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Naked Calendar - 10. Together

Nathan hesitates at the bedroom door.

Nathan hesitated in the doorway to his bedroom, sensing the heat from Jaymes’ body at his back. An involuntary shiver trembled through him. In his mind, he still thought of the room as his father’s—well, his parent’s—even though he had redecorated and bought new furniture after his father passed away. He had also invested in a queen-sized bed, even though he’d shared the space with nobody since the purchase.

And right now a man—a very attractive man—wanted to climb into bed with him, and hopefully have sex with him. His stomach tightened and, as if hearing his thoughts, a warm hand landed on his shoulder.

“Nate?” came the concerned voice.

“Are you absolutely sure about this?” said Nathan, without turning. “Because if we go the rest of the way, there’ll be no going back. Everything will change.”

“I am. But I think your question is, are you?”

“Oh God.”

The hand slipped from his shoulder and Nathan immediately missed the warmth, the connection.

“What is it?”

“It’s just—” Nathan breathed out a sigh and turned to face Jaymes, who stood there patiently, an endearing look of concern in his eyes. “I can handle juvenile Jaymes. But this grown up version is making me nervous.”

Jaymes’ face bloomed into a broad smile, which helped reduce Nathan’s nerves. Eventually, Nathan felt a smile tug the corner of his mouth.

“Relax. You’re in good hands.”

Jaymes put a hand on each of Nathan’s shoulders and pulled him forward into an innocent hug. The closeness, the warmth and musky smell of Jaymes, the side of his face resting against Nathan’s, smoothed the tension out of his body.

“I am?”

“You are. And in case you’re worrying if this is a first for me, it’s not. Just—let me take control, Nate. Can you do that?”

“What does that mean, exactly?”

“Do you trust me?”

Nathan paused for a second or two, pulling back and staring deep into Jaymes’ eyes, before nodding his head.

“Yes. But just so you know, it’s been a while for me.”

Since his father’s death, he’d had little time to play. Before that, he’d often driven to Brighton at the weekend, the gay capital of England, and spent the night with friends. One guy had been his on-and-off since his early twenties, but never more than a roll in the hay, though there was a time that might not have been the case. But when his father passed away, any dream of being with someone went out the window. Who wanted to be with a man who rose before the crack of dawn and was asleep by eight o’clock each evening?

“Then all the more reason to trust me. Now, don’t move, okay?”


Like a parent undressing a kid, Jaymes lifted Nathan’s arms in the air and slowly pulled the sweater over his head. When Nathan’s head reappeared, his hair falling back into place, Jaymes smiled and kissed him chastely on the lips. Nathan began to reach out for Jaymes’ own sweater, but Jaymes stopped his hand, and then held a finger up in front of Nathan’s face.

“I said don’t move.”

Jaymes bit his bottom lip and concentrated on undoing the buttons of Nathan’s shirt, while Nathan took his fill of the imposing man. Jaymes’ single-minded attentiveness felt damned sexy. When he had completed the top half, removing both shirt and undershirt, he hands went to Nathan’s belt, slowing undoing the buckle, before unbuttoning his jeans and forcing them down to his knees, but carefully avoiding moving or touching Nathan’s seriously tenting boxers. Jaymes appeared to get off on this power play because his breathing had deepened considerably. On his way back up, he smoothed a cheek against the cotton cloth over Nathan’s erection and the damp spot there. Straightening, he forcefully kissed Nathan, and ended by pushing him by the shoulders to a sitting position on the bed. Crouching again, he slid off Nathan’s jeans, before crawling up his body pushing him back until he lay on top, their mouths locked in another powerful kiss. Even fully clothed, Nathan could feel Jaymes’ arousal through his jeans. Jaymes released the embrace, leant back and yanked both of Nathan’s arms above his head. In turn, he pushed his nose and mouth into each armpit, before nuzzling on each of Nathan’s nipples, his tongue wetly circling the gooseflesh skin, before nipping gently on the nub, bringing each fully erect. Nathan squirmed and moaned with pleasure.

“You’ve got too many clothes on, Jaymes.”


Jaymes sat up then, straddling Nathan’s thighs. While rhythmically pushing his groin into Nathan’s, he slowly began to unbutton his own shirt, and, with no undershirt beneath, revealed his hairy, defined chest for the second time that evening. Broad shouldered, and sporting a flat stomach, Nathan spotted a small tattoo on one side of the crease leading down to his groin, what looked like a dog or a wolf. Hell, thought Nathan, the man could put on a show. Nathan wanted to touch and feel, suck and taste him, run his hands over his amazing body. But he’d had strict instructions: no touching—yet. Eventually, Jaymes pushed off the mattress, backing onto the carpet, where he began unbuckling his trousers, removing them and his underwear until he stood buck naked except for the leather bands around both wrists. While his gaze appraised Nathan’s body, one hand smoothed down to his own groin. Nathan couldn’t help the intake of pleasure at the sight, of Jaymes’ impressive body and generously proportioned cock, standing to attention, gripped in a fist and aimed liked a warhead at Nathan’s head.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first day I met you,” said Jaymes, stepping out of the jeans around his ankles and coming forward, the pupils of his blue eyes darkened with need.


