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    Wombat Bill
  • Author
  • 2,631 Words
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May contain graphic sexual content

Catering With Benefits (3) - An Appetite for More - 27. Bar Talk

180036450_293663279011258_68078891895629 oo

Edward asked Juanito “How are your plans for the gay and seniors’ functions going?”

“Pretty good really. I’ve got two Abba songs to sing for the seniors. Something not too upbeat and a bit old, but I think they’ll be appropriate to a political function. I’ve learned Take a Chance on Me and The Winner Takes it All.”

“And for the gay function, are you going to debut One Eata?”

“I’ve rehearsed a few songs but still a bit nervous about frocking up.”

“Don’t be, if you’re not nervous about singing then it should be even easier when you have a mask to hide behind.”


“Yes, standing up and singing as yourself would be a lot more nerve wracking to me than hiding behind a character’s image.”

“Thanks, that makes me feel better.”

“What are you wearing?”

“Your old figure hugging full-length blue gown has come up a treat after the alterations I had done at a local dressmaker. She has even stitched in a fully padded bra for me.”

“Let’s see how you look in it first, don’t want your bulge showing. It might be better to go with something a bit looser fitting for now and also shorter, so you can show off your legs.

“I’ll try a few others.”

“Good then I want a full dress rehearsal at Divas tomorrow night. I’ll have a small but supportive audience to cheer you on.”


“All our friends, it’s Wednesday drinks night.”

“I suppose I can manage that.”

“Good girl.”


Juanito was working in the office of Poppy’s when Edward arrived early so they could set up for the dress rehearsal and get Juanito into costume and makeup. When all was ready, Edward went to the bar and found everyone had turned up on the same night.

Tristan was keen to talk about his ballet, so he cornered Edward as soon as he arrived.

“I’m feeling a bit frustrated Edward, I’m keen to get on with workshopping my ballet, but I still need to find a rehearsal hall.”

“Mmm, maybe I can help there. I know I’ve been unavailable lately and have not given your project the time I would like to, so I’ve got a proposal. If I give you use of Divas, free of charge for workshopping and rehearsing, would you in return put on a preview performance here before staging at the bath house?”

Tristan thought for a few moments and then answered “I think that is a great idea. When can we start?”

“Anytime you like, provided we work around other bookings for the room. The paid functions will get priority of course.”

“Not a problem. I knew I’d made the right decision when asking you to be my producer.”

“Now, you send me some dates when your dancers are available and I’ll pencil them in, but if another booking comes in, then we may have to reschedule from time to time.”

“I’m fine with that. I’ll give you some dates tomorrow. I’m thinking we might make it once a week on a regular day, so is there any particular days that are better.”

“Just avoid weekends, that’s when most bookings are likely. Monday & Tuesday are probably the best days.”

“Can I get you a drink to celebrate?” asked Tristan.

“Great, see if Dean was able to get the Merlot I asked him about. He’ll know what I mean.”

As Tristan walked away, Brett, who had been lingering nearby, seized his opportunity to collar Edward.

“Hi Brett, good to see you here.”

“Yes, I enjoy this regular get-together. Have you looked over my wedding expo plan yet?”

“No, I’ve been very busy, but I didn’t think I would need to approve it, since I know you and Jeremy and your work. It’s the outsiders I need to vet. Was there something in particular you wanted to discuss?”

“It’s just that I’m so excited about my proposal I’m dying to hear what you think about it.”

“So why don’t you tell me now?”

Brett wriggled on the bar stool like an excited child bursting to tell a secret. “I’m going to set up my stall like a studio but with lots of pastel colours and flowers and soft music playing.”

“That sounds great, and what will be your sales pitch.”

“Well, as it’s a wedding expo, we’ll be concentrating on the bride or groom preparing for their wedding night. You know what I mean?”

“Yes, of course they will want to look their best when they get their gear off.”

“Exactly, so as well as waxing demos, I’ll also be introducing our new pubic hair bleaching and dying service.”


