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Prompt #400 - First Line

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I definitely have to use 400 somehow... have to mark the milestone! On the other hand, 401 is an excellent prompt but what quickly came to mind would be real long and involved. maybe as a longer term project!


I'll be back with a response to 400 sometime before Monday!

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"But I heard you were dead!"


"I got better."


"How do you get better from being dead."


"Oh I was in bad shape. I thought I was dead. The docs thought I was dead. I just didn't quite croak is all."


"Everybody said you were..."


"I'm talking to you and I ain't trying to eat your brains."


"This has got to be a great story. Come on, spill it!"


"Remember the bad Nor'easter we had about three years ago?"


"That's when the bitch decided to kill me and try to make it look like an accident. She shot me through the left shoulder and nicked and artery. Well, the gun jammed and she didn't get a chance to take another shot. I ran out into the snow but I was bleeding bad."


"What happened?"


"I ran across the highway and she was chasing me. She cleared the jam and was shooting but she couldn't hit anything in the blinding snow. She didn't see the salt truck that hit her."


"So, how did you live?"


"It was a combination of blood loss and hypothermia that did the trick. They say I coded once in the ambulance and three times in the operating room. Had some weird experiences, I did."


"Really? What happened."


"I was disconnected from my body. I wanted to go into the light but then I saw him."


"Saw who?"


"The only friend that's ever been kind to me. I saw him plain as day. He was bright with the light- made me want to come back."


"Is this true?"


"True as I'm standing here. I came back for him. He's the only person that made me feel- valued? No. That's not the word. Worth something. That's it."


"That's just too weird."


"Well- the docs said that you ain't dead until you're warm and dead. In that deep freeze, I had a chance."


They could doubt it. They could make fun of him but Jimmy knew- he came back for the red-haired boy who was bright with the light.


His kindness and gentle words made life bearable. He was special and touched by something as bright and warm as the sun.




Peek from The Littlest Hero.


Coming soon.

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Buck's Luck




“But I heard you were dead! What are ya doin’ back in Perth?”


"Do I look dead to ya, Brett?”


“Bloody hell, Buck! You come strolling out of Steamworks, with a smile on your face, and I thought I was seeing a ghost, mate. Of course you don’t look dead.”


“Nah, still alive. ‘Though the pounding I just took in there might have killed a lesser man. I can’t find a comfortable position to stand or sit. Struth, mate―nice problem to have.”


“But the news said―”


“Fuck the news! They’re getting as bad as the bloody Americans. They make shit up all the time.”


“So what happened?


“It was after our concert in Brissy. There were these two of hot-as-fuck blokes in the audience, first row seats, and we invited them to come back to the dressing room to hang out. After downing a few VBs, we all got nekkid and went at it. I’m in the middle of my bandmates when a flash goes off and all three of them pull out of me at the same time. I kinda felt empty at that point.


“The Furballs were mad as a cut snake, and chased after him when he went to leave the room. He was trying to get his daks on as he ran, missed a step, rolled down the stairs, and cracked his head. We call triple zero and the ambulance shows up after a while. Turns out the guy had my same last name, and a reporter decided it was me. Next thing ya know I’m dead. Call it Buck’s luck.”

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I definitely have to use 400 somehow... have to mark the milestone! 


I agree with Carlos, just felt like the 400 mark need to be done since I wasn't around for the 300th.  

So here you go... of course it's another neko one.  



(sooner or later, I'm actually going to get back to writing my other story... Maybe when the kids FINALLY get back to school)

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