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Are men as aesthetically pleasing to look at as women are?

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Generally women are put up on a higher pedestal due to their looks. It is said women are generally better looking than men. More aesthetically attractive? Well, do you agree with that? Personally, as gay man, I think men could be just as attractive. However, I do think the percentage of good looking female is higher than that of men - at least in my experience that has been the case. But the best looking men can be just as good looking as the best looking women.


What's your opinion on this?

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I agree one hundred percent. There's beautiful men that are just as beautiful as the beautiful women. Some are even more so, because they do not even style their hair, and are very natural in every way, where most beautiful women have to work at their appearance. Of course as you say, that is jmo

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Just as some women are beautiful and some aren't, some men are handsome and some aren't. If a guy is hot or cute then I think he's more aesthetically pleasing than any woman.


Colin Posted Image.

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I was half expecting pictures as examples :P


Yes, the male form can be beautiful though traditionally we objectify female forms in civilization.

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I was half expecting pictures as examples Posted Image


Yes, the male form can be beautiful though traditionally we objectify female forms in civilization.


you rekon? I would have thought that for the majority of history (classical greece, rome, rennaissance, enlightenment) the male form was considered "perefect" whereas the female form was a pretty object to own, but of no real intrinsic value apart fom the biological.


of course things have changed now; we all agree that the female form has some merit - or so we understand from those that appreciate such things!!

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I suspect there is confusion between Beauty, Attractive, and Hansom.


Whereas Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (and given the chance some would probably hold anything they could get their hands on)


Attractiveness is something other than Beauty. It can be the way someone smiles, or talks, or drinks coffee (or doesn't steal the duvet when it's 3 am in the morning and its -6 degrees and... ahem, sorry...)


Hansom is something which has, by majority, been seen/upheld as The Look of the Moment (Jean Paul Gaultier adverts are hansom, but not beautiful or attractive - to me, at least. well, one looks a little too slutty for his own good.)


As for pictures - www.haskinsmaleart.com (shameless plug - we're using two of his pieces for covers to our short story anthologies.)

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I find women attractive, but in a objective way. I don't really find them sexually attractive, although sometimes I wonder what I'm missing by not having ever had sex with a girl...until I look at this picture and realize I have all that I want in a guy. Posted Image To me, thats about as aesthetically pleasing as they come. :D


Posted Image

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Yeah, sure, girls have that whole 'i'm pretty and cute' thing going for them, and most women take more care with their appearance than most guys. But to be honest with you I think that has very little to do with how beautiful a man (or a woman for that matter) really is. I mean I guess it's different for me, because I am a straight female so it's obvious that while I appreciate beauty in women it's not like it's really 'pleasing' to me. And honestly, I find most guys attractive - it's just the teenager in me I guess. I think we can all find something beautiful in everyone, regardless of sex.

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I don't think the question was... sexually. People of any sexuality can look at people and determine which are more aesthetically pleasing. I believe the social norms have women trying harder to be more aesthetically pleasing. We shave our legs, our underarms, some of us shave our arms. We groom our eyebrows, we don't have to shave our faces. Most of us don't experience extreme balding. We wear make-up to hide our flaws and exaggerate our better features. We have made ourselves more aesthetically pleasing to people in general, because it was expected throughout history. We were supposed to be pieces of art for our husbands to enjoy and to show off to everyone else...


Now.. not so much, but since women tend to have better grooming habits, we are still more aesthetically pleasing. So it's changing, men are grooming more, taking better care of their bodies, skin, and aren't afraid to do more to themselves. So I think the gap is changing.

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I find it rare to find a natural beauty these days without having the need for peripherals such as conduits to enhance their so called beauty. If this is a conversation that tackles scientific beauty then I'd say that the merits of proportionality does convene to what defines beauty. I once watched a documentary in discovery channel with one of the hosts as Elizabeth Hurley and John Cleese. The show was called "The Human Face", and they tackled the issue of what defines beauty within proportions.


They had that funny insight at the near end of the show, about John Cleese's face not applicable to this diagram created by some doctor to measure the proportions of a beautiful face, and the doctor stated that John Cleese has a very 'manly' face or full of testosterone which defines a subset of beauty altogether. His face extended outside of the diagram.


The hilarious part was when they tried measuring Tom Cruise's face and determined that he was beautiful on accounts of proportionality, seeing that they just used a diagram for identifying women's beauty through face proportionality *snaps fingers*.


The rumor that Da Vinci's Mona Lisa was Da Vinci's face after all does exude a common truth that face proportions is a good measure for beauty may it be for a woman or a man, and with such imperfections comes real beauty altogether. The slightly bent nose, the distance of the mouth and the nose, the distance of the eyes, the ears, and etc.


Beautiful men are easy to find. You just need to know what makes the face beautiful. Because attraction is a different thing. You could be attracted to a guy whose face is not proportional and say he's beautiful, but the consensus would be amongst the people around you or your friends would be is that he's not, which also comes with the factor of whether you're asking the insights of men or women.


And yes, men are aesthetically pleasing to look at if you have a distinct knowledge of what makes a person attractive based on your personal preference and the general consensus. If you can associate both then you have your own version of the perfect man.

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Mathematically pleasing proportional ratio = Beauty?


Hmmmm - I think it's more to do with cultural and social convention, which changes more often than the wind, in some cases.


There has also been the school of thought that David was originally fashioned from a female model - with obvious amendments to the final design.

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I think it's in the eyes of the Beholder...

However I would also have to say they are just based on the amount of Art that people like of both genders that are usually considered aethetically pleasing... including women with their arms cut off and similarly guys...


btw James, michaelangio's David was one of the first drawings of a nude male i ever did a form of :P

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