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Beta Readers

  1. C James
    • Signature Author
    • 21 Stories

    Featuring a collection of C James' stories, including everything from action/adventure with a nuclear twist, to a tale of death on the senate floor (written in 2nd person) to a slightly tongue-in-cheek horror story, surfing, romance, sci-fi, etc. C James enjoys writing in many different styles, so each story is different in its own way. C James' stories are also known for their extensive background research, including some scenes that are set in foreign locations and researched via the author's love of travel, including recent visits to many of the featured overseas locations.
  2. Graeme
    • Site Administrator
    • 20 Stories

    While most of Graeme's stories are drama or romance, amongst his many tales you can find a little bit of everything, including comedy and science fiction. Often these come in a different point of view: from the father or brother of a gay son, the mother of a suicide, through the guy who learns his friend is gay. The narrator can also range from a character who may or may not be insane to an alien observing a human relationship, so he has something for everyone!
  3. rustle
    • Author
    • 20 Stories
  4. Reader1810
    • Site Moderator
    • 20 Stories
  5. MikeL
    • Members
    • 17 Stories

    I'm still here. I've been around a while as you can see. Have been married to a wonderful woman for most of my life. We have four grown sons and seven grandchildren.
  6. Frostina
  7. Guest



    • Guests
    • 15 Stories
  8. Marzipan
  9. Nephylim
    • Signature Author
    • 13 Stories

    If you want something a bit different then you are sure to find it here. From vampires to bondage, to rock stars with issues and a whole host of characters who jump off the page to grab you by the throat and draw you in. This is Nephy's private world where an unique mind and vivid perspective is let loose to produce stories of gay and straight love, loss and laughter set in a variety of, sometimes highly unusual situations and locations.
  10. AnytaSunday
    • Author
    • 13 Stories

    Romance, trouble, and a touch of magic. Characters that will grab your heart and imagination. Stop in and take some time to feel their joy, their sorrow, love and heartache. From college years to invisible teens and places in between. Nothing is simple and everything is an adventure.
  11. Kitt
    • Author
    • 13 Stories

    My Favorite Quote:

    I've learned there are troubles of more than one kind,
    Some come from ahead, some come from behind.
    But I've brought this big bat, I'm all ready you see,
    And now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!
    -Theodore Geissel ( Dr. Seuss )
  12. Bondwriter
  13. K.C.
    • Author
    • 12 Stories

    It's been a wild ride, from super highs to crashing lows. I create characters who are flawed and broken, like me.
  14. Carlos Hazday
    • Signature Author
    • 12 Stories

    A reader commented Carlos practices socially engaged storytelling. Not preachy, but raising awareness of issues facing the GLBT community and humanity in general. These are tales grounded in real life, featuring gay men dealing with everyday concerns about family, friends, and relationships. Characters are men who tackle challenges instead of backing away from them. The author’s love of motorcycles and travel and his contempt for social injustice often play a central role in his stories.
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