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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Losing Kevin - 8. Chapter 8

After showering, Kevin returned to his room and dressed. He sat down on the side of the bed and tried to listen if his parents were still arguing. The house was silent except for music emanating from Devin’s room.


Kevin felt lost. He was overwhelmed with a feeling that his life was reeling out of control, and he didn’t know how to stop it from spinning. He needed help dealing with things. He knew he could depend on Cameron, but they had only met a week earlier. They were still in the first stages of developing a relationship. What if they realized that they really weren’t a good match? Except for a physical attraction, they had completely different interests. He liked sports and video games. Cameron was more scholarly and enjoyed painting and reading. Once the infatuation ended, could they possibly have anything that could keep them together? What if Cameron found him boring?


Stanley was also there to give him support, but he had only just recently found out that he was gay. It took Stanley a week to tell him, and then he did so only after events made it necessary. Would Stanley really be there if he needed him? He had played sports with Charles for years, but he never really considered him a close friend.


In fact, Kevin felt he had no close friends. The only person he ever felt he could trust unconditionally was now in a room down the hall with the door closed. He yearned for an earlier time when they could share secrets. Kevin needed someone to confide in, but the only person he could truly rely on in the past no longer wanted to talk to him.


Kevin was jarred from his thoughts when there was a light knock on the door. It opened slowly, and his father peered in and asked, “Can I come in, Son?” Kevin nodded his head.


His father walked across the room and sat down on the bed. He looked over at Kevin and smiled. “Want to go fishing?”


Kevin was surprised by his father’s question. It had been years since they had gone fishing. When he and Devin were younger, his father would load up the fishing gear into the back of the car and then drive fifty miles to a mountain lake. They would rent a boat and spend the next four or five hours fishing. His mother would pack a lunch box filled with sandwiches and snacks. It was one of Kevin’s favorite childhood memories. However, over the years his father had become increasingly busy with work, and the fishing trips became less frequent. Four years ago, they stopped.


Kevin looked questioningly at this father. “Why?”


His father reached out and tousled his hair. “When did I need a reason to take my son fishing?”


“Devin’s not going?”

“I didn’t ask him,” his father responded abruptly. He stood and extended his hand to Kevin. Lifting him up, he put his arm around his shoulder and led him from the room. “I’ve got the car packed. This is going to be just like old times,” he said cheerfully.


His mother was still sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper. She looked up when they entered, but she said nothing.


“Kevin and I will be back before dark,” his father informed her. She nodded and then continued reading the paper.


Once inside the car, Mr. Williams looked worriedly at Kevin. “Give her some time. This is all new for her.”


Kevin gave his father a puzzled look. “Why aren’t you mad at me?”


“Why should I be mad?” he asked. “You’re my son. I know I’ve been hard on you boys, but it’s only because I love you. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for either of you, and that includes accepting you for who you are.” He reached out and placed his hand on Kevin’s leg and squeezed it. “That Kevin, is unconditional love.”


Kevin blinked away tears as his father backed out of the driveway. He looked at the kitchen window and saw his mother watching them pull away. “Does Mom hate me?” He choked back the tears. “I heard you yelling at each other.”


“No, Son,” he assured Kevin. “She doesn’t hate you. She’s just having trouble understanding what is going on. She’s been rather sheltered, and she’s never been around many gay people before.”


Kevin looked over at his father and asked, “Have you?”


His father didn’t answer right away. He became quiet and drove in silence for about three blocks before answering. “My college roommate.” Kevin gave him a puzzled look.


“Roger,” he muttered softly. “He was my roommate my junior year in college. It was before I knew your mother. When we started rooming together, he came out to me the first night. He told me if I didn’t want to share a room with him, then he would understand if I asked for another room assignment.”

“What did you do?” Kevin asked. He was interested in what his father was telling him. He had shared many stories from his college days, but most had involved sports.


“My first instinct was to ask for a room change,” he continued, “but Roger and I had been friends for two years. I thought I’d give it a try. I could always get another room if things didn’t work out.”

