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Are you missing your Twinkies?

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Its sad that unions can be senseless to a long time icon of american history


the question ... is it too late to buy your last Twinkies?


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One Hundred years later ... someone will have a craving for a twinkie



Buy your frozen twinkies on EBAY!!


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high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, lard, partially hydrogenated soybeans and cotton oils, beef fat, dextrose, cellulose gum, baking soda, monocalcium phosphate, polysorbate-60, dextrin, calcium caseniate, sodium stearoyl lactylate, gluten, calcium sulphate, artifical flavors, caramel color, yellow dye #5, red dye #40


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100% natural.

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TASTERS TEST - which is best???


Twinks vs Twinkies vs Tastykakes


I vote for @jamessavik 100% all natural


the kakes sounds really fattening


I much prefer the taste of twinks over twinkies. Posted Image


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So they are not an endangered species :)


But my supply of hostess goods just fell in value, damn it! I was hoping to sell those twinkies for $1k each after the first wave of ebay guys get people hooked. :P

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It was in the newspaper the other day about Twinkies being saved, they aren't going anywhere(: Posted Image



and I wanted to see the Twinky-apoclypse, the end of twinkies everywhere :o

I don't really care about twinkies... :P i haven't eaten them since i was like 19 or so.

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I've never had a Twinkie but as a South African I do miss Koeksisters.


Now before you ask what a koeksister is.....



But while I've never had a Twinkie, I've got to say there is nothing quite like a nice yummy Twink. :devil:

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