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  1. Uh Oh......... This is going to be interesting. 😬 And Cody's mom. What a wench!
  2. Just read this again (2nd time) and it captivated me as much this time as last. You have a gift and aren't we lucky you choose to share with us the wonderful characters who speak to you and tell their stories? Thank you!
  3. belisima

    Chapter 25

    I wish there was a way to keep the Boot going. I love the new concept but the old Boot has been a comfort and refuge to so many.
  4. My head is still spinning! WOW! 😵 That was amazing!
  5. belisima

    Chapter 22

    YIKES! Some days I curse the speed reading course I took when I was younger. It's about time Andy and Christian started to act on a possible relationship! I thought I might grow old before that happened. 😉 I am thoroughly enjoying this story and can't wait to read the next turn of events.
  6. belisima

    The Condemned

    I hope Karhu makes it through this and can find happiness. Rodney is a puzzle. Will wait and see on that one. Joe and Bernie as mates? A distinct possibility but I've been fooled by Grumpy before so again, I'll wait. It would be fantastic if Bernie got to have Gary Bill and Karhu in his life for love and guidance but Grumpy has set it up that if Karhu doesn't make it, then Gary and Bill will provide that for him. I wonder how long it will take to find out what other wonderful things Odin has in store for Bernie?
  7. Where's the screaming face emoji because we were left hanging like wet wash on the clothesline? Argghhh!
  8. When I grow up, I want to be just like Susie!! 💥
  9. belisima

    In the Village

    As usual you keep me on the edge of my seat. I love your stories but don't like finding them before you're finished with them because then I have to wait for the next chapters. 🥺 Can't wait for more!!
  10. belisima

    Chapter 8

    Hunter is great! And unless I'm totally off base, he's clueless at what's right in front of his face. I want to hug Andy just to aggravate her.
  11. You're quite welcome I enjoy your work very much, particularly Camp Refuge. Normally I would say that it would be impossible to depict such intensity in one chapter or short story but you have done it very well and as usual left me wishing for more of their story. Well done!
  12. Very sweet story. It was nice to be able to gain insight on the feelings of the partner of a person who transitions.
  13. A Reader just can't go wrong when choosing one of DaBeagle's stories. Beautifully written with interesting characters with realistic feelings are always welcome in my world. By turns sweet and funny, the pacing keeps us turning each page as quickly as possible so we don't miss a thing (at least it did for me). This story brought back memories of being young and in love. I'll definitely be reading this one again!
  14. belisima

    Chapter 22

    Another great one B. This one had me sitting on the edge of my seat over his mom and gpa. Cole and Drew are so sweet. I'd almost forgotten what it was like when I was young and in love. This brought back some sweet memories. Thanks! Hugs!
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