“Oh yeah,” he said, reaching now and pulling Nathan’s boxers down, watching as his erection sprang free, all the while admiring the view. “You’re absolutely beautiful, Nate.”

Jaymes climbed onto the mattress again, like a predator crawling over his prey, planting soft kissed on each of Nathan’s thighs, breathing hot breath onto Nathan’s straining erection—but not touching—drawing his tongue up from the stomach to between his pectorals, then licking and nipping at his nipples. By the time he had lined up their bodies, his scorching cock smoothing up the length of Nathan’s own, his face hovering over him, Nathan was about ready to let go completely. But a question needed answering.

“Then why the hesitation earlier?”

Jaymes huffed out a sigh and looked away briefly.

“Polly warned me you were off limits. You’ve been through enough, she said, and she thinks I’m a bad influence. So I promised. Sadly, not only do I find you totally addictive, but my usually trusty willpower’s defective in your presence.”

Once again, Jaymes brought their bodies and mouths together, and probed his eager tongue into Nathan’s mouth, exploring, smoothing, teasing. Jaymes’ mouth tasted of beer and sour Thai sauce and pure need. After a few molten seconds, Jaymes pulled away.

“But I get that it’s been a long time. So if you want, we don’t have to go all the way.”

Nathan felt Jaymes’ substantial erection nudge between his legs, and a tingle filled his stomach, his arse cheeks clenching involuntarily with need. All of his previous encounters—and he could count them on one hand—had been fast and furious. He and Clifton had never gotten past blow jobs and mutual masturbation. If only for one night, he wanted everything with Jaymes.

“I want to go all the way with you.”

“You do?”

“Hell yeah, but you’re going to have to take it slow.”

“Slow is my speciality. I’ll have you singing like an opera diva by the time I’m finally inside you.”

“Fuck, Jaymes. Hurry up, then. I’m about ready to burst here. Condoms and lube are in the bedside drawer. This side.”

When Jaymes jumped up and went to the drawer, Nathan pulled himself further up the bed. Jaymes lost no time and after throwing the items onto a pillow, launched himself back at Nathan. Holding his head in both hands, he planted his weight on top of Nathan and kissed deeply. Apparently Jaymes liked to kiss, which was as well because Nathan loved being kissed by him.

“Am I allowed to move yet?” asked Nathan, as they came up for air.

Jaymes laughed playfully at that. Hot breath bathed his left ear when he spoke.

“Knock yourself out.”

Nathan rolled them over and straddled a chuckling Jaymes. This time, Nathan took his time to drink in the incredibly hot guy beneath him. When he reached down and grabbed a handful of Jaymes’ erection, the bigger man’s eyes widened, his grin dissolving. Pupils darkening with need, he sucked in a breath, closed his eyes, and bucked his hips repeatedly into Nathan’s grip. His heart thumping, Nathan made his way down Jaymes’ body, eventually stopping and hovering over the cock. Maybe he wasn’t so good at other things, but he knew a thing or two about giving blow jobs, or so he’d been told. Keeping his grip on Jaymes’ shaft, he drew his tongue slowly from root to tip, tracing bulging veins before licking repeatedly around the ridge.

“Bastard,” hissed Jaymes, his hands reaching into Nathan’s hair.

Before Jaymes could speak again, Nathan had cupped his balls in one hand and squeezed gently, before taking the whole head in his mouth. Obscene words drifted down from Jaymes’ mouth, as Nathan bobbed his head up and down, letting out an occasional popping sound as he released the head. After a few of these, Nathan decided to shut Jaymes up by taking his whole length—not an easy task because of the girth—into his throat while snaking his tongue repeatedly around. Before he had finished, Jaymes used his hands to pull off Nathan’s head, a soft whimpering sound coming from him.

“Okay Nate,” he said, his voice shaking and serious. “I get it. You give fucking amazing head. But if you carry on like that, it’ll all be over before it’s begun. Let me take over now, give me a chance to recover.”