“Did they?”


“Yeah,” he laughed. “In fact, he was one of the best roommates I ever had. Boy, could he cook. It was almost like having a wife.”


Kevin’s eyes widened. “So, you and Roger…”

His father looked over and started laughing. “Oh, hell no!” He stopped laughing when he saw the hurt look on Kevin’s face. “Roger and I were best friends. I dated women, and he dated guys. Well, actually, he dated one guy, Larry.”


“Do you still talk to Roger?” His father looked over sadly. There was another long silence.


“When he and Larry became really serious,” there was a sad tone to his voice, “he decided he was going home one weekend and tell his parents. He thought they’d accept it.”


“Did they?” He could tell by his father’s somber face what the answer was.


“He came back to school and never said a word about it.” His father remained silent for a minute. Kevin watched as tears welled up in his eyes.


“I came home from class the next day.” His father wiped tears from his eyes. “He had overdosed on sleeping pills. He was lying dead on his bed. There was a suicide note beside him.”


“What did it say?” Kevin started to cry. He was deeply moved watching his father relive a very painful experience.


His father looked over sadly. “This is hard. It’s the first time I’ve talked about it since it happened.” He paused again before continuing. “The letter was to his parents. He said he was sorry he had disappointed them, and that he couldn’t live without their love.”


His father pulled the car off to the side of the road and broke down in tears. He reached out and pulled Kevin into a tight embrace. “I don’t want to lose you Kevin,” he sobbed. They sat for several minutes as Kevin reveled in the love he felt emanating from his father’s embrace. Finally, his father sat back and wiped the tears from his eyes.


“I guess we should go fishing, huh?”


“We don’t have to, Dad.” He figured that the real reason his father had asked to go fishing was to assure him that he still loved him.


“Are you kidding,” he smiled. “I’ve been wanting to go fishing for years. I just thought you boys were getting too old to enjoy it anymore.”


Kevin started to blush. “We were,” he laughed. “It was okay when we were little. But sitting on a boat all day just isn’t a teenager’s definition of fun.”


“So, you don’t want to go?” His father asked worriedly.


“No,” Kevin said quickly. “I really want to go. It will be fun.”

“I know what will make it more fun.” His father started grinning.



“If we ask a certain boy to go with us.”


“Who?” Kevin started to blush. He knew who his father was talking about.


“Do you have Cameron’s number?”


“Yeah,” said Kevin as he pulled out his cell phone.


“Call his mother,” his father insisted, “then give me the phone.”

Thirty minutes later, Cameron was sitting in the back seat of the car wondering why he was going on a fishing trip with Kevin and his father.




“I’m telling you, Guys. I heard it myself. Kevin, Stanley and Charles are all a bunch of fucking cock suckers.”


Paul had gone to the local recreation center to shoot some hoops with his friends like he had been doing most Saturday afternoons for several years. Devin usually accompanied him. However, when he called and asked him to go, he told Paul he was too busy.


“No way, Paul,” replied Gordon, a senior on the reserve basketball team. “Stanley lives next door to me. I think I would know if he is gay.”


“I know what I heard,” Paul insisted. “Stanley said he and Charles are boyfriends, and Kevin said he’s seeing that little faggot who just enrolled in our school.”


“You know what?” TC remarked. He was a member of the Western High football team. He was too large to play for the basketball team, but he enjoyed participating at the rec center. “If you think about it, you hardly ever see Stanley without Charles being somewhere around.”


“My sister tried to date him last year,” added Gordon, “but he just blew her off. He said he doesn’t date his neighbors. What a bunch of shit.”


Paul asked, “Is Charles over there a lot?”


“Yeah,” Gordon thought. “Come to think of it, I see him over there all the time.”


“See!” Paul shouted excitedly. “I told you!”


“I don’t know, Guys,” TC commented. “Me and Fletcher hang around a lot together.” He looked over at the slender boy standing next to him. “It doesn’t mean we’re sucking each other’s cock.”


