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    Wombat Bill
  • Author
  • 2,530 Words

May contain graphic sexual content

Catering With Benefits (3) - An Appetite for More - 50. What’s That on Your Face?


The room was very musty from being closed for so long, so Thomas put on a couple of fans to move the air around. “So what are you planning to do?” asked a nervous Dean.

“I thought I might start with Jared’s favourite, he’ll like that.”

“It doesn’t involve needles does it?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“I have to admit that when I first met Andy and we came over here one day for a little...you know. I was curious about this room and we had a poke around. That’s when I found these needles.” he answered as he showed Thomas the small box. I’m sorry I intruded into Jared’s privacy, especially as I had not even met him at the time.”

“That’s ok, he probably thinks it’s funny, don’t you Jared?”

“Did you just call me Jared?”

“No, I was talking to Jared.”

“O...K.” Dean replied, almost as a question, but took it no further.

As Thomas stripped off he said to Dean “I’m going to do a bit of ball torture. Well that’s what Jared calls it because he likes to feel the pain.”

“And you like to feel the pain also?”

“No, on the contrary, for me it’s pleasure.”

Not understanding any of what Thomas was babbling about, Dean decided to just go with the flow and get it over and done with. He sensed Thomas was a bit fragile and maybe confused so he just did as asked.

Thomas explained to Dean exactly what he would do and what he wanted Dean to do. Then as he attached the Velcro and chain to his scrotum, took up his position on the two boxes and grabbed the chin up bar as he said to Dean “When we start I want you to follow my instructions exactly, but do not speak. Can you do that?”

“What if I let out the occasional FUCK, which is quite likely given what you’ve told me you are going to do?”

“I suppose that’s ok, just don’t expect me to answer you.”

“It will be a statement, not a question.”

“Good, no hang the first five kilos.”

Dean did as requested, but Thomas seemed completely unfazed. Then he asked for a further five kilos, but still no reaction from a closed-eyed Thomas. By this time Dean felt, that except for the ‘another five kilos’ requests, Thomas seemed to be is some sort of trance and showed no emotion or sense of pain.

When Dean placed the fifth weight on the chain, bringing the total to twenty five kilos he noticed Thomas’ scrotum stretch so far he felt it would rip off any minute and was not prepared to add any more weight. When requested to add more he refused and Thomas said calmly “Pleased do as I fucking tell you, refusal is not an option. Just do it!”

Dean did, but was extremely concerned by then and didn’t know what to do. He promised Thomas he would do what he asked but had not even imagined it would go this far. When he reached thirty kilos, Thomas hung limply from the bar and said nothing, but when Dean looked up at him, Thomas was smiling. Not just a light smile but a broad happy smile. This worried Dean, who decided to call Andy and ask for advice.

He took his phone from his pocket and stepped out of the room. Thomas did not notice and said nothing. Dean explained to Andy what was happening and asked “What shall I do if he asks me to put on more?”

“Don’t do it, is the short answer.”

“Then should I leave him there. He seems content at the moment but all that weight can’t be doing his body any good.”

“Maybe you should start removing the weights before he does some serious damage.”

“But he scares me, it’s like he’s possessed. How can anyone bear all that pain and not even be showing any signs of distress?”

“Just start removing the weights and see what happens. I’ll come home immediately, but I’ll be at least thirty minutes, even if the traffic’s light.”

“Ok, but hurry, he’s your friend and he might need you, if not a paramedic, when he comes out of it.”


Dean went to the kitchen, downed a scotch and went for a piss before reluctantly returning to Thomas. As he approached the door he heard “Oh my love, I can’t believe how good you make me feel, hanging off my balls. I’ve come a long way since that first night when you put your fingers around my sac and gently squeezed down on my balls. Do you want to have a rest, you must be tired holding down my boys all this time?”

There was a short silence, and just as Dean was about to enter the room “I know, the tighter you squeeze the more I like it. But better not have too much of a good thing, you can take a rest now and we’ll do something else tonight, my love. Thank you Jared.”

Dean went into the room but Thomas still had his eyes closed and did not react to Dean’s presence. Slowly he removed the weights one at a time and when they were all off, Thomas said “You rest now my love, we’ll talk more later.”

He then opened his eyes, looked at Dean, as if nothing had happened in the last thirty minutes and said “See that wasn’t difficult, was it?”

“Um..er..s’pose not. Can I help you down?”

“No I’ll be ok here for a while.” Thomas replied and continued to hang from the bar. Dean left the room and had another scotch while he wandered around the garden.

He later returned to the house and went to check on Thomas, who was now sitting on a box.

“Can I get you a drink or something.” he asked.

“You can take off this Velcro for me, I think the boys need a bit of freedom. They’re very happy.” As Dean kneeled, removed the Velcro tape and released the pressure on his scrotum, he was sprayed by Thomas’ previously pent up juices.

“Fuck man, what are you doing?”

