdered the moment he had hope.

“I wish I knew the truth. I wish I could have protected you from this. I hated you, I hated you for betraying me and for breaking my heart when all that time you were suffering, too. And that was all because of me.” Zeke sighs, then lifts Wyatt's now cold hand and touches it to his cheek. “This is my fault. I should have made them wait. If you’d stayed chained to the wall until the drugs wore off. We wouldn’t be here right now. You’d still be alive. You'd be able to hear that I forgive you. And I'd hope to hear you forgive me.” Zeke's voice becomes shaky as he tries not to cry. “I hope you’re at least at peace now. Even after everything that’s happened between us. I hope you could feel how much I still cared about you, in your final moments. And, I forgive you.

The door swings open, and Zeke hears footsteps walking towards him. He doesn’t turn his head to look; there was no fight left in him. He’d done all he had to do, he’d ended G's life. He didn’t care who was right behind him, and whether they had a gun raised to his head or not, all he could think about was the desperation in Wyatt's voice as he begged for forgiveness in his arms.

Zeke? Oh, thank god you’re alive!" Snapped from his self loathing, Zeke turns to face Corey. Just as much anger and frustration filling him. "Oh my god, you killed him." Corey stares at G's body, blood leaking from the many bullet wounds. Zeke pulls the other gun out and paces up to Corey, backing him against the wall with the gun pressed into his cheek.

"Tell me everything before I shoot your fucking jaw off. I know you knew more than you said. You always knew more. Did you know about this place?" Zeke demands.

"I didn't know about this place. I swear. I followed G down." Corey answers quickly. Zeke lets go of Corey, but keeps his gun pointed at him.

"When did you know about Tyler?"

"Zeke, I didn't know everything until recently. When I first met him, I realized he was having withdrawals. Not from antidepressants, so I never prescribed him antidepressants. He was coming down with mind alteration medications. He was confused and scared because he had no idea what was going on. Poor kid has been on them for so long he was completely scrambled between reality and what he had been believing was reality." Corey replies with a pitying sigh.

"How did you know?"

"Flaws in his story and his memory of his health, leading me to suspect there was more going on. I prescribed him a very low dose counter pill just to see if it would help and when it did, it confirmed he had been altered. I didn't know who or why but he was off it, so I knew he was safe. I had no idea G was involved until recently. I swear. I didn't even know he had memories wiped until you guys ran into..." Corey's voice trails off and he looks towards Wyatt on the bed. Zeke steps back, thinking back to how weird Wyatt was towards Tyler the night they had broken into his place on a 'mission'. "He started asking how to tell if memories had been wiped and it clicked. His trauma, his withdrawal symptoms."

"The skill in high-pressure situations, his ability to just survive in the most unlikely circumstances. Why no one shot him way back at my place when he just ran to them." Zeke sighs to himself, feeling stupid to have missed it. "The nightmares?"

"His brain was so active the entire time I was monitoring him. Most people have only a short period of REM sleep at a predictable time in their sleep cycle, but when I put him in a coma, the activity in his hippocampus was constant. I've never seen such high readings, I'm talking years' worth of memories gone, at least. Then when G was desperate to trigger him enough to prove that Tyler was in the wrong, I started suspecting he knew something he wasn't saying. I have been focusing on G's part in all of this the last few days. The more I looked into it, the more it made sense. All those places you were sent when Tyler was 'missing', looking for all these other guys that you never found? That was G freaking out because he lost Tyler. He knew he was alive somewhere and he was sending you and everyone to regular places from Tyler's past in the hope someone would find him and bring him back to base. Or that he'd attack and you'd kill him out of self-defense. Then you walked in here with him claiming he was under your protection and G was furious because he lost control, he couldn't dose Tyler without anyone finding out about it because a behaviour change would be too obvious for anyone to believe that Tyler was the bad guy so he had to have an excuse to kill him and cover his own tracks before Tyler worked it out and turned him in. 48 hours off the substance and Tyler was neurotic, standoffish and confused but trusting you, he didn't know why but he trusted you on some subconscious level. 72 hours off it and he was really starting to break down. We assumed that was just trauma, but that's exactly why we implant a trauma in someone's memory when we do a wipe, it covers for what the real cause is." Zeke steps away from Corey, frustration causing him to shake all over as he takes it all in.

"You bring him back right now. I want to kill him again. I'm not done killing this fucking ASSHOLE! This absolute piece of worthless trash!" Zeke slams his foot again and again into G's skull with unrelenting disgust and hatred. "You fucking lowlife..." Behind him, Corey is gagging at the sight of what's become of his ex-boss's head.

"Zeke, stop, please." Corey begs, trying not to look down.