“Yes, have you not heard of it?”

“I’m pretty sure I get the idea, but did you also say demos?”

“Yes, I’m a bit undecided as to whether I should get some models or ask for volunteers from those attending.”

“When you say demos, do you mean live, on the day, for everyone to see?”

“I knew you’d be as excited about it as I am.”

“Don’t confuse my interest as excitement.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You can’t do live waxing and bleaching demos of someone’s genital area at a public expo.”

“Why not, it will all be done in the best possible taste and will look absolutely beautiful.”

“As may be, but I don’t want our first expo to be raided by the police, shut down and then have the story make the news headlines.”

“Well, it would be great publicity for the expo and Divas. I suppose the down side would be the cost of hiring security for crowd control the next day.”

“No Brett, there wouldn’t be a next day if we’re shut down.”

“So you don’t like my idea. Is that what you’re saying?”

“Personally, I might enjoy it, well some of it, but it’s just not appropriate for a public expo and I’ve also got to consider the other stallholders.”

“Humph, grunted Brett and added “Here’s your tights man back, I hear he’s going to have nudity in his ballet. What are you going to do about that?”

Brett left in such a hurry, he almost knocked Tristan over, but narrowly avoided the wine spilled as a result.

“Watch it danceboy!”

As Brett walked off to the bar, Tristan said “What did I do to Brett?”

“It’s not you. He’s pissed off at me because I won’t let him do waxing and bleaching of people’s private parts at the expo.”

“Sounds exciting.”

“Not you too. But he did raise another issue as he huffed off. He mentioned the possibility of nudity in your ballet.”

“Of course there is.”

“I know and we’ll handle it appropriately as artistic expression as we workshop the project. Clearly any nudity will be acceptable at the bath house version, but we may have to modify the version here.”


Brett decided that Rose wine best suited his mood at present, so Dean obliged and asked why he was so agitated. “Thanks to Edward I now have to rethink my expo plans, he doesn’t approve of nudity, the old wowser.”

Brett explained the problem to Dean, and then beckoned to Jeremy as he walked by.

“Hi Dean, good roll up tonight.”

“Yeah looks like the whole gang’s here, no body’s working tonight, except me.” Then as he noticed someone at the other end of the bar requiring service he said to Jeremy “You had better comfort your partner here, he’s a bit low.”


Juanito’s appearance was to be a surprise for the rest of the group, so he stayed in the dressing room and Edward asked Romel to take him a drink and keep him company.

Juanito and Romel were chatting when Juanito’s phone beeped. “Excuse me Romel.”


Juanito read his text and said to Romel “It looks like a long lost cousin of mine is coming to Australia and wants me to be her tour guide and find her some accommodation.”

“Do I know her?”

“I don’t think you would, I can barely remember her myself. I think we only met when very young when Dad took us to Cebu to visit his side of the family. From what I can remember of that trip he also made up with his family for his long absence. When he was about twenty he went to Manila to find work. There he met my mother, married and didn’t go back to Cebu for many years. His parents were of the opinion that he abandoned them. They were quite bitter about it.”

“So this cousin is related how?”

“She’s my father’s brother’s daughter.”

“Well that’s exciting for you, seeing a cousin from back home.”

“Not really, but I must do the family thing for her.”

“So when is she coming?”

“Don’t know, she’ll send more details later.”


Craig and Justin arrived late as they had been in the kitchen helping Snowy with a special catering job. When it was ready, all three of them went to the bar and place large platters of finger food on the bar. Craig asked Dean for a bowl and placed it beside the food with a note that read ‘Enjoy and throw a contribution into the bowl’. They then went over to join Thomas and Jared at a semi-circular booth. Justin insisted he be let in first, which meant he was sitting next to Jared.

“Hi guys.” said Craig, “There’s food on the bar, just help yourself.”

“Great” said Jared “Can you fetch some for us Thomas, I’m starving.”