“Can’t be the first time someone’s come on your face. Besides when I climax with the restrictor on I can’t release it, so it just remains under pressure until released.”

“You could have warned me.”

As Dean went down the hall to get a towel he met Andy coming in the door. “What’s that on your face?”

“You know what it is, but I’m in no mood to explain. Just deal with your friend. I’ll be in the shower, for the next hour or so.”


“Hi Andy, you’re home early, not much work on today?”

“Are you ok, Dean was worried about you?”

“Oh he’s just a bit squeamish, he’ll be ok. I was just showing him what Jared’s gear is for. He told me he was curious, so I thought I better give him a demo. I think he’ll want to try it next time.”

“Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Of course, now as long as we’re all home let’s have a drink.”


Thomas dressed and joined Andy in the kitchen while he was selecting some wine glasses. “We’ll only need three glasses.” said Thomas.

“I know, there’ll be three when Dean joins us.”

“But Jared’s resting so he won’t be joining us this afternoon.”

“Wha...of course.”

Andy thought it best to change the subject, “It’s not long now before Christmas, so I suppose I better get a wiggle on and make some menu plans. The bar will be closed of course, but we nearly had to open.”

“How’s that?” asked Thomas.

“Justin and Craig had so many requests for Christmas lunch bookings, that they considered opening. It seems a lot of younger people don’t like the old traditions of cooking and joining their families for Christmas day and would rather let someone else do the cooking.”

“Well, family Christmases can be stressful. Do you know A & E departments are busier on Christmas Day than on Saturday nights?”

“I suppose that once a year enforced family get-together with people you don’t talk to the rest of the year, can bring out the worst in people. Anyway, they abandoned the idea of opening, when they calculated what it would cost in wages at triple the usual rate, so we don’t have to open either. That suits me. Dean and I don’t get many days off together, so it will be great for just the three of us to have a lazy day, drinking and eating.”

“Oh who’s coming?”

“No one, I meant you joining Dean and I, unless you have other plans.”

“I do actually. That’s why I came home early. I want to have my Christmas with Jared.”

“Yes, about that.”

“Oh I know you’re probably disappointed that we won’t be joining you. It’s very generous of you to ask, but this year we really want it to be just the two of us. I’m sure you understand.”

“No I don’t Thomas. It’s about time....”

Before Andy could continue, Dean arrived and asked “What are you two talking about?”

“Christmas.” replied Thomas.

“Good, I like Christmas and this year it’s going to be especially good to have our first Christmas in our own home. You’re included of course, Thomas.”

“Oh, Thomas has other plans Dean.”

“That’s disappointing, will you be with other friends. Maybe that lady you used to work for?”

“No.” replied Thomas “It will just be Jared and I.”


Andy gave Dean a stern look and shook his head side to side.

“No Andy, this has to be sorted.” said Dean “We can’t go on, ignoring the elephant in the room.”

“Sorry guys.” said Thomas “Have I upset you both, by not wanting to have Christmas with you? I didn’t realise it was so important to you. I could ask Jared, but I know he’s dead set on just being with me.”

“That won’t be necessary.” conceded Andy.

“Damn it Andy, you’re just encouraging him. I know he’s your closest friend, but I don’t think this is helping him. You both have to face reality. And you Thomas have to face the fact that Jared’s.....”

“STOP!” yelled Andy.

“What’s going on guys, are you two having a domestic? Maybe I should go to my room and join Jared, so you two can work out your differences.”

“Yes Thomas, that’s probably best.” concluded Andy.

When Thomas left, Dean turned to Andy and was about to open his mouth when he realised he was being given the death stare by Andy. Dean downed a glass of wine in one gulp, then finally spoke “How long are we going to have this nutter in our home?”

“Don’t speak about him like that, he’s very fragile at present.”

“Fragile! He’s fucking raving mad.”

“He’s still grieving, give him time.”

“It’s not like Jared died yesterday, it’s been three months.”

“Everyone needs their own time to grieve.”

“I get that, and he may never completely forget the hurt, but he’s now worse than before he went away. If you’re not going to deal with him, then I think he needs professional help.”

“You right, so don’t upset him until we can get him to accept he needs help.”

“What’s this WE? You’re on your own in with this one. You didn’t see him hanging in that purple room, completely unaware that his balls were being stretched to the ground. If he had suffered any injury, I would have been responsible. It was fucking scary.”

“I’m sorry you had to experience that, but I don’t think forcing the truth upon him will work. It could just push him over the edge.”

“I don’t want to contribute to his suffering, so like I said, I’ll leave it up to you. My job is to support you, but I’ll keep away from that loony.”


In the days leading up to the holidays, Andy tip toed around Thomas and Dean kept away completely by working long hours and coming home late.

On Christmas eve, after the bar and Poppy’s closed, the staff from both gathered in Dean’s bar for drinks.

“Is Andy coming in tonight?” asked Justin.