“You wish,” laughed Fletcher as he grabbed his crotch and pointed it at TC.


“I’ve seen it, Fucker,” laughed TC. “Even if I was gay, I wouldn’t want that tiny thing.” Everyone started laughing when Fletcher began to blush.


“So, what do you think we should do about it?” Paul asked when everyone stopped laughing. “We can’t have a bunch of fags playing for us.”


“You walked off the team,” reminded TC. “You’re not even a member anymore. What do you care?”


“I walked off because of that fag, Kevin,” Paul said angrily. “If it weren’t for his fucking ass, I’d still be on the team.”


“You’d better leave it alone, Paul,” warned Fletcher. “Stanley and Kevin are pretty popular. No one is going to believe you anyway.”


“I don’t care!” Paul shouted. “I’m not going to let those fags play on the team. I’ll go to Coach Alston and tell him. I’m sure he’ll feel the same way I do.”


Gordon stepped beside Paul and threw his arm around him. “I’m with you on this one, Buddy. I’ve never cared much for Stanley, anyway. He’s always thought he was better than anyone else. Just because he’s tall and can play ball doesn’t mean shit to me. I’d love to see him taken down.”


“Now you’re talking,” grinned Paul. “That’s what we’ll do to, bring those fags down.”


“What about Devin?” TC asked. “He’s not going to like it if you start fucking with his brother.”


“Don’t worry about Devin,” Paul assured him. “He doesn’t like the idea of Kevin being a homo any more than we do. He even told me he was going to deal with that blond fag Kevin likes.”


“You mean Cameron?” Fletcher asked. “He’s a nice guy. He’s in my first period computer science class.” He gave TC a worried look. He didn’t like what Paul and Gordon were planning. Cameron had become somewhat of a friend. They sat beside each other in class and spoke often. He found Cameron to be rather interesting.


“Nice guy my ass,” Paul responded. “He’s a fag.” He looked at the other boys. “Are you guys in or out? Who wants to bring these fags down?”


“Count me in,” Gordon responded. Paul looked at Fletcher and TC.


“Not me.” Fletcher took a step back. “Stanley and Kevin are my friends. It doesn’t bother me that they are gay.” TC stepped back and joined him.


“Not me, either.” He looked over and smiled at Fletcher.


Paul’s eyes narrowed in anger. “Fags!” he shouted. He turned to Gordon and grabbed his arm and pulled him away. “Let’s get out of here. I don’t want to be around these homos anymore.” Fletcher looked worriedly at TC after they left the gym.


“I think we better go warn Stanley,” suggested Fletcher. TC nodded his head. They put on their jackets and left the gym. As they exited the building, they saw Paul pulling out of the parking lot.


“Fucker!” TC lifted his hand and gave Paul the finger. They had been passengers in his car, and now he had left them stranded. They zipped their jackets and headed out to walk the two-mile journey to TC’s house.




Kevin looked out over the lake when he exited the car. It was just as he had remembered it. The water was crystal blue, and the sun glimmered on its surface. There was just a hint of fog still slumbering atop it.


“Wow!” exclaimed Cameron as he stepped up beside Kevin. “This is beautiful. I wish I had brought my paints.”


“No place like it,” responded Mr. Williams as he walked up and gently put his hand on Cameron’s shoulder. Cameron flinched at first, but then welcomed the gesture. He realized it was Mr. Williams’s way of showing he had accepted him.


When they first picked him up, he was hesitant to go. However, Kevin assured him that it was all right. Kevin had been so excited when he asked him. He seemed overwhelmed by his father’s acceptance, and he was even more elated when his father had asked that Cameron go with them.


“I think he wants to get to know you,” Kevin had said as he kissed him when they were alone in Cameron’s bedroom. “You know, bringing home the boy to meet the father,” Kevin had giggled.