Flipping places once again, he crushed his mouth onto Nathan’s. Without breaking the kiss, he eased Nathan’s legs apart, before pulling his knees up and sliding the head of his hot cock along Nathan’s crack. Jaymes knew how to tease, the heat amazing, the tip already slick with pre-cum. Nathan’s legs squeezed tight around Jaymes’ lower back, letting him know he wanted more. Releasing Nathan’s mouth, Jaymes went down on Nathan, sucking his balls and torturing him by taking him into his mouth, while still managing to press the length of his cock along Nathan’s crack. Before long, the length was replaced by a spit slick middle finger, thick and calloused, squeezing slowly inside while Jaymes worked Nathan’s cock with his mouth. After moments of twisting and probing, the finger withdrew and this time Nathan heard the snap of the lube bottle opening. He had been expecting to feel cool liquid touch him, but instead Jaymes released his cock, and swiped his tongue around the sensitive skin of Nathan’s hole before pushing inside. Nathan moaned aloud and almost came there and then. Emboldened, Jaymes brought his head away and pushed two fingers inside this time, his mouth returning to swallow Nathan’s length. Nathan loved the feeling, realising how much he had missed the intimate sensation, until Jaymes withdrew and pushed a third finger into him, finally finding his prostate, his pleasure centre. Nathan literally yelped, bucked his hips, and then moaned, which set Jaymes chuckling.

“There you are, my little friend.”

After twisting his fingers, Jaymes stroked the spot once more. Nathan felt pressure building at the root of his cock, knew he wasn’t far from coming. He’d almost forgotten how much pleasure two men could give each other.

“Jaymes, you need to fuck me now. I beg you.”

But Jaymes was way ahead. As soon as he withdrew his hand, the head of his already sheathed cock replaced the loss of heat, pushing in slowly and stopping. Nathan’s breath stuttered for a second, the pain sharp, but the burn of being stretched gradually subsiding. As promised, Jaymes took his time, pushing forward gradually and allowing Nathan time to adjust. Without doubt, Jaymes was bigger than any man he’d ever had, and despite the coolness of the room, Nathan felt perspiration dotting his forehead. Finally, Jaymes’ own sweat-slick face appeared over his, eyes wide with wonder.

“I’m all the way in.”

“You are?”


“Then what are you waiting for?”

Jaymes grinned again, but when he started moving, a tortured mask of ecstasy replaced his smile. After a few tentative strokes, he began to pull out almost all the way before sliding back in again. Soon all pain had subsided, Nathan’s nerve endings brought to life, and he began to move forward into each stroke. When Jaymes changed angles at one point, and thrust back in hard, he hit right on target and Nathan whimpered eager encouragement and affirmation into his ear. Each subsequent thrust hit home, fast and hard, followed by long, slow strokes. Along with the lovemaking, the bed frame creaked like an industrial machine while the headboard slammed rhythmically against the wall, each bang marking out the increasing pleasure and tension building inside Nathan. When Jaymes’ mouth crushed into Nathan’s and once again he rammed in hard and fast, Nathan finally came apart, cum erupting from him, hitting their joined chests and filling his navel. Jaymes came seconds afterwards, growling loudly, and pushing his cock as far into Nathan as he would reach, filling the condom. Collapsing on top of Nathan, their chests bounced against each other, fighting for air, their bodies slick with sweat and semen. Eventually, Jaymes pulled out, slowly and gently, which made Nathan smile shyly. Jaymes was a generous and careful lover.

Both lay on their backs, staring at the ceiling, unspeaking, breathing in sync. Eventually Nathan broke the silence.

“Is there anything you’re not good at?”

Jaymes’ laughter rumbled and he turned on his side to face Nathan. With one hand cradling his head, he reached out and stroked a thumb around Nathan’s groin, fondling his balls and bringing his cock back to life.

“If I could turn you into a pizza right now, this would be a perfect night.”

“There’s one in the freezer I could defrost and bake, if you want?”

“Nah. We haven’t finished here yet. You ready for round two?”

“If you keep that up, I will be.”

“Let me quickly get rid of this first of all,” said Jaymes, plucking off the filled condom, rising from the bed, and disappearing towards the bathroom.

“For the record, I hate condoms,” said Jaymes, returning and stretching out next to Nathan.


“Reduced sensation. Like kissing through shrink-wrap. But having lived with a cheating bastard for five weeks, I understand the need.”

Jaymes shuffled closer and lined their bodies up. Almost chastely, he smoothed the back of one hand down Nathan’s chest, before leaning in and kissing him. Both of their bodies responded to the close contact, Jaymes’ erection straining against Nathan’s stomach. As their breathing deepened again, Nathan had been expecting Jaymes to roll on top of him, but instead, Jaymes rolled the other way, and pulled Nathan on top. Immediately, one hand went to Nathan’s crack and stroked there, a finger probing into his warm depths. Nathan moaned with pleasure into Jaymes’ mouth, before pulling away.

“You’ve no idea how much I needed this,” he whispered.

