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Comicfan - Last Christmas

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I finally can present to you my new story, Last Christmas. This little bundle of joy has been in the works since November. Unlike other stories I have here, I pushed and prodded, and then finally decided this sucker wasn't going up till it was totally written. This time there will be no long gaps or people wondering if I will ever get back to it.


The story can be found here  - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/comicfan/lastchristmas/1


Meet Frank. He was healthy, sexy and at the top of his game, until last year. In months he lost both parents and then his brother to things beyond his control.  Then his sister-in-law had to move with his niece and nephew in order to make ends meet. Frank dealt with all the loss and changes stoically, til his boyfriend walked out on him too just before Christmas.


Frank has remade his life and is starting all over and figures this time he will just stay single. However, life never goes exactly as planned. Into his new shop comes Chris and things begin to change immediately for him. Will this be a new romance or a repeat of last Christmas?

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I keep looking - with what you have written about Chris and his brothers I have been expecting this forum to blow up with speculation discussions!   Maybe this will jump start it.


My theory is the family has some link to making things happen at Christmas, and the brothers are afraid Chris getting involved with Frank now will hamper what ever plans are in the works.

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