“You sure he doesn’t want to take us out into the wilderness and murder us?” Cameron asked worriedly. “They’d never find our bodies.” Kevin fell on the bed laughing hysterically. Another kiss guaranteed they would be safe.


Kevin’s dad asked, “What do you think, Boys?”


“It’s prettier than I remembered,” Kevin responded. He took a deep breath and held the clean air inside his lungs. Cameron looked over and then did the same. Mr. Williams smiled when he saw the looks they were exchanging.


“Let’s go get the gear,” Mr. Williams suggested. “We’re not going to catch any fish just standing here.”


The boys unloaded the car and then began the trek around the lake. Kevin remembered from years ago, that his father had a special place he liked to fish. He said it was his spot. He usually would catch enough trout to last several weeks.


“I’m tired,” Cameron said exhaustively as he sat down on a rock. They had walked about a half mile around the lake. “How much further do we have to walk?”

Mr. Williams started laughing. “I’m three times your age, and I’m not the least bit tired.” He started pounding on his chest. “They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.”


Kevin looked at Cameron and giggled. “Thank God.” Cameron almost fell off the rock when he started laughing.


“I heard that, Young Man,” his father smiled. “You boys stay here and rest a minute. I’m going to go on. I want to start catching some fish. They should be really large by now.” He picked up his fishing box and started walking away.


“We’ll catch up with you in a minute!” yelled Kevin. His father turned and waved, and then he disappeared down the path.


Cameron stared out across the river. “This is really nice,” he said admiringly. “When I get home, I’m going to paint it.” Kevin looked over and admired the handsome boy sitting on the rock. He appeared so serene and happy. When Kevin took his hand and held it, Cameron smiled.


“I don’t think I’ve ever been happier,” he said. He gripped Kevin’s hand tightly. He looked over and their eyes met. Kevin leaned in and kissed him gently. Cameron put his arm around him and began kissing him passionately. He cautiously reached down and felt Kevin’s growing erection.


Kevin grabbed his hand. “We’d better be careful,” he warned. “My dad might come back.” Cameron made a pouty face and Kevin started laughing. “You’re such a perv.”


“I wish we were alone,” he said sadly.


“Why?” Kevin asked.


Cameron’s face began to redden. “Why do you think?”


“I thought you wanted to wait?”


“I did,” Cameron blushed. “But I think...” He stopped and looked out across the lake.


“You think what?”


He turned and looked into Kevin’s eyes. “I think I’m falling in love with you.”


Kevin pulled him to his feet and hugged him tightly. “I think I am too,” he whispered in Cameron’s ear. Their lips met, and they kissed passionately for several minutes. They pressed their erections against each other. Finally, Kevin pulled away breathlessly.


“Wow!” he exclaimed.


“Yeah, wow!” Cameron grinned. “That was nice.”


Kevin took his hand and started leading him away. “We’d better catch up with Dad. He’s probably wondering what’s taking us so long.”


“Wait a minute.” Cameron walked over to a bush, pulled out his dick and started urinating. Kevin laughed, and then stood beside him and unzipped his pants. He looked down at Cameron’s cock. Cameron blushed and looked over and watched Kevin as he began to urinate in the bush. Seconds later, he started urinating. Both boys laughed as they watched each other. It was the first time they had seen the other’s cock.


“You got a nice one.” Cameron continued to stare down at Kevin. Kevin finished peeing and then tugged on it a couple of times. When it began to harden, Cameron’s eyes widened. He could feel his own cock starting to become erect.


“You do too,” Kevin said as he watched Cameron’s cock harden.


Cameron’s face reddened. “Can I touch it?” Kevin stepped closer and took Cameron’s dick in his hand. Cameron reached out and wrapped his hand around it. He could feel it pulsing in his hand. He slowly began to stroke it.


“Quicker!” Kevin moaned. Cameron stroked it about ten times before Kevin grabbed it. A few more strokes, and he shot several volleys of thick white cum onto the ground. Cameron’s eyes widened in amazement.


