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  1. Behind the Curtain

    By hh5, in Spring - I'd Never Do That. 12/10/2010 (Updated: 12/10/2010)

    A touching story of what's Behind the Curtain

  2. Finding My Summer Adventure

    By nicks_a_writer, in Summer - Going on Vacation. 12/10/2010 (Updated: 12/10/2010)

    2006 Summer Anthology

  3. Card Tales

    By Lugh, in Fiction. 12/17/2010 (Updated: 12/17/2010)

    Card Tales was written to a challenge to help me get over my writer's block. It is a series of interwoven tales with a single main character, Cardanniel, who gets into a bunch of trouble. At the top of each tale will be a list of required elements. These were part of the challenge. Please note there are continuity errors, and I am aware of them.

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    Lovin' High Places

    By Marty, in Fall - The Rainy Day. 01/01/2011 (Updated: 01/01/2011)

    While climbing a mountain the narrator has an epiphany.

    (Submitted for the 2007 Fall Anthology "The Rainy Day")

  5. Malpractice

    By AranaDarkwolf, in Fiction. 12/24/2010 (Updated: 01/12/2011)

    In this story we meet FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit Agent Remmington Montague on the case, hunting a serial killer known as the Hudson Murderer. For 5 years now, bodies have been getting pulled out of the Hudson River in metal boxes, and in various states of rigor, having gone through unspeakable tortures. When the madman calls Remmington to tell him that his mother is the next victim in line, the case becomes a race against time.

  6. Naptown 19 - Spring Break 19. Naptown Tales

    By Altimexis, in Fiction. 01/16/2011 (Updated: 01/16/2011)

    Trevor, Kurt, David, Jeremy, their brothers and a friend take off for a week in the nation's capitol, and end up getting more of an education than they’d bargained for. (March - April, 2009)

    This is the 19th story in the Naptown Tales series, which can also be found at Awesome Dude and Nifty. Please see the Introduction for important background on the series.

  7. Birds of Paradise

    By Dark, in Fiction. 01/30/2011 (Updated: 01/30/2011)

    ((this story is not finished)) Before attempting to fulfill his destiny, Bard & Loremaster Cy goes home to relax and have a wee bit of a holiday. What he finds is something extraordinary, and will change his life forever.

  8. Modern Boarding School

    By Jam17, in Fiction. 03/03/2011 (Updated: 04/30/2011)

    Nate is forced to leave his friends, school and comfortable home in California to attend an all boys boarding School somewhere he was least expecting. But that wont be the only unexpected surprise Nate will face.

  9. Above The Wing

    By Jammi, in Fiction. 07/14/2011 (Updated: 07/16/2011)

    One flight, three hours and a connection they can't deny. Colin is on his way to a business meeting when he meets A flight attendant who captures more than just his attention. Julian loves his job and the escape it affords. One chance meeting threatens to throw all he knows into question. Will these two be able to find love Above the Wing?

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    Captain Simon Brown

    By Mark92, in Winter - Aftermath. 12/05/2011 (Updated: 12/05/2011)

    A side shoot from my story "The Legacy"

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    The Call

    By Mark92, in Poetry. 05/03/2012 (Updated: 05/03/2012)

    A light hearted poem about GA

  12. Building The Bridge

    By Yettie One, in Fiction. 05/18/2012 (Updated: 06/25/2012)

    A Period Drama set in Africa at a time when the British Empire is at its height in developing the colonies and follows a young man's adventure in life, love and growing up in a wild, volatile and often dangerous environment.

  13. Birthrights

    By LemonFresh, in Fiction. 04/10/2011 (Updated: 08/26/2012)

    The day they were born,the Kingdon was takenThe day they returned,the Kingdom was Shaken
    The day they called,our fury awaken
    The day they fall, The Kingdom's Foresaken

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    July Morning

    By yoxone, in Fall - Friends & Enemies. 09/04/2012 (Updated: 09/04/2012)

    July Morning - a unique Bulgarian tradition that is not seen anywhere else in the world. Four friends travel east to the Black Sea to welcome the rising sun. Each with their own problems and hardships, their friendship is the most valuable thing in their lives.

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