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Sunken Treasure found off Florida

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Gonna look for plane tickets and I suppose I can stay with you Zombie, you are looking for a lodger right ?  :funny::gikkle:


you want me to evict the coool guy and the rat thing?

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A lot of Spanish ships sunk in the Caribbean and around Florida for various reason, storms (shuch as hurricanes), battles and even pirates.  In addition to those wrecks, addtional vessels from later periods that traveled from teh West Coast through the Panama Canal were also lost, so there's a great of gold and silver lying hidden beneath the ocean floor.  If only the oceans were receeding, making it easier to get to, but unfortunately it's headed in the other direction.  Maybe oover time a portion of it may be found, but most of it will remain there forever.  

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Have they found camelot yet? If I get a castle and town attachment I want that :P


Shipwrecks are cool, you can find a lot of interesting stuff beyond just gold and silver, like early maps, cannons, and crew diaries, bet ya Mark would like a few of the racier ones :o:P

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A video of the find :D



To Zombie, 500 dollars which i don't have :P


On a side note Some people found something interesting when they were building a garage for the new World Trade Center....


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