“Wow,” he said excitedly. He moaned when Kevin stepped behind him and started stroking him rapidly. He put his head back against Kevin’s chest and closed his eyes. After a couple of minutes, he moaned, “I’m going to cum, Kevin.” Kevin watched as Cameron’s knees buckled, and cum started oozing from his cock and coated his hand.


With his pants still around his ankles, Kevin shuffled over to his backpack and pulled out a small rag. He cleaned Cameron’s cum off his hand, pulled up his pants and then handed the rag to Cameron. Cameron blushed and then wiped himself clean. When he pulled his pants back up, he stepped over to Kevin and kissed him.


“I guess we really are boyfriends now,” he grinned. “That was fun.” He turned and pressed his body against Kevin’s. Kevin put his arms around him and held him tightly as they looked out over the water.

“This is perfect,” he said softly. Cameron’s placed his hands over Kevin’s.


“It sure is,” he replied. They remained silent for several minutes and enjoyed the peaceful feelings they were sharing. Finally, Kevin pulled away.


“Now, we must get going,” he insisted. “Dad’s probably getting suspicious.”


“I like your father,” Cameron said. “He’s pretty cool.”


“Yeah, he is,” Kevin smiled. “He’s a great dad.”




“Where is everyone?” Devin walked into the kitchen wiping the sleep from his eyes. He normally didn’t get out of bed until noon on Saturday. His mother came from the laundry room carrying a load of clean clothes.


“Here.” She shoved them into Devin’s arms.


“What do you want me to do with these?”


“How about taking them to your room and putting them away.” Her voice had an edge of annoyance.


Devin looked through them, and then took a pair of shorts out and threw them on the counter. “These aren’t mine,” he announced. “They belong to Kevin.”


“It wouldn’t hurt you to take them to his room, would it?” She took the shorts off the counter and put them back in his arms. He removed them and tossed them back onto the counter.


“Let him get his own clothes,” he said angrily.


His mother pointed to a chair. “Sit down.” He stood defiantly before her, but her intimidating stare let him know that he should do what she requested.


He pulled out a chair and plopped down in it. His mother walked over to the counter and poured herself another cup of coffee before returning to the table. He grew embarrassed by the intense stare she was giving him.


“What?” He finally said after he couldn’t take it anymore.


“Just how much do you know?”


“About what?”


“You know what I’m talking about,” she replied angrily. “How long have you known your brother is gay?”


“Honestly, Mom,” he confessed, “I just realized it myself the other day. Ashley’s been trying to get him to date her best friend for a year and he wouldn’t. Stephanie is really pretty, and she has the biggest crush on Kevin. Ashley started thinking he might be gay. It wasn’t until he started hanging around with that Cameron kid that I started to believe her. You should see how they act around each other.”


His mother took a sip of coffee. A somber look came over her face as she asked, “Are you gay too?”


Devin jumped up from the table and started stomping around the room. “I knew it!” he shouted. “I just knew this would happen! If people know Kevin is gay, then they will start thinking I am too.” He looked down angrily at his mother. “Even you think I’m gay!”


“Sit down, Devin,” she insisted. “I don’t think you’re gay. I just had to ask to ease my own mind.” Devin reluctantly sat back down.


“This is always going to happen, Mom,” he replied. “Just the other day a friend made a joke and asked if me and Kevin have sex together.”


Mrs. Williams buried her head in her hands. “I don’t know what to do.”


“I’ll tell you what you have to do,” replied Devin excitedly. “You have to stop him from seeing that Cameron guy. He’s the one who started all this.”


“I’ve already told him he can’t see him,” she responded. “I think he’s a bad influence on Kevin. He’s making him do this.”


“That’s the same thing I was thinking,” Devin replied. “Nothing was wrong with Kevin until that kid came to our school.”


“You let me know if you see Kevin talking to him at school,” she said. “I’m also going to call his mother and tell her I don’t want Cameron associating with Kevin. Maybe we can stop things before it’s too late.”


