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Too Much or Too Less

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Does each scene serve a purpose. Even if it's a lighthearted one used to transition between more dramatic arcs?


Do they, taken as a whole, tell the story you want to tell entirely and concisely?


There's no magic number when it comes to scenes, chapters, or word counts. Each story's different and only the author, working with their support team, can determine what should be added, what should be deleted, and what should remain untouched.

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If you are worried about the number of scenes being too little or too much, it seems there might be bigger problems with the story.  What do you want to accomplish with the story and your characters?   And are you achieving that?  Figuring out how to make it interesting, coherent and make the point you want is the hard part.  

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When you are talking about scenes, are you meaning a full chapter or a part of a chapter?


To me, when I write a multi-chapter story, I plot out the chapter to include on average 5 or 6 scenes. Some flow easily from one into another, others are drastic changes to locations. Ultimately it is up to you, on how many scenes are in a chapter, and how many chapters are in your story, to tell the tale you want to be told.

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