“What did you last servant die from, overwork?”

“Well I can’t get out of here now.”

As Thomas got up Justin said to Craig “Why don’t you go with Thomas and explain what we cooked?”

Craig was happy to show off their new menu items created by him and Charlie, specifically to be served as bar food. It they were well received tonight then, by arrangement with Dean, they could be ordered at the bar and served from Poppy’s kitchen.

As soon as the brothers were alone, Jared reached across Justin’s leg and placed his hand gently on his bulge. “Does that feel better than when old lady Price did it last week?”

“It will feel great if you squeeze tightly.”

Jared needed no encouragement and happily complied with Justin’s request. “Fuck, you’re so hard already, are you continually erect?”

“Whenever you’re near I can’t keep it down.”

“Fuck it, I want you in my mouth and way down my throat, right now.”

“We can’t here.”

“Then come with me.”

As they were getting up from the booth, their partners returned with two plates of food. “Where are you two going?” asked Craig “Have the food while it’s hot.”

“We’re just going for a piss, won’t be long.”

As they walked away, Thomas said “I thought it was only girls that went to the pisser in pairs.”

“It seems brothers do also.”


After serving the food, Snowy’s duties for the night were over so he went over and joined his boyfriend and Edward.

“Hey these are pretty good.” said Tristan “Did you make them?”

But before answering, Snowy threw his arms around Tristan, gave him a long kiss and then said “Which tastes better, them or me?”

Tristan face flushed, which was noticed by the all-seeing Edward, who added “Oh, aint love grand, but no need to be embarrassed, were all friends and soon to be in the love business together.”

Romel noticed this, then he went over to Edward and planted a wet one on him. Then like the domino effect, soon the whole bar was a kiss-in. There were two men that had no one to kiss them, so jokingly Craig gave Thomas a peck on the cheek, followed by Thomas giving Craig a quick kiss on the lips, just as Jared and Justin returned to the table.

“What’s this some sort of love fest?” asked Justin.

“Maybe we should join in.” suggested Jared who then took Justin’s head in his hands and kissed him, but lingered just a little too long for a brotherly kiss.

As each of the couples finished their embrace, they turned to look around the room at their friends until there was only one couple still kissing. When they stopped Jared noticed the stares and said “What?”

Nobody answered as they each felt that whatever they said would be as inappropriate as what they had just witnessed.

In an attempt to rescue the evening, reduce the tension and distract everyone, Edward announced “We have another special surprised for you tonight.” As he said it he raised his eyebrows, then continued “I invite you all to a sneak preview of this town’s newest Diva, performing for the first time. So while we prepare, grab a drink and we will all reconvene in the showroom.”


While everyone else went to the bar, Thomas asked the brothers about the kiss.

“Shouldn’t we discuss this in private?” asked Craig.

“No.” replied Thomas. “It happened in public, so let’s hear the explanation in public.” Then directing his request to everyone else asked “When you all have your drinks can you gather around to hear the brothers explain about the kiss.”

“Oh, that’s not necessary.” suggested Craig.

“I think it is. Of course I can only speak on behalf of Jared, but I’d like to hear them both explain.”

“Ok” said Craig “Go ahead.”

Jared spoke first. “What’s the big deal, we were only joining in the fun. Everybody was kissing when we got back. I don’t know what started it but from what I saw even our partners were kissing.”

“That’s true, why are we the ones that have to explain, we could easily turn the question around on you two.” added Justin.

“But that was just a joke and just a quick peck.” replied Craig “Wasn’t it Thomas?”

“Yes, that’s all, but you two kept the kiss going longer.”

“So it comes down to a matter of time?”


“Look, we did what everyone else was doing and maybe it went longer, but we are brothers so there’s an innocent closeness between us.”

“I think they’re right.” offered Andy “Let’s not make too much of it. I know it may not be my place to say so, but you did invite us all to witness the explanation Thomas.”