"No. This fucker killed my parents for money. All. My. Life. I have wished and hoped and dreamed for the day when I would find the person who killed them, and hear his reason, and I wanted it to mean something. I wanted their deaths to fucking mean something." Flying into a completely overwhelming breakdown, Zeke paces across the room, using his elbow to strike and break a mirror. He takes a shard of glass and makes his way back over to G's body.

"Zeke, stop. He's already dead."

"Yeah and I wish he wasn't I wish he could be alive while I carve out his organs." Zeke drops to his knees, raising the glass up and jamming it into G's stomach.

"Oh, for god's sake." Corey turns away completely.

"Fuck you. Fuck you. FUCK YOU!" Zeke continues taking his anger out, stabbing and cutting again and again until he hits something on G's chest that is hard enough to force the glass back up, slicing Zeke's own hand. "FUCK!" Zeke throws the glass to the side and stomps on G's chest, not wanting to leave a single part of him unharmed. He wanted each bone broken, each vein sliced, each cell of his skin bruised.

"Idiot." Corey grabs Zeke's wrist to inspect the cut on his hand. "Are you done? That's going to need stitches." He tells him with an unimpressed sigh.

"No, actually, I'm not done. This man, all these years. ALL THESE YEARS!" Zeke's eyes fill with vengeful tears.

"Can I at least stitch this up and then you can come back and keep turning him into human sludge." Corey gags as he says the words himself.

"Jesus Christ, you're a doctor. How are you this bad with blood?" Zeke rolls his eyes at Corey.

"Blood isn't my problem, it's when you make a skull flat, that I get a bit." Corey gags again.

"Give me your gun." Zeke orders.

"How many more bullets does he need?"

"It's not for him." Zeke shakes his head and looks from G's body, to Wyatt's, then down at his own blood covered, cable burnt, and glass sliced hands. "I need you to give me your gun, and I need you to leave." Zeke says in a calm tone.

"No, I'm not enabling your suicide."

"Corey, if you're really my friend..."

"I'm not being your friend right now! I'm being your doctor. I get that this is an intense moment and that you're feeling a lot of betrayal, a lot of hurt, but I made a promise to you a long time ago that I would help you through everything. No matter how hard, no matter how hopeless, I promised you I would help and I would always be here for you." Corey tells him, looking pleadingly into Zeke's eyes.

"I don't remember that."

"You wouldn't it was right before I wiped your memory, the last time you had a breakdown and told me you wanted to die. I promised I'd give you a reason to live when you needed it."

"What fucking reason do I have left?" Zeke kicks lazily at G again, just feeling like too many seconds had passed where he'd not attacked him. "You know what, I'm gonna piss on him." Zeke states with a shrug, hands going for his belt. In the moment they are both silent, they become aware of a ticking noise coming from their feet.

Zeke.” Corey says in a panicked tone as he bends down and starts unbuckling the shredded up bullet-proof jacket. Zeke helps him quickly and as soon as it's off, they see a contraption, not strapped to, but imbedded in the skin on G's chest, over his heart with a timer reading 2:31 but ticking down each second. “We need to get out of here.”

“Oh fuck him, fuck you all the way to the depths of hell! Fucking take me, I'll tear you apart every day of our afterlives, you pathetic piece of fucking... What the hell is that?” Zeke stops mid rant as a gas starts leaking from the device.

“I don’t know, but it can't be good. Run!” Corey grabs Zeke’s wrist, but Zeke hesitates. "He is not worth your death, ok? He wanted you to suffer, so live and show him he failed." Corey orders, looking stressed at the timer on G's chest.

"You go." Zeke pulls away from Corey.

"Zeke, I'm not leaving without you."

"I do not need you to die with me." Zeke turns his back on Corey and watches the timer count down, his heart racing as he watches it hit 2 minutes. It seemed like a long time, a really painfully long time, to stand dramatically above a mutilated body. And as that thought travels through his mind, Zeke turns to Corey who is still standing by him, without a word they both bolt as fast as they can to the lift. Corey hits the top floor button and the doors close, the lift moving painfully slowly as Zeke tries to continue counting down in his head, trying to work out how much time they had left.

"Are you ok?" Corey asks.

"I'm fine, why?"

"You've been shot." Corey steps forward to inspect Zeke's neck.

"No, I haven't." Zeke replies.

"There's a hole in your neck. You should be dead." Corey blinks, trying to determine whether his eyes were just playing tricks.

"Corey, I haven't been shot." Zeke's hands search his neck, suddenly doubting now whether he was alive or not. No bullet wounds. But he does hear a voice, crisp and clear.

"Zeke, help me. Don't leave me behind."

Tyler.” Zeke mutters and looks around.

Tyler’s not here, Zeke.” Corey reminds him, his turn to look at Zeke like he was losing his mind.

“He must have come back for me.” Zeke looks sadly around the room as soon as the lift doors open, trying to see a glimpse of him.

“Zeke, Tyler couldn’t come back! He doesn't remember ever being here. Now come on!” Corey yells and tries to drag Zeke towards the door.

