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*Sneak Peek* Saving The Pack

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I was going through some of my story starts the other day and I found this one that was one of my options for the "Legends" anthology.  The name is still to be determined. With this little snippet, would you want to read more?



Malik paused on the outskirts of town.  He wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing, but his leaving was the only hope his brother and his brother’s mate had.  He knew he had to hurry; their lives depended on him, as well as the just developing life of his niece or nephew.  They were safe for the moment, the pack’s Alpha didn’t yet know that she had conceived, but once he did, it was a toss up as to whether he would simply banish them or kill them.  Based on recent decisions, he was afraid it would be the latter of the two.


He took one final look before slinging the pack he carried over his shoulder and disappearing into the trees.  He would need to get at least a couple of miles away before he shifted and made the three day journey to find the previous Alpha’s son, at least he hoped it wouldn’t take longer than that.  Malik knew it was a long shot, there was every possibility that the man had moved on, but god he hoped not.   


He remembered the stories that had been told to the younger generation since he himself was a pup.  The previous Alpha had been far from accepting of alternate lifestyles and had caught his only child, a son, in a compromising situation with an older boy.  He’d banished his son from the pack after declaring that no child of his would be a party to such an unnatural mating and that he was not fit to ever be considered Alpha. 


He had to find him and convince him to come back and challenge for his rightful place as Alpha.  It was the only hope that the man’s sister and her unborn child had.


“Here’s to hoping.”  Malik trudged on, determined that he would succeed in finding the one person who could save the lives of those Malik cared about, as well as the rest of the pack.

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