Thomas then burst out laughing; Craig caught on and laughed also. Soon all were laughing, except the brothers, who thought they had better join before more was made of it.

As they all walked across to the showroom, Thomas said to Jared and Justin, “Sorry guys, you should have seen your faces, when I asked for an explanation. Did you really believe I could have thought there was more to it?”

“Come here.” ordered Jared and gave Thomas a long lingering kiss, as the rest of the group cheered.


When everyone was seated, Edward gave One Eata the signal and started the Minus One sound track. She walked on stage dressed in a silver thigh length dress, slightly flared so as not to reveal her concealed assets and only barely long enough to cover them. Her long shapely legs wearing shine stockings completed the illusion.

To please the boys in her audience she sang It’s Raining Men. At the end of her rendition, applause and whistles, One Eata said in a breathy speaking voice no one recognised, “Why, thank you so much boys. I’m all overcome by your response. If I wasn’t wearing so much makeup I’m sure you’d see me blushing. Now, on the night I expect a multi-gender audience, not a gay boy’s club like this, so for balance, my second song will be Sisters are Doin it for Themselves. Thank you.

Next Chapter - Thomas’ Voicemail. - Jared told ‘Onya Bike’.

Copyright © 2021 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.
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Recommended Comments

Chapter Comments

I would say Jared and Justin MAY have dodged a bullet here, but I am not so sure Craig is convinced.  J & J should be grateful to Andy. for the diversionary tactic.  However, I'm not sure Thomas is as innocent about it as he may be appearing to be.  I think both Thomas and Craig will be thinking this over more than they let on.

Edward is going to have his hands full with some of Brett's ideas.  Brett seems not to completely understand the idea that not everyone is as casual about nudity as he and Jeremy are.  Dean was smart to call Jeremy to tend to Brett.

Sounds like One Eata is going to be a success.  

Lots of potential happenings are heralded -- helpful, hurtful, and hopeful.  How many will come to pass?  That's up to our teller of tales, our energetic expresser of eloquence, and our passionate presenter of perfect prose, @Wombat Bill!

Oh, and I liked the chapter, too.  

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A most enjoyable chapter again @Wombat Bill with a marvellous selection of songs for the various occasions, although I was mildly horrified (LOL) when Juanito indicated he had selected the two songs by Abba for the seniors function. He must learn Abba have a multi-generational appeal, at least in Australia (I am NOT a senior thank you Juanito).

I have stated it before, more from suspicion than "fact", but I am certain Thomas is wise to the "true" nature of Justin and Jared's brotherly relationship. He has put them on notice, although it appears both have been lulled into a false sense of security when Thomas laughed off his demand for an explanation of their lengthy kiss. is the teaser at the end of the chapter an indication of the imminent collapse of the Steadman/Haynes relationship? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Jeremy needs to nip Brett's temper tantrum in the bud before it gets out of hand. Commonsense alone should have informed him that nudity at a public expo was not likely going to be allowed. I also wonder if businesses offering beauty services may have to have some type of insurance for any customers who may have an adverse reaction to treatments; if so, I imagine such insurance would not likely extend to a public event of this nature. Thankfully, for Edward's sake, Brett did not intend to offer a live demonstration of anal bleaching, another beauty treatment, which is apparently very popular with women from Asian countries.