“Good idea.” Devin nodded his head in agreement. Even if his father didn’t seem disappointed with Kevin, at least his mother was on his side.



Thanks, Everyone, for all the wonderful comments on this story! I also appreciate the likes, loves and a few sads.  Let's give Mr. Williams the "Father of the Year" Award!   :joe:

Copyright © 2009 by Ronyx All Rights Reserved
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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28 minutes ago, deville said:

Lines are being drawn , in the family , the peer group and the school. It’s incredibly sad and hopefully can be resolved without serious repercussions for either camp. Paul and Gordon are in for a big surprise when they tattle to coach and I hope the awakening is as rude as it possibly can be. I suspect Kevin’s Mum is is in for an unpleasant surprise herself when she confronts Cameron’s Mum with her demands.

:lol: Right now, it's Devin and Mom vs. the world. Heaven help Devin and Mom. :P

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It’s good to see that some fathers can be just as loving and supportive as some mothers. Parents have all sorts of experiences that they bring to the family. The Gay Rights movement began long enough ago that several generations have grown up since it began. Parents and even grandparents could have met proudly Out LGBTQ people. Best friends, coworkers, relatives and neighbors could and always did include LGBTQ people, but more and more of us have had the courage to tell others who we are. Even those who live in places where it isn’t safe to be Out cannot deny that we exist because we appear on mainstream TV and movies every day in all sorts of contexts.  ;-)


The deplorable gas & electric utility that serves Northern California, PG&E, has run ads that feature a Lesbian Lineman who appears with her wife and kids without specifically calling out the LGBTQ aspect. The odious major bank that opened unauthorized accounts for its customers has an ad featuring two women learning sign language and we find out that they’re going to be the new mommies for a hearing impaired little girl (the ad’s tag line, ‘for when two becomes three’ ironically could also refer to their own illegal activity if you’re cynical like me!). It’s gotten to the point where advertisers use LGBTQs in their ads to help repair their images!  ;-)

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@droughtquake Or the C-company's soup commercial where the two men are sitting on either side of a little boy, quoting Darth Vader's famous line: "Luke: I am your father!" :gikkle:

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I’m glad to see that Mr Williams is supportive of Kevin’s and Cameron’s relationship. Paul and his mates need dealing with before they harm anyone. Mrs Williams and Devin need a good slapping before they drive a wedge in the family. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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Well, this is going to be a really interesting ride. Devin and Paul are self-absorbed twaddleheads sharing a brain and not very many cells combined. Mrs. Williams may have been sheltered but still apparently dumb as a rock. Let's just see how fan-fucking-tastic she thinks Devin is when she becomes a grandma sooner rather than later. Telling him to spy on Kevin and Cameron. It's going to bite her in the ass and I hope it bites HARD!!!!

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Thanks @Ronyx - as always, a whole bunch of drama that is bound to get worse before there’s any hope of it getting better, and I know I’m going to be reading every bit of it as it unfolds.  

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I like the twist you have added to the usual 'coming out' story. I experienced somewhat the same thing with my father -- he seemed to accept my walking on the other side of the river even though my stepmother never did. Unfortunately, dad died before her. He left a small inheritance to me with the majority going to support her -- that is as it should be. When she died, she left everything to the school at which she had taught -- just to signal to me what her opinion of my lifestyle was, so I can relate to the events in your story.

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Methinks this is not going to go well. Devin and mom might be leaving if they dont get an attitude adjustment.

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Once again, Ronyx, you have written in the double twist with a backflip. Here it is the father who is supportive of his gay son rather than the mother. I can only hope she comes around and brings the twin son with her. The fact that one twin is gay and the other straight is no reason to drown one baby. It is usually the mother who is able to love all her children. I think there must be something in the female genes that supports mother love.

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Mrs. Williams needs to go fuck off and Devin needs couple bottles of those sleeping pills. Paul and Gordon can go fishing and get picked off by Jason Vorhees

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