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Author Guess Who #8

Renee Stevens


Another month and it's time for another Author Guess Who! We're always open to more participants, so if you're interested in answering the guess who questions, you can either PM me, or copy them from here, change the answers, and PM it to @Renee Stevens.  The reveal will happen on February 18th! Now, who thinks they can figure out this month's author???

What is one thing that most GA members might not know about you?

My first car was a stick-shift, and I had issues with it dying on inclines.

What prompted you to write your first story?

Lack of reading an excellent gay fiction that was character driven that didn't turn into an all-out orgy, or full of Shifters. Mainly in the genres, I like.

What genre of books do you enjoy reading and have you written for that genre?

Fantasy, Drama, Romance, SciFi.

Is there a genre that you haven’t written for that you would consider trying later on?

No. I've written in all the genres that I am comfortable with. The others I feel are outside of what I can currently do.

What do like most about publishing on GA?

Reader interaction.

Do you have any unique writing habits or rituals to help you get into a writing mood?

I've started to utilize the snowflake method of writing for my larger projects.

How has your writing style evolved over time?

I'm starting to get a lot more descriptive in my writing.

Do you have a significant other?


Do you have any pets?

No. Used to have a cat before she passed away. She loved it when I shared my taco salad with her.

Do you post multi-chapter stories as you write? Do you wait until you’ve finished writing the entire story? Or is it something in between?

I've done both ways, though I've been leaning towards posting once it's all done.

What is your favorite television show?

Ask me tomorrow, and you'll get a different answer. But currently, it's Doctor Who. Love the new lady doctor.

What is your favorite movie?

Same as above, it changes all the time. One that I watch to make me feel good is The Princess Bride. Also, Legend with Tom Cruise.

Do you write poetry? Prose? Or both?

I suck at poetry, so I stick to what I do well.

If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be?

President George Washington. I want to ask him, how to abolish political parties.

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

Nothing, yet. I still have time to do stuff.


Happy Guessing!!!!

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I don't care who it is I just want to know will you be my bestie? Everyone always forgets about Legend! I mean young shirtless Cruise, tim curry in full out devil makeup, and a unicorn!!!

But I'm going to guess Brayon.

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