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Last Post Wins #54

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And back to me again.

It's the first Saturday of the month so go Play Outside. The Bison will be playing the Saxophone. During the concert, we'll much on Nachos. Let's hear it for that little known critter of Australia as it's World Numbat Day.

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And back to the giver of the shiny.

In case you didn't know, Daylight Saving Time has ended. Today we're having Bitter Chocolate with Almonds and a nice glass, or two or three, of Merlot.

I reset five clocks last night and I noticed a little while later, they had switched back. Any other time the Atomic Clock doesn't bother them.


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DST was last weekend in my part of the world -_- :funny: 

Does that mean it’s time to hibernate? :unsure2:

Polar Bears Snow GIF

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As usual, a little late to the game.

Let's hear it for Parents as Teachers tho they don't have to do it as much this year. If you have too many Harvey Wallbangers today, there will be Cappuccino's available. 

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