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Favourite Brand of Underwear

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I think everyone has their own particular brand of underwear that they prefer, I mean style is as much a choice as its cut, shape or design today.


But in the ever expanding world of trend setting underwear, there are some amazing new brands of both mens and womens underwear emerging onto the market today, and one that I discovered a while ago, that has rapidly become one of my favourite leading brands of sexy under apparel is called Cleva Moda.


These guys are based in Colombia and are producing some really quite stunning designs of male apparel, and got me wondering, what other brands out there do we like/enjoy/prefer?


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Calvin Klein. I found its low rise boxer brief a few years back and I was like totally in love.... It hugs tight like a chastity belt. :D And it lifts my thing in the back also.... Cotton blend version. The more synthetic fabric blend version is more stretchy but I am allergy to it....


Why are we talking about underwear again? ;)

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Why are we talking about underwear again? ;)


Cause, I joined this discussion and, once you get to know me, you'll realize that I bring out the most random topics of conversation in people. Hand to God, I once had a discussion about underwater with former NFL great Doug Flutie. :o

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*stares at the picture and drools, then blinks* well... actually I cant afford to find and look for expensive "brands" of underwear for one, and for two i don't really know many brand names... I probably don't know all the types :P I'd like to, but i don't...

I wear boxers, or boxer breifs...


When I looked at Rizan's response I thought about saying: So you wear camels (or Cammel hair shorts) :P

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BjörnBorg underwears are probably the most comfortable brand I've ever worn.


Actually I've heard the same thing from a couple of guys I know that have moved to the continent and now wear BjörnBorg undies. They do have some really nice designs too! :P

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