“If he’s not here, then why can I hear him crying out for me!?” Zeke shouts, “I won’t leave without him!”

“This whole building is going to explode any moment! Tyler is safe, Zeke, you made sure of that! He’s not here, he’s not crying out for you! That gas must be making us hallucinate. You haven't been shot and Tyler’s not here!” Corey assures him, then pulls him towards the door. Accepting that was the most logical explanation, Zeke runs, Corey barely able to keep up with him as they burst out the door. Around the lift was a circle of bodies, and it's the first time since Zeke found the basement that he remembers that the threat was more than one person. They keep running, weaving and jumping over bodies and finally making it to the exit as they feel the ground shake and the shock wave sends them both flying in the air as the building explodes behind them.

It takes minutes for the ringing to leave Zeke's ears enough for him to hear Corey's voice.

"Are you alive?" Corey asks in a croaky voice, not moving to check.

"Yeah." Zeke answers and looks over towards Corey, who was about a metre from him. "Are you?"

“I’m alive.” Corey mutters and opens his eyes, turning his head to look back at Zeke. “My whole body just feels bruised.” Zeke sighs in relief and sits up, everything aching. He crawls over to beside Corey, looking at the destroyed building that was charred black and had smoke and flames still coming from it, ash and debris, raining down from the sky above them.

“Looks pretty incredible, huh?” Corey says as he lifts himself up to see, his face completely blank of emotion. Corey places a hand on Zeke's shoulder and Zeke silently places his hand on Corey's, relieved that he at least had someone left.

"I can’t believe it’s finally all over."

"I can't believe you wanted to urinate on a corpse." Corey fakes a smile at Zeke, who just fakes it back.

"Reckon there's anything left of him I can piss on? I'll settle for a single finger."

"Guess blowing himself up was his last action to ensure that no one would trace the murder back to him. You'd be lucky to find a tooth or a bone that survived that explosion."

"Gutless asshole couldn't even be accountable in his death." Zeke lies back down on the ground and stares up into the sky. "Was anyone alive in there? Or did G's men kill everyone?" He asks, finally remembering the storming of armed men that had come in, and all the people he'd trained alongside over the years that would have been in there.

"It probably won't surprise you to know, that was staged. Just as he used to drug and control the likes of Tyler and Wyatt, he drugged our own recruits, rubber bullets and following blind orders. The moment you were out of the picture, he shot them all. Thankfully, he was so busy mentally jerking himself off about the whole thing, he didn't actually bother making sure he shot me. He aimed at me and I fell to the floor, but, well, turns out he's a pretty shitty aim." Corey shrugs.

"What am I meant to do now?" Zeke asks, the shock of it all setting in. "I've lost everything, I'm jobless, I'm homeless. The last decade of my life has been full of lies."

“Well, you haven't lost everything. There’s only one thing left to do now.” Corey shrugs and stands up with a groan at the many parts of him that were in pain. He reaches a hand down to help Zeke up too. “Lets go find Tyler.”

Copyright © 2020 Littlelovestories; All Rights Reserved.
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Damn. I mean I’m not really surprised by any of this per se yet still that was a interesting conclusion to the story of G or what we know of it. Still find the whole situation very bizarre as it was all seemingly done just to get Zeke’s money. Sounds like a lot of work to steal some cash, though I presume all those drugged employees helped G in other ways beyond just tricking Zeke.

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While the story has confused me from the beginning, it was compelling and I looked forward to each posting!  Now I am eager to see the final resolution.

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Oh hell, I did not expect that, so I hope to hell that g is really dead , good riddance, I hope that Tylers memory wipe did not work and Zeke can find him, I await with baited breath for the next chapter

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2 hours ago, mikedup said:

Oh hell, I did not expect that, so I hope to hell that g is really dead  

It would take some extraordinary writing to have g still alive (I refuse to capitalize his name) The only thing I would have done differently was I would have pissed in his face while he was still barely alive.Now as Corey said "Let's go find Tyler"

Edited by weinerdog
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'g' with Iron Man-like device in chest that 'counts down', releases 'hallucinogenic gas' AND brings the whole damn 'Company' down in an "explosion" not implosion? Unless chest 'device' was wirelessly transmitting BOOM signal to devices around the building? 💣

So you just had to go one step further (for you) from a 'regular cliffhanger' to a "Yippee Ki Yay, motherfucker"  (John McClane speaking, not me ) one.  

As for Zeke's multi-Million dollar inheritance being totally wiped out? The 'books' 📒'cooked' by 'g' only show the money is 'gone'. Which leaves the question - 'Gone Where'?

Corey says: “Well, you haven't lost everything".  As we all know, bad guys, criminals, drug lords (et al) and sleaze-ball corrupt politicians stash their ill gotten gains offshore.

💰   💵   💸   🏝️

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