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And back to the mighty, majestic Raptor once again so early in the morning.

New Jersey will be serving Creme Brulee today to everyone that pops in.  Raise a Scotch in honor of Love Is Kind Day

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Chivas Regal GIF by The Whiskypedia


*takes a sip*

drunk GIF

Helllooooo!!!! Falalalalalaaalalalalaaaaaa

🎶 *%#€$*ffelelal blå björn #*^*€#%|’🎶
:pinch:  :puke:  :sleep:

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16 hours ago, Zombie said:

nice cola :)

not that nasty stuff only fit for killing weeds :angry: 


:joe: :gikkle:  


That must be some powerful stuff. Spray one, and they all die and disappear.

The Interns will be serving the Refreshment of the day, Milk Chocolate and Chili Dogs at the Water Park

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