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  1. Withered

    By skycrawler93, in Fiction. 10/01/2015 (Updated: 11/08/2015)

    This story follows a journey of a boy named Joshua who woke up in a strange place, where he met a bunch of teenagers around his age having some sort of super abilities. He had no memory of he did he ended up there and why. Little did he know, he is going to for an adventure full of twisted romance, betrayals and friendships.

  2. Wishmuch

    By westleysunshade, in Fiction. 05/25/2017 (Updated: 06/03/2017)

    Two strangers meet for the first time. The mutual attraction between them is undeniable. However, will this connection blossom into a full blown love affair, or will the emotional baggage within them tears them apart.

    Join them on a journey to discover that love is not all about sweets and honey, but full of efforts, compromises, acceptance, betrayal, hatred, truths and lies.

  3. Winning the Lottery

    By Zenith, in Fiction. 04/12/2017 (Updated: 06/17/2019)

    Gabe Nichol has had a few rough years, but his luck changes when he gets some unexpected good news.

  4. What's Needed

    By echophase, in Fiction. 08/21/2015 (Updated: 10/06/2015)

    The last time we moved it was for the better, this time it's to ruin my damn social life. If I'm moving to some dead end village I'm damn well going to make it interesting.

  5. Watergame

    By Doug Spencer, in Fiction. 02/23/2019 (Updated: 04/06/2020)

    A supposedly 'straight' white boy falls for a really cute black gay boy and they end up in a serious loving relationship.

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    Walking on Pavement Alone

    By JoejoeGreene, in 2012 Poetry Anthology: Cracks of Time. 01/30/2012 (Updated: 01/30/2012)

    Poem for 2012 poem anthology

  7. Walking in Circles

    By PhillMakracken, in Fiction. 10/05/2019 (Updated: 12/03/2019)

    What do you do when your whole life is falling apart? How can you just get back to the simple way of living, the big worry is your wardrobe, your type of car, or maybe even what you should do with the money you make?

    This attemps to consider those things while fighting to survive.

  8. Vorant

    By Zane15, in Fiction. 12/18/2010 (Updated: 12/26/2010)

    Carsyn Keeve has a problem. He's in love with his best friend. One unimportant girl realizes just how much he is one night before mistakes are made.

    Zeke Dazi can't stand it when he is judged. Which is why no one can ever know his secret.

    But sometimes secrets slip out, and there's no way to get them back.

  9. Unnecessary Secrets

    By onejustforfun, in Fiction. 02/03/2014 (Updated: 02/03/2014)

    Teen best friends struggle to to hide their feelings for each other, until finally all is revealed with a mutual affinity for underwear.

  10. Under My Skin

    By Katya Dee, in Fiction. 11/14/2019 (Updated: 01/09/2020)

    In the beginning of his senior year of high-school, Jake Summers realizes that he is in love, and that realization terrifies him.

  11. Unbeaten

    By Ivor Slipper, in Fiction. 01/30/2018 (Updated: 10/19/2018)

    Fifteen year old Adam is a loner at school. Clever but afraid to show it, he is content not to draw attention to himself. However, one day in his World Geography class something happens to change that.

  12. Tyler and Reese

    By sandboy, in Fiction. 05/03/2011 (Updated: 05/07/2011)

    Two misfits arrive on college campus at the same time. One a jock with some brains at least, the other a highly intelligent geek. Both devoid of social graces. They turn out to be roomies. A match made in heaven.. or hell?

  13. Two of a Kind 2. Carthera Takeover Tales Carthera Tales

    By Cia, in Fiction. 03/07/2011 (Updated: 06/27/2011)

    A hot steamy jungle, a plague in the past and present and two men who are destined to be mates. Volatile tempers erupt in a fiery tale of romance and magic.

  14. Twist of Fate

    By Remijay, in Fiction. 10/19/2016 (Updated: 12/18/2018)

    Aiden, 16 year old. Wandering through school. Over coming obstacles and relationship(s).

  15. Trouble Plus Trouble.

    By Palantir, in Fiction. 02/05/2011 (Updated: 02/19/2011)

    Peter, a sixteen year old Year Eleven student, finds his new High School very different to the one he left.
    The people are different and some of the happenings are very different.

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