“Yeah, I think I do. Grab me a condom.”

“Let me.”

Nathan reached over and plucked a condom from the box. With the foil wrapper between his teeth, he squirted lube into his palm, then reached behind and massaged Jaymes’ hot, straining erection. Jaymes groaned and pushed his hips into the caress.

“You’re good at this, Nate.”

“Yeah, well. Got to be good at something.”

Finishing off, Nathan ripped open the foil and rolled the latex down Jaymes’ length. Pushing the remaining lube from his fingers into his backside, he positioned himself over Jaymes and lowered gently, his eyes rolling back into his head and closing.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” moaned Jaymes, as Nathan lowered all the way onto his length, waited for a few moments, before rising slowly, his hands braced against Jaymes’ chest.


After a dozen or so more times, moving slowly and savouring every tiny pleasurable sensation, Jaymes’ deep voice broke the silence.

“Look at me, Nate.”

Nathan opened his eyes and saw such intensity in Jaymes’ beautiful eyes, such trust and tenderness, he almost forgot to breathe. Craning forward, he wrapped his arms lightly around Jaymes’ neck and brought their mouths together. After taking his fill, he stopped moving, pulled back and smiled at Jaymes.

“Your turn, big boy. Give me everything you’ve got,” he said, allowing Jaymes to move into him at his own pace.

Jaymes needed no encouraging. With a guttural rumble in his chest, he brought his knees up and pounded hard, his strong arms around Nathan’s waist, holding him in place. So fast and furious came the response, Nathan almost fell off the horse, so to speak, before locking his arms around behind Jaymes’ neck. Jaymes had possibly sensed the same thing because he pulled him closer, until Nathan’s cock rubbed up and down Jaymes’ stomach.

“God, Jay. I—I think I’m going to—”

Both panting with pleasurable exertion, Jaymes’ came first, thrusting into Nathan and holding there, releasing a long, raspy growl of ecstasy. Nathan followed right behind, rubbing still against Jaymes’ body, and spurting shot after shot of warm cum onto Jaymes’ chest and neck.

Both collapsed again, Nathan slowly rolling off Jaymes until they lay side by side, staring at the ceiling.

“We should get some sleep,” said Nathan. “I’ll get a wet cloth so we can clean up.”

Nathan moved to the door and stopped. A sudden nervousness filled him when he turned to witness Jaymes studying him, a grin on his face.

“Will you sleep in here tonight?” asked Nathan.

After everything they’d just done, he felt nervous about having Jaymes actually sleep next to him.

“I’d like to. Unless you want me to sleep next door?”

“No, I—” said Nathan, a smile finding its way to his lips. “No, definitely not. I want you here.”

Five minutes later, as they settled beneath the sheets, Jaymes lined his body up against Nathan’s spine, his knees tucked into Nathan’s, an arm around his waist. Nathan had never felt so comforted.

“I could get used to this.”

In response, Jaymes simply kissed the back of his neck. While his bedside clock ticked out seconds and minutes, Jaymes’ gentle breath in his hair slowed and a soft snuffling sound issued from him. Nathan didn’t want to sleep, wanted to savour every last minute with naked Jaymes in his bed, because he felt sure this wouldn’t last. Nothing ever did. But soon tiredness overtook him, and he descended into dreams of laughter and freedom and possibility.

Hope this is going in the right direction.

Loving the comments, suggestions and reactions - so keep them coming.


aka Brian Lancaster

Copyright © 2019 lomax61; All Rights Reserved.

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Well well well now, that was way more "intimate” and tender that I expected; almost the opposite to a roll in the hay and me definitely likes 👏🏻👏🏻

. Hope this goes somewhere, they both seems nice people who most certainly deserve a break.


...just thinking that to have someone you’re in a relationship for five weeks cheat on you (which in my book is close to nothing in terms of getting to know somebody let alone getting fed up with them) has to be a huge blow to your self esteem...oh my, poor Jaymes; and I know that cheating has more to do with the cheater than the cheatee (does that word  even exist? lol), but still...

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They truly have a connection, these two. Just how long will this feeling last? Neither man is experienced in the field of relationships, so there's a high risk of misunderstandings.  

Also, Polly seems to not really know her cousin. Or she does and then I sort of worry for Nathan...  

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I am pretty happy for Jaymes and Nathan! Nice job on the erotic love making. Steamy in all the right ways. Now we'll see where things go from here, and hopefully find out about Polly's "date." Thanks.

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On 11/3/2019 at 1:04 PM, KayDeeMac said:

WHEW!!!  I need a shower!!


I agree wholeheartedly that was a seriously hot chapter. I think they both really needed that. I don't think miss p should be trying to limit nathans love life by warning Jaymes off though.

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