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What's Next For Cole Matthews!

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I'm intrigued by your antho piece and look forward to reading it.  How exciting that you and Randy are writing together.  I'll miss BWH, but your new ideas sound great, as always.  :hug:

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Next, Randy and I are going to write a book together. Its working title is The Blind Pig and it will be a murder mystery.   It isn't going to be a primarily gay story. There will be gay characters but not the main ones, at least we don't think so. I will discuss possible publication here though it doesn't really fit the mission of the site.  I hope some of you would like to read it.




I'm pretty sure you're gay. I know you're an author. The site's name is Gay Authors. How could anything you write not fit the mission here?


Buddy, you write it, we'll read it!



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What Carlos said!


As I understand it, the sight's main purpose is to promote both gay fiction and gay authors. When I joined I was told (jokingly of course but it was true) that being straight would not be held against me. Maybe you will need to publish a disclaimer once in a while (Warning: Scene contains straight sex)but that would cover it. 

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I will follow you! Follow you wherever you may go! There isn't an ocean too deep, a mountain so high it can keep, keep me away!


Just write - I'll read!

Now why did I keep picturing Whoopi Goldberg reading that?

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I am excited to read both the Anthology and the Blind Pig.  If you choose not to publish the Blind Pig here please let me know where to find it. Everything you write is interesting and worth reading.  Even your grocery lists are probably well written, intersting and worth reading.

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