Edited by Summerabbacat
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Brett... He isn’t always the most reasonable or realistic. You’d think he’d have enough common sense to see public nudity wouldn’t be widely accepted and yet his only thoughts were to hire security.  No offense to Brett yet it’s been mentioned that their business is sorta of niche so I don’t know if a huge selection of the public would even want to see waxing period let alone genital waxing & bleaching so he seems overly hyped up on his idea considering he was thinking about paying for security, though I appreciate his passion. I see Thomas being given a lot of credit assuming he knows what’s going on between Jared & Justin yet I dunno. I mean it’s definitely possible but it’s just as possible that he’s fallen for their act. I don’t get why Thomas wouldn’t confront Jared if he knew the truth or even remotely suspected it as keeping quiet seems pointless unless he’s willing to look the other way in order to keep Jared in his life which is kinda sad. On the other hand I definitely think his laughing it off came off as forced, if only because as readers we know the truth, so he likely is suspicious now yet I don’t know if I believe he always was. I was disappointed in Justin’s reaction/actions as both Jared & Justin come off as good boyfriends whenever they’re with their partners and Justin’s relationship with Craig seemed especially good so I was hoping in this case rather absence making the heart grow fonder that Justin would start to feel guilty over cheating on Craig. As far as Jared goes I just don’t feel like we know him as well and it’s easy to see him in a negative light especially with him causally arranging a murder so I didn’t have much hope for him. Sadly it looks like neither brother feels any regret and they don’t have much shame either since they dared to kiss like that in public while just assuming they could get away with it not to mention slinking off to the bathroom for sex. I can’t see things ending well for these two when the truth eventually comes out. Not exactly loving Justin’s defensive, antagonist attitude either especially when I think about how he essentially is considered a 50% owner in the catering business as how will it go if they breakup? I mean I could see an angry Justin causing some issues but at the same time Justin doesn’t have a lot of self esteem so I have no idea how he’ll handle his emotions when Craig learns he’s been cheating on him. He could easily have a breakdown as he seems to be compartmentalizing his emotions somewhat as even while cheating on Craig, as well as seeming to put Jared higher on his priorities based on their conversation where they spoke of being made for each other vs their chosen partners, he seems to still care a lot for Craig despite how hard it is to align his selfish actions with his feelings for Craig.

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Yes, @ReaderPaul the 2 Js do seem to be skating on thin ice. Will it be Thomas or Craig who breaks that ice first?

@Summerabbacat, you do disappoint me. It is ABBA's multi-generational appeal that was the reason for choosing their songs. 

is the teaser at the end of the chapter an indication of the imminent collapse of the Steadman/Haynes relationship? Perhaps, perhaps not.- Brave prediction. 

And thank you not,  for that image of "other' bleaching. I'm sure it will stay with me all day.

Some astute observations @NimirRaj, if you are right, there could be relationship breakdowns all around us. Maybe Thomas' reluctance to admit his suspicions about the brothers is connected to his own cheating previously. Only time will tell. 

Furthermore -  you're all so hard on Brett, the dizzy, clowning queen. Although @NimirRaj does admire his passion. Brett only wants to please. 

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1 hour ago, Wombat Bill said:

@Summerabbacat, you do disappoint me. It is ABBA's multi-generational appeal that was the reason for choosing their songs. 

@Wombat Bill I assumed, quite wrongly it would seem, Juanito chose Abba songs for the seniors function as his attitude was only relics like Abba. You will have to forgive me, but I am still getting used to this "new" Juanito, one whose motivations are not purely for the financial or other benefit of himself. I will plead my case for forgiveness by stating I have been looking at buying some more Abba on vinyl in the last few weeks, and a number of those selling same have "promoted" their product with a statement akin to "buy it for Mum, she will really love it". I know Mother's Day is just around the corner, but these comments really annoy me. Imagine the outcry if someone promoted an album by Cardi B or Nicki Minaj with the byline "buy it for your bitch or your ho and she will give you lotsa pussy".

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4 minutes ago, Summerabbacat said:

if someone promoted an album by Cardi B or Nicki Minaj with the byline "buy it for your bitch or your ho and she will give you lotsa pussy".

I have no idea who these people are and won'even bother looking them up. They sound to be of no consequence. 

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You are blessed in not knowing who they are. They are female rapper's who are massively popular in the USA (and in Australia too, although not to the same extent). I have read that they regularly diss each other and other female rappers in print and in their music and refer disparagingly to the other in their "songs"; bitch, ho, motherfucker and pussy are often used in their songs. I personally find them both repulsive and their "music" as grotesque as they themselves are.

Edited by Summerabbacat
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