“No, he’s busy preparing for tomorrow’s lunch.” lied Dean.

“Sounds like a massive feast if it needs that much prep.” offered Craig.

“Actually guys, that’s not the truth, we’re only having a simple seafood barbecue and salads.”

“So...?” inquired Justin

“The truth is, he’s not here and I am here, because of....well it’s Thomas.”

“I heard he was back, but I haven’t seen him since his return. I thought you might have invited him tonight.”

“Fucking hell no!”

“Why did you have a falling out?”

“Something like that.”

“Oh well it’s the season to be happy, maybe you’ll patch it up tomorrow.”

“Guys, can you take your drinks over to the booth at the end of the room? I’ll serve another round here and then I’ll join you.”


“Why is Dean so mysterious?” asked Justin, as he and Craig shuffled into the booth.

“Don’t know, but it must be serious if he doesn’t want to talk in front of the others.”

“You don’t think it’s really about him and Andy?”

“I wouldn’t think so, he’d say if it was. Dean’s a pretty straight up guy and he said the problem’s Thomas.”

Dean explained the recent events surrounding Thomas and finished by saying “Man it feels good to get that out. I try not to talk to Andy about it, because I know we’ll finish up in an argument. I just keep clear, but it’s my fucking home and I’m scared to go home every night.”

“We’ll keep it between us, but if we can help in any way, just ask.” replied Craig.

“Yes, if you need to talk, we’re always available?” added Justin.

“Thanks guys, you’re real mates. It’s good to talk to you, but I don’t know what to do about it. The guy desperately needs help.”


News of the Australian bushfires spread around the world, including France. When Bernard’s friend saw the news on television, she called Bernard to ask if he knew the area. He quickly advised Lachlan and Jonathan. Lachlan went on line and was soon watching a live feed from ABC News 24. When he heard the name Mallacoota mentioned he asked Jonathan to join him.

“That’s the fucking little town where Nia bought that house. I hope she had the good sense not to go there for Christmas.”

“Maybe you should call her.”

Jonathan’s call went unanswered, so Lachlan suggested “If you send a text, she may still get it if the phone reception is intermittent, or at least it will be waiting for her when she does look at her phone.”

“Right, I’ll do that. Then I’ll ring our home and see if they know anything.”

“Remember, you gave all the staff two weeks off, covering the Christmas and New Year period, so it’s unlikely anyone will be there.”

“Generous to a fault, aren’t I?”

Next Chapter - Christmas celebrated in various ways - Another nasty accident - Mr Prime Minister, where the bloody hell are you.

Copyright © 2021 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Thomas is definitely deluded.  I have dealt with a deluded person before, and knowing what to do or say is challenging.  Over the past 35 years I have learned more about anti-psychotic medication, depression, manic behavior, and persons with weird behavior than I ever wanted to know. 

Andy and Dean need to be very cautious in dealing with Thomas.  

Jonathan or Bernard might need to text Desmond instead of trying to text Virginia.

The teaser for chapter 51 is intriguing.  I will be interested to see what @Summerabbacat@chris191070, @NimirRaj, and others notice in this chapter that I did not see.  Thanks, @Wombat Bill.

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Thomas seems to be having a psychotic breakdown. Andy and Dean need to tread carefully, but I think it may be Justin that ends up helping Thomas before he does anything stupid.

I'm worried for Nia and Desmond being so close to the forest fire.

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I can see things from both Andy and Dean’s point of view yet to me they need to find a middle ground. Andy while he agrees that Thomas needs professional help is in my mind not helping by seemingly trying to ignore the reality of the situation but I also feel that Dean’s bluntness might not help the situation either. Andy’s plan to essentially wait until Thomas makes the decision to get help on his own may make some sense on paper yet considering he refuses to even subtly remind Thomas that Jared is dead how long will it take before Thomas is even remotely ready to consider that he needs help? As things stand he seems fairly oblivious to his needing help.
I hope Virginia and Desmond are both ok as the location of the fire feels ominous. As far as the hints at the next chapter go I would presume the prime minister reference is related to all the wildfires going on as well as his possible inaction regarding them and the reference to Christmas being celebrated in various ways could mean many things really. It most likely refers to how Thomas plans to spend Christmas with Jared though I’m sure everyone in the group has their own traditions that would mean Christmas is a little different for all of them. The main thing that stands out is the line “another nasty accident” as the last serious accident we had cost Jared his life. The accident could be Thomas getting hurt due to his… workouts or while I wouldn’t call it an accident with the fire being in the same town as Virginia’s house maybe it will sadly end up on fire. Of course a less pg idea makes me wonder if it refers to the um mess Thomas made on Dean’s face as he clearly felt it was nasty… Can’t say such a “nasty accident” is likely to involve Dean again giving how uncomfortable he finds it to be around Thomas not to mention he’s extremely unlikely to put himself in the firing line again. 😂 

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